Monday, January 11, 2016

Kal Korff Internationally Recognized Raging Lunatic

Here's the lastest lunacy of Kalvin K. Korff. Kalvin is blowing up in the same fashion that he did circa 2008, and we're loving it.

First up, Kalvin makes the claim that his new Media Giant has nothing to do with his old Media Giant, no connection at all.

Korff Lies - Proof

As of January 10, this Global Media Giant hadn't post
any new news or material since December 31, 2015.

And this, just in.... the noose on the lies tightens 

Konfirmed Lie

Next Kalvin made the announcement that he would be pulling his monologues from soundcloud and he would now be posting them on the web site of his new Media Giant:

Of course, we know that Kalvin is annoyed with that fact that the Korffing Syndicate is downloading any and all media and data Kalvin releases and, at the time of our choosing, will edit this material to reflect the truth and for the entertainment of Korffer's around the world.

Here's material from Kalvin's recent monologue... posted today:

Just a warning; if you do have the interest (and time) to listen to this monologue, take care, Kalvin's ego is full steam ahead. Kalvin states that he isn't bothered by his haters and his kritics (of which they total in the ones and 10's) and yet, Kalvin continues to create monologues to rally against these people, monologues that routinely attract less than 100 page loads per "show". A person not "off his med's" might ask, "Why bother?" Indeed.

In this new monologue, Kalvin mocks Stanton Friedman's career and most incredulous, he mocks Stanton's education, lashing out in an ego fueled rage to say that he, Kalvin Korff, is not impressed by a Phd's or Masters degree's... Once again, Kalvin lies.

And of course, we present our video trailer to Kalvin's planned and promised "movie" which Kalvin claims to have wrote, directs and stars in:

To close out, Kalvin has self-penned and posted yet another bio in the Kal's Korner section on his new Global Media Giant's web site: 

We post it here as well, for if history repeats itself and we're sure it will, Kalvin will remove this bio, change it, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wow, classic Korffing and classic Korff.

Thank you Andre, you've ramp this little turd up big time and he's spinning in circles of rage.

Anonymous said...

I tried to listen to the latest "kalvin monologue" he posted, you know, his "radio show." I managed to stay in there for about 18 minutes. My God, it was like LISTENING TO PAINT DRY. Nothing but whining about how no one understands poor put upon kalvin. The newest Korffing Star, Andre seems to bear the brunt of kalvin's ire. What kalvin misses, probably because he is so dense is .. we don't believe you BECAUSE you simply "say so" because you have over 20 years of bold faced lies in the media. Bozo the Korff went off on a rant about his apology to Art Bell. Poor kalvin, according to his "revised history", was wrong about a letter he had accusing Art Bell of trying to stop kalvin from appearing on a radio show. Well kalvin, BullShit!!!! Here is what really happened with that incident.

I personally listened to the original broadcast with Jeff Rense,host, and kalvin as guest. kalvin stated on the Rense show that he, kalvin, called station management and they STATED Art threatened to pull his massive show OFF THEIR STATION if kalvin appeared. PERIOD ... END OF STORY ... kalvin is a bull shitting LIAR! The whole sorry episode is on the Don Ecker Dark Matters Radio expose show of kalvin and his silly bull shit. Even Art Bell told our village idiot that "words have meaning" and at one point Bell is heard stating to our fat body, "are you a cogenital liar?" Well Art, yes he is. Our fat body boy kalvin would NOT KNOW THE TRUTH IF IT JUMPED UP AND BIT HIM DIRECTLY ON HIS FAT AND FLABBY ASS!

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the NAME OF THAT TUNE.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to You Tube for part 01 of the Korff Expose show on Dark Matters Radio.

Anonymous said...

Korffing has gone back to the future.

Interesting that it took one person, Andre, to push Korff off the ledge again. A single person who questioned Kalvin has sent this mental migit of the edge again.

Good job Andre, whoever you are.

Tetering on the edge, titling at windmills.

Anonymous said...

Well kalvin, I jus' call ya kalvin cause I KNOW it gets under ur skin. Ya see, I don't respect, nah not even a little bit, a punk who is a liar, a thief, a scum bag who takes advantage of folk that tried to help ya and YOU SHIT ON THEM. You are a fat asshole who should uv' had ur ass kicked REAL GOOD years ago. But you are one of those assholes that Run and Hide when the going gets tuff. Ya see Boy, ya are a Pussy. Running around on digital and waving a Roscoe don't make ya a bad ass boy. And, jus' a hint at ya, and you are probably too dumb to heed it ... lay off those Twinkies boy. Ya got a spare tire round ur gut that could be a spare for a Peterbuilt. Shit Son, you are a Loozer .. plain as dirt to see.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight pardner!

Anonymous said...

How's the wife, Kal? She leave you? Or was that all just a story.

Jimmy D said...

"Chubby little loser ... national joke."

RIP David Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, and to think we "kritics" live free in lard asses head! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Wow man, this is just TOO RICH!!