Wednesday, July 31, 2013

 Kal K. Korff,

"I volunteer because no

one will pay me."

Let's reach way back to Korff's Boeing days shall we.... Kal K. Korff can be reached at 16625 Redmond Way #254, Redmond, WA 98052

It's interesting that if you look up where Korff lived while he worked various low level jobs, and he held a short term position with Boeing, Korff lived in a shabby little apartment, about 12 miles away from Boeing and just as close to the other low level security guard jobs he held, etc.

From a shabby apartment in Redmond to a shabby apartment in the CZ (sharing it with up to 2 other people because he couldn't afford to live on his own), and now living in a shabby apartment in Chandigarh India, writing articles for a English language "media giant" who support their media needs by going to local schools and asking the students if they'd like to get school credit by writing articles for their paper. No money, school credit.

How do we know this? We did an audit on the names associated with a few months worth of articles posted on their web site. We came up with over a hundred different “reporters” “columnists” “editors” and “journalists”. Rarely did a name come up twice.

We then did some searches (Facebook is a wonderful research tool) based on these names and we found many of these names listed as students (involved in various activities) at schools located in and around the location of Korff’s media giant.

We then did some searches based on the names of the people claiming to have “founded” the media giant; Manish Tiwari and Ashpinder Sehgal. Guess what, like Korff, we found listings for them as guest speakers at various trade schools and colleges in and around the area as they recruited people to write articles for their newspaper, free of charge.

We have to admit, this is a very clever way to supply their “newspaper” with a full pipeline of material at almost zero cost to the company.

Well done Kal K. Korff. You’ve found yet another non-paying volunteer position to boast about, just like your volunteer Analyst, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist, who writes and submits reports to various private clients and sometimes also governments.

Of course, that volunteer Analyst, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist position was not a volunteer position back in 2010. No, Korff was a high level and very important analyst. It was only after we launched the Korffie Leak web site and started poaching Korff's videos that Korff "added" this bit to his ever changing resume.

We remember another example of Korffing elaborating on his past lies when he told Rob McConnell that he (Korff) was just giving the info to "others" to sue Don Ecker, Billy Meier, Royce Meyers II and a long list of others and if "they" didn't sue them, it was not their fault and it was out of their (Korff') hands. Sorry dummy, you claimed that you we're filing the papers, that your team of lawyers (based in India, L.A., and elsewhere in the world) were suing these people. It was only after McConnell started putting pressure on you to substantiate your claims and only after the Korffing Syndicate whacked you hard that you "added" this claim to your lie.

So easy.


Anonymous said...

Loving that reporter image! Looks pretty real too me. Fake reporter... Classic Korffing!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, that photo of our favorite "Village Idiot", he looks SO YOUNG! I wonder if the forces behind S-3 had recruited our boy yet? Gee Kalvin, just think ... back when that was taken you had being a Kolonel to look forward to! What do you look forward to today? Us forgetting about you?

Ain't gonna happen Fat Boy!!

Anonymous said...

Staff Sgt. Korff in an early Super Duper Services deep cover op.

Anonymous said...

That image is a paste up. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Kal Korff, you fat piece of shit. Go jump off a bridge in India, you worthless cunt.

Anonymous said...

Korff, calling out Occupiers for not following through with their plans....

Okay then, Korff, where's that article?

Where's the beef indeed. Asshole.

Kal Korff: To all of you "Occupy Wallstreeters" who "swore" your plans would make a difference because "the Democrats care," HOW is your "movement" working out for you now?

Where's the beef?

It's being enjoyed one slice at a time by your "representatives" while having dinner with their lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

Kal calls out people for not following through? Kal's list of claimed projects and forth coming this and that is miles long. HAHA! If unfinished projects or unfulfilled promises equated to money, Kal would be the king of rich. Books, radio shows, articles, nonprofit organizations, and the list rolls on of Kal's failures.

Anonymous said...

Along those same lines of thought. Korff, remarking on the behavior of others....

Kal Korff: He's so "sincere" in his "remorse" that he kept doing it!


Yes, he kept doing it Korff;

making claims and never delivering

making promises and never delivering

making threats and never delivering

getting called out and then; changing your story or not responding at all.

We will never stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

If Kal is a volunteer doing this writing for free, does this just mean he's sucking his Inidan princess's dick for money?

Anonymous said...

August 5 2013:

Kal Korff: I was present in Prague when Obama gave his speech about the "relationship" with Russia being "reset."

Claim #125: Claimed to have attended an Obama speech in the CZ and would release a vetted report on the speech. Never did.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you'd like to "know" who pushes the Like button more than any other "friend" on Korff's locked down Facebook wall....

Anonymous said...

31-03-12, 07:30 PM

Singer Member: #29043

An extraordinary archive of the lies and delusions of Kal Korff:

Anonymous said...

Tell me "Kolonel", do you still field train out on the ol' paintball field? Still keep in touch with that female "Indian Army" sniper? You know, the one you paint balled with? Do you now and again still get out and eat with the troops? Gee, we never hear anymore about your super duper secret field ops out planting nano-dust and looking for illegal nukes!

You sad sack pile of dog shit, even if you do forget don't worry, we will remind you asshole.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I hate nobody sir. Not even bin Laden, and he murdered some of my friends in New York in 2001.


What response would one call it, when…

A man-child calls another’s place of business to try to create drama for them

Posts photos on the net of someone who got beat up and would rather not see those personal photos posted on the net, but because that person called you out on your threats and false claims you lash out and posted them,

Lies to a woman and tell her that you would be together soon, with zero intention of really doing that,

Continues to post things on the web that make it clear that you dislike gay behavior and lifestyle?

We call that hate ass wipe.

Petty, child-like hatred against people who question your claims, call you out for the lying fuck that you are, who might live a different lifestyle, and who decided to not back down and expose you for the…

Gay hating
Obese hating
Woman hating
Self hating
Self loathing
Back biting
Little Shit

Fat fuck-face caught lying to his Facebook friends telling them he had friends at the 9-11 event who died, for no other reason than to try and make himself part of that event when it's not true, it's a huge fucking lie.

Kal K. Korff did not have a single friend in either tower on 9-11 or on any other day in his whole, tired, lying life.

That about cover it Korff, you hate filled fuck.

Damn I love Korffing.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff equals ..

F at assed looser
U niform something never worn or earned .. in real life
C unt what he acts like in any action with other people
K olonel in this asswipes world .. everything starts with K's

Y ankee but we (in USA) do not claim this LOOSER
O verweight fat dumb and stupid .. no way to go thru life son
U nkept one thing he excells at .. Our Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

You know how Kal K. Korff always refers to the "printed" paper his "articles" appear in...

Ask yourself, have you ever seen a photo of Korff holding a printed paper showing one of his "articles"...?

No you have not.

Nor have you seen a single photo of Korff with his co-workers, working away, at his "media-giant".

No, Korff writes his free "articles" for the e-side of his "media-giant".

Anonymous said...

Korffing Face Book Update

Kal Korff: He knew he was lying, so did Jay Leno, and some in the media (including me since I am a credentialed journalist) have called him out on it.

He just lied.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin Korff is not "in the media" he is a parasite who found a new host & is sucking them dry while believing he can lie his way into the affections of his former classmates, who continue to regard him as an unfortunate person to be pitied. Korff doesn't deserve it and can't get away with his lies for very long before somebody realizes they've been conned. He will be compelled to flee India just as he did Prague, Switzerland, England, and the US.

Sorry Kal, it won't work.