Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well well well if it isn't everyone's least favorite military impersonator Kal K. Korff looking more dumpy than ever!  So how did you spend this New Year's eve "kernel" Korff? Did you trade in your tshirt and camouflage pants for some real clothes that adults wear? Likely not. You probably spent the evening wondering around dreaming up your next scam or personality to foist upon the unsuspecting in whatever foreign country you need to flee to next after you've burn all your bridges there in India.

Happy New Year to you Kal you pathetic twat.

A sincere Happy New Year to all the lads who have made this blog shine a light on Kal and his nefarious doings!!!!!!!! Keep it up chaps!!


Anonymous said...

I remember when Korf said he lost 50 pounds when those shower photos were released.

By God, it looks like he'll have to lose a full 75 or better to get back to his shower photo weight.

Good luck with that Fatty.

Jimmy D said...

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall ...

You are pure scum, Korff.

A Crappy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

You know, Kalvin. If I didn't already know that she didn't exist, I'd fear for your "Punjabi princess wife". If you rolled over in the night, you'd squash her flat.

Piggy Kalvin. Chubby little loser.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, that huge bloated belly is just so huge, and bloated, and huge.

Damn Korff, for all that bragging about special forces, martial arts, taking down people with machine guns...

My God man, you're just an over weight, middle aged, has been, so out of shape you're not even reliving your past and oh so fleeting glory (hole) days.

I can see that you're very tired.

And Fat.

And bloated.

How's it feel old man?



No children.

No family.

No country.

No fucking kidding.

Anonymous said...

No children.

No family.

No country.

And no honor.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kal K. Korff so bloated?

Here's an example...

Kal Korff: Dal Kachoris and Nestle 3-in-1 "fire and forget" coffee for breakfast. I'm so blessed


Dal Kachoris

Deep fried goodness.

Way to go Korff. Keep eating that deep friend goodness.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Facebook Update

Posted 10 hours ago. No likes, no looks, nobody cares. Nobodies reading.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's the first of several pieces on Global Warming I will be writing over the next few months. Future installments will contain more info and responses from various experts and scientists as we try to separate fact from fiction and reconcile contradictory data.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I feel so blessed!! Fat Ass is going to do some op ed's on Global Warming!! Way to go Ass Wipe!!

Anonymous said...

With the arrival of the New Year I had time to do some researching on that liar and fraud, Kal K Korff. The following is from January of 1999. This proves that Korff was a lying and scheming scum bag from the beginning and Art Bell's "slap down" never made an impression on Korff. Korff is an evil and mentally ill shit bag and the following will prove why he can't ever openly come back to the United States. A legal suit awaits the "Fat Ass" and as a result Korff must remain living in a 3rd World poverty stricken country. The item I am discussing will be in the next post.

Korff, you have legal cross hairs on your fat, wide ass. Happy New Year you fat, bloated Slug.

Anonymous said...

From: Jim Dilettoso
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 18:57:27 -0700
Fwd Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:52:48 -0500
Subject: Jim Dilettoso: Retraction-Apology Required from

Mr Korff,

Regardless of what you think of me, regardless of what you think
of what I do, or how I do it,

You are not allowed by law to publish lies.

Mr. Korff, you claim to be a journalist, investigate the facts,
adhere to a journalistic code of ethics then you state (among
other things) in a widely circulated e-mail which was written
by you "it has been proven in court records that Jim Dilettoso
swindled/conned investors out of millions of dollars"

This information is false. It never happened.
No investor complaints.
No lawsuits from investors.
No accusations of fraud from investors or anyone.
Only _you_.

Where did you get that information?
Where are the court records of which you speak?
Who gave you that information that you have circulated as fact?

In fact you take great care to circulate your e-mail lies and
pretend that it is news and then... _You_ submit them to search
engines so that they will be found when people search my name.

I just received a call from someone who is soliciting my
expertise in the computer field. Just because it is the way
things are done, he submitted my name to the Alta Vista and
Yahoo search engines.

What he got was that 8 out of 10 were documents created,
posted, distributed, by _you_.

The documents are a series of e-mails and responses orchestrated
by you with certain and specific information about Jim Dilettoso.

This information is false: created by you to defame me.
Your actions and refusal to comment to me are interesting.

I demand that you answer the above questions concerning the
source of information that you have globally submitted as fact.

Jim Dilettoso

Brit_in_Prague said...

Really? Korff did that?

That is outrageous behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous? You bet. That is why this site will never go down until Korff has left the stage.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Wide Load" Kalvin, it has been now going on 4 years since you kind of "faded away" and we have not stopped. (and won't stop) Did you figure that out yet? You fucked with too many people, you harmed too many people, you've lied about too many people. Hope your used to it by now because you greasy fat assed slug, we will not quit ... ever.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

My God he has tits! I am sure he gets off playing with them. He looks absolutely pregnant

Anonymous said...

My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!My God he has tits!

Anonymous said...

Wow did he turn into a fat ass. He has no more money for coloring his hair either. That not 'special secret services' material!!!

Anonymous said...

Fatty liver.100%.