Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fully Delusional and Pathetic Man-Child

As we await the release of Korff's next book, or e-book, or series of books, or e-books... Let us not forget why Kal K. Korff is the subject of our derision... let the world not forget, or be confused as to why Kal K. Korff deserves our attention and exposure as the liar, thief and generally unpleasant person that he is.

Those new to this blog, please browse this blog, check out the website and the Youtube channel and enlighten yourself into the facts of this fully delusional and pathetic man-child.


Anonymous said...

I just listened to that audio clip. Korff never answers any questions and that Host person never pins him down. So I did, in a way...

Question: Where did you get your counter terrorism training from?

Kal Korff: “My study of UFO’s, the Kennedy Assassination, designing a nuclear bomb design, engineering-wise, so to speak, and watching what was going on around me.”

Question: When did this start?

Kal Korff, “I reached consciousness and being self aware on October 19th 1973, when I was 11 years old.”

Question: What was happening in your life at 11 years old?

Kal Korff: “I’m seeing nothing but genocide rape and murder.”


Korff made the life change, at 11 years old, living with Mum and Dad in Fremont, California, by watching TV and hanging our with his friend from India, Raju G. Reddy (still living in Fremont, California).

I would have hired him as well... to wash my car.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had 5 minutes that I did not know what to do with so I went to Google search and typed in "chubby little loser" in the Images. Most of it was David Bowie and Ricky Gervis but on the top row of photos was "our" Village Idiot wearing that stupid kowboy hat and his unearned military insignia. FWIW

I'll take Grassy Knoll for $100, Alex said...

I wonder if Kal would still say that things just keep getting worse and worse for Kevin Randle and Dave Biedney. Was delighted to see Dr. Randle on some of the UFO Files episodes concerning Roswell, and not once was his lifelong career in the US Army mentioned. He did not appear on camera in uniform, no snapshots of him in uniform were trotted out, and he did not brag or boast of his service at all and when he did address Roswell he spoke to the subject rather than using it as a method to promote himself or his books.

Maybe that's why they invited him back for more?

Anonymous said...

From Sept. 20, 2008

Brad said...

I said this a month ago, and I'll say it again: Kal is a textbook psychopath. Unlike what everyone believes a psychopath to be (a blood-crazed nut, killing everyone and reveling in their deaths), a psychopath truly has no empathy. Kal does not form relationships like the rest of us do. Each and every person Kal meets is sized up and Kal determines what he can get that person to do to better Kal's life. Everyone is a potential victim to a psychopath, and they truly don't consider the other person's feelings. Kal saw Sedlacek merely as a means to an end: he could use his good name and reputation in order to enrich himself. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Kal has no guilt, nor can he even imagine how his victim feels. It is completely beyond his comprehension. Once Kal is caught he may attempt to express some type of remorse in an effort to fool everyone else that he has "learned his lesson" and won't do it again, but Kal will merely be saying the words he thinks will be extracting him from the situation so he can go on to his next victim.

There is no current treatment for the true psychopath. If Kal was committed to an institution he will merely act the part of "getting better". He will say whatever needs to be said to be let out, and once he is out he will go right back to behavior that is "normal" to him, finding new people who he can use to achieve his goals.

I hate to say it, but no matter how many times he is caught in his lies he won't change, ever.

Brad Hudson
Son of a psychologist
Dallas, Texas
September 20, 2008

Anonymous said...

I tried the "chubby little loser" search as well. I had to go down a ways but... the first Korff image to show up is the one with Korff in the Apple One-Piece!

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

What a humbling honor.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, no matter what people may think about McConnell and his slow motion reaction to Korff’s lunacy, I have to give him props for asking him about the $25 million budget, the fact that no one has been sued, etc. At the end of that audio clip, Korff is spinning but, he’s very well rehearsed at lying and spinning a fraud. He’s never without a statement or example to backup his lie. Just like posting a web site to substantiate your fraud, Korff, if nothing else, is very well rehearsed. To get that well rehearsed you have to believe in your material enough to run it over and over and over and over again until you do can present it as; real or really believe it. Damn I miss the days between 2007 and 2010. Korffing at it’s best.

Anonymous said...

Here's some interesting info from 1997. Korff responding to an e-mail:

2) For example, in your Email when you said "Are either of you
aware of Kal Kroff's ties to the American intelligence community?" a more accurate way of putting it might have been "Are you aware that Kal USED to do some onsulting for various branches of the U.S. government?" And if you knew in what context this consulting was actually in, Gary, you would never have made this an issue in the first place, since it is not one at all.

My "ties," as you put it, are past tense, and many years in my
past. By comparison, since I have never been in the military, UFO
researchers like Wendelle Stevens and Kevin Randle are career
military officers.

3) To answer your question about my background re Uncle Sam: I do
not presently work in any capacity for any U.S. government agency. I did years ago, and I have explained this. Most of my work, by the way, was for the Department of Energy in the field of personal computing. The Department of Energy, by the way, at that time had a significant portion of the "Star Wars" budget pie.

Anonymous said...

You're such a liar, Korff.

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

Korff posted 7 articles this afternoon, the most ever. And a number of Apple Fan-Boy links. He wrote these while he was readying his book for release... Think about that.

Because his FB wall is so tightly controlled (hidden Friend List, Hidden posting block, etc), Korff must refer to "e-mails" being sent to him because no one ever posts anything on his wall except in response to something Korff has posted, and very few at that.

Not only is Korff hiding IN India from America but he's hiding in plane sight from the American public as well.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Sorry I have been away for a bit, (I sincerely appreciate all of the "Where are you?" emails you were kind enough to send! , but I have been tied up as I said earlier with pre-launch stuff for my upcoming book due out in shortly. So far the "final pass' is going great, it should be "frozen" very soon.

Thanks for also asking more about the articles I write each day for Daily Post, India's fastest growing English language daily newspaper, here are some more of them. THANKS again, everyone, for your kind interest and support.

Anonymous said...

WAG Update

Oh, and btw, the post above was made over 6 hours ago; ZERO Likes, ZERO responses, ZERO.

Nobody cares, nobodies reading.

E-mails but no FB action. Think about that.

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

Me me me, look at me, only me, if you look at anyone else I will SUE them and you for slander. Me me me me me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have been away for a bit, (I sincerely appreciate all of the "Where are you?" emails you were kind enough to send! , but I have been tied up as I said earlier with pre-launch stuff for my upcoming book due out in shortly. So far the "final pass' is going great, it should be "frozen" very soon.

Let's count the typing errors above by this officially accredited journalist:

1) extra comma after "for a bit" and improperly used before first parenthesis

2) no closing parenthesis

3) "pre-launch stuff for my upcoming book due out in shortly" forgets to quantify the amount of time (very specifically stated previously) with a vagary. Which was so important to use he lost focus of the sentence's purpose.

4) improper use of apostrophe to close "final pass" instead of a close-quote

Good job, SAPSTOE. Maybe this is more Israeli training on display?

Anonymous said...

I have been tied up as I said earlier with pre-launch stuff for my upcoming book due out in shortly = already backpedaling away from the 90 day commitment to release. did he make it a full week with that? oh well.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say backpedaling, I'd say that the e-book is already to go; he's just trying to get people interested. I'd venture that he's trying to figure out a way to distribute the thing and track the people who have downloaded it so he can got'cha the Korffer's downloading a copy of it. Won't matter, as soon as the thing hits the web, it'll be everywhere, immediately. He certainly can’t sell it, at least after the first failed try, he has to give it away and then beg for reviews and praise. He’ll get responses, in spades. I assume that he’ll release this thing via; it’s free, it can be tracked as far as clicks counted and if he chooses, he can lock it down but, he won’t.

Anonymous said...

Ah Korff, you sad and pathetic little plump troll. Screaming and begging for ANYONE to notice your so sad and pathetic existence.

Look Dear World, I am ready to publish and release MY BOOK. Ah,wait a second, my SERIES of BOOKS! Ah, wait another second, MY 500 BOOK DEAL!

Well you sad and pathetic little plump troll, we have been FOR YEARS. I especially am waiting for the parts about your hunting down Islamic terrorists AND UFO FRAUDS! I can barely wait to read about your A-bomb hunts in Iraq where you were searching for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction! Or, when you went undercover in Germany hunting for Neo-Nazi's, or your trips to Pakistan to "plant" your nano-dust! Your public is waiting Troll, please don't disappoint us AGAIN! (You know, like every other broken promise over the years.)

Anonymous said...

Korffing Komment of the week....

"Your public is waiting Troll"

Anonymous said...

Korff, debating his High School teacher on Global Warming. Korff’s teacher believes in every aspect of it, Korff does not. Of interest is this; Korff must always bring it back to UFO, Bigfoot, Haters, etc., because that’s all he has. As we’ve proven, once Korff ran his way through UFO’s and Bigfoot, made enemies and burnt all his bridges there, he then put that material together with terrorism and consumer fraud (later given up) to continue his “place” in humanity. In the end, Korff is a very simple minded person, driven only by his ego and over active imagination.

Kal Korff: I do understand, and you are right. But I am not talking about being wrong because later data proves one wrong.

Instead, I am talking about making claims for which there is no evidence at all (such as hurricanes being "caused" by GW) or in the case of the polar bears.
Then there's also his 24 hour marathon. I was highly offended to see image after image of natural disasters which had NOTHING to do with GW. And some 90% of them were just being used as propaganda.
I think you would agree that if I show you a photo of a rainbow and claim it's of an alien spacecraft, I'm not helping things, especially where truth is concerned.

And again, the issue here is not the overall one of climate being affected. It is instead specific claims which are not true, for whatever reason, and in this case the advocates knew it, but wouldn't tell the truth anyway.

There's an upcoming book which proves all of this, Gore and others get exposed where they should be.

But this does NOT take away from the fact (and the book is VERY CLEAR ON THIS!) that the issue of avoiding continuing to pollute the planet is wrong, period, whether it be GHGs or littering with plastic that doesn't decompose for hundreds of thousands of years.
Unfortunately (like with people's beliefs in UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc.,) you disprove ONE thing or a few things, and people think the whole subject is being "attacked" and this is not true.

Al Gore, by the way, cannot name the scientist who told him that most of the Earth's oxygen is produced by trees.

It's because none ever did.

Just ask him, other have.

Anonymous said...

In short this is why Kal has attracted the kind of attention he has, Because Kal K. Korff has:
~Claimed he was a spy for a non-existent Israeli military intelligence agency
~Claimed that he would sue and have people who disagreed with or exposed him sued and arrested
~Stalked people claiming that his agents were following them and it was just a matter of time before they went to jail or lost their jobs. I think he called some peoples employers too.
~Said he had a 500 book publishing deal
~Told people he was employed by Lawrence Livermore national Labs and worked on the Star Wars Project when the truth was he just did low level technical support on computers
~Made up a story about creating something at Apple that he had nothing to do with
~Took advantage of a philanthropist and used this person's name to foot the bill for electronic products. Kal stole Apple electronics and sold them.
~Told people he was a CIA agent
~He's a complete homophobe, all around liar, proven thief, delusional dickhead and all around fucking asshole.

Anonymous said...

"Dear" Kal,

Please take a "writing" class and "learn" how to write like an intelligent "person" would.

Your improper use of quotation marks and CAPS, your lack of punctuation and grammar, and your inability to appropriately pace your writing style is horrid.

I'm curious as to whom you performed fellatio on how many loads to the face you took in order to get any of your amateur books published?

Anonymous said...

How humblingly honorable.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the books he had published. If you look at the library of books published by Prometheus Books you’ll notice that it’s little more than a vanity publisher. Granted they “pay” for the manuscript and take care of the printing but, having in my collection all of Korff’s books and a number of other Prometheus books, the other books look and read the same.

A ex-porno actor wrote a “book”; a collection of stories where he name names and then talks about his childhood, is also very uneven, meandering and childish. Prometheus doesn’t care; they need manuscripts, the cheaper the better.

Now taking this in account, think about this fact; they will not publish Korff’s new book or series of books. Why? I assume that when they read the first chapter (book length) which covers Korff’s “life” they came away with something counter to Korff’s hopes...

Instead of amazement at the Forrest Gump – Walter Mitty – Genius Maker story, they saw a panting lunatic, chasing windmills.

Anonymous said...

"Instead of amazement at the Forrest Gump – Walter Mitty – Genius Maker story, they saw a panting lunatic, chasing windmills."

OMG! This is why I simply love this blog!