Monday, January 1, 2018

Well done Kalvin, well done.

As another year closes and a new one opens, the Korffing Syndicate thank all of the Korffer's from around the world for your continuing and undenyable dedication to keep Kalvin Karlton Korff shut down and humiliated.

The name Korff will forever be soured and tainted across the internet and the world.

Well done Korffer's, well done.


I LUV Kal said...

Somebody doesn't like you Kalvin? Well I think it would be more likely that a "whole shit load of people fucking can't stand your fat ass you turd breath!"

Bless the Beasts and Children said...

How are those TV and radio shows coming along.
How is that feature film coming along.
How are those 500 i-Books coming along.
How are those audits coming along.
How are those lawsuits coming along.
How are those cutting edge cyber inventions coming along.
How is that forensics study coming along.
How are those daily newspaper articles coming along.
How are those contacts at the State Dept, Pentagon and assorted embassies coming along.
How are those nanotechnology devices coming along.
How are those art and music projects coming along.
How is the new website coming along.
How is that Twitter feed doing.
How are those email messages asking questions and expressing support coming along.
How is the wife doing.
How is the genius son doing.
How are the legions of female admirers doing.
How is the underage girl you cyber-harassed doing.
How is the former female investigative reporter partner you terrorized doing.
How is the B girl you tried to pass off as a significant other doing.
How are the people in Prague you took advantage of and scammed doing.
How are the people in India you are currently taking advantage of and scamming doing.
How is your dirtbag brother doing.
How are your former SOAPSTOE subordinates in Prague doing.
How are the Israelis who put the fear of God into you doing,
And how are the men & women serving in our armed forces whom you used for pathetic cheap "Likes" on Facebook doing.

Happy Fucking New Year, Kal

Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update 2018

Little Kalvin is very quiet on FB; not many posts, a few cats images, a comment here and there. No mention of books, radio shows or movies.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin's increased his FB activity. Among other things, Kalvin is ranting on and on about vegetarianism and how it's not good for you...

KFC Boy has spoken.

Also, WAG has taken notice that the interaction and reaction Kalvin receives is very, very low. This happens when you check out from FB for extended periods. Kalvin's interactions and reactions have gone from pathetic to nearly non existent.

Anonymous said...

Does Kal know that IBM came out with the mobile phone 15 YEARS before Apple? Not that it would matter or keep Kal from sticking his Apple dildo up his ass. By the way sales of desktop and laptop Windows based computers are up again. But don't bother telling poor dumb and desperate Kal who will only post news favorable to his beloved Apple because Kal has uneven standards.

Anonymous said...

More kontradictions from Kal K. Korff who shits on Meryl Streep for endorsing Oprah for president while Kal's "grab them by the pussy" Trump endorsed pedophile Roy Moore. Kal Hypokrite Korff strikes again. I noticed Kal really goes after female politicians and rarely says much about males politicians. Kal K. Korff is a misogynist #metoo #kalkkorff #kalkorff Notice Kal's desperate need to control women? Kal LIED about being a judge at a beauty pageant. Kal wrote at every possible moment about his bogus relationship with supermodels. Kal LIED about an Indian princess reaching out to him and asking him to marry her. Kal acting like Anthony Weiner and sending pics of himself showering. Kal is stupid enough to think any woman would be attracted to him. There will be a long line of people waiting to piss on Kal's grave and rightfully so for the shameless behavior he displays. I heard Kal special orders shoes that make him appear taller. Not only is Kal K. Korff a mysogynist he also has little man's syndrome along with being a stupid fat fuck.

Link to Kal's LIE about an imaginary princess:

niedermeyer said...

yup. pretty much shut down. the silence has been refreshing.

being humbled means humbled, kal. go volunteer at an indian equivalent of a soup kitchen. give back to those you take so much from & learn what that word really means.

then continue to fuck off like the sorry loser you are

Anonymous said...

Hater of the Gays speaks....

Kal Korff: Hi everyone. My next article will about about President Donald Trump and his recent and inexcusable racist remarks. Shame on him. It will be published soon and I will post it here. To those who are "shocked" at what Trump said, you should not be, this was predictable and it is not excusable. To those who approve of what Trump said via his racism, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Kal K. Korff who publicly said he liked the band Judas Priest until he found out the lead singer was gay. Kal -The King of Hypocrisy- Korff eats his own shit again. Go back into Kal's facebook feed and see how he was kissing Trump's ass. If this is such a big deal for Kal to publish this in the 5th rate rag he writes for then where was Kal when Trunp was making his grab them by the pussy remarks? Nowhere to be found because Kal wants to be Trump. #metoo #kalkorff #kalkkorff

Trained Cultural Observer said...

I voted Clinton and regard Ronald McDonald as a cartoon character. Both were unfit for office and the blame for the Trump administration lies with liberal democrats who insisted that the one person who could possibly LOSE to Trump get the nomination.

That said, the press fueled hysteria over the alleged remarks it is looking more & more like a calculated hit piece and AS USUAL! korff was too stupid to wait it out to see what actually happened. The sources cited are anonymous and were not present at what was a private meeting, not a public press event. Someone who was there snarked out the comments anonymously. I would not trust them to be accurate under such circumstances and playing in to the hysteria is exactly what the ploy was intended to accomplish.

As for Somalia, Yemen, Haiti and El Salvador being "shitholes" that's about the size of what they are or refugees would not wish to flee them. Nobody wants out of Norway but they do want out of Yemen and who can blame them. Anyone who was "shocked" and expecting anything less than such a callous attitude from Trump does not understand who & what he is and should likely take a hint & keep their fucking mouths shut as to not make the situation worse.

And that means fuckwits like you, Kal. Good thing nobody's actually reading but you still deserve contempt for being so easily had. Some "journalist".

Anonymous said...

too stupid and too desperate for attention. getting 2nd rate and fringe "journalists" to echo the implied charge of racism is exactly what the "story" is about. korff is just another sucker on that vine of easily manipulated useful idiots. his reaction should be regarded as further evidence that he is an untrained amateur with limited capacity and zero professional demeanor.

now back to our regularly scheduled lives.