Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kal K. Korff, Citizen Face Book Poster. A man-child who lied his way to his own personal bottom in his search to reclaim that fleeting 15 minutes of fame and UFO acclaim he had before moving to the CZ in 2000 and then relocating to India in 2011 after he was turned in and kicked out of the CZ for over staying his work visa.

Kal K. Korff; wishing he had not found and then used the internet to construct a fraudulent persona only to be laid waste and proven a lying liar by this blog, the web site, the youtube channel and the Korffing Syndicate.

Behavior Matters Kal K. Korff


Anonymous said...

If any of you Korffers care to go the extra mile and inform these people, who "follow" Kal Korff via his Face Book page, do the world a favor and locate and then contact a few and inform them exactly what a lunatic Kal K. Korff is and why they shouldn't be associated with him in any way, shape or form.

People Following Kal K. Korff:

Smu Itcampus
Sikkim Manipal University

Rick Casey

Dan Harayda
Attorney/Director of Technology/Professor at Massachusetts School of Law

Kuldeep Bhati
Software Engineer at FutureGen Softwares

Michael Brein
University of Hawaii
Friends with Travis Walton and 3 other friends

Piroza Dastoor
New Delhi, India

‎‎חיה ליבר‎ (Haya Liber)‎
Tel Aviv University | אוניברסיטת תל-אביב

Joseph Donaldson

Geoff Dittman
University of Manitoba

Marlena Latiolais
Church Point, Louisiana

Jaswinder Sarao (Jassi)
Punjab University, Chandigarh

Rimzim Arora
Garden City College

Sohail Khan Kabiri

Kamal Pandit
Print Media at Daily Post India

Vishal Sharma
Lyrisist & singing at Lyricist

Saurabh Skevents Kandwal
Marketing & Events Coordinator at 94.3 MY FM

Paolo Polenta
Osservatore at Osservatore Calcistico

Ian Richardson
Selwyn Jones High School

Karan Deep Singh
Works at Bistro - Flamme Bois

Sarthi Vohra
Apeejay School

Devesh Pachouri
St jhons college agra

Chris Gennett
Financial Advisor at NCA Financial Group, LLC.

Steve Purcell
Pleasant View, Tennessee

Hugh Jawoodi
American Military University (AMU)

Sandaruwan Pathirage
Lecturer at University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Abdallah Senouci

Prosenjit Biswas
Burdwan Raj college

Don Beau White (III)
US Army Airborne

Roland Horn
Works at Selbständig (Schriftsteller)

Mutahir Ahmed

Arun Kumar
Arya College

Mario Granda
Peruvian Naval School

Meier Methusalem
Herisau, Switzerland

Eddie Burton
Mount Sac

Dharam Parhar
Govt Polytechnic College

Manas Sharma • 2 followers
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Eladio Ortiz Blanco
Liceo Unesco Perez Zeledon

Tajinder Singh Randhawa

Charlotte Owusuwaa
Tano nursing training

Brice A Breitkreutz
Works at Customer Elation

Vijay Kumar
Sr. System Engineer at Modern school,aliganj,lucknow

Jimmy D said...

"he was turned in and kicked out of the CZ for over staying his work visa."
---what is our source for this, please?

Anonymous said...

No source, just an assumption. Why else would anyone move to a dirty as fuck, 3rd world country where you know absolutely no one?

At least in the CZ, Korff had family ties (from his mother’s side) and it's a much more comfortable, clean and English speaking (at least more so than India) country.

My assumption is that when Korff went to those borders to throw about his vials of nanodust air into the ground, he made a few friends and noticed that he could live there for very little money while teaching English, working some kind of help desk and institute himself into an unsuspecting Indian family, using their roof and daughter as comfort while he ultimate realized that he’ll never come back to the states and he’ll never be able to hold down a job which would pay enough to “live” anywhere else.

You have a better assumption?

It's obvious he lives in India.

Why give up the grand country like the CZ for dirty and infested India. I mean really... come on!

Jimmy D said...

Yeah, I know he lives in India. It was the getting-turned-in-and-thrown-out bit I was querying.

OK, fine.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, asshole extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

Understood JimmyD. Wish I had the whole story but, as it is in the Korffing World, we never really know the whole truth and nothing but the truth other than the fact that Kal K. Korff is a fraud and thief. That is a proven fact.

Anonymous said...

Well I did email the consulates in both countries back in late 2010 early 2011 about his lying ass.

Anonymous said...

As the Syndicate poaches, edits and re-posts Korff's Face Book material, re-posted with the truth or just to make him look even more silly, Korff has now slowed down his Face Book activity. Korff now goes for days without posting anything on his locked down Wall.

The Korffing Syndicate shut down Korff's Youtube activity, by poaching and editing the truth into his videos, resulting in Korff ceasing any and all videos publication.

If Korff's behavior follows suit, and why shouldn't it, he's a simpleton if nothing else, we expect Korff to slow down or possibly even move off Face Book.

Of course, Korff will first try and get this blog and the Korffie Leak web site pulled down.

Good luck with that.

Korff, you reap what you sow; in this case, the endless lies and threats while you attempted to regain that fleeting 15 minutes of fame at any cost, has cost you a life long internet shadow which will follow you for as long as you live.

I wouldn't want to be Kal K. Korff for the next 30 years.

Jimmy D said...


You are lying scum, Korff.

We will follow you to your grave.

Anonymous said...

And after they bury you we will dig you up, open your coffin and pee in your mouth!

Brit in Prague said...

Kalvin is evil. I wonder if his "princess" "wife" has rumbled him yet?

Once she boots you out, Kalvin, you will truly be in the doo-doo.

In India, it's dog-eat-dog. How on earth will you survive without someone to wipe your bottom?

And of course, a return to the USA would be out of the question. They'd be waiting for you with a set of handcuffs on the runway.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The guys who stopped a Internet bully are sounding a bit like bullys themselves. Now I do not disagree that kal was and is a nasty little man. And he did need stopped.
But "dig you up and pee in your mouth". Jesus. What the fuck is that about.

Anonymous said...

If you need to ask the why, you haven't done your Korffing homework.

Korff has not stopped. He's only been quieted because he hasn't figured out another manner in which to spew his lies and threats without the Syndicate poaching his tripe and editing it with the truth.

Korff's behavior speaks for itself... Korff is too much a pussy to apologize to those he hurt, lied to, threatened and stole from so, a little pee in his mouth seems appropriate to me.

You reap and swallow what you spew.

Jimmy D said...

"But "dig you up and pee in your mouth".

---This was actually a spoof on my tendency to post somewhat overwrought and over-dramatic declarations (see the preceding post to the "pee in your mouth" one). No offense taken here - but if Kalvin takes offense, then that's all to the good.

You are worthless vermin, Kalvin. We will follow you to the gates of hell if you do not fall to your knees now and beg forgiveness from that fine philanthropist, Waldo Sedgewick.

Anonymous said...

Too bad not much news is coming out of India. Surely Korff is engaged in one swindle or another. That's what he has done most of his life. Exaggerate, lie and threaten. That sums up Korff.

Anonymous said...

Well, let that total asshole and asswipe pull his scams in India. Europe and the USA is closed off to that piece of dog shit. We closed you down dough-boy, we closed you down. Do you now understand what "Your alligator mouth overrode your humming-bird ass" means fatass? Well, just take a second and think about it.

Anonymous said...

It seems that India may be closing down as well. As Korff's Face Book posting dwindle and the posting of his "articles" on the "media giant" have nearly ceased, and Korffer's from around the world have e-mailed whomever and wherever Korff makes the mistake of broadcasting their name of, any available opportunities for Korff to con, lie and fraud his way into are shrinking down to nary a one.

Because of Korff’s misguided and poorly thought out use of the World Wide Web to disseminate his lunatic information and behavior, it’s all just a click away, positioning Kal K. Korff just a click away from fully deserved obscurity.

Anonymous said...

"But "dig you up and pee in your mouth".
The orangutan seem to like so what's the big deal?

Jimmy D said...

Suggestion, FN.

I appreciate the list of folks who "follow" Kalvin. Would it be possible to maintain a standalone list of such people - Facebook friends, YouTube dupes, Twitter followers, Indian university administrators, whatever - with a link to such list from the blog?

You could take names off the list as and when such people disassociate themselves from the loon.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I do hope you're not going to pronounce on the murder of a British soldier by Muslim fanatics in London, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

"I do hope you're not going to pronounce on the murder of a British soldier by Muslim fanatics in London, "Colonel"."

Oh Hell's Bell's, I'm positive that ol' "S-3" is on the trail. They probably knew all about it before it happened. The problem was Colonel "Fat-Ass" couldn't get a quick enough flight to London to stop it. Right Pudgy?

Anonymous said...

Expect a major update to the Korffie Leak site and the youtube channel soon.

Don Ecker has uncovered some very interesting information.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

"Expect a major update to the Korffie Leak site and the youtube channel soon."

---Well, you can bet that at least one person in the world will be on tenterhooks until all is revealed:

Colonel KalIsrael Karlton Korff.