Friday, June 7, 2013

So Kal you fat buffoon, why are you hiding?

So tell us Kal whatever happened to your top secret organization that had millions of dollars? Do they pay unemployment? You're likely taking it all out in food stamps you slobbering dolt. Special secret Services my arse you bloody nut. One would think that if your IQ was so high you would have figured out how quickly everyone would see through your childish ruse. Did you realize Kal that your ramblings were so out of control and that you had been finally caught in so many lies that you chose to run away like you always have? Stay under your rock Kal. the world is better off without scum like you.


Anonymous said...

That photo is so freaking great!! Ha, ha, ha! I love it! Makes Korffing all worth the time and effort!

Thanks for the thread KIAI!


Jimmy D said...

To mangle the old adage:

This photo proves that inside every fat man is an even fatter man trying to get out.

Anonymous said...

That's Korff for sure. Fat ass full of gas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, shit! It's Mr. Creosote!

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

Colonel Korff's four (4) followers on Scribd is about all anyone needs to know about the extent of his influence. He is old, uninteresting and a proven liar. My niece's cat has a You Tube channel with 350.000 channel views, 112 subscribers and all of sixteen videos. Most depict the cat doing such fascinating things as attack paper coming out of a printer or chasing a flashlight beam. They are popular videos, she is a popular kid and has fun showing people how silly her kitty cat can be.

Kal Korff = Loser.

Jimmy D said...

Four followers? Four??!!!!

Kalvin - the world's population recently topped 7 billion. India's alone is around 1.2 billion. And you can only mange four Scribd followers???

Come on, chump. It's time to give it up. Close down your FB account and your YouTube account. Haul down your internet presence. Then the Korffing community will have nothing left to write about.

It's over, Karlton. When will you realise that?

Anonymous said...

Why would Kalvin hide his Friends Listing from Face Book? So we couldn't monitor it, count them up from time to time, see that they've been leaving en mass as he posts 2 to 3 dozen political links a day.

Or that list is a lie, full of fake friends and people he doesn't really know but still lies to.

New thread coming soon.

It's a good one.

Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...


All you had to do - all you have to do - is stop.

Just stop.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here's a little news to prove things out.

Korff hasn't used his Secret Wars Youtube channel in 2 years and one month.

Many have thrown out the thought that Korff may have forgotten his password and that's why he hasn't posted anything in over two years.

Not so.

We have easy proof that Korff has signed onto Youtube and left messages to other Youtube users accounts and message posters since he stop (was forced to stop) posting his own videos.

We will show proof of this soon.

In the end, we know why Korff stopped posting Youtube videos, the Korffing Syndicate will take those videos and edit in the truth, make Korff look silly and basically make Youtube unusable for Korff.

Tuff shit Korff.

Korffing Syndicate

happy red mogul balloon! said...

four followers! out of all those flake book friends, only four have taken note of el kolon's trove of wisdom? one would be mom, dot joss, another likely kalvin himself, "martina" and/or avimi or avim for short, and one of the korffers. that makes four! lol loser. everything you touch fails, kal! like claris, hypercard, e-books, your mobile english, fake you tube show, etc etc etc

kal probably gave up on scribd when realizing nobody was reading his fake newspaper articles and that he couldn't inflate the hit counts to claim wild popularity amongst female users of the service. all those lies will never go away, kal! like that bachelor auction -- lmaooooo! haha, dumbass.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how the dirtbag brother is getting on? Is he out of chokey yet?

In his own way, just as much a worthless piece of dung as Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

It does look like something is coming up? Their youtube channel has been updated a little bit.

Anonymous said...

That site has been updated:

Anonymous said...

You let spam in the comments but when I made a joke about Korff you delete it? Moron.

Anonymous said...

FN here. Not sure what you mean? If I start a thread I can delete message, etc. In this case, I didn't start this thread so I can't delete anything here.

If KIAI deleted something you posted he either found it objectionable or it was a mistake.....