Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Taste of What's To Come

Kal K. Korff has a problem. Korff cannot share with his "friends" items from his life which any normal person could and would like to share.

Korff claims that he graduated from JFK High School in Fremont, California in 1979 (a year earlier than his Class of 1980 classmates did).
From Korff's Face Book Profile

Korff did not graduate a year earlier, this has been proven beyond a doubt.  LINK

Korff claims that he got married (a second time), in the US, to a woman from India. The dates are a jumbled mess because Korff felt the need to hide his engagement and marriage from the press.

From Korff's Face Book Profile

We cannot prove Korff got married, neither has Korff. We can prove that Korff never had a child from his first marriage, if he even did get married. LINK ~ LINK Korff also claims to speak anywhere from 4 to 7 different languages, we've proved that to be a lie as well. LINK

Korff also claims that he went to Australia where he engaged in some kind of education (and graduated from that claim) in 1978, while he was a Sophomore and going to school full time at JFK High School in Fremont, California. This is a lie.
If you choose to believe Korff's claims regarding his education Down-Under and that he got married to a lady from India (and that he now lives in) India, it's a wonder why Korff does not list these locations on his Face Book Places Map? Gee, you graduated early and went to another country as a child and you got married to your soul mate and those major highlights in your life are not noted.... Look, no flags in India or Australia. 

We have some very interesting information that we will start to release in June. The depth of this information should take us a few months to release in total.

April 2013 ~ Ha, ha, ha! Thank you Paul Kimball
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We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate


happy red mogul balloon! said...

lmao that one's gonna hurt nice work gents. too bad you had to lie, kal!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Korff will do for the holiday in the USA on Monday. I wont name the holiday, an asshole and liar like Korff shouldn't be said in the same sentence as true heroes.

Fuck off Korff.

Brit in Prague said...

Is there some kind of International Cowards' Day? We should write to the UN and propose one.

Brit_in_Prague said...

An alternative to the "Chubby Little Loser" song (with apologies to Monty Python:

Brave Sir Kalvin ran away.
Bravely ran away, away!
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Kalvin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat,
Bravest of the brave, Sir Kalvin!

Anonymous said...


"Dear Sir, Colonel Korff is currently on assignment in Central Asia for S3. I CAN assure you however, that ALL of his claims are INDEED TRUE. It is YOU who CANNOT prove anything, since of course, Colonel Korff speaks the TRUTH. If you persist in your FALSE and LIBELOUS accusations against Colonel Korff and this organization we will have to take matters to the courts.

Avim Ashkenazi
Warrant Officer
Israeli-based Special Secret Services"

Anonymous said...

You madman, Korff ...

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Warning to all Indians:

Kalvin Karlton Korff is lying scum who routinely frightens teenage girls and rips off anyone he can.

Approach with caution.

Anonymous said...

"Kalvin Karlton Korff is lying scum who routinely frightens teenage girls and rips off anyone he can.

Approach with caution."

Yea? Well he is also a threat to any Junk Food that might be around. Use caution if encountered!!!

Anonymous said...

Korff is pure evil. Enough of this portraying him as some kind of hapless buffoon. He is a bad guy, period. And one who has caused misery to many people.

Anonymous said...

"Enough of this portraying him as some kind of hapless buffoon."

You do bring up a valid point. However, no matter how we portray him, he won't stop and leave the internet in total until he leaves the planet or gets so old he can no longer work a computer of smart phone.

So, any type of portrayal is okay with me. Specific cause and affect examples of Korff’s harm can be found on the web site (and this blog).


Anonymous said...

Yes, he is evil. He identifies the vunerable, and then targets and exploits them. Korff is a revolting human being. A complete degenerate.

Anonymous said...

2013 section updated today.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Once again (1997, 2002) Prague and the Czech Republic is hit by severe flooding.

I await your sage remarks, "KalIsrael". Steer us through this crisis.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Face Book Update
June 3, 2013

Kal Korff: I hope it does not flood like it did years ago. It was quite a problem last time, cities like Dresden were flooded and needed lots of reconstruction.

Brit in Prague said...

"Kal Korff: I hope it does not flood like it did years ago. It was quite a problem last time, cities like Dresden were flooded and needed lots of reconstruction."

---Oh how we miss your wise leadership here in Prague, Karlton. Could you perhaps pay us a flying visit (with - if possible - some of your flood-busting nanodust).

Anonymous said...

"flood-busting nanodust" Hahaha ... that was funny. Kernal Korn Hole does floods too? Damn ... he do get around.

Hey Kalvin, do you unplug toilets to? Let me know ... got a job for ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, reading thru some of this stuff, can anybody tell me what is a Kal Korff? Is a Kal Korff expensive? What can you do with one? Is a KK good for removing, oh you know, like removing grease? Can you use one for camping or hiking? Maybe gutting a deer in hunting season? I am curious cause from what I've read it seems like a Kal Korff has something to do with a "moron factor?" Any help is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

That nut-job Korff will probably start his own ufo cult in India.

Anonymous said...

Korff very much wants to be a news reporter, etc. He's pretty much given up all else in hopes of reaching this effort.

At the moment he can best be described as a Face Book Citizen Link Poster - Commentator.

There's really nothing to see or care about but, we will not stop.

I miss those videos! :-)

New thread coming on or about June 8th.

Anonymous said...

You really are pure vermin, aren't you,Korff? Udder scum.

Anonymous said...

and let's not forget about your mangina!!!

Anonymous said...


Ha, ha, ha!

And genius son!

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Forget this thread, just check out that new mash up photo on that newer thread! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!