Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's All Just Make Believe
We know Korff comes to this site at least a few times a day to see what his "haters" are up to. After all, Korff doesn't have any "fans", Korff has the Syndicate and the Korffers and that's about it. Well, maybe a few people who actually hate him for the harm he's done to them personally or to those they know.
In any event, Korff thinks all this is funny and make believe, that this blog and it's web site and youtube channel don't make a hill of beans to him and his life (that what it may be).
Think again Village Idiot. Even if we stopped now, and we won't, this material will be on the internet for the rest of your miserable life. So go ahead and have fun posting accredited, military vetted and Face Book approved internet links on your Face Book Wall.
It's all just make believe... until your 70 years old and this material is still there, messing with you, pissing you off and bringing back those halcyon years between 1997 to 2010. Those were the days my ignorant friend... those were the days... of the rest of your life.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!

Can you imagine a 70 year old Korff bitching and moaning about those halcyon years between 1997 to 2010!

Ha, ha, ha!

"I got nothing done, I ruined it all, my fame, my fleeting fame!

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Kolonel Fat Ass Korff is simply a "sad-sack little man-child" that never grew up ... and never figured out that others wouldn't buy his "make believe." His make-believe S-3 SAPSTOE bullshit, his make believe hunting for nukes, his make believe taking on the Oregon DA and Sheriff, his make believe nano-dust ... all that shit. Oh, how could I forget his make-believe "super-model" and his make believe adj. Avam. His pretend war games, his pretend trips to dine with the troops in Pakistan ... ah Kalvin ... what fucking troops were they? Thanksgiving with the troops! Ah hell, how could I forget. Hey Kalvin ... iPads for piece? Hey .. got an idea you fucking Village Idiot you... how about you kissing a "piece of my ass" klown?

I am just so sure your family just HAS to be so proud of you. Say, while we are on the subject of your family ... just how many thousands of dollars have you screwed your mother out of ... bailing your fat ass outta trouble? Hmm? How much .. you worthless waste of skin and bones? Come to think of it ... does the hovel you live in have any mirrors? Cause if they do .. just how in hell do you look into them KNOWING what a worthless piece of shit you really are? FUCK YOU KORFF ... just FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

"just how in hell do you look into them KNOWING what a worthless piece of shit you really are? FUCK YOU KORFF ... just FUCK YOU!"

You go!

Anonymous said...

You know, I just dropped by to take a look at how all you boys are doing and read some of the comments. After reading them I thought to myself ... when was the last time Korff "did something RIGHT?" Ha ha ha .. then it hit me! Kalvin Korff doing something right? Sure ... just like you can pick up a dog shit turd ... by the KLEAN END!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Jimmy D said...

"Well, maybe a few people who actually hate him for the harm he's done to them personally or to those they know."
---That applies to me. I hate you, Korff. I really hate you. You kmow why.

Anonymous said...

"Sure ... just like you can pick up a dog shit turd ... by the KLEAN END!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Have you people gone up to the web site and checked out the 2013 section? Amazing work by Korff himself!



Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, spinning his wheels in search of fame....


Jimmy D said...

I wish there was an emoticon that could get across the depth and extent of my loathing for you, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff's Favorite Quotations

As a Korffer, I can add nothing to these, as no further explanation is needed.


Favorite Quotations
One cannot put a question mark, where God has put a period.

It takes a long time to understand nothing.

What is necessary is always wise.

You CANNOT make chicken salad out of chicken shi*!

Between the machinations of the Illuminati and the Ignoratti, it's hard to get ANYTHING done!

We will never truly know as much as we THINK we do.

Way to go, bozo.

A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.

The leading cause of death, is life.

The beginning of wisdom, starts with fearing and loving God.

Evil can only succeed when "Good" FAILS to do its job.

There is no "wrong way" when doing what is right. There is no "right way" when doing what is wrong.

Jimmy D said...

Just heading off to the country cottage. Might do a bit of fishing. Might go for a bike ride with the kids.

What will you be doing in your Mumbai slum shack, "Colonel"? Chilling with your Indian princess or taking your genius-level son for a KFC, as per the family-court-ordered "every other Saturday".

You worthless, lying piece of dung.

Anonymous said...

So humble, so genuine, so human...

So udderly fake.

So much time wasted on his dirt bag brother and all for not. Once a dirt bag, always a dirt bag.

Kal K. Korff, hiding in India; friend less, family less, brain less.


Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 10:29:53

Dear Deputy Geiger,

I would like to first sincerely thank you for emailing me. Although this was unexpected, it is certainly much appreciated as a fellow human being.

Once again, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

This I lifted from the Apr. 28th blog post and was so descriptive I simply had to re-post! Enjoy ...

"I loathe you korff! You are a wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious..."

April 30, 2013

Jimmy D said...

"I loathe you korff! You are a wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious..."
---I believe this is a spoof of my own somewhat obsessive posts. But I don't mind, because it's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I really, really hate you, Korff. I hate the unhappiness and anger you cause - quite deliberately, wherever you go - to people who have done you no harm at all.

Anonymous said...

Korf...Gods humble period is evil when good does bad.......wanker.

Anonymous said...

Huh?? I have to admit that last post passed right over me. Say it again Sam?

Anonymous said...

More updates....


Anonymous said...

Over the years, it's always been interesting to watch Korff try to change his history of lies...

volunteer... Yes, a volunteer...

"I am also a volunteer Analyst, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist, who writes and submits reports to various private clients and sometimes also governments."

Anonymous said...

It's the Prague Marathon this weekend.

Ever run a marathon, you barrel of lard? As part of your SSS training, I mean?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say Kalvin....

This material will be on the web and available to the population of the world forever.

Want a new job? They will do a simple search Kalvin.

Want to buy a home? They will do a simple search.

Want to hide from these (and more) lies?

You can't.

Kal Korff is known for his diverse academic and professional interests and sharp analytical skills.

Kal is an internationally known, critically acclaimed Analyst, Author, Broadcaster, Columnist, Computer Systems Architect, Editor, Graphic Artist, Humanitarian Worker, Intelligence Analyst, Investigative Journalist, IT Specialist, Lecturer, Media Personality, Photo Editor, Senior Systems Analyst, Apple, Windows and Linux Software Developer, Teacher, WEB Architect, Content Management System Designer. The President and CEO of CriticalThinkers.org, Kal is also a Counterterrorism Analyst, Advisor and Specialist, a Kidon Unit Commander who fights against anti-Semitism and Islamofascist extremism. Kal holds the rank of Colonel in an Israeli-founded civilian entity.

The author of nearly 50 non-fiction books.

Anonymous said...

The steel-trap mind of Kalvin Karlton Korff.


Anonymous said...

What'cha doing for Mothers Day Korff?

You and your dirt-bag brother at least call her (you from India and him from jail) to apologize for being just assholes, behaving badly and embarrassing her, and in public to boot, since birth?

Jimmy D said...

We never hear from sis Kyra. Could it be that she makes a point of conducting herself decently and honorably? Looks like the dirtbag gene skipped a generation.

You are pure scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

"The dirtbag gene."

I like. Destined to enter the Korffing lexicon.

Anonymous said...

lmao kidon unit commander korff! arrrrr, fuckwit

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Karlton will pronounce on Angelina Jolie's news.

Anonymous said...

Here's what our Village Idiot had to say about Jolie's noews:

Kal Korff: Brave woman, God bless her.


My Way News - Angelina Jolie says she had double mastectomy
Angelina Jolie says she had double mastectomy

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget the behavior Korff exhibited towards Tina and her daughter, and his mother.

Korff calling any female a hero is another attempt of Korff trying to change his historically documented behavior against women and gays for that matter.

Don't believe us?

Read the links on the bottom of this page and on the whole page for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Check this out, this is what Korff wrote to Tina's daughter... This, from a professional reporter, NOT! :-)

Kal Korff, "While I thank you for your letter, unfortunately it does NOT SOLVE nor change REALITY."

Solve reality... I suppose this blog, web site and youtube channel does just that.


Anonymous said...

Was just Googling the Village Idiot on Google and came across this thread up on the Paracast. Worth checking out!


Anonymous said...

Yea, nice one. Here is another from The Paracast.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff ate my hamster

Brit_in_Prague said...

Mmm, yes. I wonder if his Indian "princess" "wife" has realised yet that she is in an abusive relationship.

Anonymous said...

You are an evil man, Korff.