Sunday, March 22, 2009

KalKorff and his hate

It was just awful and shameful reading as Kal Korff did the unimaginable by writing on his Internet website about some poor young woman named Jade who was dying from cancer and taking that poor woman's dire plight and using it to further his hateful agenda against Paul Kimball, Kevin randle and Royce Meyer. What in the bloody hell do any of them have to do with this poor woman? Unfortunately this poor woman passed away and all that cowardly sack of slime Kal could do was use her condition and the publicity she was getting for his own hate filled purposes. Kal Korff is a vile and spiteful low life who is willing to use a DYING WOMAN to further his agenda of HATE. How much lower can you sink Kal? I'm sure this is far from the bottom for Conniving Kal. You are an utter piece of shit Kal.

How many other DYING people or other tragic occurrences will you exploit to spread your hatred and jealousy? You weren't trying to make any sort of point with that Kal you were just trying to use someone's CANCER and their fifteen-minutes as an excuse to revel in your self loathing hatred. You are complete scum Kal. You are the worst of the worst. Not that it will ever happen because you don;t have the dignity or honor but you owe that woman and those you tried to bash in that ridiculous hit piece you wrote an APOLOGY!

And I see you are saying you're going to post yet another one of your video tirades soon. Where did you get a video camera Kal? what new little fish did you reel in? Is it yet another "supermodel" who was the third place "winner"? There is no such thing as a third place "winner" you fucking idiot. Maybe you went and stole a camera from Jade's hospital room? I doubt that happened because you wouldn't have the decency to visit her in the hospital and if you did it would not be anything but self serving with you.

Kal you are a waste of a human being. I often ponder the universe and wonder why a piece of shit like you is still breathing while good people die every day. Is this hate? Not at all. It is just a legitimate question about why someone like you who contributes nothing negative to the world is still around while other good people who have done nothing but bestowed kindness to others are not. You are utter vermin Kal now go crawl back in your hole.


Anonymous said...

As someone in the last string pointed out, using appalling events as an excuse to further one's agenda is something kal accuses others of doing.


Roll on Paul Kimball's new film!

Anonymous said...

By the way, the boy genius finally figured out how to close down the comments on his "secretxwars" YouTube account but this one is still open for business:

Squonkamatic said...

It's bullshit like this that undermines the compassion that one sometimes feels for Kal K. Korff. He really is his own worst enemy, and the best thing he can do for his aspirations is to shut the fuck up, close down his websites, never post another thing to YouTube or whatever, and hope that he fades from the public consciousness as quickly as possible. Mark my words, I feel sorry for Kal K. Korff and wish he would get help for himself -- my opinion is that the primary reason he relocated to Czech Republic is to be far out of the reach of a mental health intervention by his family back home -- but here is another instance that shows he really has it coming to him, and I hope Paul Kimball has been merciless in pursuing the truth of Kal K. Korff's ongoing acts of systematic & deliberate fraud to the world.

Anonymous said...

>>> For those of you who only started "feeling" for Jade AFTER she developed terminal cancer of the cervix, may you take a serious look at yourself in the mirror and LEARN from this.

It is NEVER right to "judge" someone else — and in the case of Jade, her "kritics" were wrong. <<<

Fuck you Korff. Your reflection is that of a cry-baby, loser, friendless asshole.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wish such a thing on Kal, but I would laugh if he developed terminal cancer of the cervix.

I would probably first be amazed, then I would laugh.

Anonymous said...

Kal posted a story that ran in The Sun about Jade passing away. Quite sad, the passing.

Kal, you should take note here. The Sun never mentions Kevin Randle, Royce Myers, Paul Kimball or any of the other flying saucer people you're obsessed with. Why is that?

I thought Kal had exposed them all before the worldwide media and there were going to be TV shows, newspapers, magazines and lawsuits exposing them all.

Golly, I guess what Kal thinks is a global matter isn't even a speck of ink in any newspaper nor a pixel on TV. What a surprise. Not.

Kal needs to stop exploiting anything and everything so he can take his petty shots and jabs at people who plainly see him as a sad joke.

And where is this new video Kal said would be out in a few hours? That was nearly three days now. Way to go 'Colonel' Kow patty.

Anonymous said...

I read his book on exposing Roswell, Corso etc. Was all that BS too? I just want to know. The book came out in 2000 or so.

Anonymous said...

Ed V. said...

"I read his book on exposing Roswell, Corso etc. Was all that BS too? I just want to know. The book came out in 2000 or so."

You can check out the comments on Amazon or eBay concerning Korff's books. That should give you some indication what other readers thought of it.

I didn't read any of Korff's books but I can tell you straight up he's a sloppy researcher who simply makes a case for what he already believes in. He's a debunker, and if you look closely enough, you'll see him set the standard where it suits him.

In his anti-Bigfoot book Korff accepts the claims of people saying they faked footage using a gorilla suit. In his anti-Roswell book Korff rejects claims of people having witnessed events.
That's Korff.

Anonymous said...

K,K, "Colonel" K -
How many lies have you told today?

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Kal worked at LLNL.

I posted the details on the Kult of Kal blog.

The full story is as you would expect.

My personal gratitude to a special "Anonymous."