Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I reached what I call consciousness...

The Eye's of Kal Korff

Mark Twain — 'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.'

Kal Korff: “On October 19, 1973, (Korff was 11 years old) I reached what I call consciousness, or being self-aware. Namely, that I would die someday, as does everyone, and that if humans (especially these wonderfully mature "adults") kept behaving and misbehaving the way they DO (despite telling us kids NOT to do the bad things they do), that our species would eventually destroy itself, and this realization destroyed my childhood, especially since I saw this taking place in my time, and I didn’t do anything to cause these problems.”

   As a 13 year old boy, Korff started researching UFO’s. Because of this "out of the ordinary" behavior (not many teenagers study the subject, they’re too busy playing sports, video games and trying to get a girl friend), the adults in the field gave Korff attention. They found it kind of cute to have this enthusiastic cherub faced little boy sitting at their feet.

   As Korff progressed; writing and mimeographing a pamphlet on the Billy Meier case and appearing at various UFO clubs to present his information, adults started to ask Korff for his opinion and give him even more attention. Then, in his early 30’s, Korff, armed with very low self esteem, and a very high regard of himself (based on the past media coverage and attention), Korff entered his reactionary behavior phase, a phase he is still fully engaged in as an "over 50" senior citizen.

   When people questioned his theories, work, claims, etc., he would lash out at them. On a few occasions Korff went head to head in a debate, but the majority of the time Korff would lash out via the internet (sometimes as the real Kal Korff and many times as a faceless, anonymous source); threatening to sue and to get people fired from their jobs, basically anyone who questioned his work, Korff would go after.

   Here are a few of the vilest examples of Korff’s unhinged reaction to being questioned…

·       * Going after Royce Myers III simply because RMIII removed Korff from his UFO Hall of Fame and moved him over to his UFO Hall of Shame, and then the icing was when RMIII called out Korff as a liar regarding all manner of claims, not the least of which was Korff’s lunatic involvement in Korff’s brothers manslaughter case.
* Korff went so far as to call the Apple Corporation before they had one of their huge conventions to complain that he couldn’t attend their upcoming convention because a man named David Biedny was scheduled to speak there and he felt unsafe to attend because (Korff claimed) that Biedny threatened to cause him bodily harm.
* Korff then called out Kevin Randle as a coward for not debating Korff on the Roswell Case and he called into question Randle's education and military service. All accusations fully unfounded and based on ZERO facts.

·       * And lastly, and this has been proven, Korff procured a few Apple devices to start up his own Apple product sales service in the CZ, using the  name and good well of a well known CZ-based humanitarian to “pay” for the equipment.

   People may wonder why the Korffing Syndicate continues to monitor and report on Kal Korff. These 4 examples of his behavior are reasons enough to monitor Korff but these example only scratch the surface of Korff’s lunatic behavior.

And, Korffing is fun.

   Currently, Korff is trying to float a new scam; a headmaster of “school”, the curriculum based on mannerisms and etiquettes? Look over this .PDF read this closely and you can witness the lunatic behavior of Kal Korff for yourself.

We will not stop, ever.


Anonymous said...

I read over that .PDF...

Examples of ignorance and lunacy:

"We are setting up a school that will enable our children..."

Our children, shouldn't that be "your child"... scary.


"Good spoken English must."


Candidate must be a graduate

A graduate of what exactly?


Profile entails to attend parents
& visitors in the campus.




What's the rush Kalvin?

What an honored and humbled idiot.

Anonymous said...

Top Korffing post right there! good job!

Anonymous said...

Having to live this down; the videos, the web sites, this blogs and those terrible books, for the rest of your life... no thanks.

Kal Korff really is an idiot.


Anonymous said...

Lest us not forget about this other self imposed deadline, now missed by 66 days... I'll take off two weeks to be kind and you still have a failure by 52 days.

Well done Wide Load, well done.

July 27- Noble World School

Hi everyone. We will be starting our iPad and AppleTV driven SmartClasses very shortly, I'll give you an update and post photos and videos of this next milestone in our educational growth and evolution sometime in the next two weeks.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Our FB spy sent this in today.

I noticed that Korff doesn't refer to anyone from his family on his FB profile. No parents, brothers, sisters, not even his wife (other than a basic mention)...


No family members to show

Listed under Life Events are places he claims to have traveled to and jobs he claims to have had but again, no mention of his marriage and nothing at all after 2010...

Funny thing, after 2010 Don Ecker and the Korffer's pretty much shut Korff down...

I'm sure that has nothing to do with this missing data... I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

"... and this realization destroyed my childhood..."

Let this statement sink in friends.

Much like little Micheal Jackson, little Kalvin's childhood was torn asunder, simply because of his super intelligence... his 219 IQ.

Wow. He should write a book.

Anonymous said...

Do you know, I've always thought I have a book in me ....

Anonymous said...

a book... up your ass. That must be what's up in side you... Ha, ha, ha!

"They Weren't Green" said...

So much humbleness, what an honor.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Bro, bro, hey Bro, I love you man. Bro!!!

A book or series of books up date from Kal K. Korff, the Bro....

Comments to this link:


Imran Zaki: And about human rights violations, Assange is an example. So is Snowden. India, Israel, China, Egypt, Bahrain, UK, France, China, Pakistan...long list. Why only Iran? Why do you all conveniently ignore your very own?

Kal Korff: Bro, I do not ignore anything. I'm not putting the finishing pieces on six books on this subject, some 4,000 pages, I conclude there are NO "Saints."

For me this issue is universal. Assuming the details revealed in this article are true, over this seven year period, NO HUMAN BEING should be treated this way.

It doesn't matter who it is.

It doesn't matter what country it is.

It doesn't matter what laws they have.

It doesn't matter what legal system they have.

It doesn't matter what political system they have.

What this woman has endured is morally wrong and it can never be RIGHT, even if it is "legal."

Stalin had his laws too. So did Hitler. It was "legal" to executed 75 million people, under their systems and yes, also start World War II.

Now, I DO understand that this analogy can be used on other countries. I also understand it first other countries, the numbers vary the principles are the same.

So what? That changes the subject. I know you are not Noam Chomsky, (he always does this), so I forgive you, bro!


When one changes principles for convenience sake, one has none.

I believe it is universally wrong, and I would apply this view to every "civilization" known to human history dating back to our very origins.

niedermeyer said...

uh ... did Kernal Klaptrap make some sort of Freudian slip there

Kal Korff: Bro, I do not ignore anything. I'm not putting the finishing pieces on six books on this subject, some 4,000 pages, blah blah"

so, he's actually NOT putting the finishing pieces on six books? because there are no books? and it's all a lie his subconscious wishes to admit to?

what a fuckup!

Anonymous said...

You got that right!

Anonymous said...

I simply don't understand why you have to tell all these lies, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after bloody lie.

Anonymous said...

You and me, pedo.

Just you and me, a soundproofed cellar, a blowtorch and a pair of pliers.

Anonymous said...

How's it going Karlton?

The family and I have been having a wonderful weekend; beach, mountains, amazing food, music and fun....

And you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Karlton Lard Ass, don't say I never did anything for your lazy fat ass. I received this note this morning and I thought of you immediately.

D. R ;

I need an India Contact for a supply deal in my workplace here in UK


Now Shithead, go make something of yourself ... if you can .....

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry Fat Ass. Here is the email for that note ....


Anonymous said...

So, here we are, at the end of the first bookless, or a series of bookless... month, soon to be months.

Maybe I should help you edit your English.

Way to fail Wide Load.

Well Done.


Brit_in_Prague said...

"The family and I have been having a wonderful weekend; beach, mountains ..."

--- beach AND mountains. Nice one. Unfortunately, there's no sea for me in landlocked Central Europe. Still, we had a lovely time at the cottage, the forest ablaze with autumnal colour. I shouldn't think there's much scope for observing the changing seasons in your fetid slum, is there, Karlton?

Karlton? Are you there?

Of course you are. You check in here every day, don't you, pedo?

Anonymous said...

See the box in the top left-hand corner here: http://nobleworldschool.com/

We are setting up a school ***thast*** will turn our children fully enabled and equipped to face the future, and take the competition head on.

Anonymous said...

"... turn our children fully enabled ..."?

"... take the competition head on ..."?

What the hell are you babbling about, moon man?

Anonymous said...

Moon man....


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook UpDate

"Using Smart Phones Smartly"


"Apple, 3 Years After Steve Jobs"

Nothing to see here...

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

I am sure that with his vast wealth and connections to the tech industry Kalvin K. Karlton Korff is familiar with many varieties of smart phones and has experience using them beyond just the Apple iPhones he swindled back in Czech Republic.

Anonymous said...

To be, or not to be -

Thast is the question ...

You are an illiterate buffoon, "Colonel".

You are weapons-grade scum.

Anonymous said...

Evil. Pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe the technical term that psychoanalysts use is "lying piece of shit."

Anonymous said...

33 days, and a stink wafts through India and the rest of the Korff's world.

... smells like... failure.


Anonymous said...

You're a jerk, Kal.

Jimmy_D said...

"33 days, and a stink wafts through India and the rest of the Korff's world.

... smells like... failure."

----Oh, be fair, FN. It just be Kal's neighbor taking a dump under his window again.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Ah, another "korffing day" to keep that lying POS ... HONEST! Oh Yea! Keeping the lard assed lying POS honest. A tough job but someone has to do it!

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Kal Korff is an IDIOT A Huge! Idiot!!

Get the idea???

Anonymous said...

On a whim I went to this sites front page, picked a year (2009) and simply began to read comments from late in 2009. I found this and chuckled ... so on the off chance you would like to, oh I don't know, chuckle ... here it is.

November 25, 2009

banal and facile.
a fat waste of space.
kal korff has no grace.

kal thinks he is handsome, smart and slick.
but fact is he wouldn't equate
to a pimple on billy meier's dick.

delusional and confused
kal thinks he is ahead of the game
but as a handful of us have seen
kal has no sense or shame

kal thinks he is an analyst
broadcaster and SAPSTOE
don't be surprised
by how low kal will go

kal will sully and steal
memories of valor
so he can think
he has some sort of power

mouth breathing
sucking wind through a hole in his head
kal wishes for money so his fat ass
can be fed

kal huffs and puffs
and threatens to sue
but as we all know
none of his threats are true

stop oh just stop
this silly ruse
why? because we all
see right through you

with this i give kal
some sincere advice
go away go away fool
quietly into the night

Anonymous said...

Since Kolonel Colon NEVER did get that promised book out, for your reading pleasure a book review on another failed attempt by Tubby to write a "book". This was on his "dirt-bag" brothers case after being shot by Oregon Police, arrested and being sent back to state prison. This is from December 31, 2008....

(Shit, got to get something more productive than this loser to occupy my time!)

A most marvelous review posted by "Rick" in one of the comments section about this absolute joke of a book Kal:

I just punished myself by reading through that piece of shit Kal Korff has the nerve to call a book. All Kal has succeeded in doing is showing the entire world that he has the literary skill of a fern. I've seen better written research papers from high school freshmen and more honesty from a pedophile in a schoolyard.

This book (I cringe at ever using the word to describe this piece of trash Kal Korff has rigged together) is the sort even a "print it yourself" publisher would be embarrassed to print.

Essentially all Kal has done is taken a PowerPoint presentation compiled by someone else, some court documents compiled by soeone else, some court photos taken by someone else, a few Googled articles written by someone else, and has mixed them together in a and discombobulated 147 page poo fest.

Kal spares no room in dragging Kevin Randle, Royce Meyers, and David Bideny through the mud by making one of the farthest stretches I have ever seen by trying to tie them into a police shooting they have nothing to do with, all because apparently they dared to have an opinion or made a comment about it at some time. Kal should be prepared to get sued because were I ever mentioned in that manner my lawyer would sue Kal for every last i-Pod, third grade science award, and newspaper clipping he owns. Why someone hasn't sued that lying slanderer Kal Korff at this point is puzzling.

This thing Kal has put out is so incredibly painful I would rather take a wire coat hanger, straighten it, and use the hook part to remove my own brain through an ear than subject anyone else to this babbling ball of bullshit Kal Korff has concocted.

Kal Korff is not an author, a researcher, or an investigator of any sort of caliber, and he really never was. If you go look through his previous works you will see books with large fonts, oft used capital letters, liberties taken with previous works and no credit given, and a million other amateur marks consistent of someone who has no extended education or real experience in literature or research.

I'm an opponent of the Billy Meier case, but Kal Korff's Meier book is chock full of mistakes and baseless proclamations led not by research, but by Kal Korff's own ego and desire to steer the evidence toward his own belief.

Kal Korff once had a little credibility, and I emphasize little. But through his own antics, wild claims, and publicly broadcast delusions he is only viewed, even by the skeptics who once supported him, as nothing more than a discredited wacko nutjob living on the fringes.
Posted by Kal is an idiot at Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anonymous said...

I see a new thread coming very soon.

Dirt Bag Brother....

Anonymous said...

"Kal Korff once had a little credibility, and I emphasize little. But through his own antics, wild claims, and publicly broadcast delusions he is only viewed, even by the skeptics who once supported him, as nothing more than a discredited wacko nutjob living on the fringes."

My God! Such Truth has never been more evident! A NUTJOB living on the FRINGE!!!