Thursday, October 10, 2013

Always the Liar

As Kal K. Korff kontinues to try to run away from his lies and behavior of the past, take a look at this Korff Face Book post....

Kal Korff: By the way, the Democrats never mention the fact that he is NOT really an ordained "Reverend" - he QUIT his seminary school.

It's like saying I am a "Doctor" because I took some classes at med school but then left.

What a list we could make of the fake professions and fraudulent claims made by our favorite Village Idiot.

Check out the condescending face on this asshole as he
passes off stolen Apple products to the unsuspecting. circa 2010

UPDATE: October 12, 2013 - A Korffer posted that a huge storm was happening in India very near the city of Gopalpur and that he hoped that Korff might be swept away in the flood waters. We all hope for this. Sadly, Korff is 31 hours away from this seaside location. This shouldn't surprise anyone, coastal property is expensive everywhere in the world, even in India. Korff can't afford it, even in India and even with his $25 million secret agent account.

NOTE: Remember when Korff went to the Pakistan border to throw about fairy nano-dust with Man-OJ and that he calls his wife his "Punjab wife", and the location of his "media giant" and those trade schools they solicit their gratis "reporters" from. Look closely at the map, there you have it. You can't hide you fucking idiot.

Korff lives at A, the storm is happening at B.

UPDATE: October 13, 2013 - Korff posted a "new" Face Book profile photo today. Look into those eyes Korffers; vacant, vapid, and udderly contemptible. Let the Photoshopping begin!


Jimmy D said...

I wouldn't call that look condescending. "Creepy" and "deranged" would be more like it.

What kind of moron would video himself passing off stolen goods?

You are thieving scum, Korff. You are evil vermin. Apologize to Vojtech.

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, and STILL no photograph of Kal's "Indian Princess Wife." Now I kind of wonder if good old Kalvin REALLY HAS a wife .. Princess or not. What do you say Kalvin? Still flogging your monkey Spanky?

Anonymous said...

Even more telling; no name, no true date of marriage.

All we have is Korff calling out his "Punjab wife" and his mature and never ending love for her.

Of course he thinks it's funny that we're so involved and that we must know more about her.

No Korff, it's like this.

You have Apple products which give you internet access. One would assume that your wife does as well.

So, while you call her by her place of birth and you never use her real name, nor post any photos of you two lovebirds together, and never share any real information (daily life, trips, etc), you show disrespect (as expected, real wife or not, as you hold females below you greatness) to your wife.

If she is real, she sees your condescending and ignorant behavior toward her and her family.

So, I call another fucking lie on Korff's part. Clearly he's ignorant enough to behavior in this manner but, pretty much any woman in the world would call him out for it and demand some respect for spreading her legs for him.

God, there's an image.

Jimmy D said...

Thing is, Korff's friends in India must be wondering how come they've never set eyes on this wife of his. Or at least, those of his Indian friends who are also his "Facebook friends".

This leads me to deduce that whether or not his wife is real (and we all not she's not), he definitely has no friends in India.

He is completely alone.

As the Great Man himself would say, "rightfully so".

You are scum, Korff. You are vermin.

You have brought your troubles upon yourself. You will die alone and unloved and unmourned. By anyone.

Daniela said...

"You have brought your troubles upon yourself. You will die alone and unloved and unmourned. By anyone."

Yes. Quite.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the news?

Tropical Cyclone Phailin is hammering India. You don't think it is possible that our favorite Village Idiot might get "washed away", do you? Well at least maybe he will get a bath, huh? We can only hope ..

Anonymous said...

An obvious Photoshop job. Look at the 2010 photo above and you can see the bags under his eyes, etc. They are missing in action in his "new" photo.

The lies never stop.

Anonymous said...

Oh good God, gravy and spuds ... that freaken photo was "shopped" as sure as God made green apples. Korff, you are such a fucken' loser.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Fancy Moses! Shopped for sure. Even those pupils are touched up!

Anonymous said...

Korff looks just like a "touched up" corpse, I swear to God! Korff, how do you get outta bed in the morning and look at yourself? Huh? Just how?

Anonymous said...

Regarding that new Face Book photos. Kal K. Korff being partially honest but still lying, and holding back certain facts and making excuses as to why he';s not using a current photo.

Lying liar.

Kal Korff: I'm not too happy with this photo either, I'm stuck with this face and my father has the NERVE to look just like me!

Kevin J: It was more about the quality. It looks grainy and the whites of your eyes look kinda creepy! There is this not so new tech called a high resolution camera!

Kal Korff: I did not take the picture, it was originally much smaller and then interpolated when the dpi was changed on the computer. I think it looks "better" (considering the subject) when it is smaller, hides my face more. It was taken years ago in Prague by the newspaper I wrote for a couple of years. As far as I am concerned there are no "good" photos of me.

Jimmy D said...

As far as I am concerned there are no "good" photos of me.

---Well, you can't polish a turd, Kalvin.

Brit in Prague said...

Proof that Kalvin reads this blog. He is simply coming clean about what we already knew:

Brit in Prague said...
The photo that accompanies his "article" is the same one that accompanied his shitty English language columns. I believed then (and believe now) that it is in fact a photo that was taken at the time of his starting his columns, but which was then overly and inexpertly photoshopped. It looks like he's undergone botched plastic surgery and botox treatment ... except of course, we all know that he could never afford that.

Chubby little loser, national joke ...

September 11, 2013


Anonymous said...

A circa 2000 photo then.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

I remember the "psycho stare" photo from the top of KalIsrael's unspeakably dire column in Metr. Expres. Even in small size at the top of a rag print, it was visibly photo-shopped - the eyes in particular. Kind of reminded me of some freak from an astrology/tarot reading ad. If you ever wanted a window into a maniac's mind, the eyes of this creepy polished Turd have it!

Anonymous said...

His face looks as if it were made out of plasticine.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, I love this blog. Giving it to a disturbed little turd like he gave it to people for years is ... Karma.

Korff, how does it feel Turd Boy? Do you enjoy the "attention" we shower on you, you fucking disgusting excuse for a human being? Rip off any humanitarians lately? Terrorize any young girls? Stick your mother for any thieving you managed to pull off?

Yeah Turd Boy, we have you in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

October 13, 2013

Kal Korff shared a link.

SEVEN people died in India's strongest hurricane in 14 years. Thanks to the government doing something this time in advance by moving millions of people to shelter, the death toll was very low.

Kudos to India for being prepared this time.

Anonymous said...

Face Book, October 12, 2013.

As I read this over I'm at a loss for words regarding the word and sentence structure (or lack there of), word use age, it's pandering, they way Korff passes judgment and tells people what they should think. One thing Korff will never get past, his assuming that what he thinks and assumes is in line with everyone else in the world. Talk about an egotistical asshole, here we have one. This Korff person is really quite something.

Kal Korff: In India, a huge cyclone is about to his within the hour as I type this. Winds will be up to 220 kilometers an hour.

I predict that morons like Al Gore and other exploiters will "blame" global warming for this.

Only these extremists would believe such nonsense. You can ask the weather experts in India, I certainly did since our newspaper will be covering it. It is NOT due to climate change, but this never stops extremists from twisting facts to push an agenda.

I feel sorry for the impending victims. The area it will hit is on southern eastern as it works its way eventually to the northern India, a very tribal area not well developed and hundreds of thousands have fled so they won't die. Unfortunately the country is not developed enough YET to withstand such a disaster. While the government certainly could choose to develop this great nation faster, they choose not to.

Basic things like consistent electricity and clean water are still in very short supply.

India doesn't even have a single waster desalination plant while Saudi Wahhabia has over 30. India is surrounded on three sides by water, no excuse.

One day India will get its infrastructure act together, despite its politicians.

I hope that casualties are kept to a minimum, unlike the last time many years ago when many thousands died when a cyclone hit. At least there's ample notice this time, unlike last time.

Nice to see the news of this cyclone make the lead story on Drudge, which is where most of America gets its news online from.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I too remember that mugshot from the days of his godawful English column, but that's the first time I've seen it blown up. It really is eerie. A manchild, airbrushed of wrinkles, dead & bloodshot eyes gleaming with artificial intelligence.

You really are one creepy bloke, Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

A manchild...

Sums it all up.

Anonymous said...

A fucking moron. That sums it up better.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a waxwork.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That photo of Korff .. what a goofy looking fucker!

Jimmy D said...

It's crunch time, Kalvin.

I want to see a photo of your Punbjabi wife. And I want you to be in the same photo. Hugging her, kissing her, holding hands with her, or engaged in the kind of activity in which a loving couple engages in public.

If she could be wearing her princess tiara, that'd be a bonus, but I don't insist on that.

Anonymous said...

"If she could be wearing her princess tiara, that'd be a bonus, but I don't insist on that."


Anonymous said...

Korffing Face Book Update

Still no book or series of books....

Korff on women.

Kal Korff: You're certainly right. The existence of women is all the evidence I need that "God" exists. There's no way such an incredible life form can be the result of a random collision of neutrons, protons and electrons as atheists would have everyone naively believe.

Jimmy D said...

Never mind the existence of women, Karlton. What about the existence of your Punjabi wife?

I need a photo.

Jimmy D said...

Just taken another look at that photo. Hairless, wrinkle-free and strangely sexless - he looks like a palace eunuch.

Anonymous said...

"The palace eunuch". Add that to "chubby little loser" and the rest of the terms in the ever-growing lexicon of Korffdom.

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be time for a "blast from the past!

"(this is the correct spelling by the way, Kalvin - it isn't "cemetary" as you have it. Good going, Kalvin, you tard. 219 IQ my ass!)."

Kooky can't spell, and he should never be a writing English teacher; but kooks is not totally stupid. In some respects his past proves strong, as a TV commentator and authorist. He may have been a boy wonder, but what has he done for the last 10 years?

Last year, after a long lapse, I remember kooks unleashing a new website, with promises to shake the foundation of the paranormal and ufology with a mult-million budget. He promised TV shows and new book volumes, and merchandise! I wanted a "UFO watchcat" tee-shirt! He appeared serious, and I admit listening to his radio show with interest.

But his TV show turns into U-Tube rants put on by a dolt? The books not being published? How can you boast of a mega deal without a firm commitment from your publisher? If you were boiling stocks you would be the one investigated for fraud with lies like these! And you are attacking everybody famous and official in the ranks of UFO shite?

Kalvin K. Korff you suck! I feel your whole process is comsumer fraud. I want my time back! And I want a Yarns calender and a Tychova T-Shirt!"

From --July 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff, "My thesis in the upcoming book series proves..."

Yes, yes it does.

Book, what book?

Anonymous said...

Series? Book series? Sure Fat Boy. I won't hold my breath though Cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

If you're married, is this really proper behavior, liking women on that site who make it a habit to dress in little clothing, etc?

Gee, most wives wouldn't take to kindly to that kind of behavior.


Anonymous said...

Oh Korff. How do I loathe thee. Let me count the ways.