Thursday, June 27, 2013

Martina Tycova Supermodel, Film Maker, and Kal Korff's ... right hand woman...

What happened to Martina Tycova?
And why did Korff stop talking about her and bragging about her in 2011?

We may never know but what we do know for sure is that Korff did not want the Korffing Syndicate to get a hold of this web site URL and add it to and; URL's Korff once "owned" and then let slide, only to have the Syndicate take them over and expose Korff as the lying fuck that he is.

On June 19th, Kal K. Korff re-registered the URL for another year. Why? There's simple no other reason than he’s afraid that we will register it and use it as we see fit. Also, Korff hasn't done anything with any of the URL's he still has charge over:

None of these URL's have pointed to a working web site in over two years. You can find more information regarding this issue by clicking this link.

Also, you can find interesting Martina information here... Things I didn't know like; she was the Executive Producer of the never to be produced or published UFO WatchCat MAGAZINE, she was a founder of Korff's never used "think tank" CriticalThinkers group, she worked with National Geographic TV to produce a never to be finished or broadcasted one hour special exposing the infamous Roger Patterson 'Bigfoot' film as a hoax.

Regarding this URL and the information Korff used to register it.

Please keep in mind that Korff can be turned in for using fraudulent information when registering this URL. The company makes it clear that a registrar must use real and current personal information or risk the removal and lose of his URL claim.

Kal Korff does not live in the CZ; we can prove this by informing the company that he works for the Daily Post India, backed up by the "articles" he posts on his scribd page, that he lives in Chandigarh, India, and that he lives there with his Punjabi wife.

You can send in a complaint at this link.

Here’s the information Korff used to register this URL.

Created on: 19-Jun-07
Expires on: 19-Jun-14
Last Updated on: 19-Jun-13

Kal Korff
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic

Administrative Contact:
Korff, Kal
13362 Zesmesnovat Ulice
Praha, Puerto Rico 10060
Czech Republic


UPDATE: We have a grand update to publish very soon. It seems Little Kalvin is not happy to be receiving the same type of "coverage" which he gave to other people. He’s not happy that people are following him and posting and reporting on his life with such fervor and focus. Tough shit Korff, you get what you deserve.

June 28, 2013 - Here's the Grand Update ~ LINK

Jimmy D,

Stealing from a kind, gentle, elderly philanthropist - or at least (as he sees it) robbing him of his honor.

Way to go, you piece of dung.

Why not take this opportunity, publicly, to say sorry?


Jimmy D said...

Superb Korffing.

My compliments.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that this be a mission for Prague-based Korffers:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Korff.

"I publish everything from their death threats to police reports, and other stuff on them."

Do you publish your lies, you stealing identities, your threats, your broken promises...?

Glad to see the Syndicate is sending out e-mails and messages to those unsuspecting people Korff is always trying to impress with his “work”...

Carry on Korffers.


Kal Korff: Because there are wackos out there seemingly "obsessed" over everything I say or do, (I often get emails reporting on them by others), sometimes I'll send them on wild goose chases, knowing they'll take the bait. Serves them right.

I go into much of this in the upcoming book series on Islamofascists, CONspiracy nuts, haters and extremists. I publish everything from their death threats to police reports, and other stuff on them.

The thesis argued in the book is that there is no real difference between an Islamofascist who wants to harm you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of Islam, versus a UFO or CONspiracy nut, hater or extremist cyberstalker who also wants to harm you just because you refuse to bow to their will or believe that Uncle Sam has aliens stuffed away in pickle jars at Area 51.

What unites these nut jobs are their calls for violence, their making a point to hate, their extremism. When they're not busy distorting "facts" they just make them up.

It's too bad some of them actually vote!

Anonymous said...

And this makes living in a 3rd world shit hole all worth, does it, Korff.

Have fun with that.

Remember, don't eat with that wiping hand.

Kal Korff: To show you what a huge difference there is in prices of food in India vs. the USA, this morning I bought four fresh tomatoes, five Mangos, six peaches, and a loaf of whole wheat bread for $2.00!

I have no idea what this would cost in the USA, other than "a lot more."

The fruit is grown naturally by local farmers, no genetically modified BS, no pesticides, just God's creation.

Praise YHWH.

Anonymous said...

If Korff keeps "acting up" I can't wait for Ecker to do another Dark Matters on him. Lets see what Biedny, Randle and maybe Royce Meyers have to say about this Korff lunatic. Korff must truly be insane if he wants to piss those guys off again. Do you know how many people follow their work? Yeah Kalvin, keep it up lard boy, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to ask Prometheus Books what's up with them and Korff. We need to do this from time to time, least they forget that Korff is still claiming that a book, or series of books, are being readied for publication.

Jennifer L. Tordy
Editorial Assistant

Prometheus Books
Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus Books
Humanity Books
(716) 691-0133 x207

More contacts:

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff: Because there are wackos out there seemingly "obsessed" over everything I say or do, (I often get emails reporting on them by others), sometimes I'll send them on wild goose chases, knowing they'll take the bait. Serves them right.

Oh that fucking Kalvin Butt-Wipe! What a clever secret agent man he is!! Double O Lard Ass!! Hahahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

stop stalking women who don't want anything to do with you, kal!

Anonymous said...

The reason Martina left Kal is that she finally realized what a phony he was.
Same with Tina, Ms. Kocis, and a few other women in his life. Probably won't be too long before his Indian 'wife' will do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Well Fatboy Kalvin, I read your latest "whine" that the Korffing Syndicate located. Oh boo hoo you poor little twat. Just have one thing to tell you .. what goes around, in the end comes around. Remember when you tried to de-rail David Biedny at the Mac thing in San Francisco when you contacted them and tried to get them to dis-invite him? You tried to hurt him in his wallet you fat, lazy fucker. Remember when you wrote Don Ecker using a lawyers name to try to scare him after he torpedoed you on his show? You then wrote his network in an attempt to get them to fire him and his show? Remember all that you whiney bitchy little shit? Well we remember it lard boy .. yes we remember it. Remember all your pathetic You Tube videos .. actually I kind of miss them. They were so damned funny and pathetic. Your very own TV channel. Never thought you would be on the receiving end did you, you simpleton. Well turd boy, enjoy your "celebrity" Kalvin. You earned it all by yourself ... Colonel. All by yourself ...

Anonymous said...

Well said.


Anonymous said...

Scum. Pure, unadulterated vermin.

Anonymous said...

June 28, 2013 - Here's the Grand Update

Oh my, Korff, laid waste once again.


Anonymous said...

Part One

Korff doesn't lie or claim titles he doesn't own, does he.....

Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 15:23:50 -0700
Subject: From Kal, FYI :-)
To: Tina


Confidential copy for your records :-) This is a copy of a letter I just sent my Editor at my publisher's Prometheus Books in New York.

Love you,



Dear Steven,

(ed. Steven L. Mitchell Editor-in-Chief Prometheus Books 59 John Glenn Drive Amherst, NY 14228-2197)

Just wanted to give you a VERY "good news" update, now that I have certain things nailed down and in ALREADY in motion :-)

Firstly, I hope you are doing well and that things are wonderful for you in life.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you later this year when I finally return to the United States.

In JULY, Captain Franks is coming to see me, and he will take custody of the Secret Wars project/manuscript.

He will be here for several days, then he will fly back to the United States and he will deliver it to Prometheus Books.

I will still be in Europe, but leave shortly afterwards, either for the Middle East or America, I am waiting to find out myself.

I will tell you now where things stand with this "thorny" part of Secret Wars, but you will be VERY pleased I think! :-))

As I mentioned many months ago, perhaps last year when I had the other computer which was stolen, I am one of the people who has found the proverbial "smoking guns" that Iran DOES PLAN to attack Israel as soon as they have their nuclear ambitions met.

Most likely this will be done via proxy, slipping a nuke to a terrorist group, for a "dirty bomb" at the minimum. Their target is TEL AVIV, not Jerusalem.
I am not exaggerating.

As you may recall, months ago I ran the trap on this and have pursued this intelligence. I have specifically been chasing some software the Iranians got ahold of, the existence of which PROVES the intel reports I wrote and intel data I came across.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Lucky me.

I told various parties that IF, key word IF, I could get this software, I WOULD and that there IS NO WAY TO STOP ME, even if no one is interested.

It is not only my duty, but it is the right moral thing to do.


I also have a SECOND copy to protect my ass now, because I am absolutely going to need it.

Unfortunately, the present "always on top of it, change we can believe in" administration, is NOT "on top of things," and we are, sadly, one AGAIN, AS VULNERABLE AS WE WERE BEFORE 911. The system is frigging Blinking Red AGAIN, and there WILL be a large attack which WILL get through unless we get LUCKY again, and "luck" and ESPECIALLY "hope" are NEVER a strategy.

Being in the Counterintelligence game myself, I am now in the THANKLESS position of locking horns with the CIA officer here at the U.S. Embassy, versus other parties who have their shit together. For the first time ever, our mtg last week did NOT go well, and I remain extremely livid over these bozos.

I was at the US Embassy last week to WARN THEM that I AM "getting the goods" and while I can't cite specifics of the conversation (although they ARE IN THE BOOK, STEVEN! :-)) let's just say that I am now caught up in the "scandal" which has broken in the press last week (thanks to deliberate leaks to the NY Times by the CIA) in the turf war between the CIA and the Pentagon over using people like me to "get" terrorists.

You may have noticed that a huge INCREASE in the number of Taliban and al-Qaeda who have been killed these past few months, well this is ONLY because of privately supplied intelligence, NOT anything the CIA has managed to pull off. The CIA is "upset" that their precious "turf" has not only been encroached upon, but that the encroachers such as myself, ARE GETTING BETTER RESULTS.

The kicker is, Steven, that one of the main guys who has run this operation, IS CONNECTED STRAIGHT TO THE CORE GROUP WHO RAN THE IRAN-CONTRA SCANDAL! I am NOT making this up, and it is ALL in the book.

Therefore, for our current SecDef Bob Gates to "call for a immediate investigation" and demand "results" in 15 days is DISINGENUOUS... Gates knows FULL WELL what has been going on, they're his old buddy network from the Reagan days, because none other than Mr. Duane R. "Dewey" Clarridge is INVOLVED, and you may remember him as being on of the core players in Iran-Contra who was pardoned by President Bush, Sr.

Bush Sr. of course was never held to account for his role in Iran-Contra, he protected Reagan. I KNOW where all these skeletons are buried, because I was involved peripherally as well, and my roommate will confirm my meeting with Lt. Colonel Oliver North, etc. and so will my whole family. I still have stuff personally written and signed by North, including copies of his DIARY entries where it proves we KNEW drugs were being smuggled in, but used drug smugglers to help out against the Sandinistas. It was very dirty stuff, and hypocritical up the wazoo. This is all in the new book, etc.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

My point is also that Gates GOT AWAY SCOT CLEAN in his role in the Iran-Contra affair, and he was the Deputy Director of the CIA at the time, only because my friend Bill Casey died and that effectively ended Congress' "stomach" for probing this mess. Gates even helped FORGE Casey's signature taking over power, since Casey was physically incapable of signing anything.

You may not know this, but the idea for Iran-Contra was an ISRAELI one, this is why the Israelis helped ship missiles to Iran, etc. and tried to help out the USA re Hezbollah, but of course America would not listen, and some 246 Marines were killed in the bombing by Hezbollah.

This is ALL in the new book, in Volumes II, III, V and VI.

I mentioned before that there is a VERY good chance I WILL be hauled before a Congressional Committee when the book comes to market. I WANT to be "vilified" and have them try to "crucify" me because I'll eat them for lunch per se. It is about frigging time that the world KNEW SOME OF THESE HARD FACTS, and the only reason they MUST know about them, is because if we do NOT factor them in and make REAL CORE CHANGES in the way we fight this "war against terrorism" — WE WILL NEVER WIN! NEVER!

We are truly at the crossroads of our existence as a species per se, as the new book proves. Either we rise up and finish the job, or we become victims of our own failures.

My FEAR is that the CIA will WIN this political game, and the Obama administration, which is TRULY CLUELESS in key areas will cave in due to what I can only politely say is stupidity.

I have the software the Iranians got in Kazakhstan, it is a "SMOKING GUN" and I have TWO copies. One will be turned over to the right parties, the other copy is staying with me to PROTECT MY ASS.


A front page story on Huffington Post will also be picked up by Drudge. The expected outcome of this is, "Get Korff in here, I want him under oath before my Committee" and that is when the fur flies and the larger "cause" is served.

I have a VERY extensive network in Pakistan, have since 1980, started playing in that sand box right after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

I will NOT turn over my network to the CIA, they can go screw themselves.

The private intel ops which have resulted now in eliminating Taliban lately and AQ operatives, WAS AT FIRST RUN OUT OF PRAGUE.

It was being run by Michael Furlong, who is now "under investigation" for continuing these activities.

The kicker is, Steven, U.S. CentCom's LAWYERS SIGNED OFF ON THIS, BUT CIA BITCHED AND TORPEDOED IT! CentCom NEVER told the CIA. CIA found out about it after everyone else did, which is typical for them. The CIA sucks at HumanInt, the Israelis and others excel in it.

Anonymous said...

Part 4

FURLONG WAS THEN KICKED OUT OF PRAGUE, AND SO WAS I NEARLY, NOT BY THE CZECHS, BUT BY THE IDIOTS AT CIA — IN OTHER WORDS, OUR OWN GOVERNMENT KICKED AN AMERICAN OUT, and all Furlong was doing at that time was setting up secret computer servers to blast pro-American and anti-AQ and anti-Taliban propaganda.

Assholes! — and you can quote me! :-)



So Steven, there is a VERY GREAT CHANCE that I will be declared PNG by July and ordered to leave, which I will of course.


This is the short version :-)

I repeat again, everyone to a person who "is in the know" about this 10,000% believes 10,000% that this will all be a huge bestseller and cause heads to roll in Wash DC and actually IMPROVE our chances in this fight, because for the FIRST TIME, WE WILL FINALLY BE ADDRESSING WHY THEY HATE US, and as you know, Steven, unless one addresses the WHY of something, it is NOT possible to deal with the how, what, nor when.

If science did not understand WHY things occur, they could never make things nor cure diseases.

I love my country, Steven, and I am patriotic, but I will also NOT let it continue to do things to HARM Israel, and now that I HAVE THE SMOKING GUNS ABOUT IRAN'S PLANS AND THE VERY SOFTWARE DISCS TO PROVE IT THAT THEY (the Iranians also GOT), — GAME OVER and now let the "fun" begin.

I am adding the relevant facts to the book now, I could not before, and by the time this runs its course and the book is out, everyone will know about this and be talking about it....but for now this is CONFIDENTIAL STEVEN, and I am following up on my promise to you to "give you the goods" and let you know when to expect them.

I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, and PROMETHEUS, for your continued patience and trust — it has meant everything to me and I will NEVER forget it.

It will be rewarded and finally pay off when you have this stuff, I am simply preparing you ahead of time, that in all the six part book behemoth I am sending you, as I have ALWAYS said, this is a LITERAL WEAPON in this war against Islamofascism, and now the circle is complete with this Iranian info.

Anonymous said...

Part 5

There's no need to reply, I just wanted to give you this update. Franks confirmed to me he is coming for sure in July, and I will have everything ready, and use these next few weeks to go battle against the CIA and if they even sneeze in the wrong direction, I AM going to tear them a new orifice via this book, my already in place media partners like Levine, and since I have Drudge, Wash Post and Huff Post wrapped up, I am now securing the NY Times, and will be offering the two reporters who are already blowing open the story about Furlong and what happened in Prague, some more insider details. Let the outing party and raising people's awareness so policies can be changed for the better — now begin in earnest.

Be in touch in two weeks, AFTER I find out my fate here in Prague, if they are kicking me out or not, thanks to this book project and the super stuff which is in it, — it HAS been worth the price of expulsion, if it comes to this.

It's too bad it will be from our own country, which is really screwed up, but that's the present state of "affairs" in America right now — our country is in serious trouble, and as the book PROVES, it has been WHOLLY SELF-INFLICTED.



P.S. When I LEAVE Prague, expecting that I will have to, since I AM going one way or another, I will have a DUMMY copy of the material on me. This is deliberate. When they stop me and search me or "lose" one of my bags, IT WON'T MATTER. Captain FRANKS WILL BE TAKING THE "REAL DEAL" OUT REGARDLESS, and TWO BACK UP COPIES WILL REMAIN SAFELY in Israel and Prague, but I will NOT have them. The "version" I have will keep whomever busy and waste their complete time. Deliberately, while the REAL DEAL gets safely sent to you, including and especially, the CIA images that the CIA does not want me to publish, under penalty of prosecution.

Let them TRY! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crime, what crime, dummy. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, again.

Kal Korff: This is for my "kritics" who cyberstalk me, and their fellow haters and extremists. You have no "excuse" and the excuse is worse than the crime.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Nelson Mandela

Bless The Beasts And Children said...

That latest Korff exposure site update is a ZINGER! Holy moses Kal, time to delete that FB account once and for all. You are your own worst enemy, the crew here is just giving extra voice to your toxicity, telling things like they are. Once you post anything they got you, no need to do anything else except put on the catcher's mitt and wait for your pitches. But please, keep lying to your "friends", family and fellow flying saucer enthusiast community. Many likely find it to be very entertaining and your flow of content keeps this board fresh. Hilarious.

Bless The Beasts etc. said...

LOL at that "letter to Prometheus" con attempt too! Haha, whatever Kal, you pathetic little liar.

Anonymous said...

After reading that letter I have to wonder if korff slipped in here from another universe? Either that or he is BAT SHIT INSANE!

I'm gonna go with bat shit insane.

Jimmy D said...

You are wired to the moon, Karlton.

Your Indian Princess needs to find new lodgings, for her own safety.

Anonymous said...

My God, this Korff person seems very unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Get help, Kal. This joke isn't funny anymore. Return to the States and your family and get the help you so desperately need.

Jimmy D said...

All you have to do is stop, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

The only people showing this guy any attention at all is this blog?

Anonymous said...

From Sept. 19, 2008 ... on this blog ...

"If you speak Czech fluently and can translate this please do write it up in a comment here for all to read. Here is what I have been told about it. Details are sketchy and I do not know if this is wholly accurate or not and am only sharing this as information only. I have been told that the Internet website piece says that Kal purchased ipods in Prague and did not pay for any of the ipods but instead is alleged to have had the bill sent to none other than Mr. Vojtek Sedlacek!

I have also been informed that Mr. Sedlacek is claiming to know noting about this bill and that Kal WAS NEVER employed as a chief information officer for Mr. Sedlacek but was contracted as a freelancer to teach English to employees!!!

The piece on the Internet website MacZone also indicates that the Czech POLICE are involved and that anyone having bought ipods from Kal with certain serial numbers have been asked to contact someone through email. The serial numbers of the ipods are listed.

Is Kal K. Korff a thief and a fugitive from justice now? Or is Kal as inncoent as he says his brother is? Anyone living in Prague that is abletodo some following up on this story I ask you to please leave details here in the comments section so we can all get to the bottom of this.

If the charges are correct and Kal has dared to steal from Mr. Sedlacek thenb Kal WOULD BE GUILTY of COMMITTING FRAUD!!!! I think Kal should be publicly flogged for STEALING from Mr. Sedlacek if the charges prove to be true.

And Rob McConeel of Xzone is having Kal back onhis show where people can call in and ask that baffoon questions. I have to put in my two-cents here and ask what in the hell good is that going to do? This sort of format gives kal every opportunity to simply give whatver answer suits him and does not place him in a position to have to provide solid proof of his claims. Xzone host Rob McConnel claims he is acting like a journalist in this matter so I would ask Rob McConnel to share all of his findings and proof with the listeners. Surely Rob McConnel took the necessary and important and ethical steps of obtaining solid documentation of Kal's claims and such?"

Thats right Korff you punk, we've not forgotten you fucking thief...

Anonymous said...

Korff's right hand woman is probably Jennifer Lopez. Taco taco taco tacooooo!

Jimmy D said...

Stealing from a kind, gentle, elderly philathropist - or at least (as he sees it) robbing him of his honor.

Way to go, you piece of dung.

Why not take this opportunity, publicly, to say sorry?

Anonymous said...

Why not say he is sorry? Well Korff isn't sorry, if he feels any "sorry" it is only because he was "caught"! He is a scum bag with NO HONOR, NO INTEGRITY, NOTHING TO EQUATE with being a MAN. Think "Dirt Bag Brother", those Korff boys are simply bags of shit. Korff only has the fact that he is insane to fall back on. Remember all his insane bull shit he "floated" over the years. Nano-dust, a Colonel in S-3, heading out to Pakistan to "plant nano-dust", off to Iraq to hunt for "A-bombs", 25 Million Dollars from an Arab Sheik to fund a Jewish Intelligence (civilian) org. to hunt terrorists. Remember his 500 book deal? How could anyone not realize this fucking looney-tune isn't fucking INSANE? Right Colonel?

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I am reminded of the Obama joke:

Question: "How do you know when Obama is lying?"

Answer: "His lips are moving."

Anonymous said...

Korff lives in India, and as he bashes the gays and Obama he misses the biggest story in India.

July 1, 2013 India became more powerful nation, now Indian can control space, India running greatest space agency.

Kal K. Korff is a blistering wound on the face of the world.

Kal Korff, "They will never report on the good that I do."

Too late asshole.

Jimmy D said...


You have no honor.

And a man without honor is no man at all.

You are worthless scum, Korff.

Prove me wrong. Apologize. In full. Unequivocably. No ifs and buts.

Bradley Hudson said...

Hahaha, I just wandered in after seeing a Facebook link on Don Ecker's page.

I can't believe this blog has evolved into a "syndicate" (in the words of everyone's favorite international scofflaw and sociopath). I must say you guys are doing some yoeman's work on across all the sites. All I used to do was send the raving lunatic email calling him out and daring him to sue me, just to read his replies of incongruous rebuttals and impotent threats. I'm in awe of how comprehensively you've shut him down.

Gentlemen, I tip the proverbial cap in your direction. Job well done.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, Texas

Brit_in_Prague said...

Just revisiting 2 June 2010 cut-and-paste from Facebook. You can find it here:

When you get to the page, check out Kalvin's subsequent desperate attempts to defend himself, and The Unknown Korffer's devastating analysis.

Yesterday, I saw a woman bend over to feed her dog. She had a min-skirt on, and well, I could see everything. No complaints, she was commando style on top of this! :-) Two kids came running by me, chasing each other, grabbing my legs. If I stayed there enjoying my view of God's creation, I'd be in their way. If I moved..., I'd lose my perfect view. I chose the kids. Now, ALL of my MEN friends say I was stupid. Bozos!

Anonymous said...

SQUONKAMATIC - are you there?

F1 RACER - where art thou???

KULT OF KAL - do check in from time to time.

The Korffing Community needs you...

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Korff

You useless fuck.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the 4th in India. No fireworks but one hell of a lot of cows farting! Hey Kalvin, gonna roast some ears of corn? Bar-B-Que some burgers or hotdogs? Is the Mrs. gonna whip up some tator' salad? Tell us all about how YOU celebrate the 4th in India ... can't wait to hear ...

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Happy Birthday America! May you have many more. I am amazed at how many of my FB friends are born on the 4th of July. May YHWH continue to bless America despite the misbehavior and illegal activities of our politicians.

Brit in Prague said...

Enjoy your festive chappattis, "Colonel." As a subject of Her Majesty, I will be remembering the waste of all that good tea:(

Quick question: why do we never hear anymore about your activities as a Sapstoe for the (rightfully and udderly) feared SSS? (I'd say there were one too many "s"s there, as far as your Feuhrer daddy is concerned, no?)

Jimmy D said...

I'm kind of enjoying the thought of you spending the national holiday alone, lonely, wanking yourself silly in front of your stolen (and ageing) laptop in your stinking slum, knowing that you can NEVER go home. Or even back to Prague.

All you had to do was stop, Kalvin.

Scumbag. Vermin.

KIAI said...

You're doing a bang up job here lads! Brillliant! Sounds as though that bugger Korff is just on the precipice of going off on another mentally fueled internet rampage with all this talk of letting his "kritics" know that he still plans on publishing a book. Kal you big dumb oaf, this game was up YEARS AGO you stupid fat cow. There isn't a publisher on the planet that would go within a 1,000,000 miles of any "manuscript" you might have. You're a nut Kal and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

A book or series of books and TWO more books as well. Amazing output... and yet, we've seen nothing in over 8 years.

* When did Korff tell the world that he re-read the "final release candidate parts" of his manuscript and it should be sent in (yet again) to his publisher by March 2012? February 26, 2012

* Last time Korff told the world that he sent off chapters for peer review? May 9, 2011.

* Last time Korff told the world that the manuscript was being sent off, mailed to, hand delivered, etc? From 2007 to 2010.

Lastly, notice Korff can't and won't share with his Face Book friends what these two new books will be about... And that one of them was written because his "fans" asked him to do it.

Why not share Kalvin? Worried about sharing too much?

You should be.

Read the latest from the maker and breaker of promises and the teller of lies, unending.


Kal Korff: Hi everyone,

I'd like to confirm some news some of you have been writing to me and asking me about.

Over the next several weeks, because it's some 2,400 pages of material, I'll be doing the final release candidate reads of my new six book series on Islamofascist driven terrorism, haters, extremists and CONspiracy nuts.

After the final reads get done, I will be sending out some of these sections for final peer review. After that, it goes to my publisher. Long overdue it has taken my years to finish this sweeping work.

While the book series is being prepped for release after final submission to the publisher, I DO have TWO MORE books coming out which have long been in the pipeline but have been held back until the final submission of the six volume series.

These two works are not on terrorism, I will disclose more info what they are about in the near future.

One of these books exists only because many people asked me to do do it, and I am grateful to them of course.

Anonymous said...

"this sweeping work"


sq;ldikhj;'dgkljqd;gkljd said...

It won't work, Kal.

Brit in Prague said...

Wimbledon, Kal. Your thoughts?

Brit in Prague said...

Wimbledon, Kal. Your thoughts?

It Won't Work, Kalvin said...

Long overdue it has taken my years to finish this sweeping work.

Huh? "my years"? looks like Kalvin had started with "my entire life" but decided even Jeffery Lippard would counter that, attempted to change it to "many years" AND STILL FUCKED IT UP

You have been and always will be a complete horse's ass, Karlton.

Anonymous said...

There should be a comma after "overdue", but actually, this is an example of a "hanging participle". It is the "sweeping work" that is overdue, not you, Karlton.

Didn't you used to have your own English magazine column or something ...?

You useless prick.

Anonymous said...

Pricks have a function so useless doesn't quite work. I think it would be more accurate to say that Karlton is a useless SLUG. You know, wormy, slimey, slow and smelly. Yup, he is a SLUG.

Anonymous said...

We will have another thread and a announcement soon.

There will be a big change to the Korffie Leak web site coming soon.

Some will be pleased, some will not.

We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Jimmy D said...

I'm off on vacation tomorrow, "Colonel". Camping in France with the family.

What are your plans for the summer, Karlton? Will your genius-level son be flying out from Prague to spend time with you and your Indian princess wife? Will your Nazi father be jetting in (I'm betting not, since I'd say he probably equates Indians with Jews). And Dirtbag Kurtis ... well, I doubt he could find India on a map, and anyway, it's kind of a long way to hitchhike.

You are lying scum, Korff. Have a crappy summer.

KIAI said...

My goodness lads!! What a fine job you all have been doing taking that rube Kal Korff to task. I anxiously await word of these new discoveries further showing the world just how ridiculous Kal Korff truly is. I wonder how Kal feels being on the receiving end of the same sort of hand he has dealt to others? It must be no fun at all to be exposed Kal and you are being paid back rightfully so you ignoramus.

Where's your book Kal? where are the millions of dollars your Saudi sugar daddy gave you? KMPG audit? How about your tele show or radio program? Where are the agents you dispatched to take care of us for exposing you for the bloody nut you are? Those agents must be tired after years of sitting in front of Jimmy D's place. ahahahahahahahahahahhhaaahaha!!!

Too bad your fake threats and lies won;t scare anyone here Kal you poor dumb and desperate swine. Special secret services? ahahahahahahahahah!! Kal you're so insignificant that you're not even a bad joke penciled in on the wall of a toilet stall.

Amazing how a few people with an internet connection and a phone thoroughly exposed your lies. I guess that makes them have at 240 IQ yes?

Time to burn the rest of the house down lads!

Anonymous said...

KAL: Yesterday, I saw a woman bend over to feed her dog. She had a min-skirt on, and well, I could see everything. No complaints, she was commando style on top of this! :-) Two kids came running by me, chasing each other, grabbing my legs. If I stayed there enjoying my view of God's creation, I'd be in their way. If I moved..., I'd lose my perfect view. I chose the kids. Now, ALL of my MEN friends say I was stupid. Bozos!

I'm sure that little view gave you months of material to jerk off to Kal you sick lazy fat fuck. I'm sure you chose the kids Kal because we all know you like them young and dumb.

Anonymous said...

A Korffing Syndicate Update.

The Korffing Syndicate have reached out to a person long affected by the lunatic behavior of Kal K. Korff.

This person has been very quiet for over a decade regarding Korff and the unfortunate contact they had with him.

We reached out and ensured this person that their information would be treated with respect and we would work with them to make sure the information is presented in the best and most correct manner as possible.

This person is now on-board and willing to work with and release a treasure trove of Korff material that is sure to please.

We expect a major new Korffie Leak release very soon. We suspect that this information will make Kal K. Korff go bat-shit crazy.

And so it goes....

We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

What goes around will sooner or later come around ... and reach up and bite you right on your fat ass Kalvin. Enjoy turd bird ...

Anonymous said...

I have been saying it for years, Korff is mentally deranged. How could he not be? A Colonel in the super secret S-3 .. from Israel. Tasked with hunting down terrorists and ... UFO research frauds! I mean Jesus, who except a total and complete moron would buy this?

The A-bomb Kid! He designed an A-bomb when he was like 14! Really? Then why isn't this ass wipe teaching at MIT?

He had a Super-model aide! Pasted her name on phony law suits going after ... oh hell .. you all know. Used phony email accounts to send phony email law suits and the public was supposed to buy into this happy horse shit? Well that was Kalvin you know ...

Took on the Sheriff and DA trying to intimidate them into dropping charges from his dirt-bag brother after the dirt bag brother tried to run down a cop. The dirt-bag brother got clipped by a cop's bullet. No surprise.

Held up empty tiny little vials of air telling the world it was "nano-dust" he was taking to Pakistan to "plant" in his hunt for terrorists. Oh really? And exactly what was this happy horse shit supposed to do? We still don't know and I bet neither does our favorite fat ass!

Like, WTF? How could anyone not realize this buffoon is off his meds? This asshole is like 50 freaking years old living with a 10 or 11 year old brain that arrested in around the 5th or 6th grade! God Damn! Korff your Mom must really be proud. Speaking of Mom, he rips off a humanitarian for thousands of dollars and when the fuck-up is caught ... he bills his mother! You know Korff, I keep waiting to hear how you get run over by a sacred cow there in Merry Old India. What a total fucking moron.

Like I said, mentally deranged, there just is no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Imagine friends, living in India in self imposed exile... exile due to your lunatic behavior and due to the fact that you’ve disenfranchised every person in your life (except dear old Mom and his dirt-bag brother) and you’ve burned every bridge you ever walked across in your 51 year trudge through this existence you call life.

Just imagine... this is the legacy you will leave, Kal K. Korff, on this Earth, only to force your forever suffering family to rise up their collective hands to shield their own eyes and their family history from the results of your lunatic behavior.

Well done lad, well done.


Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate

We await word from our newest member regarding the archive of Korffing information this person has.

We can hardly wait to get a hold of this material and start formatting it for release.

A Korffing Christmas has arrived.

Anonymous said...

Korff's been posting images of his "articles" that one assumes his media giant is posting to their web-based "newspaper".

Do these "articles" make it into any printed newspaper? Who knows? Korff has never proven (shown a photo of himself holding a newspaper with one of his articles on it) at this point.

As always, Korff never posts a direct link to his "articles". Nor did he post a photo of himself and his Indian Princess which one of his "followers" asked him to do.

In any case....

Korff posted this last "article" on Scribd, nearly a year ago. If you read the text below you would expect that this information was printed nowhere else and was very important to the world.

How many clicks has this "article" received in 7 months?


That's 95 clicks (not reads) per month. Now that there is a real barn burner of an "article" my Korffing friends.

Stay tune for a major release. Our newest member e-mailed us today, updating us on his progress of going through his vast collection of Korff material.

Kal K. Korff is not going to be happy about this, one little bit.

Once again the past comes back to bite Korff in his flabby ass and this time, the only way he can counter this would be to appear on a radio show of our choice, when we choose the time and date, or not.

Love it Korff? Thought so.



Benghazi Gate

Kal Korff publishes three leaked emails which PROVE that President Barack Obama LIED when he said that they did not know that the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a terrorist attack. These emails prove that the White certainly DID KNOW, as the attacks were unfolding. They also watched the events on a Predator drone.