Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama is So Jealous of
 Kal Korff!

  1. Kal K. Korff claims he has filed an IG compliant against an American women working and living in India
  2. Kal K. Korff will write a series of articles on this claim and it will be included in his book (or series of books)
  3. Kal K. Korff yet again calls his "wife" out as a thing (his "Punjabi wife") and not as a living person…
  4. Kal K. Korff makes public the news breaking claim that the US Government knows and cares about Kal K. Korff; an American living in India, who answers Help-Line phones for a living. An American, America and the world has forgotten about.
  5. Kal K. Korff is in a LOVE marriage (not an arranged marriage) with a Punjabi woman.

Keep alert Korffers! Kal K. Korff is going off the deep end again, and we love it!

June 20, 2013: Kal K. Korff: The US Government wrongly thought I was not in a love marriage and worked to break it up that day.

Kal K. Korff: I have a personal and true story to share about the US Government, US Embassy in Delhi, India, further down in the posting I include the details. Bit first, there's this point:

The Obama administration has no shame. They lie all the time. I really don't like saying this, but it's true. Here's another example. Just look at the hypocrisy in John Kerry's statement here. After he says the usual party line, which is not true by the way, that we "Welcome" India, he says, "It's one that demonstrates our firm belief that a strong India is in America's national interest. The United States not only welcomes India as a rising power; we fervently support it."

FACT: Yes, we "support" India so much that we SPY ON THEM the MOST out of any country after Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon. Those three are the top three because of Islamofacsism and terrorism.

We then spy on India because of ECONOMIC reasons. American businesses (which control both the Democrats and Republicans" FEAR the rise of India because once India gets its infrastructure act together, it will surpass even China. India is years away from doing this, and it is happening FASTER than America and China wants.

India's middle class is larger than the entire population of the USA. With 1.25 BILLION people, the only thing holding back India, is India at this point.

The NSA spies on India via its Pine Gap center in Australia. After WW II Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, USA and Australia essentially divided up the world into a grid of "spheres of monitoring" and have been spying on more things around the world and sharing intelligence together than anyone else.

FACT: I have personally witnessed American "welcoming" of India and its two faces. I have seen in person American Embassy personnel outright abuse and mistreat several Indians, I have an Inspector General complaint against the Embassy for doing it.

If you are ever in India and want a nice distraction from shopping malls, just stand in front of the US Embassy and start asking the thousands of Indians there about their personal stories and how they have been treated both fairly and unfairly.

I plan to run a series of stories about such abuse in the future, right now I continue to interview scores of people and getting documentation.

We are America, we are supposed to be "better" than this. Unfortunately, we're not, and the way Embassy personnel misbehave on behalf of the U.S. Government and will even lie outright to your face, is wholly disgraceful.

Let me give you just one example, it's part of the IG complaint I have: A US Embassy worker by the name of Sally Brown (that's the name she uses, do not know if it is real), once showed my Punjabi wife photos of FIVE WOMEN she said that I had slept with!

My wife RECOGNIZED TWO of the women and KNOWS that I was NEVER with them, and even if I was, it is MY business and NOT "the business" of the Obama administration.

And people wonder WHY I cannot support this corrupt leadership?

One of the photos was of a woman I HAVE NEVER EVEN MET!

It's hard to have sex with someone you have never even met and who lives in another country.

But obviously not according to the US Embassy. After all these were Democrats, and the most famous Democrat in modern times swore he "did not have sex with that woman," and we all know that he certainly did.

Remember Monica Lewinsky?

My complaint with the Inspector General covers some 43 abuses, one of which is this incredible act of stupidity and deception Sally Brown (if that's her real name) engaged in.

I couldn't make this stuff up, wait til the rest of the story comes out....I am putting it all in the new book, in Volume VI, including emails between me and the Embassy proving all of this.

The US Government wrongly thought I was not in a love marriage and worked to break it up that day.

They failed, and it is ultimately none of their business.

How do you "defend" this Obama supporters?

You can't.


Want to do a Korffing on this claim, here's some helpful information.

BTW, we checked on "Sally Brown", there is no "Sally Brown", but then again, Korff already told us that, didn't he.

Nearest embassy to: Chandigarh India (where Korff lives and answers Help-Line phones)

American Citizen Services Unit
U.S. Embassy
New Delhi, India 110021

Email is the best way to reach us for routine inquiries. We read every message.

Phone: 2419-8000, and ask for American Citizen Services.

If you are calling from within India, but outside Delhi, first dial 011-.

If you are calling from the United States, first dial 011-91-11-.

If you are calling outside of normal business hours and there is an emergency involving a U.S. citizen, ask for the "duty officer." 

Fax: 2419-8407


Anonymous said...

Well, it would appear that the Korffing Syndicate is ON THE JOB!! Great work Guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Does the Obama administration really care if some lunatic American is in a love marriage to an Indian?
Or does anyone else, for that matter.?
More Korff fantasy still at work.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Obama and his people are very worried about an unknown American who moved to the CZ in 2000, saw him give a speech, then promised to write a report on that speech after vetting it for lies and truth (never happened, another Korff lie) only to move to India and possible marry some unfortunate Indian princess for love and not in an arranged marriage.

By the way, Americans do not marry into families in India under their arranged marrying custom. Indian’s marry Indian’s through that custom which included (in most cases) a dowry as well. Maybe a couple of cows, a small apartment, part ownership in a small business, etc.

Claim 125. Claimed to have attended an Obama speech in the CZ and would release a report on the speech. Never did.

Claim 130. Claimed to have been proposed to by an Princess from India. Never proven.

Anonymous said...

The endless, pointless lies of Kalvin Karlton Korff.

On and on and on.

Anonymous said...

"Hello, Chandigarh call center - my name is Kalvin. How may I help you?"


You are useless scum, Karlton!

Anonymous said...

Part One

Ha, ha, ha, Korff responds to his one response, to this crazy post.

Classic run on and on and on and on Korff rant! I love it!


Kal Korff: The reasons why were severalfold. They had no idea I had left the Czech Republic, secretly, I was off their radar, and they confronted me with the fact I had been turning over intel regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program. I first offered it to the Obama administration, but encountered arrogance there, so I said I would turn it over to the Israelis and I did.

Specifically, after several visits, (they knew about my visits to embassies and asked me why) I obtained a copy of the same software the Iranians were illegally given by a Czech firm to help them skirt financial sanctions.

I told the US Embassy in Prague, that if I get the software, you MUST take this seriously.

So I got two copies of it. One I turned over to the Israelis, the other I kept for myself to protect myself from bullshit claims my "kritics" and bozos will make that this is not true.

The US Embassy, CIA and Homeland security, since I met with personnel from all of these branches, seemed to have a list of gripes because of what I had done in Prague all those years.

The reason I went to the embassy was because they called me, started harassing my wife, NOT knowing that I had her cell phone number now. So I started bitching them out back on the phone, standing my ground, saying "You cannot do this," they had no idea she was even married to me, and when I sent in my ID and proof, they went ballistic.

I even started to tell them over the phone about "CIA" but stopped myself, because the person on the other end of the phone said he didn't understand English. That caused them to get the WRONG impression that I was saying I was from the CIA and I was not making this claim. In truth, he understood English, he was stalling for time so that other agents could listen in on the phone. They had to walk to a line to do so.

I then met one of the agents who listened in, and I told him I never said I was from the CIA and the look on his face was priceless.

What I did say in our meeting is that I knew CIA director Bill Casey many years ago, which was true. I got to know many people in Washington DC because one of my good friends was Phil Klass, who lived there plus I know people there, including reporters at the Washington Post I fed story leads to for many years.

In my new book series I go into all the details of what happened, how they were concerned I was or might be spying for Israel, etc., and I show the disks I got and publish emails.

Anonymous said...

Part two

I also publish numerous death threats received over the years by colleagues of Desperate Don Ecker and other nuts, some claiming they were connected to intelligence (I have no idea and do not care) and if the Inspector General investigation is complete by the time I finish Volume VI I will put whatever details are in there.

The fact I had to swear under oath my role and title and work in a private Israeli group which engaged in counterintelligence and counterterrorism before a US Federal Judge is also in there, while my "kritics" lie and deny that any of this is true.

Well the documentation is in there and I have been saving it for years, to come out at the right time and place. To try to track leaks, I even "leaked" earlier draft copies of the manuscript which bear no resemblance to the final product. But it did help me determine who was in bed with whom, and lying.

Regarding India and the US Embassy, I would like to make one thing very clear: I did meet some very fine, top notch professional people there who were very helpful. These were senior people. However, I also met and personally dealt with and had phone interactions with personnel who lied, engaged in racism, mistreated everyone from my wife (because she's not a citizen of the USA so I think they believed they had more latitude) whereas with me they were less extreme, but not exactly user friendly at all times.

My mistake, as I indicate in the new book, is not pushing back much harder and staying silent while they refused to listen to some facts, and not pinning their ears back.

They even seemed upset that they had my permanent address wrong in the USA. They had the wrong state even. That surprised me, since I had just been to the USA and had even registered to vote (without needing to show ID of course, why would we want to insure the integrity of those who register to vote, right?) and had even been down to the Social Security office and had them contact Homeland Security about my wife.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

This tells me that our government has inexcusable lapses at some of the most basic levels. This is another one of my complaints with the IG. These lapses endanger the safety and security of the United States. If I was not a good guy and was some terrorist, I could have easily exploited these lapses and caused a lot of harm.

So yes, there is a lot to the story. It goes back many years, and when the embassy personnel in Delhi, India, got a crack at me their info was wrong, incomplete in parts, right in others, but it was an unnecessary exercise in (I can't even think of one word to describe it.)

Each day THOUSANDS of Indians stand outside waiting to be called into the US Embassy, their relatives also go there. The place is surrounded by machine guns and sand bags.

This is in a "friendly" country, so this is why what happened in Benghazi is inexcusable.

And if you ask Indians about how they have been treated, why they got a visa or did not, you WILL find horror story after horror story.

It makes me ashamed for my country.

Anonymous said...

Original response to Korff's new run on lunatic post.

Wood Sprite: I believe each and every Administration lies and abuses power. This one just happens to be so arrogant about it because the press has cloaked them and they feel certain they are untouchable. I don't doubt your story. I just feel there's missing information. The why? Seems like a lot of effort to falsely accuse someone to ruin a Marriage.

Anonymous said...

Message sent to Wood Sprite;

"I don't doubt your story. I just feel there's missing information. The why? Seems like a lot of effort to falsely accuse someone to ruin a Marriage."

You should be very careful. Kal K Korff is a liar. This has been proven beyond a shadow of the truth.

Think about it, Korff states that he left the CZ in secret and "they" didn't know... and yet he's been posting things on Face Book for over a year; where he lives, what paper he writes for, his wife's background, all based in India.

Kal K. Korff is a liar, plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

You lying piece of garbage, Korff.

Anonymous said...

"They had no idea I had left the Czech Republic, secretly, I was off their radar..."

Ha, ha, ha, classic Korff ranting.

Posting crap on the largest social network on the planet, telling people where you live, naming the place of birth of your "wife" as the only moniker that you ever use to refer to her, the name of the "media giant" you write "articles" for... And they didn't know you left (or were forced out of) the CZ.

Ha, ha, ha!

Priceless indeed.


Anonymous said...

Classic Korffing! Notice, Korff never answers the only question asked:

"The why? Seems like a lot of effort to falsely accuse someone to ruin a Marriage."

What does your marriage (if real) have to do with your current activities answering help-line phones at the Chandigarh call center?

Or in your fake secret agent-man activities of the past?

And why haven't you used the "media giants" web site and that opportunity to "report" on your current secret agent-man activities like you did with the free CZ-based subway newspaper, before they fired you for doing so?

Oh that’s right, because you’re lying.

Release the book or series of books Korff.

Can’t wait for the US book tour.

People will be waiting for that.

Don Ecker said...

"I also publish numerous death threats received over the years by colleagues of Desperate Don Ecker and other nuts, some claiming they were connected to intelligence (I have no idea and do not care) and if the Inspector General investigation is complete by the time I finish Volume VI I will put whatever details are in there."

It has been a very long time since I've been by there much less posted. However I see that Korff is still living in his delusional universe. My colleagues threatened this slob? What colleagues you delusional moron? You know, just by your very existence you make great comedy fodder for my "real" radio program butt-face. You sure you want to start throwing my name around again? You are a proven liar, thief, fantasy and delusional driven nut-job, planet wide joke and the go to guy when talking about the pratfalls of the internet. Simply put Kal Korff into a search engine Bozo ... and see what pops up! Check the photos for Kal Korff lard ass, and see what pops up. Jesus, how do you ever look in a mirror? You are nothing but a joke Kal. No one, and I do mean NO ONE considers you anything except a clown and a buffoon lugging around your fat ass and your alligator mouth! It is now considered doctrine that your mouth has been writing checks for YEARS that your fat ass can't cash. Can I be anymore clear with you, you moronic joke? Huh?

Don Ecker

KIAI said...

Well lads here Kal goes again with trying to be a champion of a certain people. Kal tried this in Prague and it backfired right into his fat fucking face. Kal hates America clearly. Just defect from your country Kal and stop beating about the bush here. Man up for once Kal and take care of it. You big fat chubby little loser. You are a national disgrace. So Kal is so concerned about the people in India that his fat arse is taking up one of their jobs and eating their food and breathing in their air. You bloody grub cunt Kal. Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I know you are in love with Bill Clinton, I hope you still love me after you see the expose of his failures to stop the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in my upcoming book If I still worked at Boeing where I used to work with a good friend of his, I would have introduced you, but you never told me!

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

2 people Liked Korff's new ranting marriage lie in a 24 hour period.

2 people.

Way to go, lard ass.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is almost too good to be true! Kalvin Korff back on the Crazy Train! Yooo Hoooo!

Anonymous said...

Remember what Korff has said in the past regarding his playing of any instrument. Back in 2010 he said he was playing the violin again, back in 1997 he said his CD was done and a tour was planned... neither happened.

As Wow! above stated, we have our own lunatic Korff back, or so it seems.

Awaiting the new video Korff....

Kal Korff: I know what you mean, I played violin in the 5th grade for about a year, it was really something. Not my playing, but such a beautiful instrument. I have promised myself that after I finally get my next batch of books done and out, I am going back to playing it, that and the piano.

Since my next books are about Islamic terrorism, I will certainly welcome the peacefulness and beauty and serenity of the violin. The existence of this instrument is a real testimony to what is right about humankind, compared to so many examples of what's wrong.

Anonymous said...

"... my next batch of books..."

Korff, you wrote 2 books and a pamphlet. Period, That's all, ever. .PDF files are not books ass-wipe.

In any case he should have said... "my next book or series of books..."

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of Korff treating his wife (if real) as a thing and not as a person.

My Punjabi wife; doesn't this speak volumes? Yes, it does.

Korffers understand why Korff cannot share this persons name, photos, dates and places.

Korff has screwed up the rest of his life because of his past behavior.

Korff is smart enough to know that if he shares too much personal information he will get the same type of response as he subjected other people to...

In short, Korff's personal life will be affected in the same way he subjected other too, his "critics" those many years ago.

Here's hoping he makes this mistake.

We're waiting.

Kal Korff: My Punjabi wife sent me this video of one of the rivers flooding and as you can see in this tragic video, stranding people and then sweeping them away over a waterfall never to be seen again. :-(((

Anonymous said...

His Punjabi wife SENT him the video?

Anonymous said...

p.s. - that video is shown on YouTube. Tragic indeed.

Anonymous said...

His Punjabi wife passed along the link... It does prove that his "wife" in connected. So, one can see that Korff is doing his best to hide her from the internet, etc., so those asshole Korffers don't included her (in some way) into their Korffing efforts.

It also proves that she's done a Kal Korff search on the web and she's seen those images, those web sites and blogs and those crazy Korff videos he used to put on Youtube.

Every woman in Korff's life, from the very start, must be so proud of him and yet so embarrassed to have had anything to do with him.

Anonymous said...

Logic from Kal K. Korff....


Kal Korff: I'm going to be writing a piece about how the NSA essentially let Snowden get away. This was either deliberate or a damning indictment against the incompetence of the Obama administration. I can back up this argument with logic and facts and will so in my upcoming article.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: My Punjabi wife sent me this video of one of the rivers flooding and as you can see in this tragic video, stranding people and then sweeping them away over a waterfall never to be seen again. :-(((
---what's with the smiley symbol at the end, Karlton? Can't you even get that kind of thing right?

Jimmy D said...

Time for a new thread. An examination of Kal's new home town as "the call center center of India", perchance?

Good afternoon, my name is Kalvin - how can I help you today?

Arf, arf.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a fraud:

The only reason Korff hasn't been treated the same by the law is because he's too stupid to think on his feet and he okay being poor and living in a 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Korff too me...

Unsubstantiated claims

Kevin Trudeau has been criticized for his inability to provide evidence to back up his claims. Although he recites anecdotes, he has never provided evidence evaluated by licensed medical practitioners.

In instances where Trudeau has been asked to provide proof, he has misinterpreted medical studies or cited dubious or fictitious studies. For example, Trudeau cited a nonexistent 25-year research study involving a natural cure for diabetes at the University of Calgary.

When ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper confronted him on Nightline, Trudeau insisted that he had a copy of the study and would provide it. He never did.

He now claims on his infomercials that the university destroyed its findings to prevent reprisals from the pharmaceutical industry.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Logic whittles this down to the probability that Kal Korff has been stalking this mystery woman in India -- possibly an employee of the embassy? -- and is countering her complaint with some nice fiction for his rapidly diminishing FB flock. Hence the repeated emphasis on his "wife", since how can he possibly be interested in another woman if happily engaged in a "love marriage". So instead of authorities telling him to steer clear of his target it becomes a spy movie scenario involving the NSA to fit with current events.

It should also go without saying that anyone who posts video of people being swept to their deaths on Flake Book for their "friends" to enjoy between cat memes and vacation pictures has psychological problems.

Anonymous said...

Being Fat, Stupid and Lazy is no way to go through life Son.

Anonymous said...

"Being Fat, Stupid and Lazy is no way to go through life Son."

"Clark worked hard on these lights Grandpa..." "A washing machine works hard too."

Brit_in_Prague said...

Brit in Prague: My Czech wife sent me this video of a person being caughter in the recent Prague floods and as you can see in this tragic video, then sweeping him away never to be seen again. :-(((

Aren't I a caring, sharing asshole?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Brit in Prague: My Czech wife sent me this this video of a victim of the massive explosion and fire that rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas the other month. West, Texas has a big population of descendents of Czech immigrants, so that means I have a visceral connection and can feel their pain more than you can:-(((

Aren't I pond scum of the first order?

Anonymous said...

Still nothing posted on his scibd page since 10/24/2012, and that "article" has one, one star rating.

Why to go asshole.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I had three articles published last week, have not reposted them yet. One was on the need to use solar energy in India more, especially for agriculture, second was a travel piece on Las Vegas. I have resumed writing travel pieces like I used to months ago, have written dozens of them. Third article was a review of Apple's new cool tube shaped Power Mac.

Upcoming articles will be a comprehensive overview of how the impending iOS 7 and updates to Android will impact mobile computing, I also have some pieces on the NSA and politics.

I've always loved journalism, and writing in general of course. I'll post the links soon.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies, lies.

And more udderly pointless lies.