Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Book Lie

September 6, 2014

Obviously we could get very specific with Korff regarding what has been said, on both sides but why bother. The Korffing Syndicate will pour over this book or e-book or series of books or e-books because this new material will give the Korffing Syndicate many months of new information to have fun with. You know, fun, as in refute his lies the truth... Like we've already done with the web site and videos, which Korff will never respond to.  Expect Korff to tie his book or e-book in with September 11, 2014.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone.

I have a (I hope) "good news" announcement to make on a personal and professional note: My next book will be out in some THREE MONTHS, or 90 days roughly.

It's the first of several new titles, all of which are non-fiction. More info will be released in the near future.

For those of you who have written me over time and asked when my next works would be out, I thank you for your kind support, interest and patience, the answer is it will be soon.

For my "kritics" and cyberstalkers, who lied (since they were not involved) and said I had no books coming out and was just making this all up, I hope you enjoy reading them and will get the serious mental help that you obviously need.


Anonymous said...

WAG Face Book Update

Korff receives a HUGE outpouring of interest for the promised release of his book, or e-book, or series of books, or series of e-books.

You could "teach" a course at your school to teach those little minds all about your life story...

Headmaster. Ha, ha, ha! BTW, Korff never mentioned on his personal FB page, anything about this new Headmaster gig or the school, or the schools FB page or website. Way to get the interest going for your latest scam.

Just like your "articles" (for the Media Giant), your "wife", your "friends" ... you MUST hide your good works from your haters and your "fans".

Way to go Wide Load.

7 people like this.

Robert Sletten: Congratulations Kal!!!!!!

Alan Dickerson: I'll be anxious to hear when your book is out, Kal. I'll read it and let you know how much I like it!

Kal Korff: Thanks everyone, your kind words and support are much appreciated.

Warren Royal: Congratulations, Kal- really looking forward to what you have in store for us!

Jimmy D said...

Almost a pity we have another post so soon. I was kind of wallowing in the Noble World news.

Never mind - onward and upward.

I wonder if we could have some kind of clock in the corner of this site counting down the days and hours to the non-appearance of KKK's imaginary tome (perhaps superimposed over a screenshot of this particular FB lie).

Anonymous said...

Let's look into that clock.

We thought the same thing but, because of that Noble post, Korff thought he'd stick his head up so it's our duty to continue on.

All leads will continue.

Korffing will never stop.

Anonymous said...

<3 the countdown ticker! Had also thought maybe the last post had been upended a tad soon but it's a big enough scam with evil enough attributes to return to again and again and again and again and again and again ... Was more disappointed that a renewed & remarkably hollow sounding promise to post an eBook was the best that Korff could come up with in response to such a devastating leak. Wasn't it supposed to be eight of them? Or twenty five. You lose count after a while. Great ticker!

Jimmy D said...

Tick, tock, Kalvin.

Tick, tock...

Anonymous said...

It was supposed to be 3 books, then 5 books, then back down to 1 book and now it's one e-book and with many to follow.

I expect a .PDF book of some sort, like that .PDF book Korff released to help support and save his brother from himself.

Didn't work then, won't work now.

But, what will work, if Wide Load does release "something", it's gonna be great fun.

Chapter one pretty much follows this document, but it goes much deeper into the fecal depths of lunacy:

I'm giddy to see this book, or e-book or series of books, or series of e-books. Giddy!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry I forgot to add this point in my last letter, but when you write things like "giving me three hours" I think you FORGET that I am basically ONE WORKING DAY ahead of you either here in Central Europe or a bit further in Tel Aviv.

By contrast, when I give YOU 72 hours or whatever, you actually GAIN a day, since things heading your direction go BACK in time.

Anonymous said...

Cyberstalkers, Kai? You should know.

Thought I'd pursue a few easy laughs going over the Kurtis Korff kase details but three hours later my head is spinning and only skimmed over most of the dozens of pages. It stops being funny after about the first hour and then becomes a somewhat frightening study in psychosis. That is one insane dude writing all those emails, sometimes several per day and with a tone of increasing hysteria. Kind of glad he is in India and far away from anyone I care about with no plans to return. Keep it that way!

Anonymous said...

Damn straight fellow Korffer. One lunatic motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

WAG Facebook Update

14 Likes and 4 Comments to this world shaking post over the last 48 hours.

Kal K. Korff, setting the world on fire!.... not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But we have been involved Wide Load. Because of our activities against you, the Syndicate will take center stage in this book, or e-book.

Without the Syndicate you would have nothing to monitor on the internet.

If you could be truthful with yourself, you would recognize that we are your biggest fans... your only fans.

W await anything you publish, in any format. We long for the salad days of 2010. Youtube lunacy, lawyer threats, template web sites to nowhere and more broken promises than a hooker on crack.

Get on with it Korff. We'll be watching.

Kal Korff: For my "kritics" and cyberstalkers, who lied (since they were not involved) and said I had no books coming out and was just making this all up, I hope you enjoy reading them and will get the serious mental help that you obviously need.

Anonymous said...

Tick, tock, tick, tock ...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Tubby Wide Load "PRETENDS" that he doesn't know the Idiot blogsite isn't here..... Oh PLEASE Tubby Wide Load ... self publish your tripe! We so look forward to reading your 6th grade level drivel ... Tell us all about your "haters" and your "internet terrorists" you illiterate grasping buffoon.... PLEASE .....

And ... will you PLEASE lay off the fried foods?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

haha at the site header countdown clock! lol good luck kal. what will they think of next


Anonymous said...

Expect a clean up of the blog over the next week or two. We won't be taking anything out, we're just going to make the highlights of this classic blog, the youtube channel and the web site easier for people to locate. The more easy it is to get to the information, the more people will go look at it.

We Will Never Stop.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...


As we've seen, Korff's academic history mirrors his adult behavior and in fact that academic history laid the foundation for Korff's adult life of chicanery. From his middle school days as an A-Bomb designer through his high school years as a researcher bon vivant, Korff's successes have been modified and confabulated to a great degree to further along his adult hopes, dreams and fantasies.

Korff's social failures that he experienced in school and as a young "adult" warped his behavior, turning him into the delusional adult who first appeared in the mid 1990's.

Korff's senior year is his last year of formal education. Anyone who has been paying attention will realize that Korff has read material on a variety of subjects. Generally that is a very good thing to do, however in Korff's case he has a dubious habit of floating that "extra" bit of self-education into his ever changing persona's and titles. As you will see here, that habit to confabulate and to try and use titles to rise himself above all others is on exhibition and in its full glory.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, you can email the Noble World school's headmaster direct at:

And I wonder if the Admission Help Desk telephone numbers actually work: 05568-226000,085770-91010

Karry on Korffing, Korffers.

Anonymous said...

Karry on Korffing, Korffers.


Anonymous said...

Korff makes this "claim" after posting more (four) "articles" at one time than he's ever done ever before.

So, was he off Facebook for a day and a half because of the book release or because he "wrote" these new "articles"... Not that it matters.

BTW, he claims "e-mails" because his Facebook wall is locked down, making it less effective to post anything "new" on his wall.

It's a lie in any case. Korff receives very few e-mails per week.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, thanks for your emails asking why I have not been online much, including family members. Didn't mean to worry anyone. I have just been very busy with the upcoming book release, etc., Here are some of the latest pieces I have had published, thanks also for asking, your support means a lot to me. I will be sporadic on FB until sometime next week, I am just swamped now with usual pre-launch stuff, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how dumbass can't understand the difference between a private message sent via FB's system and an email. Fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Hey New Admin Guy .. nice job on the re-design Guy!! This is really really Klassed Up! Damn, makes me proud to be one of the Korffers!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... hey Kalvin, do ya like the new look?? You fucking Pedo ...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new look. Love it so much I was inspired to do some "way back" Korffing. Read a bunch of real old Korffing posts ... and found this GEM!!

[ Oh yeah,almost forgot.

The previous thread found a proper recipe for "The Korffer" cocktail inspired by Desperate Don Ecker:

1 1/2 oz scotch
1/2 oz drambuie

mix with ice

And now I propose a SUPER KORFFER (kind of like a redbull and vodka, but with better ideas).

The Super Korffer

1 oz absinthe
1 oz scotch whisky
1/2 oz drambuie

Shake it with ice until you feel like you're gonna go crazy

Sing a few lines of David Bowie's "Chubby little loser" and strain into a martini glass

Pontificate about the time you shared a martini and scotch and soda with CIA director william casey

drink on an empty stomach.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Super Korffer, free of charge,

F-U, Kal. ]

coming up soon on the Fourth of July and wanted to get that Super Korffer drink listed once again!! Fuck ... Luv this BLOG!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Korffer's, here is Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio show on Wide Load, if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I also just added a "Highlights from Youtube" section.

The Don Ecker Special - Part One (of an 8 part series) using this show audio on Youtube, is now linked in that section as well.

If anyone has any ideas on how we might make this blog even better, speak up, post up!

Things are heating up!

Brit_in_Prague said...

"Shortly after this e-mail was sent off to Korff, Mr. Cooke's partner in the project started receiving threats of some sort. Mr. Cooke doesn't know who it was, and he has no proof that it was Korff but, after a period of time while these threats and harassment continued, Mr. Cooke's partner left the project and that was that, the project died. Sounds like Korff's boorish behaviour to us."
---If Mr Cooke's partner could provide us with a sample of those emails, I'm sure we could subject it to an analysis.

Jimmy D said...

FN - I suggest that (if you're not doing this already) you routinely take a screen shot of each lie that Korff posts on Facebook.

The collection and preservation of evidence is crucial in building up and strengthing a case.

Anonymous said...

We will look into those Cook e-mails and yes, we have screen shots a plenty. Maybe a small area on the front page to rotate screen grabs in as well as a thread for preservation to go with the best ones.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kalvin,

This is just a short note to you to simply ask you how you like the new look of this blog?

Just think Kalvin, it is actually only been a couple of short years from your heyday when you were running wild. All your tall tales about you being part of the world wide hunt for terrorists. Remember? Back in the days when you were leading hunts for a-bombs in the wilds of Iraq. Back when you went under-cover for neo-Nazi's in Germany .. back when you were a Colonel in S3. Remember your trips to the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan to plant nano-dust? Your paintball wargames you so proudly yelled about on Facebook? Remember your lawsuit threats at David Biedny, Kevin Randle, and Don Ecker? Your phony lawyer letters not to mention your phony threats from Isralie Generals at those guys? Ah Kalvin, how far you have fallen.

Is it true that the only people today who even know your name are here on this Idiot blogsite? Is it true that your FB page is locked down so tight that only you can post to it? Where are your legions of fans? Gee Kalvin, how do they contact you? Can your dirt-bag brother even get in touch with you? Well, I got to go now Kalvin. I wasted enough time here today. I mean, after all, I have a life and this was just a break from my day to day stuff like my wife, my REAL job, having a beer with my friends. Which brings up one last question, what do you do for friends Kalvin? Do you still keep in touch with Avim or Martina? How long did it take them to discover what a total fraud and waste you are? Well, I am sure you are busy also, you know, things like planning your new school, hiring teachers, getting studies ready for the next semester and so on.

Fuck you Bartu, right Kal? And, don't choke on any holy cow shit lard ass....

Anonymous said...

Whew, this is my first time to come here after I saw the URL up in a facebook post. I just did a quick scan through here and I have to ask a question. I am not trying to be a smart ass but, did this guy fuck somebody’s kid sister? I mean I never heard of this guy before but I never saw anywhere the level of animosity that I see here. I am not trolling but man .. what is THIS story?

Anonymous said...

Welcome. The true story is up on this blog, the website and the youtube channel. Nothing is made up, or faked, it's all real and it's all a response to a person who crossed the line, and more than once.

In short, if a person called your place of business and told your boss that you were a thief, a liar, a person who couldn't be trusted, and that person took the identity of a lawyer and sent you letters promising to sue you, and that person sent e-mails to you calling out your family as whores and worse...

What would you do?

You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Big News!

We have an interview coming soon.

A text back and forth with one of the corner stones in the Korffing Universe.


Bless the Beasts and Children said...

This should put the question above to rest. Taken from a series of correspondences with law enforcement officials in Korff's native Oregon:

The entire documented exchange made up primarily of rambling psychotic threat-filled multipage emails from Korff can be found here.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the exposure page is to try and warn off other potential victims from showing up on his radar screen as marks to be exploited. Due to the diligence of this blog much of his contact with other humans is now confined to Facebook, and one our dearest hopes is that those who are part of that web of associates will look here to see whom they are really interacting with. Happy Korffing!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that too. :-)

Kal Israel said...

A loud and mighty Cheers to the originator of this blog, for starting it all, and for trusting the Syndicate with the keys to the kingdom.

This blog, the web site and the youtube channel are on a second wind, version 2.0. so to speak.

Soon we will have an interview (and we hope a few more) with VIK (Very Important Korffers)that should help keep the wind in our sails as we await for the release of Korff's book, or e-book.