Sunday, May 28, 2017

This High School Graduate Is Better Than All Of You... just saying.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the radio show Kalvin is referring to. It was a British based radio show from over a decade ago. He brought Martina Tycova along to show her off.

This was the last in-person radio show Korff was ever on.

Blow jobs indeed.

Anonymous said...

Actually Korff, you are known for being a poser and a liar who is on the run from his past.

You are not known for being a "blunt journalist" at all because you are not one. Just an infantile braggart disgraced flying saucer expert who conned their way into a position of access with a nothing website with a free YouTube channel in a 3rd world country boasting open sewers lining the streets. A nobody living a nothing life in the middle of nowhere, which is what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Title of the next thread:

A nobody, living a nothing life, in the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

This reads as an ineptly arranged into a manifesto rather than a sober appraisal of actual accomplishments. Anyone who has ever done personnel management can see the bullshit stacking up quickly and would realize they are wasting their time evaluating a poseur with no verifiable work history. If evaluating the record I would discard the document after the 4th sentence for obvious exaggeration to the point of dishonesty. Would not recommend the hire.

An accredited nothing whom nobody of importance cares about at all. And its the best Korff can do. He must have looked long and hard for a bunch of stooges even dumber that himself who would swallow such a bucket of BS or were themselves corrupt enough to play along. Either way I doubt Korff is getting health insurance benefits or has a retirement savings plan associated with his "job" as a mouthpiece for whatever Daily World is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Kal posted "From my friend Julie Lenarz, one of the best analysts on terrorism there is." I'd like to know if she actually knows him. I'll bet she's never heard of the schmuck!

Kwoting Kal the Kunt's facebook!

"Hillary has nothing new nor original to offer" Hey just like Kal!

"My, how Trump haters too easily forget basic history when it suits their agendas." Hey just like Kal!

"Oh, butt what about all of those Trump hating, Trump bashing stories about Melania refusing to hold his hand? Obviously, more fake news!" Hey Kal as a supposed journalist you do know there was video of this??? Maybe??? We all know you jerk off to his wife every day you fat waddling shit ball.

"Still MORE stupid Stone Age superstitious stupidity and hypocrisy in India, sorry." Yes Kal we all know you're still in India so why keep reminding people?

"Nancy Pelosi continues the redefine the term DUMBOCrat!" And yet Kal you fled your own country because you're a lying coward.

"Hard to "streamline" something no one wants!" Nice self reflection there Kal.

"Look at what the mainstream media isn't bending over backward to cover. " So you are not a mainstream journalist read by millions? Why aren't you covering it Kal? We all know why Kal and it is because you're a pretend journalist living in an ass backward country trying to impress the locals because you couldn't impress anyone in America.

"Isn't "evolution" GREAT, folks?" It is a great think Kal and too bad you haven't evolved on any level since high school with the exception of how fat you've gotten you useless bag of shit.

"It would be surprising if this did NOT happen in India! Seen it many times over the years, you can Google the stupidity of the mob and tribal mentality here. As usual the innocent pay with their lives for it." Just like anyone can Google your fucking ignorance and stupidity Kal like the time you conned a gentleman philanthropist and took advantage of his generosity by using his name to steal. We'll all be surprised if you ripping people off in India doesn't happen.

"This video is very accurate and captures precisely how I feel in several areas about the stupidity of being 'politically correct'" Yes Kal we have all seen the hilarious videos mocking your dumb ass and exposing you for the fuck tard you are. How's that for blunt?

"I do not feel sorry for business enterprises who rely disproportionately on ILLEGAL aliens. Supporting them would be supporting criminal enterprises." Speaking of which Kal is your visa still valid and did you enter India legally? Doubt it.

"Some of these criminals would the same ones OBAMA KNOWINGLY allowed into the USA. " You would know about being a criminal now wouldn't you Kal?

"Nancy Pelosi needs her Meds changed - AGAIN!" Nice to see you both have something in common Kal!

Anonymous said...

For fuck sakes... I read that "bio".... It's been updated quite a bit. So many false claims and outright lies.

These references do not exist, Korff made them up: BookBrowser, Korff Kiosks. We did some research on these claims, these were ideas (like the movie, the book or series of books, the radio show, the TV show....) that Korff floated many, many years ago. Nothing ever came of them.

Damn, there's so many lies in the bio it's a return to those Klassic Krazy Korffing daze of old.

And, as we've already proven, Kalvin Karlton Korff is not married. More proof; he took any reference to his Indian Wife out of this ever changing "bio."

Hey Kalvin, keep changing your past and dodging the facts of your life, we're here to set the record straight.

It's the least we can do.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

Kal, we know you read this blog multiple times a day. We know you're helplessly obsessed with what happens here and what new secrets of yours will be exposed. You said it yourself, Kal, that you're a public figure and we'll keep exposing your lies and shenanigans to the public to hold you accountable. Your lies, misdeeds, delusions, false claims, bogus biography, and fake past, all of it. You took pleasure for years in supposedly exposing others and putting a spotlight of shame on them. How does your own medicine taste, Kal?

Anonymous said...

You all remember when Kal fucked up his scumbag brothers lawsuit? Bwhahahahahahaha! I thought that fat pile of shit Kal was going to expose it all. Hahahaha! Fail!

Anonymous said...

Blunt is one way to describe Kal's jumbled writin style. His writing is shallow, basic, and below mediocre. How he ever got anything published is a miracle.

Anonymous said...

999 days overdue....

Anonymous said...

Kal tries hard to get people to believe he's some sort of tech genius but the stupid slob still calls his pathetic You Tube videos a TV show. The moron doesn't know you call it a channel. Even kids know this. Kal,is so out of touch. I read some piece of shit PDF "book" Kal wrote. There are 6th graders who put out more advanced and complex writing. Kal,is a naracisst

Anonymous said...

So Kal what ever happened to that confirmed dirt you had on Art Bell? That's right! It never existed like most of your claims. Tell us Kal, how did Art Bell's dick taste when you were forced to suck it on air in front of millions of listeners?

Anonymous said...


Nostalgia for the good old days of monitoring this prick made me look upon his most recent works on Youtube (Daily World). And, I'm sorry, but the guy now resembles a pink sweaty human / pig hybrid. That's the only fitting description of him that I can think of. Jesus, man!

Anonymous said...

Kal keeps the facebook hits rolling! LMAO

"They will catch the leakers, it is inevitable." Just like you were supposed to be out catching terrorists Kal? Maybe the military will catch up to you for faking being a soldier you valor stealing twat.

"Ok Trump haters, 1-2-3, Go! Only 253,000 new jobs added this month." Funny, last year this time they added 287,000 jobs. That's a 34,000 difference there Kal. We know you're dumb Kal and you just keep proving it. For a guy claiming to think critically it looks like basic research continues to escape Kal.

"My, how Trump haters too easily forget basic history when it suits their agendas." See above Kal you stupid fuck.

"Disgraceful. I have posted more stories on Venezuela and reported on its dismal failure in Socialism than these clowns have." Kal thinks he's covered Venezuela more than CBS News. I'd ask Kal for proof buy he wouldn't be able to provide it. Kal needs to realize that posting sex wanted ads asking for Venezuelan boys doesn't count.

"CNN should terminate her contract and the Secret Service should nail her." Kathy Griffin is a comedian. Maybe the Prague police should nail you for the shit you stole. Maybe Daily World should fire your stupid fat ass for lying about your background in your biography. Kal is a gigantic hypocrite.

"So should all Americans. Hillary has nothing new nor original to offer, the Democrats desperately need new blood, fresh ideas and genuine reform." Kal on politics again. You might want to take your own advice there Kal considering you've been doing the same tired shit for fucking years now you delusional loser.

"Oh, butt what about all of those Trump hating, Trump bashing stories about Melania refusing to hold his hand? Obviously, more fake news!" Uh Kal there's video showing this you stupid schmuck fuck. The only fake news is your biography and life long lies. And stop using "butt" like you're being witty Kal because you ain't. Then again keep using it and showing people what a stupid fuck you are.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of all of Kal's old shit from the rag he scribbled for in Prague. not a single story about Venezuela. Kal only wrote about Venezuela for the Daily World starting in the summer when he decided to hop on the trend train AFTER actual media outlets started reporting the stories. It appears Kal doesn't know about the Internet and searching. Kal needs to vet his own delusions before letting the voices in his head make decisions for him. Kal wants so badly to be a trend setter in the news media and is just praying to get lucky and land a big story. Kal lives,in foreign countries on the hope that a big story will break and he'll be right there. Sadly, even if that happens, nobody will take Kal seriously and real news organization will give him the time of day. Kal can't fool people any more hence why he has not appeared on any major television shows for many years.

Anonymous said...

Shunned. Kal Korff has been shunned. All the way to a 3rd world country with rotting sewage in open gutters along the road. That is about as shunned as it gets.

Anonymous said...

"... the guy now resembles a pink sweaty human / pig hybrid."

Ha, ha, ha!