Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kal Korff hypocrite

Well lads it looks like that bloody hypocrite Kal K. Korff is at it again. So Kal has now finally written one of his famously ill written articles. Kal goes into the place he goes the most by hopping on whatever is hot in terms of topics and Kal has jumped right aboard the recent brutal rape on a young girl in India and exploiting it for his own personal gain by trying to be some sort of women's rights champion. In this article that Kal has written he writes "Women are just props, and of course sexual objects to be conquered." Kal Korff a champion of women rights?  BOLLOCKS!!!!
Kal is known misogynist and an asshole known for using women as props and all one need do here lads is look at photos Kal was proud to show of himself exploiting women. And what about Kal claiming to use women spies as "honey traps" to use sex to lure in men. Please Kal you need to stop pretending to be some sort of advocate for women's rights. You stopped pretending to be a colonel Kal so why start pretending to be an advocate of women's rights????? Because you're a sick bloke Kal and you don't care about anyone but yourself and you'll hop on whatever wagon you can to feed your own miserable little sick ego.


Anonymous said...

Those are some fucking creepy photos. Each of those girls must have set Kal back a few big macs at least. Seriously though it is disgusting to see a prick like Kal trying to ride the coat tails of a dead girl. Kal obviously has no shame and will do whatever he can to get anything resembling a spotlight on him even if means shitting on the memory of a rape victim.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Kal Korff: Sometimes I get a couple of brown spots (commonly known as "age spots") on the back of my hands. I find that in cold, dry weather I can often just peel them off.

Obviously, according to New Age, Liberal, "progressive" and alternative logic, this means that each time I do this, I MUST be getting YOUNGER!

Now, if only I could figure out how many years I gain back with each spot I peel off, I could win a Nobel Prize!

I guess I'm going to have to go visit an Astrologer to figure out this last part. Perhaps it all depends on what Astrological House Planet "X" is in, and what the Mayans wrote about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

You should know ass wipe.

Kal Korff: ‎"To let a fool kiss you is stupid; to let a kiss fool you is worse."

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! This Kal Korff guy is such a huge asshole.

Kal Korff: Well 911 is also for things like fires and people who have heart attacks. But I understand your point. I will never forget the time two guys tried to break into my house and I had no weapon to defend myself. I had no time to call 911 either.

When the police took the report, the detective suggested I get a handgun and recommended a FBI issued .357 magnum. At his recommendation I did exactly that, he even told me where to get it. I appreciated that.

I will NEVER be in a position ever again not to defend myself. This is why I started learning everything from Krav Maga to how to use batons, etc. So that no matter what situation, I at least had an idea of what to do.

Anonymous said...

The only thing close to a baton Kal gets is the strap on Martina Tycova used to fuck him in the ass.

Anonymous said...

It's painful to read this dummies material. Does he really get paid to write?

Kal Korff: Here's one of my favorite groups, Nightwish from Finland. Here's a great short concert they did many people never saw. The lead singer is a trained Operatic Soprano, Tarja Tarunen. Their keyboardist Tuaomas, rocks. This is Finaldn's most successful band, they sing Symphonic Metal. Hope you like the songs, these are just a few of them.

Anonymous said...

Let the lies continue.... Korff, you had no friends while living in Northern California. You fucking liar. And, you had no manager.

Kal Korff: Here's a GREAT concert you will absolutely JUST LOVE! It's Pink Floyd, live, in their Delicate Sound of Thunder tour. I saw PF at the Oakland Coliseum years ago, it was the best concert I have ever seen. It was also the first time I ever saw 65,000 white people all stoned. :-) My manager got me ten pairs of tickets, my friends enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Personal Face Book "friend" of Korff's. Korff says they worked together at Apple....

Any takers?

Kal Korff: Enya is another favorite of mine, here she is live. Because of her vocal layering technique, it is hard for her to perform live. Nonetheless, here she is.

Kevin Jundt: Ack! Yuk!

Kal Korff: Kevin, you KNOW you have ALWAYS had the hots for her, going back to our days at Apple/Claris. Bill Marriott used to play her music all the time from his cube.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Metallica is one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands. I enjoyed seeing them live in Prague. Praguers love Metallica. Here's one of their a$$ kicking live performances, they're certainly masterful with their guitars.

Brit in Prague said...

"The only thing close to a baton Kal gets is the strap on Martina Tycova used to fuck him in the ass."
---I snorted my tea through my nose when I read this!

Anonymous said...

"Those are some fucking creepy photos. Each of those girls must have set Kal back a few big macs at least."
---Having looked closely, I believe they are two shots of the same woman.

Anonymous said...

Headache inducing Korffish language…

Kal Korff: Isn't it nice to know, folks, that the UNEMPLOYMENT rate is the SAME as when Obama first took office FOUR YEARS AGO? Now he's taking office again, fr the second time, and it is THE SAME.

It must be George Bush's fault of course. Notice the media criticizes him not at all for having such a high unemployment rate, but did Bush when he left office with the same rate.

I am not optimistic his next four years will be successful, sorry. While I DO certainly want the best for America and for the USA to succeed, I see no objective evidence things will majorly change for the better.

Hopefully time will prove me wrong, I would love for it to.

BritinPrague said...

KIAI - can you pls delete posts threatening violence towards KKK? Let's not descend to his level. Cheers.

KIAI said...

Lads, I will not tolerate any threats of violence or other nonsense. Does Kal deserving a righteous beating? Probably. Should we threaten him? No. Even though Kal is a sniveling cunt all threats posted will be deleted. Please stop. I know how outraged Kal makes people feel but do not make any more threats. Thanks lads!

Jimmy D said...


Colonel Kalvin Karlton Korff, a Sapstoe in the Israeli-based Special Secret Services, is an expert in Krav Maga.

I wouldn't like to tackle him. No siree.

Lying scum.

Anonymous said...

Korf mentions his dirt-bag brother.

Kal Korff: And I'm an "expert" on playing electric guitar because my brother does. Bozo! Piers Morgan is obviously desperate for attention again.

Jimmy D said...

I think Kurtis looks a bit like Jon Bon Jovi.

Of course, JBJ isn't a thieving dirtbag who refuses to pay maintenance for his kid ...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Kal's favorite company, and former employer according to him,Apple,just took a nose dive today on the stock market.Down more than 12%.
What say you now, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Prediction: If he has not already Kalvin Korff will klaim to have some sort of kon-nection to "Jobs". Or attempt to refer with joking familiarity with one or more of the film's big scenes. Or that the scene where they all went out for chicken wings and de-pantsed Woz was clipped. Something like that.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff; hater of the gays.

Kal Korff: Here's a study which is ignored of course by gay rights advocates. It shows the connections to homosexuality via genetics and eli-marks.

Instead, they would rather say that homosexuality is "normal" — no it's not. If it were the rule in nature for most life forms, life would cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Here's one of my favorite German Heavy Metal bands, Rammstein. If you like pounding guitars and beats combined with some theatrical antics, this concert is for you. When I first heard Heavy Metal sung in German when I moved to Prague, it seemed to fit. German is a natural language for such music. It can also be incredibly romantic, as proven by the poetry of Goethe, Heine and Rilke. I also love the music of the great German composers such as Beethoven and Bach.

Anonymous said...

You say it's Korff, huh? Well Hell's Bell's, then it is Bullshit. Pure unadulterated Bullshit ..

Anonymous said...

This ass wipe just refuses to report on what kind of exchange he and Korff has way back when. He's been asked but alas, he ain't saying.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

lol ramstein would urinate on kal baby's books if they knew his gay bashing freako ass was referring to them as a "favorite". he has obviously never bothered listening to their lyrics. same with queen, bowie, the beatles, pink floyd. none of kal-kal's "favorite" bands has any use for the bigotry he preaches. that's why he's a tool! and will always be a tool.


Anonymous said...

You are worthless, lying scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

You call this professional reporting, writing, whatever. Lame.

Kal Korff: She did a much better job that BeyondMe could ever do in singing this. Very moving. And while millions put their hand on their hearts around the world, our troops especially serving abroad in a symbolic gesture, their commander in chief as usual, did not.

Jimmy D said...

"And while millions put their hand on their hearts around the world, our troops especially serving abroad in a symbolic gesture, their commander in chief as usual, did not."
WHAT???!! You buffoon, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

This blogs turned into as much of a joke as Kal K. Korff. Old news, retreading old posts.

I guess them Korffers should put it to bed.

Great job, he done.

Anonymous said...

There are one or two Korffers who would love to have this blog's reins handed over to them. Or at least, shared with them. They are brimming with ideas. How about it, KIAI?

Anonymous said...

Somebody please call Social Services!

Kal Korff: There's an adorable little girl visiting us. Everyone is crowding around her now watching her use an iPad. She's known how to use them since SEVEN MONTHS old. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

people do not write to you Korff. This is a lie.

Kal Korff: People write me emails and ask my WHY I often say "Go Democrats!"

The reason I do this is because I was once a hardcore Democrat myself. I stopped being a Democrat when I felt that the party left me, I did not leave it.

I say "Go Democrats" to point out the pure hypocrisy of the party which bends over backwards to beat its chest and falsely claims that it "protects the middle class."

If it REALLY "protects" the middle class, the middle class would NOT be SHRINKING to the degree it has under their watch, would it. Or, put another way, they're "so good" at "protecting" the Middle Class they cannot get the job done.

Since I have never voted Republican, and am certainly not a NeoCon (NeoCons to me are extremists just like liberals are but on the other end of the spectrum), I point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats because they are the party who is in power (I was not on FaceBook when Bush was president) and it is to show people that BOTH parties are directly and only responsible for helping implode this great nation of ours. The Democratic party today bears no resemblance to the Democratic party I grew up with and eagerly once supported.

If you listen to the excuse by the Democrats today, it is never their fault, and certainly never Obama's.

It's the same with the mainstream media. Being a longtime journalist since my high school days when I first started getting articles published, what passes for "journalism" today would have gotten a student an "F" grade when I was in high school.

It's embarrassing.

I have no faith that either party will ever truly reform, nor stop wasting money, stop their lies, stop their love of Big Money, - the global playing field is becoming more "leveled" because our "leaders" are LOWERING our standards as a country instead of maintaining them or, God forbid, IMPROVING them.

I can go on and on but hopefully you see my point and this answers your email questions. We desperately need a third, viable alternative, or the USA will soon slide down to being third in the world. Perhaps fourth.

Anonymous said...


We love this blog and it's done wonders to help keep Korff shut down.

I must ask you, will you allow me to have a little control of this blog so I can post updated info, etc., and help you out?

I have a lot of new'ish info and it seems as though you're very busy and not so much into the subject as you once were.

I'd like the opportunity to use the blog and help get more information out there. Starting a new blog would tend to dilute your blog and possible take traffic away from it.

Please, I’d like you to consider this and in return I will not let you down.

Please send me an e-mail and tell me if you’d let this happen. You have my address.