Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good old fashion journalism

That is what this website is...........


This is a shining example of journalism of which Kal K. Korff knows nothing of. How did this happen Kal???? How did a group of lads ever get the best of you Kernal Krapp? I thought you were some sort of special secret super spy or operative????? How in the world did it all come unraveled for you?? It is really easy Kal and it is because you are your own worst enemy. ahahahahahaaahhaaa!


Jimmy D said...

Same old same old.

Come on, KIAI - why not use some of the material I've sent you. Each piece holds the potential for easy and abundant comment.

Anonymous said...

Your world "ended" in the month of March 2012, the day we launched our Korffie Leak website:

Ass wipe.

Kal Korff: It is a myth, hyped of course, that the world will "end" on 12/12/2012. Not only did the Mayan's NOT say this, this myth was exposed a looooooong time ago, but it is wholly predictable that people will exploit other's gullibility on this issue and lack of critical thinking.

For those who really believe the "world will end" on 21 December, let's make a bet: If it DOES end, I will give YOU all of my material possessions. If it does NOT end, YOU must give YOURS to me!

Any takers?

Even those who swear they are "convinced" the world will end, they won't take this bet. I made the same offer over the Millennium, betting that neither the world would end nor would Jesus come.

Not a single "believer" would take this bet.

The lesson here is to Think Critically and ignore the New Agey nonsense which unfortunately permeates too much of modern society. It is a form of extremism, bereft of logic.

As for my plans, I intend to take my wife to a "end of the world" party. It is being thrown for one reason only: the world is NOT ending, and that's an excuse to celebrate. Because considering the way humankind has misbehaved over the thousands of years, it is amazing indeed that we are still here, and still exist in the precipice of existence.

One one wrong move, like a global nuclear war, and we are indeed gone.

October 19, 1973 said...

"As for my plans, I intend to take my wife to a "end of the world" party.

LOL an actual married man would have phrased it "My wife and I are going to an end of the world party." One does not *take* their wife anywhere unless she is strapped to a gurney. They accompany, escort, or are allowed to go with their better half. Kal's lie about being married speaks for itself.

Jimmy D said...

"... I will give YOU all of my material possessions."
---That's not much of a bet, Karlton. You haven't got any material possessions, apart from an ageing laptop that you stole once upon a time.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Kalvin - are you still with the Special Secret Services? Are you still a Sapstoe? Do you still hold the rank of Colonel?

You haven't revisited these claims for I don't know how long.

Anonymous said...

SIAFH tells me a new video is in the works. Have no idea what to expect...

Merry F'ing Christmas Korff!


Anonymous said...

I loathe you, Korff. I despise you.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: This is so EASY to explain. Obviously:

The Space People are visiting Earth again, scouting out locations in advance where they can land in 10 days when the "end" of the Earth takes place, so they can abduct their "believers" and take them away to safety, leaving behind only debunkers and skeptics to fight among themselves. Oh, excuse me, debunkers and skeptics ARE THE SAME THING, according to UFO CONspiracy nuts. Let's ignore what the dictionary says about these two terms being distinctly different, we're talking about serious UFOOLogy here!

Having now seen everything of interest in SanFrancisco, they're going to the Balkans instead to hover over a mythical "pyramid" which does not exist, but it's always amusing to watch "believers" flock to such non-mysterious natural wonders and try to push a rope up a hill.

Anonymous said...

Korff, we got your number Fatboy, we got it. Our spies report on every fucking move you make. Every move. Facebook is all you have anymore, and we know what you huff and puff about as soon as you huff and puff. Give it up lard ass, that is all you can do.

Anonymous said...

The lies continue...

32 days later and still no "article".

Lying lair.

November 10 ~ Kal Korff: Hi everyone, my feature article about Obama should hit the newspapers in a day or two. It recaps his history and reviews his victory over Romney and covers how he won it.

Jimmy D said...

Kalvin doesn't have his own website anymore. He knows that if he posts anything on YouTube, it will be immediately highlighted and highjacked. He has broken with the truly sinister Rob McConnell.

I believe that Karlton knows perfectly well who our Facebook mole is, but he is content to allow that person to operate, because s/he serves as his only conduit to the outside world.

Which is a pathetic state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff ~ Hater of the Gays

Kal Korff: I have heard from many that "it is a choice" -- I think it depends on the person. I suspected genetics back in the 1990s when I knew of a person who was gay who lived in SF and so were all of his brothers. Yet his parents were straight. I also talked to doctors who did autopsies and they told me it was genetic, these were doctors at Stanford Hospital. My only point in posting this is that both sides of the spectrum have their "explanations" and it SEEMS that science has figured this out. So now what?

We give people certain special rights for other genetic issues, so does this impact this issue? I have no idea. I think each person's sexual preferences are their own issues but no one should be given special treatment as in we should all be equal under the law.

Jerry Lapiroff: It is not a choice. And the direct connection through a parent is just a theory. There have also been studies that show neurological differences.

Kal Korff: It is also sometimes a choice. In California and SF specifically I met several men who "gave up on women" because of past, bad experiences. I also met men who did the same thing in Europe, and then I also met men who were bisexual because they wanted .....

Kal Korff: Same with with any fact, the subject is merely a detail.

Kal Korff: The first studies indicated the gene was passed by the Mom. This study also supports that.

Jerry Lapiroff: I'm not sure that a linear connection will be proven but I'm sure that there is a biological cause with relation to attraction - whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. I don't think that a single air-tight theory is needed to ascertain that sexual preference is a matter of biology. I don't agree that people attracted exclusively to the opposite sex choose to adopt a same sex lifestyle - certainly not in statistically significant numbers.

Anonymous said...

Well, as the great Don Ecker noted recently, I think they're both as bad as each other.

Anonymous said...

Mental masturbation by a small minded hater of the guys and a uber-liberal ex-teacher who’s living off his huge retirement salary and free health care not having to worry if his “it makes me feel good about myself” politics make it worse for others. Fuck’em both.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are lying, thieving, cheating, young-girl-molesting, evil, worthless scum, Karlton.

Don't mention it. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Fuck You Kal Korff

Kal Korff: My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the shooting tragedy. I find it disgusting but wholly predictable that there always are people who try to exploit tragedies for political reasons. Can anything be more low?

Every time something like this happens everyone of us needs to look in the mirror. Find out what went wrong, try to fix whatever so that it does not happen again. Our solutions must be logical, legal, not emotional.

When I read things from nut job Alex Jones like "Now they're coming for your guns," it says all we need to know about him. Which isn't much.

It is bad enough this happened, its even lower that people are exploiting it.

Jimmy D said...

Well, I didn't think it was possible but your latest post has just ratcheted up a notch my loathing for you, Korff.

"I find it disgusting but wholly predictable that there always are people who try to exploit tragedies for political reasons"? Of course, you'd never do that.

You are worthless scum, Korff. You are pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Oh, and where, of where, is that "feature article about Obama" you promised 36 days ago, journalist?

Lying Lair.

Kal Korff: Morgan deserves the low cellar dweller ratings he gets. He's also dirty in the hacking scandal, ad nauseum. If I were to ever appear on how show, it would be no contest debate wise, and this is not my ego speaking.

What passes for "journalism" in much of America today is really more entertainment, and it's bad "entertainment" at that.