Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Kal where is Secret Wars??????????

so Kal where is your socalled "definitive work on terrorism" these days??? Where is it Kernal Korff?? Kal you are good at making all these fake book covers but everyone knows that your FORMER PUBLISHER Prometheus Books is well aware of what a bloody lunatic you are and have no plans on publishing anything else by you. The publisher was probably smart and just paid you to make you go away. Funny but someone let me know that Secret Wars is also the title of a comic book. We all know this wouldn't be the first thing you have ever stolen nor will it likely be the last. I'm sure Prometheus Books has moved as far away from you as it possibly can. Kal you are even bad a failure!! ahahhhaaahhhahahaha


Anonymous said...

It looks like that cunt Kal Korff FAILED MISERABLY on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

The lies continue...

51 days later and still no "article".

(2 months since ANY new "articles" have been posted by the syndicated and so-called working reporter.)

Lying lair.

November 10 ~ Kal Korff: Hi everyone, my feature article about Obama should hit the newspapers in a day or two. It recaps his history and reviews his victory over Romney and covers how he won it.

Anonymous said...

Remember this HUGE lie:


Mr.Kal Korff,

Daily Post HR Director

"Honoured by the opportunity to be key mote speaker. Thank you for the hospitality extended ."

So, don't you forget to contact Kal K. Korff, the Human Relations Director (who isn't listed on their web site, anywhere in any way) at the India Daily Post and wish him a very Happy New Year.

Human Resources
+91 172-5201113

For letters to the editor email us at

For feedback email us at

Anonymous said...

'Secret Wars'?

Never was, and never will be.

Just another of Kal's phony games.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he has written material for this book, or series of books. He gave out "chapters" to a view people, McConnell and Tina as two examples. We never could get a copy of that material however...

You all remember this e-mail sent to RMIII:

The "first" book, or chapter, or volume of this never released book or series of books is pretty much Korff's life story, in essence, this e-mail.

He then goes on to boast about missions that never took place, meetings with famous people that never took place (or if they did, they took place for wholly different reasons than Korff claims they took place)

Example: Korff’s encounter with Scott Ritter secretly filmed from a camera hidden in a flower pot to prove it.

So yes, material has been written and the majority of it we’ve already read since Korff re-launched his now defunct web site, in those many hundreds of rambling e-mails he sent out to so many unfortunate people and in those now famous and hilarious you tube videos. The last book, or chapter or volume reveals his nano-dust missions, etc., enter spread throughout out is his mish mash line of thinking regarding terrorists being no different than UFO believers, etc.

From what I’ve been told we’ve already read the majority of the material because Korff couldn’t help himself but do a “pre-release” since 2010.

We contacted Prometheus again and they told us flat out, they will “not be releasing any Kal K. Korff material in the future. Their working relationship is over. Period. End of story.”

Let 2013 begin.

Korffing Syndicate

Kiai said...

Thanks for reminded us Kevin Randle

And let us not forget about Kal K. Korff who used this tactic (or really in most cases, threatened to use this tactic), which he learned from Klass after Korff befriended Klass, Friedman and others while still a teen. What is it with these UFO extremists and the letter “K”?

Anonymous said...

Korffing Fave Book Update

Korff posted this 16 hours ago, 11 Likes, 2 posts.

Kal Korff: Happy New Year everyone, wishing you the best.

Way to go asshole, you're setting the world on fire with Fake Book friends.

What a fucking ass wipe. I can't wait until 2013 rolls all over you.


Anonymous said...

Korff, bragging again. But it brings up the question; what of the promised Obama election article asshole?

Anyway, Korff, humbled and honored to be doing what he "tells" us he's being "paid" to do. Like all the other "reporters" in the world do... right?

What a huge, HUGE, brown, sticky and stained ass wipe.

Kal Korff: I am honored and humbled to report that in today's edition of the Daily Post newspaper, India's fastest growing English language newspaper, I have an OpEd piece called India's Women 'Problem' which talks about female infanticide which is committed still today on a large scale in India, the passing of the female gang rape victim and how her death has galvanized India as a country, even its normally inept politicians; it also talks about my being married to a Punjabi Indian woman, about arranged marriages and Bollywood's stereotyping of women as merely props and sexual objects for men, and how India must change and begin to genuinely respect women if it is to have a viable future. It concludes that crimes against women are ultimately crimes against one's mother.

By the way, police have now announced in a 1,000 page draft indictment against the criminals who raped the young student who has now died, that they will seek the death penalty. Good for them, they are also carefully vetting the indictment with many lawyers to present an airtight case.

I am hopeful that Indian society will begin to change and improve for the better on this and many other fronts. I love the Indian people, they are truly great. Some of my best friends, ever since high school, have been Indian.

Here's the link to my OpEd piece, I hope you enjoy it. Again, I am honored to have it published, for it being deemed worthy of publication. Being a journalist and columnist are duties I take very seriously, which is why I am often down on what I see that passes for "journalism" in the USA and I get bothered when "journalists" (especially those on TV) let our politicians off the hook or soft pedal them. There's no excuse for doing this. I am glad I work for the foreign media and have since 2000. Quite often, I have found it far more consistently insightful than what passes for "journalism" today in the United States, which is unfortunate.

The OpEd piece appears on Page 8 of the online ePaper, Page 8 of the printed edition of the newspaper. Here's a .jpg of it.

Anonymous said...

Here is Kal's piece Part 1:

Problems concerning women run much deeper than the crime of rape itself.

India’s women ‘problem’

My heart is sad as I write this. As we know, the female victim of the brutal gang rape in Delhi has now died.

The gang rape she was forced to endure, has galvanised Indian citizens. They’re not only rightfully outraged, they are demanding fundamental reforms and changes to the old, outdated laws that India passed decades ago which never took the crime of rape in a serious manner, nor gave respect to women. While the politicians are now ‘promising’ to ‘get tough’ (with some even proposing the death penalty), India’s problems concerning women run much deeper than the crime of rape itself.

To be extremely blunt about this matter, India as a country has a serious problem with the way it treats and mistreats women. In several parts of India, the men and women ratio stands at 100 males for every 80 females. The reason for this disparity is not because of natural biology or genetics, it is instead because too many Indians are still committing the moral crime of female infanticide. In other words, many Indians kill female children while they are inside the womb of their mother, or they murder them shortly after birth.

For a nation, India, which claims to ‘love God’, it is hard to imagine an act more morally repugnant than this. Female infanticide is in fact a form of selective genocide, it is a literal Holocaust against women. Like Jews which were singled out for extermination by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler just because they existed, females are singled out and targeted for termination just because they exist. The “excuse” is that the Indian “macho” man wants a son, or that women are more expensive to raise, or, God forbid, the parents might have to pay for a dowry.

Infanticide has become so endemic in Indian society, a special law had to be passed which forbids doctors from revealing the sex of any child in the womb, even to the parents who are expecting it and will never commit such a crime. What does it say about a nation and its people when it kills its own fetuses just because they’re female?

The fact that women are being murdered before they are even born or are killed shortly after birth, proves that India as a country does not value women even at the most basic level: the right to exist. Then there is the issue of blatant, brazen sexism in Indian society. To put this issue bluntly, women are too often discriminated against by Indian men. It’s a “man’s world” in India, women are “equal” only on paper, not in society.

Too many Indian males “pride” themselves on being “macho.” You see it in Bollywood movies, where “superheroes” such as Salman Khan not only beat up five bad guys at once, putting even the mythical comic book hero Superman to shame, but only he has “the power” to throw them 50 feet or punch holes in stone walls.

You see it in the shopping malls where Indian males use their smartphone’s video camera to view, preen and primp themselves while trying on various designer sunglasses, always opting for the large, owlish “Aviator” style also popularized by Bollywood. Only a “real man” would wear aviators sunglasses, right?

Anonymous said...

Kal's piece, part 2:

Then there is Bollywood itself. In thousands of movies over the decades, women are always dressed in beautiful outfits. They gyrate their hips in sexual, flirtatious moves, captivating and spellbinding even the most “macho” of men, but still at the end of the film it is always about “the man.” Women are just props, and of course sexual objects to be conquered. Rare is the Bollywood movie where the true hero is a woman, rarer still is the Bollywood movie where the women is not only beautiful but intellectually superior or smarter than the rest of the men in the film. Bollywood’s treatment and its publicity machine further the stereotype of what a “woman really is” — as determined by men of course. Bollywood is run by men, not women. Then there is the sensitive issue of arranged marriages. Being an American man who is married to a Punjabi, and therefore Indian woman, I am often asked questions about my marriage from Indians who are genuinely curious. While I truly appreciate their sincere curiosity, and they seem proud that I am married to a Punjabi woman (Punjabis are proud people), the most common question I get asked is, “Is it a love marriage?”

My answer is always the same: “Yes it is, and I could not be happier.” I am telling the truth when I say this, my wife and I truly love each other dearly. Being from the west, getting asked this question is a bit strange to me. I lived in Europe for 10 years and before that, all of my life in the United States. I never heard anyone ask any person if their marriage was a love marriage or an arranged one.

Yet here in India, arranged marriages are still quite common. I know of married couples who are both happy and miserable. I know of women who do not want to be married to the man their parents forced them to be with, I also know of women who agreed to an arranged marriage, and are also now madly in love. Whether an arranged marriage genuinely works or not depends on the spirit of the two people involved. The German Physicist Max Planck once famously opined that new ideas come into being not because people become convinced of them, it is because their opponents die and a new generation is born which is accustomed to them.

It may take another generation or two before Indian society begins to wake up to the obvious: That crimes against women are ultimately crimes against your own mother.

The fact that women are being murdered before they are even born or are killed shortly after birth, proves that India as a country does not value women even at the most basic level: the right to exist.

The crimes against women are ultimately crimes against your own mother.

Anonymous said...

OpEd on Kal's OpEd:
Thankfully, the Daily News India doesn't seem to have editors, so this article gives us access to Kal's raw writing. Kal's writing seems to have stalled at a jr. high school level. The mistakes are probably obvious to most readers here, but I'll list a few examples:

"the female victim of the brutal gang rape in Delhi has now died."

"old, outdated laws that India passed decades ago"
Triple wordiness. Any of the three would have been sufficient.

"To be extremely blunt about this matter,"
"The fact that"
Eliminate this entire phrase.

"female infanticide. In other words, many Indians kill female children"
If you have to define the term, then just skip the term and say it with the definition.

"a special law had to be passed which forbids doctors"
Are there laws classified as "special" and "non-special?" Why is this word here?

"The gang rape she was forced to endure, has galvanised Indian citizens."
Why is that comma there?

"For a nation, India, which claims to ‘love God’, it is hard to imagine an act more morally repugnant than this."

Yes, Kal, all people in India share the same views as the rapists. All one billion people are morally repugnant.

He talks about arranged marriages. As a reader, I expect this to be a supporting argument to the main point, perhaps that arranged marriages are an example of disrespect for women. In fact, there is no tie-in. He rambles about how they sometimes work or don't work out.

As it turns out, the point of this tangent is to talk about himself and his marriage. Yes, Kal, in the end, it IS all about you.

"Being an American man who is married to a Punjabi, and therefore Indian woman,"
He's writing for an Indian newspaper to an Indian audience. Does he really need to explain this?
Sub-point: failed attempt at credibility. He implies that his marriage makes him "one of them," so his opinions are more credible.

The piece reads like an outsider looking in, like a bitter old man bitching about something he knows nothing about. It reads like an Archie Bunker monologue, sitting in his living room chair, bitching about what's wrong with blacks or some other ethnic/cultural group. So, even though his main points are true, there is zero insight into the culture, why it is happening, or how to fix it. Instead of persuading, the article is more likely to inflame and alienate the reader.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Also, Korff's marriage and his use of it to "fit in" is the same thing he has done his whole life. His new found Jewish back ground is a prime example.

Anonymous said...

If true, seems like Kal has wiggled himself into another situation.
So, who's paying the rent?

Anonymous said...

As another said, maybe he did get a small payout by his old publisher, and maybe he makes a few rubies from his "media giant" and maybe his "wife" works as well. We'll never know much because Korff knows anything he shares over Face Book, etc., will be looked into and the truth will follow, hence the release of zero new videos over the last 2 years.

Jimmy D said...

Well, you can bet your bottom rupee that if Karlton has indeed formed a relationship with an Indian woman, he will have done so by misrepresenting himself to her.

We really should make it our business to put that right.

A happy new year to all Korffers! And a miserable 2013 to "Colonel" Korff!

You are scum, Korff. Worthless, lying vermin.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kal Korff, you are quite the thinker....

Yes, please TRY and do the math on this, won't you.

God, what it must be like to be Kal Korff, day in and day out, knowing there are a group of people waiting for you to lie and make new claims...

"I am married." And yet, he can't share with the world.

"I have a job." And yet, he can't share with the world.

"I live here." And yet, he can't share with the world.

Self sequestration.


Kal Korff: Scientists hope to find another 700,000 galaxies this year, each galaxy has an average of 250 billion stars and countless planets. There have been over 10 billion galaxies mapped so far. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, has as many as 400 billion stars and as many as 50 billion planets.

Please try to do the math on all of this... of course there is NO WAY any life could possibly exist elsewhere, right? :-)

The universe automagically created itself, and managed to structure itself automagically as well, becoming perfectly balanced. So say atheists. :-)

Anonymous said...

Korffing Face Book Update

Kal Korff: Thanks everyone. Your "Likes" are very much appreciated.


Nobody else on Face Book "thanks" people for liking their posts. The fact that Korff does this speaks volumes into just how sad and pathetic and lonely Korff is.

Anonymous said...

Part One

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 5:24 am


Kal Korff is a man who stands for anything but that which he says he stands for when in public and when trying to explain to people that he actually cares.
Here is a man who has reported to me that the entire movement of UFO - ET conspiracy reseaarchers, is composed of people he terms ´UFO numb´.
Organizations such as stand for anything but that which they claim to stand for, which is actually Rotchild Zionism and thus the Rotchilds, instead of critical thinking itself.

Critical thinking is simply; the art of thinking critically. It is the ability to think for yourself and to form or conclude ideas or opinions on your own, rather than the inability to criticize anything having to do with Zionism or the House of Rotchild. opposes employment because it´s board of directors is composed mostly of people who are fans of debunkers - and Kal Korff has a few times told me that he has high opinions and much respect for them - and why is it that so many organizations led or organized by self - proposed ´debunkers´never criticize Israel?
Are they simply so afraid about criticizing Israel that they think the Rotchilds will eat them?

No, they´re simply doing their job which is to distract people from the brutal activities of Israel´s government on one hand, and the true origins of the Saudi Royal Family on the other.
People have lived in mortal fear of the Rotchild Zionist cabal for long enough, and I´m not one of those who suffer from that fear today.

Those Rotchilds have not threatened me or asked me to do anything for themselves because we have simply never met - lucky me.
So I can criticize them any how I want and I seriously doupt that I´d be doing anything for them if they asked me.

In my country the State of Israel has tried to attack my friends and ask them to join Mossad - a friend of mine reported to me, but he led the movement known as Snarrót who were active in introducing Icelanders to the 9 - 11 truth movement and it´s work before it became the corrupt shit it is today.

He told me ´a friend of mine in Snarrót told me that Mossad had contacted him and wanted to train him and other Snarrót members and all they had to do in turn was not to criticize the Israeli authorities or their policies towards Palestine - and he refused after he had been given a money offer and promised training in Israel´.

This begs me to ask the question how many self - proposed ´skeptics groups´actually represent the State of Israel and not even the Israeli people themselves - groups such as Iceland´s Vantru who also never criticize Israel.

Anonymous said...

Part Two

One thing I have also noticed about self - proposed ´Critical Thinkers´organizations, is that they never criticize reptilians - they never speak out openly against reptilians or ask other people to do so but always instead poke fun out of people who believe in them or who research them or who are simply being curious.

There are entire very brilliant and well done websites whose content I don´t always agree with, who have been doing much to help exposing Karl Korff for being appearently, a liar and a thief - if that is true, then it must be so.

I mean ask yourself; just how many people actually trust Kal Korff?
After I had been to some of those websites I felt something in my heart was telling me something about this man Kal Korff, and that was ´this man is a fraud and he´s a liar who is going to be exposed even more than he already has been the more you move forward to 2012.

It appears to me that 2012 is all about exposing as many frauds and lies and persons who are fraud as possible, so that as little will remain of that which is unexposed prior to that time.

And Kal Korff´s days as a fake and a fraud, whose house is built on the never ending sand of farce and fantasy, appear to be rapidly approaxing their end.

Goodness knows how many more people will keep on exposing Kal Korff until the entire international community knows the man for who he really is and what he really stands for - which is anything else but critical thinking.

If Kal Korff really stood for critical thinking he´d have no problem with it - he´d have no difficulties answering questions to people about what he thinks of critical thinking, and if he really stood for freedom of inquiery, then his website would have a completely different name........


Trust no one..........they might be.......the Letter Killer!

Anonymous said...

Posted in 2007

Editorial: Have I "Sold Out" To Kal Korff?

In recent months, I have started cooperating with and working with Kal K. Korff, who is a paranormal investigator best known to Bigfooters as a "debunker" of the Patterson/Gimlin Movie, and I have not received any negative press from this from either side. Now, does this mean I agree with Kal about the P/G Movie? Does this mean I have "sold out" to the "enemy?" I do not believe so. Yes, I think what Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin captured on film that October day 40 years ago is a real Sasquatch, and yes, I disagree with Kal going after a 77-year-old retiree with a heart condition, but I want to be as cooperative with Kal as possible to try to seek and find answers on this mystery, no matter the outcome. If indeed Kal and his associate the lovely Martina Tycova finally do prove that Bob Heironimus wore a modified suit and walked in front of Patterson's camera that day, then that means that all Bigfooters, myself included, will have to eat our words as far as defending the film and giving it credibility, and it will be a blow to this community. However, it will not stop ME personally from seeking answers in this mystery, and it should not stop anyone else either, if the film is proven a hoax. I am secure enough in my own experience with the Sasquatch to know that whether or not the film shows a real creature or not does not mean there is no real creature out there. I am 90% convinced the film shows a real creature, but it will not break my heart if it is proven a hoax because I have had at least one sighting that I can absolutely say was the real deal. So, I want to say that I call Kal a friend and colleague even if we agree to disagree over this film.

Anonymous said...

You can leave messages on two of Korff's Youtube channels, just for fun! :-)

Happy New Years Ass wipe.