Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Name is Kalvin


Anonymous said...

My Name is Kalvin, if found, please call my Mom....

Anonymous said...

Pudding Pop Face, eating entire pizzas.

Has Kalvin Karlton K. Korff taken to his Flakebook yet to brag about having an insiders angle to the counter-intel reports on the Orlando massacre?

As a well documented hater of gays it should be quite entertaining to see Kalvin K. Karlton K. Korff try to use this latest tragedy to earn praise and Likes from the dillweeds who haven't blocked him yet.

Anonymous said...

Well Kolonel Kornhall .. with this most recent Islamic Outrage ... I must note ... you and the celebrated Special Secret Services have really fallen down on your fat ass and have done nothing. I must say cottage cheese ass, I am greatly disappointed in you and S-3's track record..

Fuck you Kalvin, you piece of shit ... fuck you.

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: My heart goes out to the families and victims of the terrible terrorist attack by an Islamic extremist in Orlando, Florida, where over 50 innocent people have now been murdered.
Gun CONtrol nuts will now exploit this to further their agenda, when the REAL problem is hatred and intolerance, period. The shooter was a registered Democrat of Afghan heritage, ironically the Trump campaign is stressing the obvious fact that most Muslims are peaceful, and we must remember this fact.

Anonymous said...

I would call what Korff has done in the past very extreme. Trying to get a person fired, bulling a teenage girl, yes, extreme, you asshole.

Kal Korff: Bro, I have ALWAYS said that EXTREMISM IS WRONG, PERIOD. I don't care what religion is involved.

The other day I posted a piece about Jewish extremist "religious" leader saying girls should not ride bicycles because it is "too provocative."

Right wing self-proclaimed "Christian" nuts have always been that.

Anonymous said...

the REAL problem is hatred and intolerance, period.

And you, MR. Korff, are part of the fucking problem, You are also an outrageously obnoxious asshole and a complete mothefucking skullfucked idiot, so stupid as to not even realize that you yourself have mocked and insulted gay people, gay artists, gay performers, and how gay people have their own culture. Your pathetic "essay" on "accidentally" visiting a gay bar in Prague and the mocking humiliation you aimed and those who likely welcomed you as they would anyone else was sickening and deserves to be shared with all your "friends" on Fakebook to show them what a completely insufferable hypocrite and blood-pressure raising IDIOT you really are.


Anonymous said...

My God, that photograph of Korff resembles Jabba the Hutt to a fricking Tee. What a lump of grease pictured there. Of course Kal, you must work out and be dedicated to it. That beer gut you're sporting is taking over the bod. Can you still find your dick?

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Been away from the computer for a while. Here we have Korff twisting himself into knots as he tries to explain why his FabeBook page isn't locked down. Poor, dumb old Kalvin just doesn't understand how FaceBook works. Some IT expert.

And notice he does refer to his Friends list being hiding, he doesn't give the reason why. Why? Simple, he'd be called out for the pissie, lying little bitch that he is.

Kal Korff: As far as I know, I do not keep my FB page "very locked down" my postings are public. In the past, years ago, the settings were different, but I opened it up after understanding the simple concept that it is better people hear my words directly from me, than how they get bastardized, missed and lied about on other sites.

This is not a reference to anyone specific by the way, just an observation in general and explaining WHY I changed the settings to public.

Gentlemen, I have my settings set for putublc, period. I have had it this way for a long time now. I only have on FB account as well, so if you have problems seeing content please let me know.

As far as I am aware, the list of my friends is not public, otherwise all postings should be. The postings might be affected by the settings of others and their respective privacy settings.

Anonymous said...

The impression that assaults me when looking at the current photo of Korff is very simple.

FAT (extremely obese) SLOW (moron level) DULL (boring to the extreme)

And it should also be said, Mommy dresses him VERY FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

Korff High School friend, Raj, taking Korff to task, again. Ha, ha, ha!

Raj Reddi - You and other right wing nuts are the only ones saying that this elected official is pro Sharia, but why the fawk am I telling you what you already know. You're just looking for a reason to be racist. Frankly I'm glad you are in India and not infecting the American public with your bigotry.

Kal Korff - Raj, I hate no one, not even bin Laden, and he killed two of my friends.
You obviously have not bothered reading past statements by this man supporting Sharia and other worrisome things.

Since he is a politician who has his beliefs, like all politicians, I expect and it is logical to assume that he will try to push whatever he "feels" is right.

The idea that I am some sort of right winger is delusional, I never have been. In fact when you and I were in high school together, I was a hardcore liberal. :-)

You can claim I am whatever, it doesn't make it true, and I know that "race" is merely genetics. Any other claim is racism.

You can look up some of his quotes from the past and his formal apologies for making them, which proves he did. Otherwise his apologies would not exist, would they?

I won't do your homework for you.

You can also continue to "judge" me as you see fit, it doesn't mean it's true and obviously you;re doing it anyway. Your choice.

Kal Korff - By the way, Raj, I live in India because it is logical. :-)

Kal Korff - Same reason I lived in Europe for ten years.

Raj Reddi - You were never a hard core liberal in high school. I don't recall you having any politics then, I don't think you do now. My judgements about you are based upon what you say.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: What exactly is my opinion about women, Raj?

My opinion about them, and I have held this view since last century, is that women are the highest life forms on this planet. While we are all "equal" I feel women are superior to men in many ways. They can have babies. They don't murder as a rule.

There aren't female Hitlers, Stalins, Genghis Khans, etc.

So other than these views of mine, which I have spoken about publicly now for decades, please educate me on why my "fucked up" views on women are?

I know of none. Perhaps your comment was meant for someone else and I am responding to something not directed at me?

Do you not agree, Raj, that this world would be a LOT more PEACEFUL if WOMEN ran it?

Would women have ever gone to start WW II or invent the atomic bomb for example?

I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha!! Fucking Korff bringing up his fake school school! Ha, ha, ha!

Hey Kalvin, Noble World did happen sort of, it was yet another FAILED attempt Kalvin. You're, once again, hanging your hat on a FAILED attempt and acting like it was a win. Like the movie.... Proof, facts, unused web site, Facebook and and twitter account. What an asshat.

You go Raj, you go!

Raj Reddi - Read my words dude. Why PRETEND to be one by saying the elected mayor of London wants to impose Sharia law. You are 54 years old. You need to own the shit that you spew.

Raj, I understood your English, bro.

I am not "pretending" (for you to assume I am is judgmental) nor am I an idiot and you are still name calling.

What you have dismissed as "shit" in the past has turned out to be true and factual.

Two words: Noble World

Anonymous said...

Several messages above, korff talking to his high school buddy said;

"Kal Korff - By the way, Raj, I live in India because it is logical. :-)

Kal Korff - Same reason I lived in Europe for ten years."

Oh sure, Lard Ass lived in Europe until they figured the asshole out ... then ran his tubby ass out of Europe ...

Only a matter of time until India figures this asswipe out ... then he will have to vacate to another 3rd world hole ... maybe North Korea.

Bye bye Little Kalvin ... Bye bye.

The Unknown Korffer said...

My opinion about them, and I have held this view since last century, is that women are the highest life forms on this planet. While we are all "equal" I feel women are superior to men in many ways.

TRANSLATION: Even at age 54 I regard females as alien beings whom I cannot comprehend and am thoroughly unsuitable as a mate for any of them.

By being pompous Kalvin's attempt to ingratiate himself upon his female Flakebook fans by appearing grand & noble falls flat. How about that crotch shot thumbnail from the Martina Tychova video? or the young lady on the iPod touch screen demo video? Or the gratuitously sexist images chosen to illustrate his Metropoliti articles? And the continued obsession with supermodels and beauty pageants? No, the evidence of being a chauvinist, bigot and narcissistic ego speak for themselves. No woman in her right mind would have anything to do with him in real life unless it was a work situation and she didn't have the option of calling in sick.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin, and what of the wife? You know, the wife you haven't made nary a mention of in over a year.

You may be right, she figured your ass out, she kicked you to the urine covered, fecal smeared curb.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin mentioning his wife? Hahahaha ... one poster asked above if Kalvin could find his dick hiding beneath that massive gut! I find it unlikely. Probably his wife (if he ever had one) couldn't find it either. Right Kolonel? Mrs. Kalvin couldn't locat Kalvins little kalvin ... hahahahahahaha!!!

niedermeyer said...

what kal also doesn't seem to be able to process is the notion that by feeling welcome to make such an assessment about one gender being superior to the other that deep down inside he considers himself superior to EVERYONE. next ratchet down from his highly placed self are attractive women, who are either doormats to be humiliated to ensure his superiority or objects to be idolized on a pedestal like an expensive vase. by making such statements he comes off as trying fill his collection of expensive vases via glowing praise (Likes) from female FB users.

... most of whom are likely viewing FB on mobile devices which by default do not display extensive comments on posts. nobody is seeing any of that exchange. which means he does not understand how FB works and is just being a pompous dick to his buddy. i have never addressed anyone on social media in such a fashion, other than perhaps to tell someone to fuck off before blocking them. if you are having that sort of toxic interaction they aren't your friend. just somebody on Fakebook you feel comfortable abusing in front of your followers.

swell guy, this korff fellow.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff hates gays. Remember when Kal said he liked the metal band Judas Priest until he found out the lead singer was gay? Yep. Kal did say that. Fuck you Kal.

Anonymous said...

Raj Reddi: Thanks for going down high school memory lane, even if I wasn't there to observe it. LOL. Except for Mr. Jerry Lapiroff I don't remember any of those people. High school was obviously a big deal for you, it is for a lot of people, and that's okay.

I'm not sure why you put up that still. It's not informative in itself. You're still working on that movie? I thought that you had given up on it, like you did with the seven part book series on terrorism that you were about to publish a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Korff Rant June 17, 2016

Part 1

Kal Korff: Hi Raj, sorry to say, but your memory could not be more wrong. And you didn't know me during all of my high school, you had moved to Puget Sound.

I campaigned against Proposition 15 and speficially the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. I am against building nuke plants along fault lines.

I had Mr. Caveglia for the last two years of my high school and went to many protests with him, everything at LLNL to warning people in my lectures that the nuclear industry was badly regulated and that if we are not careful, an accident will occur.

Three Mile Island happened months after that.

I refused to register for the draft that "liberal" Jimmy Carter imposed, and registered as a conscientious objector.

I never voted for Ronald Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Kal Korff: I got very much into politics my last couple of years in high school, often going back an forth between teachers like Caveglia versus Bruce Edwards (who was more conservative) trying to find out who was really right.

I even participated in FOIA activities against the Air Force, CIA, Pentagon, etc., re everything from UFOs to Kennedy's murder. Was written up in the papers for it, several of them actually.

As I grew up I began to despise how liberals changed, and so-called "progressives" because they were not like the "old school" when people really cared and wanted to make a difference.

I even wrote articles outlining my political views, and am grateful I had instructors like Jerry Lapiroff and people like Fred Kriege as inspirations and role models.

I worked hard to try to help the truth about Kennedy's murder come out and later became famous for the 16 year study I did, was featured on CNN's Larry King Live for it, etc.

The first article about my work on JFK's murder appeared in the San Jose Mercury News in my Freshman year. Then the Stanford Daily covered it.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

Kal Korff: I was always very politically active, campaigned against (and got speaking awards for these events) Proposition 13 (the Jarvis initiative) and later its successor, the Jaws II initiative as it was called.

There are countless examples and many of these documents from that time, including my 216 page report on UFOs that I did in eight grade still exists. In fact it is shown in the upcoming movie :-)

I was the youngest member, ever, of Ground Saucer Watch, which was one of the leading groups to try to pry UFO documents out of the US Government that remained classified. I had many articles published even when you and I reconnected with them, I had a regular column analyzing UFO imagery that appeared in a magazine out of New York called UFO Report. I earned my living back then in fact teaching and writing for several magazines.

By the way, I was thinking of you last night, and I am sorry for accidentally forgetting this fact, so I a sharing it now.

In the new movie, The Zeta Reticuli CONspiracy, one of the early scenes where you see me, is when I introduce myself to a woman named "Upma" because I overhear her and her friend making a bet that the famous Betty and Barney Hill UFO "abduction" case is real.

Anonymous said...

Part 4

Kal Korff: As everyone will see in the movie if they watch it, I introduce myself and talk about her name, the word "Upma" meaning a "tasty dish" and this woman is a real life model, very beautiful, and she asks me why the men always tell women that they are beautiful, and I reply to her that men do play that game but I don't, and that I really mean it.

I then go onto explain in the scene, shot MONTHS ago, how I view women as the top life form on the planet, versus dolphins, apes, chimps, etc., as I said earlier.

In the movie there is a lot of dialog like this where my views are explained and lots of "easter egg" references to lots of stuff over the years.

And when we were in high school, as you may recall, my favorite group was the Beatles and my favor "Beatle" was John Lennon, who we all know was a hardcore neocon. :-)

So yes I was a liberal, and then as I got older and saw things and later worked at LLNL, I realized through reality and real experience that things were not as "simple" as I once thought.

It's also the same lesson I have learned repeatedly over and over in my travels to three continents now.

Anonymous said...

Part 5

Kal Korff: Here is a frame by the way from the new movie where I describe my views to Upma about what I think of men versus women.

Again, this was filmed months is one of the early scenes in the movie.

By the way, my love for history and politics is something I learned from my father, who has been a union activist, hardcore Democrat.

I was once a hardcore Democrat as well like my father, but became disillusioned by the Democrats during Clinton's second term in office and the stuff I saw going on at Boeing and the Clinton White House.

I miss the old Democrats, can't stand the present ones like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and supported Bernie Sanders.

Anonymous said...

And finally.... Part 6

Kal Korff: You can ask Jerry Lapiroff, he will CONFIRM that for YEARS I have been saying (since the late 1990s) that we need a viable third party alternative and that both the Democrats and Republicans are the chief cause of our country's problems, depends on the issue.

Clinton represents what is wrong with them, I wish Sanders had won. I have ALWAYS believed in free education, free universal healthcare including dental (something I also learned to appreciate when I lived in Europe and had such benefits), believe in a fair income tax structure, would ban lobbyists, etc.,

Here's a still from the upcoming movie where I describe my views about women exactly as i have always done since the 1990s :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Kalvin, you tub of grease .. according to the clock on the front page of this blog you are SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY MOTHERFUCKING DAYS PAST DUE on you fucking book or series of books. Still no new fucking trailer for your MOVIE.... What is the story you Fuck UP??

I LUV KAL said...

What is Kalvin's story?

Lets try SLOTH, GLUTTONY and his mommy dresses him funny.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff kontinues to horn in on threads having nothing to do with him. Why? You know why...

Lee Speigel: I can't believe it's only two weeks until the big event in Roswell, NM. This will be my first time visiting the town that helped spawn the UFO legend, and I'm looking forward to meeting new friends at the also legendary Roswell Daily Record whose famous headline of July 8, 1947 sent shockwaves around the world and gave birth to public awareness of UFOs. I hope to see many of you there as we celebrate what is perhaps the most enduring story and mystery of the entire UFO subject.

Kal Korff: Too bad it was NOT caused by the crash of a real "extraterrestrial" spacecraft. In FACT, NO ORIGINAL ROSWELL WITNESSES who handled the material firsthand, ever described a "spacecraft" in fact Mac Brazel's DAUGHTER said very clearly that it "looked like a balloon that had burst."

Butt of course UFO CONspiracy nuts ignore facts like this. This is much ado about nothing, a modern American MYTH that the city of Roswell gleefully exploits because, as the Mayor's office told me last century, they earn about 22% of their income from exploiting this and the "five crash sites."

They should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Kal will insert himself anywhere he can especially when it involves him reliving his mediocre D-list celebrity days when he was able to weasel his way onto television specials as some sort of expert. Just look at it all: Kal claimed to be a part of both criminal and civil cases involving OJ Simpson and continued so after it was proved he was not involved in either case. Kal jumped on the JFK wagon at its height. Kal tried riding Roswell and Bigfoot. Kal started riding the terrorism train to gain notoriety. Now Kal is embracing gays and women suddenly despite the chauvinistic pictures of him with women and his past bashing of gays. Kal will change his colors when he thinks it will best serve him. And yes Kal was indeed in the San Jose News which exposed him as a home grown nitwit

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the YouTube channel for Korff's media giant. No new Korff videos since March, and those that are up there averaged 15 views each.

No new radio shows.

No new tweets.

No new personal youtube videos.

No new movie preview.

Tell me Kalvin, how this blog, the website and the youtube channel make no difference to you.


Anonymous said...

So where was Kal "teaching" during this time in question that he is lying to his good buddy about, and what magazines was he "making a living from" writing for? I thought he had been "CEO" of Total Research during his salad days. Which consisted of Kal, his roommate, and his Playboy magazine collection. More supermodels.

There are countless examples and many of these documents from that time, including my 216 page report on UFOs that I did in eight grade still exists. In fact it is shown in the upcoming movie :-)

Fucking idiot with his shithead passive aggressive suck-my-cock smiley. How is showing a yellowed old classroom binder going to further anything? Or did he mean the evidence it outlines? Some journalist.

I then go onto explain in the scene, shot MONTHS ago, how I view women as the top life form on the planet, versus dolphins, apes, chimps, etc., as I said earlier.

And again, Kalvin K. Korff's KKK "I am superior to everyone else" narcissism at work. Kalvin is such an advanced life form that he is obliged to rank the rest of us in our places respective to his selection. He is trying to get women who follow his fucking pathetic drivel to "Like" the comment by praising them for being .... what? Attractive to him? A 350lb slob bragging about eating entire pizzas?

You are a fat stupid man Mr. Korff. A pathetic pitiable slob who has achieved absolutely nothing in life of any lasting importance. Your books are unimportant and so are you.

Anonymous said...

hell i thought he was a young lieutenant in ys3 then! or was that just a lie too?

Anonymous said...

June 20 2016

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have a full page special in Sunday's issue of Daily World newspaper. As a journalist and columnist, it is always a honor to write lengthy pieces such as this. I hope you find it to be of interest. Thanks again for your support.

Anonymous said...

So according to Kalvin Karlton K. Korff's failed logic, our mechanic should be honored to replace my busted tail light. It's not just a routine job he will be performing as would any other mechanic, it will be a privilege for which he should be publicly praised by complete strangers. I will be sure to inform him of this incredible breakthrough so he too can brag about it to anyone who happens to wander by.

Anonymous said...

Kal lives in India because he knows it's easy to exploit people there. Kal loves taking advantage of the easily manipulated. Kal will devolve back into attacking his perceived enemies. He can't help it.

Anonymous said...

outcast, failure and loser

Anonymous said...

kettle black... fake movie fight, really fatso and hater of women and the gays.

Fuck you.

"Salman Khan: Actor Says Film Production Schedule Left Him Feeling Like a 'Raped Woman'"

Kal Korff: Yet ANOTHER reason I cannot support this guy. With comments like this, it shows his true character, doesn't it? Talk about insensitive! You CANNOT credibly "compare" the crime of rape to anything this bozo goes through. Gee, "tough" job, "poor" Mr. Khan had to actually exert himself, FAKE fight scenes in his upcoming movie while getting paid a few million bucks, then he denigrates the victims of rape. This is one of India's top stars, go figure.

Anonymous said...

so just like someone told him "you need to be more humble" triggering the humbled and honored thing, someone must have told him "you need to be less of a chauvinist pig" triggering the patronizing sensitivity to women thing.

which as noted above just works to demonstrate that kal korff is an idiot has no capacity to understand human females.


Anonymous said...

The more time that passes the less proof is needed... Kalvin Karlton Korff has wasted his life and he'll do anything to prove to the world that he hasn't.

It isn't working Kalvin.

Never has.

Never will.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really know the truth behind why he left the US and why he doesn't return? He doesn't even come back to visit. There is something fishy here.

Anonymous said...

He has come back for a visit from time to time. he will not, however, ever make the date(s) and location public. Never, ever. Why? We think you know why.


Kalvin Korff, Reporter. Name me another "real" reporter who uses this kind of language even on Face Book.

From FaceBook June 24, 2016

Kal Korff: This is a Big Fucking Deal! Now people are wondering if other European countries will also vote to leave the EU. Leave it to the bureaucrats in Brussels to screw things up so badly that the British have now said, "We're outta here."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Expert on Everything

Anonymous said...

"... as a broadcaster..." As a fucking broadcaster. Ha, ha, ha, when was that last.... broadcast.

For fucks sake Korff. Ha, ha, ha!!!

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I am honored to report that I have a full page special article today's issue of Daily World newspaper. As a broadcaster, columnist and investigative journalist, it is always an honor to write pieces such as this, I hope you find it to be of interest. I would also like to thank Lara Lamberti Sagliano, she is quoted in the article. As usual, comments are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this lying bag of fleas Kal Korff is still around. He desperately tried to market himself and his ego back in the late 80s and early 90s as some sort of tech based investigator who was connected to the wealthy. Many saw right through his ego and he's nothing but a walking mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

I am honored to report that I have a full page special article today's issue of Daily World newspaper. As a broadcaster, columnist and investigative journalist, it is always an honor to write pieces such as this

Kalvin is honored to report his honor of being honored with honor by cribbing a fucking meaningless pathetic nothing for a zero web based news outlet in some third world butthole.

Anyone else would be either too occupied with the occupation of writing to brag about it or too disappointed in ourselves that this was all we were capable of after fifty four years to carry on with the charade anymore.

For Kal K. Korff it is the best he can do, and if he doesn't brag about it on social media there won't be any attention or praise received for his empty offering. Nobody cares except immediate family and close personal associates who are concerned for Kal's well being no matter how pathetic he has become.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update - June 26, 2016

So Korff makes a comment on a fluff spot about Jennifer Aniston; she appeared in public with no bra under her tight t-shirt and showing of some lovely nipples. At 47 she's still very together, unlike Korff...

Remember, this is Kalvin Karlton Korff, the always humble and proud and ever lying and forever useless Kalvin Karlton Korff making this grand pronouncement:

Kal Korff: She's done this many times before, WHY is this "news"???

Hey Korff, why was your article about your phoney S3, Captian horseshit "news"! Your your BREAKING NEWS on suing any number of people, all of which never happened.

You fuck nut.

I LUV KAL said...

My goodness, 661 and a half days Past Due on his book, or series of books, his movie, his radio show and etc. etc. etc.

Kalvin, you be a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT there FatBoy. Major. Of course you are too dense to really grasp that point, aren't you? Well Kalvin, do not worry your pointy little head .. we will be here to remind you ... OFTEN!

Anonymous said...

I have not dropped in here in several years but saw somebody's post on FACEBOOK about Korff. I see that you boys have not dropped the ball on this thieving little puke. I thought this scum bag would have dropped off the radar years ago but see he hasn't.

Korff, you've earned my undying scorn for ever by you clumsy and ham-fisted attempts years ago to paint yourself as some kind of military terrorism expert fighting the good fight against TERRORISTS. I doubt you know which end of an M-16 or AK-47 the fucking round comes out of. You Valor Stealing low life piece of shit. You fat-bodied lump of pig grease, you need and you deserve a world class ass stomping. Perhaps some day your karma will come due and you will receive that ass stomping. If so, its going to be fun to hear about. How is that brother of yours doing? Is he staying out of the hoose gow? Your family must be damned pround huh? What a fucking pair (you and your brother) to draw in that last shuffle, huh?

Anonymous said...

India is now an island. Just like a YouTube video is now a movie and a SoundCloud upload is now a radio show.

That's your 219 IQ at work.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a gold plated Korffer post right there!

Anonymous said...

Where is the new movie preview?
Where is the new movie?

Total loser!

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Korff seems to be distracted by water.... Maybe that isn't fat, maybe it's water retention... naw, it's fat.

Kal Korff: Obviously, facts never mattered to the nutters busy running the EU into the ground.

~ EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration. TELEGRAPH.CO.UK

niedermeyer said...

have any of kernel krapper's fakebook friends pointed out that the ocean surrounding india is SALT WATER and that droughts in oceanic climates are very common because SALT WATER cannot be used for irrigation, hydration, or providing water for livestock? it is of no use for drought relief without desalinization + a massive pipeline system.

as for the process of extracting moisture from the "air" (he meant atmosphere) the knowhow to do so has existed for a century or two. it is called condensation and occurs naturally. the specific technology to enhance the process he attempts to make authoritative reference to has been around since the 50s, and is not an exclusively israeli invention.

stick to flying saucers, flapjack

Anonymous said...

WAG Responds:

Pretty much nobody posts back to Korff. Raj likes to sandpaper his ass a bit and a few "fans" chime in but for the most part, no buddy cares enough to chime in.

Regarding that post; no Likes, no posts, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

So, you're over 50 and you post things like this on FB. To what end.... in what way does this information positively affect your life.

Oh wait, Korff has no life other than the one that started in 1973 and that came crashing down in 1999....

Kal Korff: Dell is discontinuing some of the Android tablets. Yippee! :-)…/dell-abandons-its-remaining-andro…

Anonymous said...

Poor dumb Kal clearly doesn't realize that humidity needs to be decent in the air in order to pull moisture from it. Kind of hard to do in the middle of a fucking desert. The Israelis are not the founders nor the pioneers in this technology either. We all know Kal wishes Isael had a dick to suck because he'd be all over it. Kal really is that fucking stupid, isn't he? What it must be like to stumble through life being as big of a fucking idiot as Kal. What a sad little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Kal has an answer for everything except how to fix his own fucked up mental state.