Friday, May 12, 2017

Proving Fraud One Promise at a Time


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so Bunky!?! The book isn't ready yet... Fake news... FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

The Unknown Korffer said...

I like Kal's fantasy that a "publisher" would allow an "author" to "update" a "book" that should already have been "printed" given the announcement that it would be "available" starting the "first week of May".

Speaking of which, who is the "publisher" of this book alleged to be? Only name on the poorly photoshop design made "cover" is Korffs. Usually there's mention of who published a book to help the publisher sell more books. There is none.

Anonymous said...

Kal will try to self publish this on Amazon and go for a money grab. It will be another pdf file of cut and pasted and slightly edited pieces Kal has plucked from other websites. None of it will be original or thought provoking. There will be no sensational piece of information. It will be yet another boring and poorly written piece of garbage full of Kal's usual misuse of words and grammar. This will not be a hard copy book and it will likely never see the light of day. This is Kal trying to capitalize on current events to try to make himself seem relevant and informed, of which he is neither.

One need only look at Kal's litany of idiot comments and low grade attempts at being original, humorous, or witty.

"Butt of course."




I am sure there are many more examples, but I do not have the time to waste and list them all. I have a fun day in the sun planned with family and friends, unlike Kal who is no doubt sitting in his flat dreaming of being someone important someday. That day will never come. Kal should get used to his miserable existence because that's all he'll ever have.

Anonymous said...

No credible publishers would touch any of the trash Kal spouts. Kal has no credibility and no real track record as any kind of investigative journalist. Name one major newspaper or news agency Kal has worked for. None. Accredited journalist my ass. Kal is nothing more than a lying con man who has slithered his way through life by taking advantage of people and situations when he could and by manipulating the unsuspecting.

Anonymous said...

Kal littering his FB page with stupid shit including updating his profile picture with an older picture of himself from year ago. Come on, Kal, you fat fuck with four chins and a swollen face to match! Post a recent picture of yourself. Have some courage for once in your pathetic life and stop trying to relive the past. And the new banner picture on Kal's FB page is one he must have jerked off to a million times. Keep dreaming Kal because not even a woman you have to pay for sex would have any interest in being near you and your tiny tiny pathetic dick.

Anonymous said...


Never published. Zero copies delivered. Thirteen years of accredited fraud & misrepresentation. Kai Korff is a liar and a cheat.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a fat assed little "child-man" that never grew up, spent his entire adult life playing "pretend", eats little else but "fast food" and is a prime candidate for either a massive heart attack or a stroke. Anybody wanna take bets on which is gonna nail him first? Come on FAT MAN, which is it gonna be? Tell us another whopper there Tubby, tell us how you and Dot are gonna escape the consequences of your continuos fuckups!

Anonymous said...

For an "accredited journalist" Kal sure does post a lot of news stories from actual media outlets to his Facebook. Why doesn't Kal step up and cover these stories? Because he only plays being a journalist. He's a borish amateur on his best day.