Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Loser

Nothing changes in Korff’s world. A year after Korff turned 50, though you wouldn’t know it by his behavior, he’s back at it again, on Face Book, thanking his “friends” for all the well wishes. A close look at his Face Book wall shows ZERO birthday wishes.

Not to be proven wrong, Korff refers to his cell phone “ringing off the hook” with birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Korff. We actually forgot all about it, and that’s a good thing. We forgot because the Korffing Syndicate has marginalized you to the point of exactly ZERO. 

* No more FAKE army man.

* No more FAKE consumer advocate.

* No more FAKE volunteer Analyst, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist.

* No more FAKE officially accredited international investigative journalist and columnist, analyst and executive special advisor.

Korff blast from the blast, right up his ass:

Imagine, 51 years old. Hard to believe he's been able to feed and water himself this long....

Korffing Syndicate ~ We Will Not Stop ~ God Bless Don Ecker


Anonymous said...

Korff received a couple of birthday wished to his self-posted post on Face Book. Here's an interesting one:

Robert Sletten: Happy birthday young Kal!!!!

Kal Korff: Thank you very much Mr. Sletten. You probably know this already, but you were always one of my favorite teachers, I'll never forget you.

Kelli Weiss: Gentile Mr. S was always my favorite me hooked on psychology!

Robert Sletten: Thank you both!!! You were both very excellent students!!!!!

Sletten taught at John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont, CA.

When I see these, really only two of his teachers have posted on FB best as I can tell, I wonder what they really think, or if they even know about, Korff's behavior and endless lies?

Sadly, if you send a FB user a message and they get pissed they can get you pulled off FB and then removed if you send too many messages of these kinds.

That's one reason Korff backed off sending out messages to people, he was in risk of getting pulled off Face Book for being a stalker, lunatic.

Hey Tina, what subject did this Sletten person teach? Was it psychology or something they're blowing up in importance? If Korff had taken a class in psychology he might have not turned out so demented as he is.

Anonymous said...

"Today I am spending it with my fake, I mean beautiful wife ..."

Could you post a photo of her purlease, Karlton?


Anonymous said...

Social science .....t

Anonymous said...

Sletten; Social science teacher.

The Unknown Korffer said...

"… since I use a pay as you go plan on my mobile phone, I ran out of prepaid credit to send SMS messages back to my friends …"

Huh. Sounds like Kal couldn't afford the iPhone anymore. Can you say "pawnshop" in Hindi? or how about "Trac Phone".


Anonymous said...

Korffing Update
March 15, 2013

What school(s), where, exactly when. Liar.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, I am pleased to share the news that I will be giving three speeches at three universities in three cities on the same day, first one begins in the morning of course.

I am truly honored and humbled to be asked to give these speeches, last week I gave one at a college before several hundred people and the place was packed.

I've always loved speaking in public, have done it since I was 13 years of age.

The subject will be the rise of Asia and how the USA faces daunting challenges which are not being met by our politicians (deliberately) as it struggles to remain "number one" versus China and India, both of which will surpass it in the near future, and how this is the beginning of the century of Asia and how this will change world dynamics and already is.

It's a hot topic around the world, and deservedly so, hence the request by these three institutions to talk about the subject.

Praise YHWH!

Ravi Sachdeva: ......n all favoring obama...ha ha ha!!!

Kal Korff: Actually I won't be talking much about Obama, the problem started in earnest under Bill Clinton and the Democrats, you know, those "defenders" of the middle class.

One point in the talk, the complete contents of which are independently verifiable, is that the USA benefitted for years because many of its competitors never got their collective act together as they are now doing. As the playing field continues to increasingly level, America has not adapted as a whole, its politicians are not saving the situation, and America has never faced so many competitive challenges before.

Consequently, it is heading down to become number three while India and China continue to rise.

Brit in Prague said...

Either Kal's wife is non-existant or she's as rough as a bear's arse. Otherwise he'd post a pic of her.

Anonymous said...

1st up, Kal's wife. Yeah .. sure. Unless she sleeps on top of the bed, drinks out of the water bowl and LOVES Kibbles and Bits.

What schools? Yeah, uh huh. What schools bubble butt? Talking about what, when? You delusional fart, do you REALLY THINK anyone believes your horse-shit these days ... Kolonel? You know kalvin, you stopped being funny back when Billy stopped butt-fucking you. Hey, with that one arm, did he still give you a "reach around"? Kome on kal .. we really wanta know ..