Sunday, March 17, 2013

What? Why? Where? When?

Korff has made this claim before, and we even have a photo to prove that he did appear at a school in India in January 2012  to talk about some topic which I’m sure any Third grader could have presented.
In that case, as in this case, Korff has a problem, Korff cannot pre-release (a problem Korff has in other areas of his life as well) the names and locations of the places he says he’ll speak at. Why? Because the Korffing Syndicate will reach out to those places of lower learning to warn them of their impending mistake.

In fact, after Korff made the mistake of posting a "Thank's for having me" message on the web site associated with the place he spoke at (where this Spock photo was taken at), Korffer's sent many e-mails to that school to inform them of their mistake.

POST: 1.03.2012 ~ Mr.Kal Korff, Daily Post, HR Director ~ "Honoured by the opportunity to be key mote speaker. Thank you for the hospitality extended ."

Key mote speaker indeed. BTW, Kal Korff is not the HR Director at the Daily Post. Send them an e-mail and ask them yourselves.

Notice, Korff mentions that he just gave a speech "last week" to a packed house. Funny thing, he never mentioned this last week, or the week before, or the week before. This doesn't mean Korff's lying (although he probably is) it just proves that he knows he's being watched, for the rest of his life.

This proper and ultimate outcome will follow Korff for the rest of his life, because of Korff’s behavior. Yes, for the rest of Korff’s life, if he ever promotes anything before or after it takes place we, the Korffing Syndicate, will react and make sure the people involved know exactly what kind of fool, thief and lunatic they are dealing with.

We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate


What happened to Korff to force him to move from here:

To here:

It's called his lying, thieving, fraudulent behavior.

As of March 22, 2013, Kal Korff has now removed any and all references to his "3 speech’s in 3 days" he posted a few days ago. The mind twists and twirls as to why did Korff remove all of this, basically, useless information. Could it be that he read this blog and he knows that he better shut the hell up or get the full Don Ecker treatment. I think it is.


Anonymous said...

... and moving right along, Kalvin K Korff remains less than ...


Anonymous said...

check out kal's current claims on the xzone podcast kal's korner...

Brit in Prague said...

"check out kal's current claims on the xzone podcast kal's korner..."
---gee, thanks for that tip-off, Mr McConnell. You are just as big a scumbag as Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

I notice that McConnell is posting old Korff shows from time to time. He was "on record" of having deleted everything Korff and he would never use that material again...

Nice work Rob.

Ass Bag.

Anonymous said...

That is an old Korff show regarding his dirt-bag brothers case.

It is interesting that McConnell would fill his hours up with another Korff show repeat.

The show does show McConnell going after Korff, etc.

At least there's that.

Anonymous said...

For All Intensive Purposes, Kal. Remember that. For all intensive purposes. Good writing chowderhead.

Jimmy D said...

"For all intensive purposes"

Did he really say that? When?

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Close your FB account down, Kal. Then these people won't have anything to write about because the last outlet for your lies will be no more. It really is that easy.

Anonymous said...


The Korffing Syndicate has just been offered a deal in which “others” will be paying for the hosting of and for at least 2 more years.

Thank you very much to our supports.

Korffing Syndicate
We will not stop

No Law Suits Filed
God Bless Don Ecker
Korffing for a Korff-Free Internet

Anonymous said...

Mc Connel didn't post up that podcast, i didn't realise it was an old one, just put it up because they were actually having a go at kal.

Anonymous said...

Last night I was doing some channel surfing and ended up on some damn obscure channel that was running a doc. on "Area 51", the top secret base in Nv. that supposedly had flying saucers stored there. This had to be from the late 1990's. CHRIST! Up popped chowderhead kalvin, looking young, much thinner, and he was sporting his Bigfoot beard! No Shit! So, I start paying attention and this asswipe ALMOST sounded SANE! No Shit! What in the fuck happened to you, you ass clown? What in the Fuck happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Understood Mr. McConnell, thanks for clearing that up. We did mention that you we're going after him in that episode.

Yes, in the '90's Korff was on a few shows. That was a decade that was UFO crazy. Korff wrote a couple books, etc.

Regardless, he'll never get that kind of coverage again. If, by chance, he did get some TV air time, the Korffing Syndicate would make sure those ignorant enough to put him on the air would never make that mistake again.

Thanks again Mr. McConnell. Nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! I Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

I just can't get enough of this ass-hat!

"So a SAPSTOE stands for Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution. Basically, I OWN the WHOLE widget. There are literally only a handful of "my types" walking around."

"I own the whole widget."

Of course you do because it's only you!

Claim #63: The former President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TotalResearch. This is Korff's own one-man research group.

Korff's own JFK video states the obvious, he's a one-man lunatic, paying for his own research.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: "My FAMILY name stretch's back a thousand years, the Korff's, have a CLEAR AND FACTUAL timeline of fighting terrorism since THE ROMAN EMPIRE."

... okay then.... whatever you say shower-boy.

Anonymous said...



English teaching column? Oh dear ...

Anonymous said...



English teaching column? Oh dear ..."

Ha, ha, ha, ha,!

Anonymous said...

Morning Kalvin. Which dupe are you going to con today? Which easy mark do you have in your sights?

You disgusting piece of filth.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'll bet that Kevin Randle, David Biedny and Don Ecker drop by here from time to time and must laugh out loud at this blog. Back when Kalvin was trying to intimidate them by his posts, videos and S3 bullshit I bet they took notes. This has got to be sweet for them. I bet even "Avim and Martina" probably drop by and wonder how they got taken in for a while. If Kalvin was human, even a little bit, how could he not feel shame and hide his fat face? Plus there is the added benefit this will be here ALWAYS, for all intents and purposes. Someone should have told Kalvin that "you reap what you sow asshole." How is that for a "wake up" call?

Anonymous said...

Classis Korffing post right up there!

Well done.

Brit in Prague said...

I'm quite interested in the last dupe to be filmed by Karlton before he (apparently) left the Czech Republic.

The guy in question was playing stooge in that video wherein Karlton was demonstrating his Krav Maga techniques, and he appeared again when Kalvin was en route to the airport whence he would fly out to India ("I'm going this way ... [points to Munich, or wherever]" "...and I'm going this way [points back to Prague].

He actually seemed like a nice fellow. I wonder if the penny has dropped yet ...

Brit in Prague said...

Sorry, that should be something like:

Karlton: I'm going this way ...[points towards Munich, or wherever]

Dupe: ...and I'm going this way [points back to Prague].

Anonymous said...

He does seem like a nice fellow. Doesn't even seem to be making fun of Korff. Of course if he did an eye roll or something Korff wouldn't have posted it...

"Take 2, follow the script please."

In the end, Korff's and American (hating) loser, stuck in a 3rd world country which, in many ways is a fine country but in many more ways, isn't as... comfortable as the CZ.

One wonders, what happened to Korff in the US to force him to leave and what happened in the CZ to force him to leave again, but this time to an even more (insert) country?

Regarding the US to CZ move, I presume Korff was friendless, floating from meaningless job to job, publishing 2 UFO books which got a bit of minor fame then... his time was up. No girlfriend, no friends, no decent job, no media attention.

His mother tells him he has distant relatives in the CZ. He goes there and he finds people whom speak English, food he likes, teaching English is a common job, even for the uneducated like himself, and many very attractive women. What the hell, he has zero going on in the US and maybe more than a few burnt bridges; “I have brain cancer” , “I will sue you Bigfoot and Billy Meier people”… etc. And he takes the leap and moves to the CZ and instead of reinventing him self, he pushes forward with the behavior he was displaying when he left.

Poor man-child Korff; rant and rave on the internet, making threats and promises, crossing over borders and do things of the not to smart nature (nano claims among them) and look where you've ended up, working for rubies for an unknown media giant in India and possible married to a woman, although there's no proud and public proof of this claim.

Way to go ass-hat.


Anonymous said...

I'm really not Mc Connel...I'm Irish. I realise that sounds dumb now that I type it...I mean I live in's 5C and pissing down's pretty much always like this here. I come to this blog to keep warm sometimes.

Anonymous said...

We're pissing down the truth of Korff's head 24-7-365.

Anonymous said...

Korfffff!!!!! How many time's will you be jacking around your noodle and nuts to internet porn today? Are doughnuts and Ky Jelly good together? You permeate the air with your evil scum filled malicious farts. How I detest the moment God took a rib from a jackass and created you.

Anonymous said...

Any plans to give up lying, Korff? Just curious ...

Anonymous said...

You know, I am curious. It should be obvious to that gutless, lying POS Korff that the Korffing Syndicate and Korffer's world wide are not going to give up on hounding that lying and stealing piece of shit .. anytime soon. We have closed down Korff all across the web, You Tube, all those places he used to frequent and spew his brand of bullshit. Now all he has left is Facebook and he has that locked down tighter than a knat's ass. Leave Facebook you scumbag and maybe .. just maybe we will eventually forget you. Of course this blog will remain but as time goes along .. perhaps your ranking on the web will drop. We own you fatboy, we own you. When will you realize that?

Oh yea, before I forget! Do you ever wonder how many times DAILY that fucking KLOWN Korff drops by here? How many times Kalvin do you drop here daily? It makes me warm just knowing that. We own you Butt Boy, we own you. What is even sweeter is knowing the fact that YOU KNOW WE OWN YOUR THIEVING ASS you ass.

Anonymous said...

That post above sounds like Big Don Ecker too me!