Monday, March 16, 2009

Kal Korff EXPOSED!!!!!!!!

Rumors abound that a fantastic and disturbing documentary delving very deep into the strange life of Kal Korff will soon be making its way out to the public through various worldwide media outlets and at all the big film festivals. There are even rumors that there will be a massive bidding war over the documentary it is that shocking and shock seems to sell rather well these days in the film world.

The documentary of Kal Korff's wacky life takes you everwhere from Kal's childhood to the behind the scenes of his flying saucer days and onto a blistering no hold barred examination of Kal's claims complete with interviews from officials at Boeing, Claris, Apple, Lawrence Livermore labs, NASA, and more exposing the truth about Kal.

But it doesn't stop there!!!! Oh no!!! We also get to see official records from various government agencies and interviews from these officials as well as interviews with people who know Kal very very well.

Have I seen the film?? I think I'll go the no comment route on that question. :-) If I did watch such a film then I would have to guess that you can expected one of the most damning and in depth investigations done with no stone left unturned!! Seriously this film is without mercy as it documents the descent of Kal from the King that might have been to the troubled personality he is now. Kal has always seemed to want the spotlight and this film is guaranteed to give him the attention he wants so badly!!! OUCH!!!

This film is the final word on all of the ludicrous claims of Kal K. Korff!!!!! Look for it in April or May!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope to god there is no nudity involved!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that, unlike Kal, Paul Kimball won't have to use washed up Czech "super model" to try and sell his movie. And be assured that if Paul Kimball has done a film about Kal that the film will be a fact driven intellectual gutting of Kal.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Yeah, but who on earth (i.e. the billions of people on earth) but the relative handful of Korffers in existence would be interested?

Not a commercial operation, methinks.

N'less, I can't wait - though I'll believe it when I see it.

Ed V. said...

Sounds promising. Paul Kimball is a decent film-maker. Can't wait to see a preview.

Squonkamatic said...

Hi Britt -- thanks for your overly kind words in the previous thread. I quite literally tried to write a reply to your request last evening and repeatedly quit after a sentence or two and went to bed frustrated that I wasn't able to sum it all up.

I think it has to do with how pathological the guy is and how entertaining it can be to watch him stumble all over his bloated, pompous, ridiculous boasting & bragging about himself. When in reality guys making Big Macs at McDonalds to pay their bills have more to be proud of than this bumbling, inept fool who claims to be an intelligence agent for Israel specializing in taking down UFO frauds.

It's an alternate form of entertainment and yes, you're allowed to check in every day to see the drama unfold. It's fun seeing a pathetic big-mouthed bully get what he's got coming to him, especially if they brag about ridiculous crap. Working on the Viking lander program during the summer when he was in 9th grade -- LOL! Was that supposed to be a joke? Working on the Strategic Defense Initiative at LLL in the 1980s; Is Koff aware that SDI was a bluff that the US government played with the Russians?? There WAS no Star Wars program, so how could he have worked on it? To hell with the ridiculous notion of someone with no ties to the military being given a security clearance to work on a top secret military initiative. What would he have had to offer? Same with the Israelis and his preposterous suggestion with being an intelligence agent, lecturing them on what Royce Meyers posted on his privately owned & operated website, etc etc etc.

So it's funny to see all this stuff come back to bite him on his ass, then see him get all aggravated and freaked out about what others have to say about it. His claim to fame is having debunked the Billy Meier cult which is like debunking the Tooth Fairy. Did it really require an entire book? Yes, because selling that book made Korff some money, which is exactly what he accuses other people of doing -- writing books and trying to sell them.

Korff also misses the point that to 99.9% of the people walking the face of the earth, paranormal studies themselves are just a source of entertainment. Paul Kimball phrased it elegantly when referring to paranormal interests as harmless diversions, for the most part, from our humdrum lives. Kal K. Korff would argue that they are vitally important and that consumers are being defrauded by choosing to purchase these books or videos or whatever.

Like, hello?? If someone wants to read about a given subject they should be welcome to do so no matter how ridiculous. We don't need some pompous idiot telling us what ideas are good for us to consume or not. And that's what Korff has dedicated his life to doing: Presuming to tell the rest of the world what ideas they should be welcome to engage themselves with. When people don't listen he goes ballistic, as if he knows better even though from what the rest of us can see he has no formal education, can't hold down a full time job, has gone out of his way to alienate people who realize he's not what he presents himself as, then throws these very public temper tantrums on the internet when things don't go his way.

Who can resist watching along at home and getting a few laughs out of it? There's worse ways to start your day. Gives you something to feel good about at any rate -- My life might be a dull drudgery of work, responsibilities and mitigating aspirations, but by golly at least I never felt compelled to lie about having worked on the Viking lander project when I was 12 years old.

Brad Hudson said...

KKiaI, I envy you getting the pre-release video, you old dog!

I'm sure Kal won't be able to keep himself from posting a video blasting Kimball and saying that none of these people actually know him. Of course, since Kal will do that before he sees anything he'll have to change his tune when the video is released.

Kal will also probably use his "I didn't participate in it so it can't be real" that he used on the second San Jose piece.

I'm really hoping that this is so exhaustive and complete that Kal has no other option than to hide..

Squonkamatic said...

Sounds like Kal K. Korff has until airdate to come clean on certain questions about his background & qualifications. After that it will be too late and he'll be exposed before his peers. One can also safely presume that unless Paul had found out some pretty damning stuff he would not have gone through with the project. Sounds like Kal K. Korff is in a lot of trouble and that his mom isn't going to be able to get him out of it this time.

Brad Hudson said...

Have you seen Kal's latest?? How does he go from a rant on judging people (using some reality show "star" that I've never heard of no give to s**ts about) to, of course, his issues with Kevin Randle.

Hey, Korff, why should I care about some reality "star"? I just watched the most important man in my life waste away in ICU, and I was forced to make a decision on removing his breathing apparatus knowing the result was death, now why the f**k would I care about someone who's sole claim to fame was being booted of British Big Brother? Did she ever throw a baseball with me? Did she teach me how to play football, chess, and actually guide me during some rough years? No?? Then don't presume to tell me how much of a shit I am for not caring.

And may you rot in Hell for using the death of ANYONE to further your own twisted agenda.

Anonymous said...

That latest little spiel of Kal's on his website is absolutely bizzare! Nothing like displaying your emotions over someone you never heard of until they made the headlines because of a tragic situation in their life. Kal should hide his head in shame for even trying to connect to the Jade Goody story! How low can you get.

Ed V. said...

Brad, take a deep breath. I've been there myself. Last summer my mother spend her final days in a hospice after suffering from cancer for 4 years. I know all about those final days. It's not pretty, and I wouldn't want to wish anyone going through that.

I think Korff is trying to score some easy sympathy points on his website. Does he really know that woman Jade? Is he a friend of the family? Of course not. To Korff it's news and he can show to his audience what a "caring"person he is. We all know what kind of a caring person Korff is when you cross him in the UFO field. Audits, filing complaints and threathening to sue.

That's one thing but how in the hell does Korff connect the suffering of one woman to his enemies in the UFO field? That's some twisted warped logic. It also shows the real motivation of Korff.
Korff is one selfish bastard who thinks his view of the world IS the world.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Just read Kal's latest rant.

His spelling and punctuation, as usual, are appalling ("To briefly recount some of the "judgments" people uddered especially in the UK..."

And usual, he speaks from a position of ignorance.

e.g.: 'In the UK, scans for checking cancer of the cervix at the young age Jade is are very rare. "The system" does NOT want to pay for them.'
---Rubbish. A lie. It is free. The point is that this talentless no mark - like plenty of far more intelligent women - simply never got around to availing herself of this service.

If I was poor, unqualified and stupid (ring any bells, Kalvin?), I'd rather fall ill with cancer in the UK than in the US, that's for sure.

You revolt me, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Kal, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself for this latest example of how low you'll stoop.

The underbelly isn't low enough for you, as you sink so low as to take out your personal anger and rage against Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle and Royce Meyers at the expense of a poor girl who has cancer. Shame on you. Shame.

Your obsession with some UFO personalities is frightening and you have clearly lost touch with the real world.

It is abundantly clear Kal that your vendetta, your petty and pathetic need to get even with and attempt to marginalize a particular group bleeds through in everything you do. It is, in my opinion, obvious this is a sickness you have.

And as usual Kal, your gross ignorance and knee jerk assumptions make you look all the more foolish regarding how the medical system in the UK actually works. I thought you were a "global citizen" Kal, a man of the world who was well traveled and educated about the various societies on this planet. Clearly you are anything but.

Kal writes, "While it is always WRONG to "judge" people (unless you ARE "God"), once people lower themselves to this uncivilized standard, of course they typically have nothing to say, often invent things or outright LIE about that person, and this is when they are not busy making a point to tell everyone they know or all their friends, not only made up stuff, but report only the worst of news."

No shit, Kal. This must be an excerpt straight out of your own book of standard conduct. You do the exact same thing, Kal. By Kal's own words he must think he is God. Kal doesn't have anything to say because for years now he has been repeating the same material over and over again.

Kal, if you're so intelligent, then you should try taking an objective inventory of the things you said and compare them to the way you operate.

You pass judgment on people, produce false claims about them and then twist around any little bit tabloid style to make the person look bad and then you "report" it to the world. Well, you report it to the handful of people who laugh at you and your website.

As far as this woman Jade goes, Kal, people identify with her plight and while you might not know this, supporting a person who might be dying is a human trait called mercy, forgiveness, understanding, sympathy, compassion or how ever else you want to describe it. These are things you clearly have very little understanding of and things you do not apply to your own hate filled life.

It takes a truly twisted sort of person to take every opportunity possible to try to make someone look bad. It takes a tasteless asshole who has no boundaries to insert his hate and jealous fueled dispute to insert that very hatred and try to somehow connect a few people you rant on about into a story about a woman dying. This would be you I'm referring to, Kal.

From the big mouth of Kal, "FOR IT TAKES HATE and the feeling of HATRED TO ACCUSE SOMEONE OF THINGS WHICH ARE NOT TRUE!"

Again, a page out of your own book of standards you use against others on a regular basis at every opportunity you see. You prove you do this very same thing just by your words in this latest hate fueled rant on your website. You do the very same thing, you pathological hypocrite.

What sort of person ties in his personal vendetta to try and marginalize a few people into a story about a woman who likely will die from cancer? What sort of twisted, sick, delusional fuckhead does such a thing? It takes a real piece of shit to do something so low, doesn't it Kal?

Kal, you often talk about hate and finding the source of the problem and how things will never change until we address root causes.

News flash for Kal! Kal, you are part of the problem here. Duh! You are the root cause of some of this hate because of your inability to deal with certain truths and your overblown sense of how things ought to be.

You allow your hate filled need to dispense "justice" on those who have told many truths about you, truths that you know are truths but you can't stand to have been exposed after having supposedly "exposed" so many others. Kal is ok with everyone else facing the music, but when it comes his turn he always has an excuse or blames someone else.

Just look at some of the ridiculous bullshit you've done to people. You tried to accuse people of having ties to terrorism who clearly do not. You allege to have filed complaints against people at their place of work when their employment clearly has nothing to do with anything. You threaten to sue and have people arrested. You threated to expose people before the "worldwide media." You threat people with nonexistent audits. you question people's patriotism to a country you frequently bash. You falsely accuse people of hate crimes and being racist.

More words of wisdom from Kal, "It is NEVER RIGHT to "judge" and condemn people just because you disagree with them."

Kal, you've already passed judgment on so many by calling them frauds and liars.


Kal, you need to look into that proverbial mirror you write about and take a good, long, hard look at yourself. The words utter and hypocrite come to mind.

Let's face it, Kal, you are a large part of the problem. Kal, you're a spite filled little man taking his own anger and frustrations out on people and things you perceive have somehow done you some wrong.

Time to face reality, Kal. No one created these problems for you, you created them all on your own by not addressing your own root causes. You've turned out to be a colossal failure in life because you want to blame everyone and everything else for your problems and how the world is.

Do I say this out of spite? No, I do not. I say it out of compassion for you, Kal. I truly do. You need some serious help and I hope that you get it and are able to become a functioning part of normal society again instead of this rambling, hate filled alter ego you have created out of your own desperate need to have something, to have anything to shield you from the ugliness of your self loathing hatred that you wrongly foist upon those who you believe are the cause of your problems.

Kal, you don't just hate, you are hate.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

To whomever posted that long comment about Kal - thank you.
I just reposted it on the Kult of Kal blog.

I am numb by how deeply low Kal can go. The boy has no boundaries.

This is one case where I wouldn't mind at all if Kal just pulled that entry.

Kal, you don't have to think of it as a mistake; just don't think. Just pull it.

Anonymous said...

>>> you pathological hypocrite <<<

This pretty much sums Kalvin up.

Great post.

Fuck Nut

Brad Hudson said...

Sorry for the explosion, guys, but since today is 4 months since my dad passed Kal's little staged compassion post was just too much to bear.

Ed.V., thanks for the support. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone, either, as it is draining to everyone involved.

Anonymous said...


Nowhere to be found because it is all a steamy, runny pile of bullshit straight out of Kal's flap trap. Kal should learn to keep that gaping hole he calls a mouth closed. Don't make promises you know you can't keep and never had any intention of keeping. Promising the public something and then not keeping your word and delivering could be construed as consumer fraud and your threats could be viewed as terrorism.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right here. Kal Korff claims to have some sort of connection to Baruch Korff? I watched that crazy, crazy, crazy ass video where Kal claims he is Kal Israel.

In this video Kal claims that Baruch Korff was a "terrorist" who was going to bomb London. Kal calls him a terrorist and claims that Baruch Korff was going to use a plane to bomb France, loading 2 bombs according to Kal.

Kal is such a fucking moron he doesn't know that the "bombs" were actually pamphlets Baruch Korff was going to spread all over the city from a plane and *not* an explosive bomb!!! So if this guy is a "terrorist" as Kal says then what does that make Kal?

plot to pamphlet-bomb London

Anonymous said...

So where will be the premiere of the Kal Korff documentary be at? Red carpet, limos, Canadian babes on each of Paul Kimball's arms, popcorn and candy and soda, Kal Korff give away stuff like bobblehead Kal complete with cowboy hat and glass tube of nanobot assassins and pull sting that says "Fuck you Milos!"! Sucks to be a public figure Kal! I cannot wait to see this film!!!!! What'll be funnier is when Paul sells it to a company like Fox Searchlight for a few million dollars. But what is a few million dollars to Kal since he claims to have $25,000,000!!! LMAO!

Kal 'What's a website program?' Korff said...

Dipshit has posted more video clips to his site including what he calls the "incredible" and "amazing" new Star Trek trailer. Where the fuck has Kal been, hiding in a cave with Bin Laden? This trailer has been out for a while now. And what exactly do funny Japanese game shows and movie trailers along with music videos have to do with Kal's terrorism crap? That is the single *slowest* and worst designed website out there.

John Ritchie said...


A very quick note about Paul's film, which I've had the privilege of seeing at an advance screening he gave for several colleagues - you may be disappointed. It's quite similar to Errol Morris' classic documentary Mr. Death, in that in paints a portrait of a man - Kal Korff - who was once a "someone" but who got lost in his own madness along the way, and now exists in a sad world of lies and delusions, a world mostly of his own making. However, given the abuse Paul has taken from Mr. Korff over the years, the real achievement here is that Paul has crafted a film that is fair and balanced, with a great deal of nuance to it, and that actually says a lot about who we ALL are, in a sort of "there but for the grace of..." manner. Mr. Korff, in the end, does indeed come across as the hopeless buffoon everyone here views him as, because that is who he has become, and he has no-one to blame for it but himself, but - and this is a big BUT - one can't watch the film and not feel some compassion for this person, lost as he is, without any real human contact. And you do indeed get to see Mr. Korff, both in footage from previous media appearances that are used throughout the film, and in his own words, taped surreptitously in the Czech Republic.

I've seen most of Paul's films. I think this is his best work yet - the others at the screening agreed. He tells me that it will be released in April, although he is still tinkering with the final cut - it has a broadcast date set for May in Canada.


P.S. The film's working title? "Worlds Away"

Squonkamatic said...

I've felt compassion all along for young Kalvin. I think it's small of people to wish him bodily harm and unnecessary to drag his poor family into this. Like your mom wouldn't bend over backwards to help you too, up to and including enabling one's own folly as it were. I also have stated all along that I think young Kalvin is full of shit but that he needs help, and the first step is admitting to himself -- not the rest of the world -- that things have gotten out of control, and that it's time to go home.

I'm glad to hear that Paul K. has maintained a sense of professionalism with his approach rather than some Steve-O inspired gonzo wack-fest where we go straight for the gutter and never look back. I think there's a great sense of repressed sadness within Kal K. Korff and that his denial isn't so much in denying that he has a problem but denying that he really has alienated everyone that was anyone in his life, all in some bizarre quest to be proven right all the time no matter what the cost. And to show up his father. There are daddy issues galore waiting for some shrink to get into someday, if Kal K. Korff ever decides to actually try to get himself back into the human game he will have to deal with them too, which he started to do in that Kal Israel video, sadly catching himself at the last moment and trying to deny it all away all over again.

All of these charades and role playings and make-believe spy/inventor genius/computer savant crap is just a smokescreen Kal K. Korff throws up in front of his own life to distract his own psyche from how empty his existence must be. But as someone else points out, he's made himself a public figure and has gone out of his way to bring exactly this kind of exposure onto himself. I can't wait to see the "unwitting Kal K. Korff going about his life in Prague" footage. The sad part is that I have a feeling we won't be seeing much of Martina or Avim, or anyone else at all for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kimball is a class act and a first rate humanitarian. Paul is full of compassion and I'm sure at the same time he has not let Mr. Korff slide on any of his outrageous behavior.

It will be sad to see Kal exposed for what he is and isn't, and perhaps this film will be the thing that turns the tide for Mr. Korff to start behaving and taking responsibility for his actions.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I still don't get it.

Who - apart from a few - 50? 100? - Korffers and fellow travellers will give two hoots about this film?

It can't be a money-making venture, surely.

I'm agog to see it, of course.

Not Stan Friedman said...

If it's anything like Mr. Death - a film about a man almost no-one outside of Holocaust denier circles has ever heard of - then I suspect it's about more than just our dear Kernel, who is probably just the doorway through which Kimball entered in order to examine larger issues.

Anonymous said...

Documentaries are becoming increasingly popular, especially when they focus on an idiot like Kal.

Do I feel compassion for Kal? On a number of levels I do, while on others I do not.

Let's face it, the overwhelming opinion on Kal is that he might have some serious personal and health issues. These opinions are based on the increasingly bizarre behaviors and claims of Kal and any reasonable person would view it as such. It is sad to see a grown man acting this way and appearing to be so very alone in the world. I do not like seeing people suffer and it seems to me that Kal is suffering and is in a fragile state of existence.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no sympathy for Kal when he makes threats, falsely accuses people of fraud, claims people are anti-American because of their opinions about UFOs, claims people have terrorist ties when they do not, claims people are engaging in hate crimes against him when they are not, threats of calling employers and having complaints filed and Kal's overall underhanded attempts to cause trouble for people he hates. Let's not mince words here or be politically correct about it, Kal does this sort of stuff out of hate and his need to extract revenge.

I am anxious to see this film. I wonder if Paul would ever not release the film if Kal got some help and apologized to the world a=while retracting all of the nonsense he has uttered?

Brit_in_Prague said...

And there you have it, "KalIsrael".

Just tell the world: "I lied. About everything." Close down your pathetic website. Pull all those preposterous YouTube clips.

It wouldn't hurt if you begged for mercy.

And we'll see what happens then.

It's your only hope, "Colonel."

Anonymous said...

I don;t know what Paul Kimball might or might not do. He is a filmmaker and I seriously doubt he's interested in negotiating anything with Kal Korff. Plus Paul might look down upon offering to not release the film if Kal retracts everything, apologizes, and vows never to do anything this stupid again.

It might be construed as blackmail, much like what Kal does when he wants people to do certain things and he threatens them if they do not comply with his demands. Or is that terrorism? lol

Kolonel Katastrophe said...

If you scroll down past the pics of Kimball's feature film (note to the Kernel: this is what a REAL filmmaker does for a living), you will see a reference to the Korff film. Looks like April will be full of fun!

Brit_in_Prague said...

"And may you rot in Hell for using the death of ANYONE to further your own twisted agenda."

"Kal should hide his head in shame for even trying to connect to the Jade Goody story! How low can you get."

How low can you get? See:

Allow me to quote the Colonel:

“How dare you use the sanctity of the Holocaust for your own selfish purposes. … Don’t ever misuse the sanctity of the Holocaust for your selfish reasons or your selfish desire to attack someone again. The Holocaust had nothing to do with the issue you brought up.”

Pot, kettle, methinks.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Video's done!

I am really hoping Kal watches and understands it (in a sad, but true sort of way).

Anonymous said...

He, he.... Great job.

As realistic as anything Kalvin's produced.

Anal nanobots, get yours today!

Anonymous said...

Kult of Kal, you should take a clip where Kal says it is wrong to hate and then take every scene where he starts going off and getting angry and throw them all together for everyone to see. Nice video!

Brad Hudson said...

The new video? GENIUS. Absolute genius!

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

:) thanks, Brad.


Brad Hudson said...

You know, taking a look at Kal's site, I'm guessing that posting other people's YouTube vids is what qualifies as "original research" these days.

Or maybe Kal has completely forgotten his own mission statement???

Anonymous said...

I was going to make a bet the other day that Kal would NOT show for his scheduled appearance on the xzone radio show today.
Guess what? He didn't!


Anonymous said...

You are pond scum, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Krazy Kal said earlier that he will be posting some new videos in a 'few hours'. All I see that's new on his website are 5 YouTube episodes about Chairman Mao of communist China.
Now that, and the recent 17 episodes about Adolph Hitler makes a connection to Kal's Korff family ancestry.
A brief summary:
The Korff family originated in Russia and were somewhat of the lower aristocratic level, being connected to the ruling Czars. When the Communists took over in 1917, they fled to Germany. There, many joined the anti-communist movement as either sympathizers, collaboraters, or members of the Nazi Party. Later, during WWII, when Jews were no longer welcomed, most of the Korffs fled to America, including Kal's ancesters. In America, there was no Nazi Party, so many joined the KKK, including Kal's grandfather and father. Hence the reason Kal and his father, uncle, brother, and sister all have the initials KKK.
Meanwhile, back in Germany during WWII, a distant relative named Modest von Korff, was the Nazi chief of police (later to become the head of the Gestapo) in a town in occupied France and had rounded up all the 400 or so Jewish children there and had them put on a train out of town. Final destination? Aushwitz!
All of the above is a matter of historical record.


Brit_in_Prague said...

The reality show woman on whose battle with cancer Kalvin attempted to hitch his colours died during the night.

I wonder how Kolonel KalIsrael will play this one.