Friday, July 1, 2016


Ha, ha, ha!!! Karma truly IS a bitch... Kalvin!!!!


Kal Korf = Fugitive From Justice said...

The only question would be, is how long until Kalvin sneaks in sometime after Manish and his staff are gone to stage a fake press conference or pretend to read the news for his mommy to see. Then pass it off as some sort of "breaking development" that is supposed to redeem his worthless mouth-breathing failure of a life to people he went to high school with.

It WON'T WORK, Kal. Everyone knows you lie about everything. They may not say anything about it on Fake Book out of politeness but they know. All you do is embarrass yourself by panting breathlessly about producing television shows or doing interviews, which you have no realistic experience with any more than as a newspaper journalist. They know it will be something else taking place and you either claiming credit for it or twisting the meaning to make you look more like an important person.

Which you aren't, and yeah sticking to flying saucers or Bigfoot is good advice. Mind your place, which is actually in a mental ward and that's why you're in India. Isn't it.

Anonymous said...

So, old fatty is claiming a new talk show. Would that be a radio talk show, a TV talk show or an internet talk show, fatty.

I know, it doesn't really matter, no matter what it is, or how it is "broadcasted" it'll be yet another failure to add to the long list of Kalvin Kartlton Korff's lifelong list of failures.

Way to go Kalvin, you are never one to disappoint.

"Hey Mom, aren't you proud of me?" Mom...., Mom?!?

Anonymous said...

OH FUN! That office looks suspiciously like the lobby of a hotel! and as usual, no pictures of Kal himself in these breathtaking shots for mom & everyone back home to "Like"! So they gave Kal his own talk show, in India! We'll be able to see it on YouTube! And everyone is supposed to forget about the movie! and its trailer! Unless they already have! And the books! or series of books! Another triumphant breakthrough for Kal! and all he needed were a few pictures, which could have been taken anywhere! SEND THAT CHECK DOT JOSS! This boy's making good on his potential at last! This will be different! It will all work out this time! You'll see!

Anonymous said...

actually on closer inspection it does look like the word DAILY is painted on one of the far walls. but there's no image in the montage putting this studio into context with the lobby shots. which does look like a lobby just by the way it's designed. so whatever, it's kal korff so one should expect a deceptive spin of some sort. make the ordinary look grand and imply credit for more than is deserved.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

The philosopher Kalvin Korff:

Kal Korff: From the Net...

Yesterday an ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.

ISIS member: Are you Muslim?

Christian man: Yes, I'm Muslim.

ISIS member: If you are a Muslim, then recite a verse of Quran.

Christian man recited a verse from the Bible.

ISIS member: Ok allah go.

Later his wife tells him: "I cannot believe the risk you just took.

Why did you tell him that we are Muslims?

If he knew you were lying he would have killed both of us."

"Do not worry! If they knew the Quran they would not kill people" answered the Husband.

ISIS is not Islam, terrorism has no religion.

Kindly share it as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

One wonders what Kalvin will be doing while the country he dislikes celebrates July 4th...?

Anonymous said...


yyyy said...

He claims he's a journalist there, or a columnist more correctly, he's posting screen grabs of articles he claims he's written, not sure how the TV show would fit in since it's a print newspaper, or how it interferes with his duties as headmaster of his school, or international secret agent/terrorist hunter. Can we all chip in and get the Prague police a subscription to the paper? No mention of Col. Fatass anywhere on their website except he appears in the background in one picture of the offices, he's probably the janitor.

Jimmy D said...

How is the Noble World Scam, I mean School, coming on? Any developments?

Kal Israel said...

I logged on today to enjoy the book, or series of books counter to be at 666.

Perfect ain't it Kalvin!

And nice Instagram Kalvin! Klassic Korffing right there.

BTW, WAG sent us new information regarding Korff's Noble World School.

Udderly developing....

Anonymous said...

oh great, sideways eagle wings ... Y0U FUCKING IDIOT.

only an asshole steals valor, kal korff

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff, ignorant prick and hater of women.

Patricia Richardson-verhey: He gives me goose bumps when he opens his mouth and sings.

Kal Korff: I have watched women in different countries listen to Pavarotti and Bocelli sing their songs and always give them good headphones to do so and have seen them get emotional and their breathing affected. Now THAT is real special talent!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Kal has to jerk off all the time because no sensible woman with a modicum of decency would ever go near that creep. The Instagram is HILARIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBpook Update

Fuck you Kal Korff!!!!

Kal Korff: My heart and condoles go out to the families and victims of this terrible sniper killing spree in Dallas, Texas. It also goes out to the innocent people who were recently murdered by police officers. I will be writing a full page Special in tomorrow's Daily World newspaper on this tragedy and the recent spate of shootings.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff condemns this. Who gives a fuck you asshole.

You make me sick.

Sharon Heck Neal: Kal, my son is a police officer in a big city. I hope your personal opinion is fair. I look forward to reading your Special. I want you to remember that as a mother, I fear that anytime I could get a phone call in his behalf that is not fruitful. Be well.

Kal Korff: Hi, I understand. My brother was wrongfully shot by the police years ago, I understand this issue. Also, I understand that each time a solider or police officer answers the call for duty each day, it may be their last. I condemn all shootings of innocent people, from police misbehaving to officers getting killed in the line of duty which is the ultimate sacrifice.

Kai the Janitor said...

So, none of the other videos on the "Daily World Television" YouTube channel run longer than four minutes. They also look like field reports made by correspondents focusing on Indian affairs.

So why are they going to upload hour-long "shows" featuring puffy Kal K Korff, eater of birthday pizzas, conducting "Interviews" in a studio about stuff happening in America that he is obsessed with? Totally breaks format, will be quite surprised if he's allowed to make them look foolish like that.

And there's nothing wrong with an online news outlet having a media staff working a YouTube channel or a production studio for things like editing and closed studio production. Looks like the actual DW staff have been busy at it. But it's not broadcast television which is what Kalvin is trying to imply to his Facebooks pals in America who make him feel inadequate for being a failure. The other guy is right: He is probably the janitor, not much else he is legitimately qualified to do for a living even in a place like India.

My prediction is that he uploads something filmed at the apartment and tries to pass it off as a studio set. Or whatever. It should be quite amusing and I hope we get at least two pompous bloated self celebrating installments before he announces some other set of BREAKING NEW LIES!!!

Anonymous said...

inadequate = small penis and low sex drive. unable to satisfy a woman's needs via traditional lovemaking. erectile dysfunction also usually plays a role especially in middle aged males who are obese and suffer from related hormone deficiencies aggravated by obesity. a reliance on masturbation becomes established and hence the emphasis on superficial physical beauty. i.e. super models and fashion show girls. with korff that obsession has been documented as existing since his "beauty contest" lie about being auctioned off to the highest bidder for charity. which ended up being a platonic friend who felt sorry for him. no sex.

kal korff is not a manly man.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The humble (Now, if only I could find my suspenders! :) )
The brag (the rest of it).

The suspenders bit also alludes to Kal's Larry King obsession. I wonder if he will dig out the fake eyeglasses worn for the San Jose Mercury News "computer nerd" interview too. And a bow tie! Clip on, naturally. A big bloated Larry King wannabe posting videos on YouTube and calling it television. Oh the fun we will be having.