Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Majesty of Korff

Kalvin Korff is now a movie star!

Kalvin Korff is now a movie director!

Kal Korff is now a movie soundtrack artist!

and with help from his beauty pageant peeps...

Korff released this "movie trailer"...

Not to be outdone,
The Korffing Syndicate produced their own...

Korff crows about 207 views the day after he released his "work", The Korffing Syndicates total is at 8,872 and counting. Kalvin's epic failure kontinues.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! Jabba the fat assed HUT (our very own Village Idiot .. Kalvin Karlton Korff) is apparently in an Indian movie! Oh Yea, Kalvin "Jabba the Hut" Korff has fucking gone BOLLYWOOD!! (That is Bollywood with a B, NOT HOLLYWOOD!) As he has been Huffing and PUFFING ... filming is movie ... a REAL HONEST TO GOD EXPOSE!!!! ON THE BETTY AND BARNEY HILL CASE ...and wait for it ... yes . it is coming ... Kalvin Karlton Korff is JUMPING AROUND ON SCREEN waving a fucking GUN!! I guess his WET DREAM of being a SECRET AGENT ARMED WITH REAL GUNS (and not his usual Paint Guns) has finally been realized! Well okay .. it IS A FUCKING MOVIE (I guess that is what you call it) but God HELP US ... Jabba the HUT has a GUN!! I bet after you watch the following trailer you can imagine he goes home to his hovel at night and must "beat off" while he watches this on his stolen Apple computer! Way to GO Tubby!! Way to Fucking Go ....

Yes Gang ... prepare for it ... THE KRAZY IS COMING BACK AND ON THE MARCH!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Holy shit! It really is just people sitting around inside talking. For variation they go to a cafe and talk some more! And what's with the staged violence? A Kal Korff fantasy about "taking out a Kritic" with deadly Israeli tactics, honed to precision over an afternoon or two of playing paintball? We also have the Sexy Honeytraps fantasy at play -- two of them this time -- and YES!!! let's hear it for the hallowed Newspaper Clippings obsession, back with a still difficult to forensically examine vengeance. Lookin a little yellow with acid rot, Kal! Never thought to have them archivally preserved in an acid free sleeve I guess. Or heard of digital color correction. And wow at those built-in iMovie effects! What a budget they must have, easily in the tens of dollars. Can't wait to see more.

Good news is that now he has actively involved this new batch individuals in his grand scheme and in the same pattern as the Prague expedition: Glom onto people in a new place based on false pretenses, call in the favors they extent out of courtesy and underhandedly use them to pursue the lifelong obsessions. Now the clock is ticking on when they realize they are being had and begin to excommunicate Kalvin from their lives. It shouldn't take long.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Update

Given this new video and the expected response Korff will have it and to any other future media he releases and our subsequent edit of said media, we have taken the time to scour the internet and download, backup and archive any and all Korff related material.

You never know how Youtube and even this blog might respond after getting stalked by Korff in response to our latest (and future) march to truth.

Just in case, we've secured all the media for safe keeping.

Korff on,

Korffing SYndicate

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Apple electronics obsession and the beauty contest obsession. for that matter how do you get from a beauty contest in India to Betty & Barney Hill, unless you are a complete fucking obsessive idiotic maniac.

i would however request an edit, replacing korff's ridiculous "in a world where dreams are one ..." template copy/paste movie trailer music with Merv Griffin performing "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"

Kal Israel said...

The WAG sent me some information today. This had to do with Korff's old media giant and his new global media giant.

Korff made the claim that these two giants had nothing to do with each other, there was NO connection between them.

She looked into this and she found that Manish, the guy in charge of the Daily Post India is also in charge of Korff's new Global Media giant, Daily World.

Korff said the "owners" are not the same and that may be, however when you claim that there is NO connection between the to two giants and we find out that the person called the Editor-in-Chief is the same person that is what the WAG calls...

a bold face lie.


She also sent me this interesting information regarding Korff's "radio" show. We know it bothers Korff very much that even though he removed the download button from his soundcloud page, the Syndicate is still able to download the material.

In an attempt to circumvent this issue, Korff released this note on his Facebook wall.

If Korff really is the IT expert he claims to be, he would know that when you post something on the internet in such a way to make it easily available to your fans', etc., there is no way to secure that material from getting in the hands of people you'd rather it not get into the hands of.

This brings to mind the lie Korff told when he said he inserted "code" into his "articles" that his media giant posted on their web site to hide the material from his haters and kritics but it wouldn't hide it from anyone else.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Quick update. The next edition of my radio show will be featured on Daily World, its newspaper web site, since I announced that it would be part of the Daily World family recently. Please give it a few more days, past episodes will also be available, it will no longer be on Soundcloud. This is great for the show because it will have a bigger audience now and I am truly honored. I will post the link once it is up and running from the newspaper. THANKS!

Paul Kimball said...

It's good to know that no matter what I do, I'll never be the worst filmmaker in the world so long as Kal K. Korff is around.


Anonymous said...

Not even close Paul. Your talent far out classes Kalvin's.

Anonymous said...

It's amazingly hilarious to watch Kernal Korff handle a firearm, he clearly has no experience with them. You can tell by his hand placement, grip, stance, head alignment and his demeanor. So much for Kernal Korff and his spy stories.