Saturday, June 21, 2014

Headmaster Redo - Because it's so Stupid
Creation Date: 08-Aug-2013
Expiration Date: 08-Aug-2014
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1-2013775952
Admin Name: Manish Tiwari
Registrant Email:
Tech Phone: +91.9915972668
Admin State/Province: chandigarh

We start this new thread with the information associated with the latest Kal K. Korff web site to support his new scam, Headmaster of a non existent school in India. Korff started this scam back in August of 2013, he then "employed" the Ink Web Solutions company to build the web site for him, because Korff is an IT expert...

When you look over the web site you'll notice a very similar look and ploy that Korff used when he put up his web site to support his iPad's For Peace Scam; many pages, containing almost no content. Also, it's obvious that Korff wrote all the text that can be found on this site, the Administrators Page being the most obvious and funny. Among other self-penned whoppers, Korff is now an "industry pioneer in the field of e-books, an obvious reference to his still not released e-book or series of e-books.

It should also be noted that nothing has happened over the last year since this scam was launched; no teachers have been hired, no students have enrolled. A few months ago, Korff did mention that he was "on the road" and helping out a "school"; rebuilding or building new (whatever), and that he'd "post photos soon". Is it a stretch to imagine that this new scam is this school that he was referring to? We think not.

Korff's behavior is very consistent; "just" being a "husband" and a "international, military vetted reporter and journalist" is not good enough for Korff... neither was having a son, his fake son had to be a genius son as well

We could go on and on but we thought we'd ask Korffer's from around the world to look over the information for themselves, maybe send out a few e-mails to the links listed above, and to enjoy themselves while they review the latest lunatic behavior of our favorite Village Idiot and Wide Load Supreme, Kal K. Korff.

WAG UPDATE - June 23, 2014 - Kal Korff, hater of the gays. LINK 


Anonymous said...

The Syndicate wanted to push this latest scam back to the top because it's needs more time to educate the consumers of the world, and maybe some enterprising Korffer's might send out some e-mails to the addresses in the report and check back in with their results.

There's a new project in the works, it'll be website and blog based. Hopefully it'll help carry us to Korff promised September launch date.... Ha, ha, ha,!

Keep Korffing

"They Weren't Green" said...

How honorably humbling.

"They Weren't Green" said...

Sorry about the double post ... must have just invented a new Korffing sock identity or something. Glad to see this topic back up at the top of the stack, failed as it was it ranks amongst Kal-boy's most evil moments. Let the Korffing continue!

Anonymous said...

9 hours later and who checks in? Korff’s uber liberal high school teacher and the great Lonnie Franks. You remember Lonnie Franks right? The guy Korff said was coming to pick up the manuscript AND the guy who Korff tried to shoehorn into his iPads for Peace scam. Yeah, that Lonnie Franks. Kal Fucking Korff.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I'm honored to report that I have three articles in today's Sunday expanded issue of Daily Post.
As a journalist, it's always a genuine honor when one gets the privilege of writing full page specials. This one is about understanding the past and present reasons for the current crisis in Iraq. Hope you enjoy it.
I wish to thank the Daily Post once again for giving me this opportunity and honor.

Jerry Lapiroff: An ambitious undertaking but much with which I cannot agree - in particular, with the parts of the complicated situation - and the genesis of the situation - which are completely absent from your analysis. I refer in part to events that made even the ...

Lonnie D. Franks: Jerry, I agree with your comments about history, but how do we move forward with so many former Ba'athists joining ISIS? The U.S. disenfranchised the Ba'athists, not the Shia regime. They are still well organized and respected in many areas of Iraq and Syria. Is ISIS really the will of the local population?

Jimmy D said...

I just want to bitch-slap the whole bunch of them ...

Anonymous said...

Just sitting here thinking about our favorite Village Idiot .. and it hit me AGAIN. No one knows that he is alive (at last report) except us .. his Kal is an Idiot fanbase. No korff url, FB page locked down tighter than my grandma's nighty, no radio interviews, no newspaper clippings, nada. All he has is his tiny group of FB "friends" including our FB spies .. to coin Obama .. PERIOD. Ah korff, those glory days eh? Back when you were posting vid's on U Tube like a maniac, prattling on about your impending lawsuits, your "break thru" nano dust tech, all that good stuff ... years ago. What do you have left except stepping around cow dung? Huh? Nothing you asshole. And ... it was all "self-inflicted" huh? What do you think of when you get up in the morning and look at yourself in a mirror moron? How you ripped off computers in the CZ? How you took advantage of people that thought you were there to help him and his people? You are simply a POS, PERIOD. Mom send you any rupee's lately? Getting ready for the 4th of July yet? Gonna have turkey or ham with the troops? Asswipe

"They Weren't Green." said...

How humblingly honorable to be so privileged.

Anonymous said...

You are worthless scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

LOL this is great I am going to post this all over the place so his little scam school will be destroyed!!!

F1 Racer
still not sued

Jimmy D said...

Me neither.

Yesterday evening, I took a cup of tea out to the police that Kal has had staked outside my apartment building for the past five years. They were looking rather glum, poor things.

Do you think they know that Kal has already been chased out of Prague and that they can go home now?

Anonymous said...

He looks like Chaz Bono now