Sunday, January 14, 2018

Kalvin Korff Doppelgänger

Shawn Eckardt was the bodyguard of figure skater Tonya Harding and was involved in the planning of the 1994 attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan at Cobo Arena in Detroit.

Eckardt and Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly had been friends since grade school.

Eckardt was hired to guard Harding after she received a death threat in November, but was not seen at her skating practices and did not come with her to Detroit.
Eckardt ran Worldwide Bodyguard Services out of his parents' house in Clackamas, Ore.
His former classmates at a security school in Colorado described him as a blowhard with James Bond-type fantasies and a tendency to tell tall tales.

While talking with Gillooly in 1993, Eckardt suggested a plan to take Harding's rival Kerrigan out of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit and told Gillooly he knew people who could take care of it.

He proceeded to help organize the scheme to carry out the attack.

Later, Eckardt would play a tape of a discussion about injuring Kerrigan to Portland minister Eugene Saunders.

Eckardt eventually pleaded guilty to racketeering and spent 15 months in prison. He was released in September 1995.
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Kal Israel said...

Wow, this guy really is very much like Korff:

He claims to have worked for the Blackstone Corp. as a contract operations specialist in Switzerland from 1984 to 1987.

Not bad for someone who would have been 16 years old at the time of his hiring. And there is no listing of a Blackstone Corp. in Switzerland.

Also, Eckardt includes with his resume a letter of recommendation from Blackstone Corp. and uses as a reference a Mr. W. J. Walther, the company's purported Oregon-based representative.

"That's news to me," said Joe Walther, the man who answered the phone listed in the letter.

"I'm just a simple buyer," he said. "I know Eric. We've played chess together."

Eckardt also highlights his training at Executive Security International, an Aspen., Colo.-based correspondence school for bodyguards.

He was enrolled in the program for three years before being booted out in 1992.

"Eckardt just couldn't keep up with the training, and we terminated him," said Tom Duggan, the school's training manager.

"He seemed like a nice guy, and I'm sure he meant well," Duggan added. "But he kind of wanted to make more of himself then he was."

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I just asked Siri "How old is Kal Korff?" and Siri told me how old I am, but then noted that I look like I am 29. :-) Apple has the BEST technology!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is fucking scary. they're both liars and scumbags. they're both fat as fuck and both could never cut in the military or anywhere else physically demanding. both have almost no education. both are crooks. both can't dress to save their lives.

Anonymous said...

Kal on facebook "For those who say that the Apple iPhone is "just another smartphone" (ignoring the fact Apple INVENTED the smartphone and everyone else since the iPhone debuted just APES it!) and the Apple Watch is "just another fitness band" are ignorant bozos."

WRONG! Apple DID NOT invent the smartphone. That term was coined in the 90s and it was actually IBM that invented the first smartphone. IBM released their Simon smartphone 15 YEARS BEFORE Apple. IBM's smartphone had a touch screen 15 YEARS BEFORE Apple. This is FACT and we all know how bothered Kal is by facts that don't fit into his warped view of the world. Kal needs to stop LYING. How many times does Kal have to get caught LYING before he stops? I know he will never stop lying and distorting facts. Someone should tell Kal there's this thing called the internet and it makes pretty easy to fact check bozos like Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. I'll be recording another episode of my radio show, Kal's Korner, in 90 mins. Today's show will be about the controversy over Trump's remarks allegedly made about "shithole" countries. We will also be talking about homeopathy and Israel and India's recent agreement to do joint research on it, and how that decision is pure politics because when doing deals with India you have to put up with their ridiculous superstitions or you won't get those fat contracts signed.

I will be exploring both sides of this issue, my article about it should be out in a few hours as well. I'll post the link once I have it.

The NEXT episode a week later will talk about how the gay rights movement is trying to permeate society to the degree that they try to convince even young children via things like Hollywood movies, that being gay is "normal" and perfectly fine. On my show we cover everything from politics to the paranormal.

I Luv Kal said...

My GAWD! How many times must I repeat myself? Korff is a mentally ill moron, a chronic liar, delusional shit for brains ... rodent. Ever since Art Bell forced Korff to come on his radio program and apologize, the fat fuck was OFF THE RAILS .. never to return. He probably still whacks off looking at photos of that other ass-wipe ... Steve Jobs. Fuck Apple, Fuck Korff ....

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. As promised, here's the link for the latest episode of my radio show, Kal's Korner, the subject is Trump's recent "shithole nation" controversy and also covers Israel's new agreement with India to study homeopathic "medicine," which is a joke, since homeopathy is a fraud and doesn't work.

Next week's show will talk about how the gay rights movement is using Hollywood movies and other outlets to subliminally influence society and children.

Anonymous said...

So Kal is now an expert on homeopathy? That fat fucker doesn't know anything about being healthy and all you have to do is take one look at the tub of grease to know this. The LAST person anyone should take health advice or any advice from for that matter is that KFC chugging tub of lard Kal K. Korff. Now Kal is some sort of anti gay crusader? I'm not surprised. Kal is the kind of guy who will condemn gays but will have no problem sleeping with two girls who want to get down with each other. This is a called being a fucking hypocrite. Kal is attempting to get attention by trying so hard to be controversial yet he's just another mundane lying sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

"... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit." "... he's just another mundane lying sack of shit."

Anonymous said...

korff talking to himself then uploading it to soundcloud?


fucking tool.

Anonymous said...

"Russia's been doing this for years. I know having witnessed firsthand in Prague, Russian diplomatic personnel trolling for Czech women." Kal is back to talking about honey traps. It won;t be long until the delusions about being a colonel in an imaginary spy agency start up again. And then Kal is on again about Apple being called the most envied company by one magazine."So yes, Apple "kritics" - keep "bitching," you're in the minority and some of you suffer from penis envy." So I guess Kal won't be at the opening of the new Apple campus here in the states so he can get on his knees and try to suck Tim Cook's dick. Kal has never evolved has he? hahahhaaahahahahhaaahaahaha How sad it is to see a guy do the same thing over and over throughout his miserable failure of a life. I was surprised to see one of his facebook posts actually got more than 3 likes! A new record! What a miserable sack shit Kal K. Korff is.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that Korff is so proud of his "service" in SAPSTOE that he doesn't even list it out anymore in his phoney bio.

~ Kal Korff has had an extremely diverse professional career. He is a longtime, internationally known accredited Analyst, Broadcaster, Columnist, Computing Systems Process Specialist in Enterprise Architecture, Counterterrorism Analyst and Specialist; Executive Producer, Investigative Journalist, IT Specialist, K-5 School Principal, Lecturer, Senior Systems Analyst Level III, Human Interface and Software Developer and Teacher whose articles, broadcasts and expertise have been sought by governments and private companies for decades. His research projects, results and various works have been featured in the global media on four continents: the United States of America and Canada, Europe, Middle East and in Asia.

What is SAPSTOE - Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution

Anonymous said...

I know you couldn't wait... here's Kalvin's new audio file:

This isn't a radio show, it's an audio file.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at those claims made by Kal in his PHONY bio.

accredited Analyst- Accredited by what governing body? None. The only thing Kal might receive accreditation in is being a lying tool bag.

Broadcaster- Anyone can say this. There are kids on YouTube who are broadcasters making more money than Kal ever has or will.

Columnist- writing shitty pieces for shitty free news rags doesn't count. Anyone with a blog can say they're their a columnist too.

Computing Systems Process Specialist in Enterprise Architecture- I'm shocked Kal was able to use a buzz word correctly. One problem here and that is enterprise architecture means planning all phases and having that plan successfully executed. Kal K. Korff is the antonym of success. Nanobots. Special secret services. 500 book deal. If the name Kal K. Korff can be associated with anything it is utter failure.

Counterterrorism Analyst and Specialist- Lies. Delusions. Nonsense. Bullshit. Kal needs to keep taking his medication. Oliver North wouldn't know Kal from a pimple on his ball sack.

Executive Producer- Of what? Nothing. Kal has no executive producer credits listed anywhere other than the ones he made up to go on his yet to be released 5th rate piece of garbage "movie"

Investigative Journalist- A couple of poorly written ufo books aren't going to cut it. The facts tend to get in Kal's way so being an actual investigative journalist is going to be pretty hard on Kal.

IT Specialist- Working doing basic computer tech support and nothing more. His solution to all IT related issues was to ask if the person experiencing the issue rebooted their computer.

K-5 School Principal- Nope. Kal does not have a Master's Degree. He doesn't even have a degree from a community college. A high school diploma just doesn't cut it for this lie. Kal isn't even smart enough to figure this out? Butt of course he isn't!

Senior Systems Analyst Level III- See IT Specialist. A title does not equate to being an IT specialist when you're doing basic tech support for a third party contractor. Kal NEVER worked directly for LLNL because they don't hire buffoons, pretenders, liars or thieves.

Human Interface and Software Developer- Let's see one piece of mainstream software or tech from the last 30 years with Kal's name on the project. We sure as hell know it isn't going to be found on any Claris project since he left that team in shame lying about having a brain tumor after Kal's ruse fell apart and the REAL computer specialists quickly discovered how inept Kal was. That is the problem with Kal and his cons. He is unmasked rather quickly because of his bullshit and loud mouth.

Teacher- So Kal has a Master's Degree? Butt of course not! The LIES of Kal K. Korff and the con continue.

Anonymous said...

ahahahahaahhhhaaaa Kal says his show has received overwhelming positive response from people but on spreaker it only has 1 play and no downloads. what a bozo. Kal claims he knows someone who grew up with Bill Clinton. hahahahaaaahhaha Shut the fuck up Kal. now Kal is trying to get attention by doing poliical commentary and coming out against gays by claiming the gay community is trying to recruit kids. Kal is a closet conspiracy nut and i seriously believe Kal has a sexual identity crisis and this whole coming against gays is his way of diverting attention from his true nature. fact of life is that some guys like guys and some girls like girls and some like both. looking at photos of kal treating women like objects i think kal really dislikes women.

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

On FaceBook; posted 22 hours ago and not a single response, like or comment.

Off FaceBook; over the last 24 hours this audio file has two plays and two downloads...

Failure complete....

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. Here's the latest episode of my radio show, Kal's Korner, today's subject is the budget fiasco, the latest scandal at the FBI, exposing hypocrisy by Trump haters over his marital affair, the feud within the LGBT community over their flag and how they's subliminally putting it in movies like Thor.

Anonymous said...

Kal says the Amityville house isn't haunted. Don't forget this is the same Kal K. Korff who tried to push OBVIOUSLY BOGUS photos he claimed were ghosts and even used the word ectoplasm. Kal can't even spell cemetery correctly. Poor dumb desperate delusional Kal. So did Kal actually ever do any first hand investigation of the Amityville house? Nope. Kal was in middle school in 1975.

Anonymous said...

Kal said the best selling phone in China was the iPhone. WRONG AGAIN! It's actually the Oppo R9. The Apple iPhone is the SECOND best seller. By the way, Samsung has been the NUMBER ONE selling phone in the US for the last SIX YEARS and Apple isn't even close to catching them. Butt of course Kal won't let facts get in the way of his Apple obsession no matter how WRONG he is.

I Luv Kal said...

Hey Korffers, where is Kal's fucking movie? Remember that movie? Where is the fucking Betty and Barney Hill movie? Did Kal fuck up and eat the negatives by mistake when he gorged on KFC? Where is the movie Mr. Shit for Brains?

Anonymous said...

The January 24, 2018 post eviscerating korff's lying about his work history is devastating.

Jimmy_D said...

You are lying scum, Korff. Worthless scum.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Be Fooled: North Korea's 'Honeymoon' with the West will end in divorce" This is the bottom of the barrel where any journalist is concerned. This is the best title Kal could up with? I'm not surprised Kal couldn't come up with a more elegant title instead of this piss poor choice. Poor dumb desperate Kal never evolved beyond writing for his high school newspaper. The article is just borrowing from what everyone else has ALREADY said.

Jimmy Kimmel has more character, class, money, fame, and brains than Kal will ever have. Kal's just being his usual jealous little bitch self. Kal's just mad because he isn't rich and can't afford to pay a porn star for a fuck. On Kal's budget he was lucky if he could pay the Prague street trash whores enough to suck his tiny dick.

Then Kal posts this quote he WRONGLY attributed to Dan Quayle "I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn't study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people." Someone was quick to point out to dumb Kal that Quayle NEVER said that. Does Kal apologize or admit he was WRONG? Nope. Kal tries to be funny and LIES when he claims it was a joke. This from Kal who claims he is a critical thinker and investigative journalist.LMFAO What an incredibly shallow idiot Kal is. Kal got CAUGHT earlier posting another FAKE QUOTE he attributed to paul Ryan "We're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people." Anyone else with two brain cells to rub together would've figured this out, but not dumbshit Kal K. Korff who promotes FAKE NEWS and will post something he finds on the internet that fits with his narrow thinking.

Kal only has an iPhone6? I wonder who he stole it from?

And Kal is on about Krav Maga which he doesn't know shit about. Kal is not listed as an instructor by the International Krav Maga Federation even though Kal claimed he was an instructor. I saw a post showing Kal supposedly doing Krav and it so obvious Kal doesn't know the first thing about any of the comabatives involved in the system and does not know how to properly throw an elbow. But i do know that Kal knows how to use that elbow to dig into a bucket of KFC.

Anonymous said...

Kal's latest "broadcast" has a whole 9 listens. LMFAO Loser.

Anonymous said...

Also, I checked in with the world krav maga and they said you can't be an instructor unless you've been vetted by the organization.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

korff's "it specialist experience" = ordering fast food at drive thru speaker box

as long as mom's buying. isn't that right, Kal?


Anonymous said...

Apple is now trying to copy Google and Amazon with Homepod. What a fucking stupid name for a product. Homepod can't synch with non Apple devices, cannot synch with your calendar, can't recognize different voices, can't run Pandora, Spotify, or other streaming music services well at all, can't hook up with an auxiliary cord, can't make phone calls by itself, and can't answer random questions. LMAO What a joke. The other companies have a far SUPERIOR device. No big surprise for Apple trying to copy everyone else. No wonder kal likes Apple so much because they're both pretenders copying everyone else. Samsung is still the king leading the world in smart phone sales. Poor dumb Kal must hate it when his precious little Apple isn;t always first or when Apple LIED TO CONSUMERS about phone battery peformance and CONSPIRED TO MANIPULATE phones to make them slower because of the INFERIOR battery Apple went with.

Anonymous said...

It isn't going to get any better for poor dumb and desperate Kal K. Korff. Looks like Kal's beloved Apple has had to CUT production of the iPhone X by HALF because of tumbling sales. Meanwhile Samsung sales are moving right along and the new Galaxy S looks to be a great phone. Don't tell poor Kal any of this or that desktop PC sales continue to climb. You can upgrade a PC but you can't upgrade a Mac. Kal is just WRONG when it comes to Apple but Kal being wrong is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. More bad news for Kal. Looks like Samsung's new phone will incorporate REAL biometric tech for facial recognition and pupil recognition. Sorry Apple. I saw that too about Apple having to cut their iPhoney X sales in half because of horrible holiday sales. And Apple stock took a dive today. Apple also accepted what is nothing less than a bribe from Qualcomm and Qualcomm got fined almost 2 million euros for it. I think they should go after Apple too. Apple still owes Ireland nearly 2 billion. Apple is under investigation by France, South Korea, Italy, and China for their battery conspiracy to DEFRAUD CONSUMERS. Apple only sells about 3% of phone in India. Let's not forget that Apple REFUSED to help the FBI get into a MURDERING TERRORIST'S phone. Apple will protect a terrorist but won;t let the FBI into a phone that could have info on it about other terrorists or attacks?????? Yep. This sounds like a company Kal would support.