Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kalvin Korff is a Social Media King!

Kalvin Korff's New Website

Kalvin Korff's Twitter
is now open to all, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thank you for keeping up on this lunatics activities. Time to make a few fake e-mail addresses and mess with Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck, I went to Korff's web site and I tried to send him an e-mail using his contact page. Doesn't work. What a fucking loser.

And, his two book's are linked to Amazon, that Bigfoot book is linked there as well. His "new books" are linked to... no where. Even the older .PDF book he wrote on Area 51, no link. Kalvin, how can a buy a copy?

And, his newest book... about the last Roswell researcher, it ain't listed at all.

Come on Kalvin, ain't it time to go off the deep end again?

Korffer's, lets turn the heat up, Kalvin thinks enough time has passed that he can just restart his old life.

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

apparently no fat guy pix of Kal allowed on this new made from template website. on this page all of the pix are 25+ years old, so korff's intention to deceive continues


we all know Kal is incapable of thorough followthrough: i give it five weeks and then the "updates" cease. payment for the web "hoster" will be forgotten by the end of August and the site will be offline come October.

I Luv Kal said...

Insanity. What we have been witnessing for many years is simple insanity. Going back to this childish little man's S-3 fantasy, the mental illness was on full display. His television hosting fantasy, his radio fantasy, his author fantasy ... it is all there on full display. His Indian Princess fantasy, his A-bomb hunting fantasy, his Neo-Nazi fantasy, OMG do I have to go on? I think not.

INSANITY sums it all up. And, he will never get help for it. All he has to look forward to is "crossing that rainbow bridge."

Anonymous said...

Tick, Tock you lying scumbag motherfucking fecal finger sucking Momma's Boy.

Kal Korff - April 22 at 1:35am · BREAKING NEWS!

Hi everyone. I am pleased to announce that starting the first week of May 2017, my new book shown in this photo below, will be available for sale to the public. Price is only $8.95. If you are interested, please message or contact me for direct orders and RESERVE your copy today! The evidence presented in this book proves that the Obama administration did in fact spy on Donald Trump and associates, despite lying "denials" to the contrary. Thanks again for your interest and support!

Anonymous said...

Kal'a Twitter account is full of treasures straight from the fat tard's very own KFC grease lined lips.

"What a HYPOCRITE. WHERE WERE YOU all these years in this issue? Stop exploiting events to make you look good. You're such a sore loser." Some would ask the same of Kal.
"Good news! There's no place for racism and hatred." Two words: Fuck you Milos Bartu. hahahaa
"Hi everyone. Here's my latest piece on the CIA's black prison sites where the USA tortured people. It appears in today's Daily World paper." Kal cut and pasted most of this article.

And only 80 followers? hahahahaaa what happened to the millions who view his stuff and videos?

"Globally Accredited Investigative Journalist, Columnist, Author, TV Broadcaster, Lecturer, Researcher/Analyst. Featured on CNN, Disc Channel, FOX, MSNBC, NPR" 20 or more years ago maybe. The lie about being an accredited journalist is fucking hilarious. haahaaaahahaaa Kal's real world bio would read 'I'm a lying tub of shit who has faked it most of his life because my dick is really small. I'm a hypocrite and liar. I go live in foreign countries to try to get popular but I just turn out to an oddity until I fuck up so badly I have to leave the country. My mommy sends me money and I'll eat KFC until my heart explodes'

Anonymous said...

Where's the movie Korff:


Anonymous said...

the fuck face Korff is on facebook sucking apple's dick again over the apple watch. i bet kal has an apple shaped dildo under his pillow and some ky. what it must be like to live in a fantasy world like kal and to have your own life drift by without meaning or direction. i wonder what country kal will flee to next when he blows it in india.

Anonymous said...

Here's fuck face Kal Korff lying again on Facebook "In my view this was ALWAYS a piece of shit overpriced suckers store. I hope they go out of business, public deserves better. If you love getting ripped off, please continue to shop there. Had my fill of them when I lived in Seattle." Kal is flapping his fat face about Whole Foods and they did not open a store in the Seattle area until 2005 and by this time fat ass Kal had vacated the U.S. in favor of Prague. If anyone is a ripoff it is Kal who is accused of stealing electronics while in Prague. At least Whole Foods employs people and I don;t think Kal's fat ass would have ever shopped there because they don't serve McDonalds or the Colonel's secret recipe there.

Anonymous said...

No, gluttons don't shop Whole Foods. Just people who are conscious about what they eat and try to stay healthy. No place for Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kal couldn't afford to shop at Whole Foods. It probably seemed like a ripoff to that penniless fat fuck who spent most of his meal times eating at McDonalds and drinking pop instead of trying to eat half decently. Why pay for healthy food when you can get 2 cheeseburgers for a dollar? I'm sure Kal justified his gluttony around that. Kal isn't very bright at all.