Monday, May 25, 2009

Kal Korff coming unplugged

Our favorite idiot Kal K. Korff has opened his rather large mouth once again because he wants the world to hear him roar!! And the way Kal has about putting certain things it would be rather easy for those uninformed about Kal to buy into such rubbish.

Poor dumb and exposed Kal K. Korff has decided to put up on his Internet website something about how the media is now covering something about his brother's lawsuit. Read Kernal Korff's nonsense for yourself.

Media Begins to Cover Federal Lawsuit in Kurtis Korff Shooting News - Latest News Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road. Wednesday, 13 May 2009 09:20 Dear World, I have received word that the media has started to cover the news of the seven lawsuits which were filed concerning the illegal shooting of him, specifically by Oregon Deputy Alan Johnson. Let the record show that we seek only one thing: JUSTICE. Let the record also show that we did NOT alert the media, in other words these stories are self-driven, the news entities decided to cover this event, because it IS NEWS, all on their own. At the core of this case is one vital issue which affects us all: Whenever law enforcement personnel or Justice personnel decide to take the laws into their own hands, and label and "judge" people as "throw away persons" — for who they then falsely prosecute and even go so far as to fake and manipulate or fail to collect the evidence which proves INNOCENCE — ALL of these events and crimes not only took place in my brother's wrongful shooting, but as the lawsuits clearly indicate, we seek reform and changes to help insure that there can be no further victims of such illegal and distinctly UN-American behavior. Thus far, Josephine County Legal Counsel Steve Rich has indicated that the suit is beyond his competence. Incredibly, and perhaps criminally, because Rich himself REFUSED TO ATTEND A HEARING LAST YEAR WHERE LT. JIM PEX'S FORENSICS WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO HIM, PROVING MY BROTHER WAS INNOCENT, intends to WASTE TAXPAYER MONEY, MORE OF IT, "DEFENDING" HIS BEHAVIOR WHERE HE CANNOT, AS WELL AS THAT OF THE COUNTY'S WHERE IT CANNOT BE RIGHTFULLY, ETHICALLY NOR LEGALLY DEFENDED. Accordingly, Pex's Forensics have now been sent to Rich, WHO WILL BE FORCED TO LOOK AT THEM, OR FACE THE LEGAL CONSEQUENCES OF FAILING TO ADDRESS THEM, WHICH IS CONSPIRACY AND PERJURY, AMONG OTHER CRIMES. Their self-inflicted soap opera continues...stay tuned for more updates shortly....including photos and documents.

And yet of course Kal K. Korff bends the truth to his usual low standard of stretching it by trying to play yet more games. What could this media coverage be? NBC? CNN? FOX news? Perhaps the Post or the London Times? No oh no oh no. Not even close. The big time media coverage in this case is that of a very small Oregon newspaper called the Illinois Valley news! ahahahahahahahahhh That is the extent of the big media coverage Kal was boasting!!!!! ahahahahaahahhaa

But this small newspaper has one fearless reporter deeming the antics of Kal entertaining enough to write a story about and has given media coverage to this little blog website! So now that poor dumb Kal has received some bad press he is once again on the attack and our beloved dope Kal left a little note expressing his displeasure with the media coverage he was praising! Read Kernal Kal's rebuking of this hilarious article where one official is quoted as saying Korff lives in a fantasy world. ahahahhhhaaahahaha They have Kal pegged now don't they now!!! Cary on with reading Kal and his preposterous garble.

With all due respect to people's "expert opinions" here, the FACT remains that NONE of you were "involved" in my brother's case. By comparison, I have been, in fact I wrote HALF of his legal defense, the very words in fact which were read before the jury of 10 people in the closing arguments which resulted in my brother being found INNOCENT of the charge of "trying to run over and kill" Oregon Deputy James Geiger, who has now recanted his "certain" testimony — check Court records yourself.

The claim that my brother was "involved" in a Home Assault is NOT TRUE! My brother was NOT PRESENT during any such event, nor was he charged. Instead, he was a passenger in a car, whose occupants had just attacked an innocent person who owed them money.

There was NO "sudden acceleration" of the vehicle, the police never admitted any such evidence into the record because it did NOT exist.

Finally, you all deliberately IGNORE the Forensic Tests by former Police Lt. James Pex and Forensic Specialist Gary Knowles, which PROVES that JOHNSON was the shooter and NOT Geiger. Geiger has since ADMITTED that he doesn't know who shot my brother.

As a family, we have always and ONLY sought JUSTICE in this case. The Courts have now promised us that they will review this new evidence, which was paid for by taxpayers over a YEAR ago, and give my brother a fair trial.

This is their duty, it is distinctly UN-American to lie about someone and "judge" and condemn them when one does NOT have any nor all of the facts, and is NOT in a position to know them as claimed.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves, but based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage of this case this newspaper has seen to print, I am not "surprised" you make mistakes or allow this kind of tripe to be printed.

For example, in another incorrect article, your reporter LIES and claims I am some sort of "agent" from Israel. That's funny if it were not dangerous to make such a claim, especially since I live in the former Iron Curtain.

For the record, I am NOT an "agent" — have never claimed to be, and what I do is not even "secret" — clearly, your reporter smokes too many James Bond movies — for the record, I don't watch any at all, I prefer to stay grounded in "reality."

Regarding Nanobots and other things he has wrongly described, it continues to amaze me HOW this reporter can get so many things wrong. Why? Because it wouldn't happen if he checked his facts. I have never communicated with your reporter. He should have at least asked me, but he never bothered.

What sort of "ethics" is this?

As a far more senior journlaist myself, officially accredited by a government, unlike your reporter, I guess checking facts first before lying is not required at your newspaper.

As you can see, I have rightfully insisted on a retraction. Time will tell if your paper has the integrity to issue one and set the record straight instead of corrupting it by making claims I certainly never have.

Sincerely yours,


Prague, Czech Republic

So if the brother was found innocent then why is he in jail on felony criminal charges he was convicted of for trying to assault a law officer??? And so now Kal says he was deeply involved with his brother's defense and the court records will show this?? these are the words of Kal K. Korff now. And so what is this new evidence Kal is barking about if it was found over a year ago and paid for with taxpayer money????? Kal starts praising the media coverage and now is saying the story is inaccurate???? In the words of Kernal Kal himself you just can;t have it both ways. Now Kal says he is not an agent of an Israeli organization???? Again someone needs to smack Kernal Kal-is-rael back into reality and I think Kal is mad about having to eat his own words and mad about yet another unflattering newspaper article written about him. Really just how many times can Kal cry foul over these stories that expose him????? The reporter says he tried to contact Kal weeks ago for comment and Kal never did bother answering. Who do you believe here? The reporter or Kal "Conniving" Korff? The choice is easy and it isn't Kal!!

Kal claims to be a journalist but spells it jornlaist! ahahahahahhhaaahhaa And you have to love how Kal tries to get one on the newspaper reporter by claiming to be a far more senior journalist! Kal must be pretty humiliated to have been slapped around by such a small town reporter. Small town I suppose does not equal inept and certainly not in this case where the reporter uses Kal's OWN WORDS against him!!!

On another note it appears that Kal's claims of sending nanobots to an Oregon sheriff and having secret communications with this sheriff have been dispelled by the sheriff himself! ahahahaaahh

Someone left a comment about how embarrassing this all must be for the family of Kernal Korff. I really feel for those people and remember that this blog is not about them it is about Kal K. Korff. If the family wins in court that is their business. If they do not then that also too is their business. The only thing I am concerned about is that idiot Kal Korff trying to use the tragedy of a family member to boost himself up into the public eye. That to me is deplorable behavior and it makes even more so with all the silly claims Kal has made about being involved in his brother's defense and doing these ridiculous secret operations and having all of this secret information. As someone else left comment here I too hope that Kal K. Korff is commanded to appear before the courts so someone with some real power like a judge can put an end to Kal's nonsense!! Shame on you Kal shame on you!


Anonymous said...

Another great piece on Kal! First he holds up the media until they tell the truth about him. Kal wrote, "Let the record also show that we did NOT alert the media, in other words these stories are self-driven, the news entities decided to cover this event, because it IS NEWS, all on their own. "

How quickly Kal bites the hand he is licking. I suppose all reporters every where are out to get Kal Korff.

Reading Kal's diatribe on the newspaper's site was entertaining. i notice that he did not sign it as "Colonel" and it was also absent the usual "Special Secret Services" signature. How convenient. Kal made the claim that his organization is Israeli based. No one can be at fault for that except Kal.

one thing is certain - Kal tried to make it appear as though he never said any of the crazy shit he has said about being in S3 and about his nanobots.

And I wholly agree that Kal has brought much shame to his family. I would rather die painfully than put my family through any of that sort of nonsense. I feel bad for his family who has to live with this crap. I really do.

It will be netertaiing to see what happens next with Kal or what other crazy stuff he tries to pull next. It will also be interesting to see Paul Kimball's film about Korff and to hear what happens in Prague when Paul lands next week.

Squonkamatic said...

"For the record, I am NOT an "agent" — have never claimed to be, and what I do is not even "secret" Sooooo ... Special SECRET Services means ... ? What? Nothing? If it isn't secret, than what is the point of calling it secret? And the rank of colonel, it's meaningless?

And the term SAPSTOE, that's also what, meaningless? Something you made up one day when you didn't think anybody was paying attention? Along with all of the nonsense about warrant officers and adjuants, right? Kal, you've gone on record as saying that you ARE a colonel in the Israeli founded (or funded, you use both terms) Special Secret Services, and that you're some sort of counter-terrorism operative who specializes in protecting consumers from UFO frauds in general and Royce Meyers III in specific. Your own pathetic YouTube videos have you shaking your god damn world famouns newspaper clippings at the camera saying it was all true.

Now however everyone can see how thin your soup really is: all it took was one small town independent newspaper writer two brief articles and you're backpedaling over your entire past five years of effort to set yourself up as a SAPSTOE wunderkind.

Are you or aren't you an S3 SAPSTOE? And if you say you aren't now all of a sudden, are you aware that you're calling yourself a liar for a multitude of statements made in the past? Anyone can look on YouTube at your SecretXWars channel or your web postings and see you saying exactly what you now say you never did. LOL!

The word we use where I come from is BUSTED. You're busted, Professor! By the way, how is that doctoral thesis coming? Or were you lying about that too? And is this why Rob McConnell wants nothing more to do with you? That he realized you'd been lying to him all along about that and many other subjects? You said you sent him nanobots and had deployed them in sting ops at the Josephine County jail as well as in the operational theater in counter terrorism operations. Did you engage in those activities or didn't you?

How about finding the WMDs in Iraq? You told Kevin Randle you were in Iraq working with the Kurds (LMAO) long before the invasion, and you claim to have put one over on Scott Ritter with pictures of WMDs that he said weren't there. Did you or didn't you do these things? Did you tell Scott Jorgensen about your time in Iraq working with the Kurds? You were supposedly working on the book about the Gimlin-Patterson film with Greg Long and Michaela Kocis then, but you told Kevin Randle you were in Iraq.

And where does the iPod and iPod accessories sales activities come into this? Does Scott Jogensen know about your troubles with Milos "Fuck You" Bartu from MacZone and the allegation of fraud stemming from apparently using Vojtek Sadlacek's name on an invoice for three iPods and a MacBook laptop?

What else should Scott Jorgensen know about? If he is going to accurately report on this story of your meddling in your brother's case surely he should know all about the various allegations and inconsistencies regarding your own activities. That's what journalists do! and it's all right here, Twinkletoes.

Squonkamatic said...

We also see the tried & true Kal K. Korff tactic of making the argument about the qualifications of his opponent:

"As a far more senior journlaist myself, officially accredited by a government, unlike your reporter, I guess checking facts first before lying is not required at your newspaper."Not just the reporter, the whole newspaper now is under attack from the very person who was praising the exposure. And what government has accredited Kal K. Korff's work as a journalist? Would this be the Israelis? I thought he wasn't an Israeli agent! And what the FUCK does living "in the former Iron Curtain" have to do with anything? Other than he goes to the post office a lot to mail tons of bull shit to the people in the US that he has problems with. I've said it before and will say it again -- What a fucking idiot.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

"...for the record, I don't watch any at all, I prefer to stay grounded in 'reality.' "

For once, I agree with Kal's use of quotes. His reality is worlds away from our reality.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Damn, I just wish Kal would or could publish more videos of himself.

Personally, I have no use for his words, no matter how preposterous. And I'm getting anxious to mix up some of his antics.

Dammit Martina, can you just lend him a camera? Maybe we could chip in a few bucks/crowns and get the Kernal a cheap video camera. The investment is so worth it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Just look at all the qualifications Kal K. Korff claims to have: investigative journalist, computer engineer, author, lecturer, analyst, sapstoe, broadcaster, 219 IQ, mystery solver, columnist, pioneer of original concepts in archeology/artificial intelligence/ computing/ criminology/ forensics, historical research/ physics/ weaponry/ nanotechnology who has
worked for Atari, Xerox, Apple Computer, Claris, The Boeing Company, and was a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars" program.

The questions begs itself: If Kal is all he claims, then how did he get OWNED by a small town reporter?

This is some pretty entertaining stuff. Comical really. I suppose Kal's vast intelligence network did not see any of this coming? Perhaps the batteries in Kal's nanobots ran down and were unable to report this dastardly activity to him? Maybe the payphone Kal was relying on for intelligence updates does not accept incoming calls?

I'm just waiting for Kal to start playing the hate card next. And predictably Kal has thrown down with the official complaint bit and I'm sure soon to follow will be threats of suing everyone.

Kal should face 'reality' and the fact that some small town reporter has handed him ass with a smile.

Notice how those Kal has given praise to now are all out to get him according to Kal? This little newspaper is now an enemy along with Sheriff Gilbertson whom Kal showered with praise as being a "fine man" and Kal I believe said his family helped get the man elected to office.

In the end it looks as though Kal K. Korff is trying to live out his wildest and most paranoid fantasies in some sort of twisted mid-life crisis where Kal perhaps has realized he will never achieve those dreams of being a recognized hero/intellect/savior of the world.

The only person Kal has to blame for that and his current situation is himself. Imagine if Kal had focused all of this energy and time he committed these absurd fantasies and threats and instead had focused on his education. He might have made something of himself.

Anonymous said...

Since when does being "the more senior journalist" mean you can't get scooped by a sharp reporter? That the subject he's being scooped on his himself is what makes his diatribe so funny. Yes Kal, you HAVE claimed several times publicly that you are an Israeli agent and even went so far as to buy a bunch of trinkets to make your retarded little SAPSTOE uniform to prove it to the world. You even emailed those hilariously super serious pictures of yourself mugging for the camera to Royce and Kevin and then lambasted them for not being stupid enough to play along with your juvenile little fantasy of being an international man of intrigue.

Don't get all nasty at this Jorgensen guy for doing his job either, though I am not sure how potent a response is when posted on your own website. Shouldn't it be added to the comments section for that article? I sure hope they don't print a retraction, you may have been able to bully Wikipedia into striking unfavorable material on you but this is an actual privately owned newspaper, they don't have to do a god damn thing you say. It's called freedom of the press and I hope by god that Jorgensen and his editors stand by their words because it's exactly the payoff you deserve for lying through your teeth to the whole world for so long.

History judges people based on who they really were, not what they wish they had been. One of the sad facts about the life of Kal Korff is that it's been wasted for the most part and he's come up with all these stupid little lies & games to try and trick people in the present into thinking he's more than some washed up former UFO debunker who's outlived his public usefulness. History in the future will see right through it all and there won't be any monuments or buildings dedicated to Kal Korff to celebrate his contributions to humanity, because there really haven't been any contributions beyond a few hackneyed books that recycle other people's words.

Kal Korff: Syndicated liar, plagiarist, obsessive compulsive self-centered arrogant failure with delusions of grandeur who frightens Czech women who told him to keep his creepy hands off them into relocation to Hawaii. There's your legacy, Kal. You worked hard to establish it, enjoy yourself.

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, my, that's the fastest retreat I have ever seen. Does Kal plan on erasing every web page where he has plainly called himself a "colonel in the ISRAELI SECRET SERVICE"?

I guess we can watch his YouTube page and see if he deletes every video where he refers to himself as such. Too bad he won't be able to delete his good pal Royce Meyers III's page..

Kal, it's over. You've been undone by the Illinois Valley News which sucks as it takes some of the wind out of Paul's sails..

How does it feel to know you're about 2 weeks from being the biggest joke on the planet?

Squonkamatic said...

Someone should send Scott Jorgensen the quick reference pamphlet titled "So You're Being Threatened With A Lawsuit By Kal K. Korff" that helpfully explains how he's broke, stuck in Prague, can't allow himself to be deposed in court, composes his own legal documents using TexEdit with the spellchecker switched off, how DotJoss Enterprises is really just his mom, and includes a concise list of everybody who Professor Pommelhorse has threatened to sue contrasted with the list of those who actually have been sued, which is nobody.

Anonymous said...

FN here...

I don't get it? Kalvin stated on a few occasions that he had nanobot dust, components, etc. He would say dust to me, but you don't serial number dust, you idiot.

He also said that he offered up this nanobot material to help his brothers case, did he not?

I can't spare the time right now but maybe we could get somebody to copy and paste a "you said this, and now you say you didn't" segment on him?

Nothing to detailed, it shouldn't take long to put together 3 or 4 high points to further...

...blow this fick tard out of the water using his own lies.


Anonymous said...

>>> Sheriff Gil Gilbertson was engaged in back channel communications with Colonel Kal Korff, before Korff terminated them after he and others caught Gilbertson "saying one thing and doing another." <<<

Look in the mirror Kalvin.

I predict that Kalvin did send material to hero Gilbertson, and much like the response RMIII gave Kalvin, Gilbertson took note of Kalvin's nuttiness and moved on.

>>> back channel communications <<<

Kalvin, "I sent you some material in the post, that's back channel communications!"


Anonymous said...

"UFO WatchCat exists for one purpose: to PROTECT CONSUMERS from the claims of Royce Myers III and his UFO "Watchdog" web site. In this stunning video, Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services shows off actual nanobot components made with nanotechnology. Korff is an expert in nanotechnology, and was accused by "friends" of Royce Myers III of "lying" and NOT having such material. Similarly, Oregon Deputy James Geiger MOCKED Korff, and then said this material also did not exist. Korff now PROVES these "experts" wrong, and exposes them as either outright frauds, or dishonest and mistaken individuals. UFO WatchCat is created and produced by Czech Author, Broadcaster, Investigative Journalist and Supermodel, Miss Martina Týčová."

Anonymous said...

"This video shows Kal Korff revelaing actual nanobot components "friends" of Royce Myers III and Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger falsely claimed did not exist. Here, Korff proves that they were lying. UFO WatchCat exists to PROTECT CONSUMERS from the false claims of Royce Myers III and his UFO "Watchdog" web site. UFO WatchCat is created and produced by Czech Author, Broadcaster, Investigative Journalist and Supermodel, Miss Martina Týčová."

Anonymous said...

The Illinois Valley News is not only a very, very small local publication, but only comes out weekly. The Grants Pass Daily Courier is the local daily paper, and they seem totally disinterested in the whole ordeal, so most of us here have not really seen all this controversy. Also, in searching the Medford Paper, which would be the biggest thing we have around here, I see no mention after the actual reporting of the incident that got Korff jailed...which, for the record seems to be what he deserved. There seems to be no doubt around here that a prison sentence was justified. I a not sure what involvement Kal has had with the government in my little corner of the world, but it seems to me that it would be little or none.

Anonymous said...

Subject: Kal Korffs attacks
Date: Thursday, 1 May 1997, 16.49 CET

I was just informed that Meier Debunker Kal K. Korff used
my absence from the net during my recent visit to the US
and Canada for another dirty attack.

I once mentioned that Korff obviously was lying about
his alleged ability to "speak German fluently" which, as he
claims, enabled him to do his highly dubious "research" in

When I met him on a conference in L.A., I addressed him in
proper German and he obviously didn't understand anything,
although I used a simple language and simple vocabulary,
what made me doubting his language skills.

Now, among other naughty things, Korff admitted that he
didn't understand me but blamed me for "not being able
to pronounce German properly" for whatever reason.

Sound familiar? Good old Kal never changes!


Kal, wie glaubt es, um verfangenes Lügen zu sein? Es ist nicht für Sie gut.

Anonymous said...

Now what is Kernal Disingenuous deleting from his website now? Just like Kal to show his true ethical stance by deleting evidence showing what a fat windbag he is.

Kal is completely full of himself and so much bullshit I am surprised his head hasn't exploded.

There is no where for Kal to wiggle out from this now. All you have to do now is go to iTunes and download any number of X-Zone shows where Kal makes all these various claims.

And is Kal threatening to sue people *again*? This gets old. Let's see just how many lawsuits Kal has actually filed.

Ray Santilli: Kal swore and even at one point posted what he claimed were filed lawsuit documents against Ray for the Alien Autopsy film. For *years* now Kal has said he was going to sue Ray. Kal even went so far as to slap on a skirt and pretend that Martina Tycova had hired a law firm. No lawsuit and there never will be from Kal.

Royce Meyer: Kal said factually that he had started "legal proceedings" against Royce. This was a couple of years ago and still no lawsuit. Didn't Kal also claim Royce was going to get "nailed" over some complaint. By all accounts Royce seems to be going about without a worry.

Billy Maeier and Mike Horn: Kal has been babbling about this one forever now and still *nothing*.

Bigfoot: I remember Kal running is mouth about suing some guys over a bigfoot film for fraud. *Still* waiting for this happen though I know it never will.

Paul Kimball: Didn't Kal claim he was going to sue Paul for slander or something when Paul exposed Kal's *bullshit* claim where Kal claimed he was an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil trial? I think Kal did and Paul seems to be lawsuit free still.

Genocide: Wasn't Kal supposed to be part of some lawsuit against a country for genocide? I do recall something like this. Again no such lawsuit *ever* took place.

David Beideny: Kal was supposed to sue this guy for saying something about Kal's brother. No dice here either on yet another fantasy lawsuit by Kal.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of lkawsuit threats that dripped out of Kal's big mouth but the bottom line is Kal simply does not have a legal leg to stand on for those claims and he certainly does not have the money required to get a case started. This also proves that Kal *never* had $25mil as he claimed.

Shit, you could write a five volume set on the ridiculous number of claims made by Kal that have never come true. If Kal was paid by the claim he'd have billions by now. were he paid by the action, he'd be living in Prague pretending to be a colonel. Oh!

Anonymous said...

Thx fellow Korffers. Now any newspaper wanting a quick over view of the lies can see them on this thread.

Thx very much,


Anonymous said...

Isn't a lawsuit something an attorney wears while in the courtroom? LOL at Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal's Korner Radio Returns this Friday Night, Saturday Morning Around the World
News - Latest News
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 00:29
25 May 2009

World Wide Web and PR Newswire: UFO WatchCat, whose Executive Producer is Miss Martina Týčová, has announced that Kal's Korner will be returning to its weekly broadcast schedule starting this Friday, May 29, 2009.

"I'm looking forward to returning to my regular weekly broadcast segments for Kal's Korner," explained Kal Korff. "Now, listeners and viewers will be able to hear these broadcasts on our web sites, they will be available immediately.

"As usual, I'll give the latest updates, read documents on the air, and of course answer people's questions. Effective this week, we are back to broadcasting each week, after taking a hiatus to finish many projects and do some travel and investigations. We will be broadcasting much of this, and many great surprises, stay tuned."


I can hardly wait for this!


Anonymous said...

>>> after taking a hiatus to finish many projects and do some travel and investigations. <<<

What a fucking liar.

You havn't been on the air because you were kicked off the sir.



Anonymous said...

"For the record, I am NOT an "agent" — have never claimed to be, and what I do is not even "secret" — clearly, your reporter smokes too many James Bond movies — for the record, I don't watch any at all, I prefer to stay grounded in "reality.""From

"Your next book project is totally UNRELATED to the paranormal. Your next book, Secret Wars, is about Terrorism. WHY?""I have been secrety involved in fighting against organized terrorism since 1980, and in my new book I start off right away talking about this ...."1980?? And this of course is the book that has never been published, or rather one of the many books (500 to be exact) that has not been published.

Anonymous said...

These broadcasts, will they be on YouTube? After all it says right there on YouTube's logo, "Broadcast Yourself."

Squonkamatic said...

It's always so reassuring to see Kal K. Korff refer to himself in the 3rd person and hear of his fun time projects with his imaginary friends. I was actually just thinking earlier, who is Kal K. Korff's intended audience for these messages and tirades? Who does he actually think a) is stupid enough to believe him, and b) really cares?

The only answer that makes sense is his mom. This whole routine of his must be a snow-job to con his mom into letting him sponge up rent money every month. He then has to keep her updated on what he's doing with his time other than finding a job. So he comes up with these fruitcake web postings that mention a supposed girlfriend, time consuming activities that are of global significance, and doublethink parsed vocabulary that have multiple meanings in case he's confronted on just what happened to that last $1650.

The creation of the Super Duper Services is right in line with any other kind of infantile childish exaggeration -- I once used to maintain there was a swimming pool in the basement of the church that housed our nursery school -- meant to impress a parent figure into providing praise and reassurance for their special little guy. Martina is a gem too, not only did he hook up with an investigative journalist and reality TV producer, she's a former supermodel too! He's also working on a PhD thesis, engaged in research work, developing nanotechnologies (ooo! big word!), slaving away at his 500 book deal, taking students to meet with the President, hanging out at the US Embassy discussing consumer fraud with diplomats, meeting with UN arms inspectors, working on DVD projects, and on the side selling iPods & iPod accessories to poor Czech Republic citizens who would otherwise be screwed by unscrupulous local dealers.

Sounds exactly like the snow job I'd be pulling on my mom if I was living in Prague and resisting the need to find a full time job. "Please mom, I really need that $2250, the Israelis are expecting me to give them a catered reception after my speech and I can't order the food until the payment has cleared this time or the bank will cut off my debit card again ... No, look, I wrote all about it on my web page, you can get the details there and tomorrow evening there will be pictures of me with the ambassador ... Look, Martina is here with the press people for the interview and I have to go, just promise that you'll make the transfer before noon tomorrow, OK? Love ya, bye!"

Anonymous said...

You may be absolutely correct regarding Kal's source of income, but I've had this feeling all along that his base 'income' is from SSDI. (Social Security Disability Income). Under the US Social Security system, those who are are handicapped, or have disabilities, both physically and MENTALLY, regardless of age, may collect a monthly payment somewhere in the $1000 range. Thank goodness I'm not one of them, but I do know of several in my own hometown who are. (Now known as 'mentally challanged'). My father used to refer to them as the 'village idiots'.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

*Kal's Korner Radio Returns this Friday Night, Saturday Morning Around the World
News - Latest News
Written by Administrator

**Wednesday, 27 May 2009 00:29 **

25 May 2009


Hello all. I've been living in Prague for 5-6 years and I first came across Kal-is-ra-el via his Metropolitni Expres abomination.

Like many living here and contributing to this blog and others (eg. he incurred my wrath from this time on.

Last night during a torrential rain storm, I had the displeasure of making my first sighting of the creature. It was on the #10 tram, going in the direction of Kosire where I live. I was sitting near the back and he was right up the front (where the old and infirm normally sit) slouching side-on. I won't go into too much detail, but once I had confirmed his identity (which was shockingly apparent to me - even considering my mild level of intoxication & sleepiness)I was stuck by how much he resembled one of the myriad homeless wretches that shelter in trams when the weather gets rough. I'm not kidding - a genuinely tragic and pathetic looking figure indeed..

Anyway, my point is that he disembarked at Andel, just in front of Novy Smichov mall and proceeded to fidget around with what looked like a big silver iPod in his backpack. I logged the time at about 20 past midnight. As far as I know, there are no internet cafes open around Andel at that time on a Wednesday morning. But it seems that only 10mins or so after I witnessed him nervously faffing about in the tram shelter in the middle of a giant rain storm, the small dishevelled rat-like creature wrote the entry above.

I didn't see any type of laptop in the small backpack, only a can of coke was visible :) but I guess there could have been. Does this mean he's relocated to Andel ( I really hope not - I don't want him anywhere near my neighbourhood), or does he have nothing better to do or nowhere better to go and just hangs out on the streets in the middle of the night, blogging & cruisin' for skanky hos? Strange.


John Darke said...

So "he proceeded to fidget around with what looked like a big silver iPod in his backpack" and then you say "I didn't see any type of laptop in the small backpack."

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Meaning iPod as in MP3 player..not laptop.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


As I was reading your KKK spotting on tram 10, I got goosebumps. No word of a Korff lie, the hair rose on the back of my neck.

About Andel, I seem to remember at least one other person spotting him there, coming out of the metro. I feel like it was it Daniela.

Maybe Kernal Kock does live there (or that's his favorite McDonald's).

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...


"But it seems that only 10mins or so ... [he] wrote the entry above"

Kal is not a fast writer/thinker. And we know he doesn't care about or pay attention to detail. So, take his "00:29" posting time with a grain of salt. For all we know, his blog profile's timezone is set to a city an hour off of CET, or even in the States. What I mean is, he could have posted that entry an hour or even 6 hours after getting off the tram. Just a thought.

I just don't think he can type or think as fast as you may suspect he can.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fair call IAKOK - who really knows exactly how or what or where the ratbag works his dirty tricks..

Just as an aside, my overriding emotion of my 'close encounter' last night, was that of pity can you believe. I'm not the most empathetic person I imagine, but seeing this bedraggled,very lonely, ugly old man did affect me slightly. What a miserable creature!! He reminds me very much of Gollum the more I think of it.. :)

Don't get me wrong though - I am fully aware that Kal-is-ra-el is filth and scum personified; at best a mentally deranged fool and freak, but one who should definitely be held accountable for all his misdeeds and lies.


Brit_in_Prague said...

Korff is vermin, and he has it coming to him - just as his ratbag sleaze of a brother got what was coming to him.

Udder scum.

Squonkamatic said...

It should be fairly obvious to anyone that Colonel Kal K. Korff was simply returning from just having briefed NATO officials on the North Korean nuclear situation, which is serious enough to warrant the involvement of someone of Colonel Korff's expertise. The so-called "large silver iPod" was actually his SAPSTOE nanobot deployment kit and he was likely secreting nanobots into the coke can to plant on the tram car as an anti-terrorism surveillance unit & upskirt cam so he can beat off to ladies undergarments and keep the world safe from Royce Meyers III's terrorism all at once. He usually keeps pretty busy.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts come to mind from reading the comments. What is "nanodust"? I thought nanobots were very small and now they're made smaller yet by grinding them into dust? So maybe the Kerna got nervous about sending the sheriff's department top secret technology and so ground them to powder so as to be able to say that he did actually send them? No wait, he now says he didn't send them, I'm confused.

Also, Kal could make a point that he's not an "agent" technically. Those are the grunts who do the dirty work and sometimes get killed in the process. He's actually a "Kernal", the guy that bosses around those little agent guys.How could we be so foolish as to miss that nuance?

Kal is an idiot said...

Pictures of that idiot Kal Korff riding the tram or other Kal sightings can be sent to Kernal Krap isn;t going back on Rob McConnel's radio program so my guess is he is going to do some weak podcast. And you know Kal just won't be able to help opening his big mouth as wide as he possibly can. Kal will land himself in a real lawsuit in no time at all where someone will simply have had enough of his rubbish. Kal may not have much money you can sue him for but you could sue him for his websites. If Kal is getting some sort of social security assistance and he gets sued you can also garner that income. I am barrister but I think Kal may have committed libel and slander. It is only a matter of time before someone hits Kernal Chickencoop with a lawsuit.

And only a few days left until Paul Kimball ARRIVES IN PRAGUE! I think Paul will find this information useful about Kal being on the tram but I have a feeling that Paul has massive intelligence data on Kal's whereabouts and Kal's activities. Be sure to SMILE FOR THE CAMERAS Kal!!! Maybe Paul can bait Kal into a one on one interview by luring Kal to McDonalds with the promise of a kid's meal!

Anonymous said...

Look out all you anti-Korffers! The worldwide media is covering the story of Kal's brother now!!

And it looks like the same worldwide media is also giving Kal a little attention.

Iwouldn't want to be Meyer, Kimball, randle, Biedny or anyone else in Kal's sights right now!


Kal must be coming apart at the seams knowing that his own attempt at exaggeration and spin about the media covering his brother's case has come full circle to bite him right in his fat ass! This is all just priceless!

Squonkamatic said...

The disheveled bum look is obviously part of Colonel Kal K. Korff's SAPSTOE disguise kit -- remember as hilighted on Royce Meyers' Kan O' Korff pages and in the Colonel's own words, he wants his enemies to not take him seriously, so you are just playing into his brilliance in describing him as looking tired, forlorn, penniless, and in dire need of a bath.

Nanodust is a term that has been used to describe nano-robots by people who don't want to use the term "nanobot" for fear of being laughed at, and refers to a collection of nano-robots which are of course so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Hence a large collection of nanobots, say being deployed operationally in the War on Terror or to monitor the activities in an Oregon correctional facility, would appear as merely a cloud or puff of dust, and not be taken seriously by one's enemies.

Nanobot components refers to components of nanobots, i.e. the aggregate parts that make up the whole of a nanobot, and would be even smaller & even less visible to the naked eye and thus even more effective as surveillance drones in operational instances where it might not be possible to hide a camera in a flower pot. Both are extremely useful when confronting UN nuclear arms inspectors with evidence of WMDs that they have tried to suppress, and you can read more about these activities by pasting the following URL into your favorite web browser address bar:

Anonymous said...

Because we know Kalvin reads this blog, I thought I'd post this breaking saucer story. Let's see how long it takes Kalvin to post a response on his "web site."

Roswell Debris Confirmed As Extraterrestrial: Lab Located, Scientists Named!


Brad Hudson said...

Interesting comment on the Illinois Valley News site today, replying to my comment about about how I felt bad for the shame Kal was bringing on his famliy (comment on the 5/20 "Brother Causes Controversy" story).

Someone local wrote "His mother is the one who taught him to be a professional bs artist.".

Hmmm, so the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Perhaps Kal's problems go deeper than his father. Sounds as if he may have been raised in the perfect storm...

Anonymous said...

Or a nut house. The whole family seems weird, sociopathic and plagued by problems related to getting along with other people. Parents are divorced after rearing two budding psychopaths who inexplicably end up with the initials KKK (somebody must have thought that was cute: Is Kal's father a Grand Magus or something?), father is cold & dispassionate, mom is an alleged grifter, son Kurtis pursues a career as a petty criminal while Kalvin decides that the rest of the world is filled with liars & frauds, and the best way to deal with people who disagree with him is by hysterically threatening to take them to court. I'm hoping that Paul Kimball's film sheds some more light on how this train wreck of humanity got started.

Anonymous said...

Kernal Kuncklehumper says he is returning to the X-Zone and is being "syndicated" weekly and daily and yap yap yap.

Kal might want to pick up a dictionary and look up the word syndication. Per usual with Kal this is more exaggeration and fantasy. No one in their right mind would pay let alone waste their time on Kal's crap.

And Kal mentions posters from this blog specifically. Kal named Brad Hudson and Jimmy D.

Kal's busting a nut over some "smoking gun" memo in this police matter where his brother took one to the head. It appears Kal has removed that bogus memo he said was top secret and produced by the "special secret services" for whatever reason. After babbling about being so heavily involved in the legal aspect of his brother's case I am quite sure the real attorney in the case told Kal to knock it off.

And I see the retraction Kal demanded of that small newspaper has gone nowhere. So much for being such a high level and important person. Maybe the email Kal sent demanding the retraction got bounced back from his top secret Israeli server?

I would be utterly embarrassed were I akl and I continued with this sort of miscreant behavior. For God's sake, the man is nearly 50-years-old!

Anonymous said...

Please oh please have Kal served to be before the court in his brother's shooting case. How ironic would it be if Kal gets ordered to appear before the court and doesn't show up and it costs his brother the entire lawsuit!

Kal claims to have independent data and some evidence in this case. The TV lawyer in me says these are claims of relevant material facts to the case.

New headline coming: Kal Korff Sinks Family Lawsuit with Lunacy.

I'm wondering, don't you have to be a lawyer in order to prepare a defense in a criminal trial? If Kal did most of the work like he says then isn't this the practice of law without the proper credentials? Isn't that against the law?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin?

It isn't hatred:

>>> populate and post to forums whose sole existence, focus and purpose is hatred, (e.g., Brad Hudson, "Jimmy D", et al.) <<<

While there is a bit of name calling and such, and why not, you’re the guy calling out “Fuck You” to people on the net, now that’s some straight forward HATRED Kalvin.

The purpose, our purpose, is to call you out, dummy. Once again, you’ve gotten it all wrong.

The reporter(s), yes REPORTERS, at the Illinois Valley News are using this blog to get at the TRUTH, to show THE WORLD your now open underbelly, big as it is, in their attempt to write a FACTUAL and TRUE accounting of your shenanigans.

Like it or not Kalvin, with Paul Kimball second digit up your ass and your insistence in sticking your UNQUALIFIED mind into the legal system, you’re now fair game for the media at large to tar and feather, with the TRUTH, based on your own words. “I’m no secret agent!” Fuck off Kalvin. We got you on VIDEO tape, Mr. Director, stating just that “fact.”

You lie Kalvin. You make claims which you cannot follow through with. Please, oh please show us any evidence, ANY EVIDENSE of ANY law suit filed against these people you falsely claimed to have filed against. We asked these people and. Either they’re SO scared of you they can’t speak your name, or, as we suspected from the start; YOU LIE!

In fact, show the world any evidence regarding ANY of your claims, Kalvin! Nano fucking bots my ass.

No, this isn't hatred Kalvin; this is the internet, calling your fat ass out. This is the internet taking notes and following you around. This is the internet, the tool which will take a tool down.

Gosh, it must be getting old Kalvin? There's this world wide elephant in the room, to which you really can't respond to, other than to make idiotic claims about, and then attach your NON EXSISTANCE religious outrage upon.

Is there nothing else you can do with your life Kalvin? Is there no other cause or course your life, as a 50 year old man, can take other than to brandish your childish manner and behavior onto the world in your pathetic attempt to lengthen your already and so over, 15 minutes?

Watch your back Kalvin, those fine folks at the Illinois Valley News may just be your final undoing?

I'm just loving this, and so is "The World" Kalvin.


I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Just posted a list of Kal's claims.

If you think of any more, pls let me know:

shit...I just remembered about the nanobots.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I'm sure there are more but, at this point, does it really matter?



Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about it. There's always one more LIE when it comes to recounting the LIES that KAL K. KORFF has made. KAL K. KORFF IS A LIAR AND AN UNEDUCATED BUFFOON, HE TELLS LIES, this isn't hatred it's free speech, something that Kal K. Korff cannot tolerate.

Squonkamatic said...

Interesting idea, putting it in the limited vocabulary that Kal K. Korff understands --

Yes, Kal K. Korff is a liar, he tells lies. Everything he says or writes or posts is a lie of one sort or another. Calling this a "hate blog" is a LIE too, Kal K. Korff knows he is lying and he continues to TELL LIES because KAL K. KORFF IS A LIAR.You tell lies, Kal. You are a liar. Everything you say is a LIE and you are a FAILURE at life. Everybody knows you are a liar and that you are a failure. Everybody knows YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND either, that girls have always found you to be REVOLTING and CREEPY and WON'T LET YOU TOUCH THEM. You LIED when you said you have a son with a genius IQ, everything you say is a LIE because you are a LIAR. You are a liar and a fraud, Kal K. Korff.

I am publicly and officially accusing you, Kal K. Korff, of being a LIAR, a FRAUD, and a FAILURE who has LIED every chance you have.


Anonymous said...

And Kal has the nerve to call Sheriff Gilbertson a LIAR?
What a joker!!

Anonymous said...

Is it inferred by the Kal spotting on the #10 that he is now homeless in Prague? He was seen a few years ago by a cz expat who reported him to look like hell and smell really bad.

There are some new entries on Korff's website, lengthy diatribes on Gilbertson, "kritics" WHO MAKE A POINT TO HATE, returning to X-Zone.

By the way, google "WHO MAKE A POINT TO HATE" and see what is found. Apparently, Kal is the only person in the world who has ever used the phrase, repeatedly.

that comment on the Illinois Valley news about Kal's mother was also interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

Well the X-Zone does not, DOES NOT have Kalvin on the sceduale for this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Make that NEXT Friday, June 5/6. (Per Kal).

Anonymous said...

One of many interesting bits of history regarding Kal's activities in the US, before 'high-tailing' to Prague...
"Jim Dilettoso has included me in his "cybersuit" of Kal Korff, for reasons I cannot fathom. He wrote this message after I hung up on him. -- GC

From: Jim Dilettoso
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 14:23:10 -0600
To: Glenn Campbell
Subject: deep

Dear Sir;

If you would have let me finish, before you bailed on the phone call, I would have told you that
I am certain that you do not have the money to defend your actions
in a lawsuit, wherein the actions of kal korff are the real basis for the suit.

As I file this suit, I must and will name as defendants, all who either instigated this or have allowed it to continue.
It being the lies, slander, libel, and defamation that originated from Kal Korff and
continues to be distributed by your site, UFOMIND."

Seems like Mr. Korff was, and still is, a professional LIAR!
I'm still researching for other suits that were filed against him.
I'm know there were others, either filed or intended, such as the Art Bell case.


Brad Hudson said...

No, Kal, it's not hatred, not by a long shot. It's entertainment, plain and simple. It's entertaining as hell that the author of this blog and a fairly regular group of commenters (which I'm going to have to admit I think I just made up that word) can actually get you riled up an ocean away. Do you think any reputable researcher in any field would give two whits about what a bunch of basic nobodies (no offense intended) said on a blog (sort of how everyone on your Nixonesque enemies list ignores your jack-ass like brayings)?? Yet with you we know we can eventually get a bombastic response, and it entertains us to no end.

You see, Kal, you shouldn't assume what motivates people, but I guess you figure that everyone has the same motivations as yourself. Every time you mention the name of your arch-nemesis du jour (and 95% of the time that nemesis is RM III) it's impossible to not see the hate and venom drip from your lips, but hate isn't your only motivator. Jealousy runs a close second. Look at your enemies list sometime. What do all those people have in common? They're all successful in their chosen fields, and they have skins (and actual college degrees)on the wall to match while you go on and on about supposed childhood triumphs. Why do you think the majority of mentally healthy adults put away the trophies of their youth when they come of age? Because they fill that now empty "trophy case" with the accomplishments of adulthood: advanced degrees, promotions, starting up their own companies, marriages and children. Outside a couple of books written 10 to 15 years ago (who's writing does more to prove your inability to write than to disprove whatever topic you chose to destroy that day), what have you accomplished, Kal? What skins have you added to your wall?

You see, Kal, if you had just written your books and then been honest about your life there would be no blogs and no detractors.

But since you have chosen to not only lie about a myriad of accomplishments, but also to try and tear down the accomplishments of others (mostly by lying), can you honestly say you didn't expect some backlash?

The only hate I can see, Kal, is your own.

Brad Hudson
Dallas, TX
Available anytime for a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Right on Brad!
If Kal had half a brain, he'd be doing something worthwhile with life instead of trying to tear everyone else down.
e.g. - Stan Friedman is still active making 'millions of dollars' and is flying to Illinois tomorrow to lecture and make some more book sales.
Paul Kimball is now in London, UK, on a business trip at company expense, making tons of money.
Poor Kal can't even afford a cheap video camera!
So who's the loser?

Anonymous said...

Don't you all just love it when Kal threatens people who don't agree with him? Kal did this very thing telling all those who disagreed with his conclusions about a bigfoot film that they needed to fall in line or pay the price.

Kal is a loud mouth bully type who if you punch in the nose once will run away screaming like a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone find it a bit odd that Kal is announcing his return to the X zone is on June 5th? This is the same time Paul Kimball will be there. Is Rob McConnell finally growing a brain and planning on setting Kal up for the take down?

Now watch as Kal suddenly is unable to make the show on the 5th. Kal can run but he can't hide from that documentary. Documentaries about these sort of idiotic people tend to be hugely successful because people are fascinated by mumbling imbeciles like Kal.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Some more 'must-read' stuff on Kal.

Undercover now for the FBI? Yeah. Right. Sure.

A quick quote from this review of Kal's talk show appearance on radio.

"Anyway, After Mr. Korff threatens the FBI with public exposure
for not taking his terrorist reports seriously, they welcome him
into their clandestine confidence and brief him "extensively" on
all aspects of world terrorism."

Who the fuck has Kal *not* threatened with exposure or a lawsuit? Who???!!!

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Funny read in that link, just anonymously posted.

And Digger - how on Earth do you find your stuff? You certainly deserve the moniker. :)

I finally stumbled upon a picture of Kal's self-described best friend, Brad Sparks:

I know I should judge a book by its cover, but jeez... he seems as full of himself as Kal.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Kalvin even lies about stuff that can be disproved in 5 seconds. For example, the last time I heard from him, he wrote: "Please check on the Jimmy D widgets, which expose you as a clueless FRAUD" I immediately examined (and have continued to examine) his site for signs of a "Jimmy D widget", but have yet to strike lucky.

He went on to write: "You ARE a FRAUD and a WANKER, who was first exposed in the pages of Expres….Nice to see you haven't changed, as I postulate in my upcoming thesis for my degree, you ARE "stuck in a loop of hatred."

Check it out in my special KKK-dedicated email account -
username: kalisaprick
password: kalisatwat

Oh - and check out the bounce message that I set up ... this sparked his second email.

Kalvin (and I know you're reading this) - you are the pits, and I loathe you from the bottom of my being.

It's not so much your constant, endless lies. It's not so much the fact that you appropriate the gallantry and bravery of other, real heroes for yourself (I know that this is General Racer's main beef). It is the essential mean-spiritedness and dishonesty that pervades your every utterance and (this is what really matters) behaviour.

The prime example of this is your treatment of Mr Sedlacek a man who radiates goodness and whose only fault is a certain innocence/naivity, and an unwillingness to think or suspect ill of anyone.

You really took advantage of that, didn't you? You lying scumbag...

May 29, 2009

Squonkamatic said...

All from

"How _does_ Kal get involved with weapons of mass destruction? It
seems mysterious Arabs, over time, are endlessly pumping Mr.
Korff for information on the production of nuclear weapons. Why? ...Because he let it 'slip' that he was involved with
technologies associated with the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - laser applications department... He tells the FBI about his suspicions."
KAL K. KORFF LIED: As proven by Kult of Kal's research, Kal K. Korff was never involved with SDI research or SDI technologies during his period of time as a contract Macintosh computer support employee at Lawrence Livermore Labs, where according to other workers there at the time he performed sub-standard work and eventually quit claiming he had an inoperable brain tumor. Claims of anything more than that is a deliberate LIE.

"... Mr. Rense uttered an incredulous "wow"... then proceeded to list
the implications of Mr. Korff's claims: That Mr. Korff was an
underground agent, working stealthily deep undercover for a
grateful nation and the FBI (he had a "case officer" even!), but
whose life must -assuredly- be at GREAT risk! This was the end
of the segment..."
KAL K. KORFF LIED: In his masturbatory rebuttal (ineffectually posted on his own web site) to Scott Jorgensen's Illinois Valley News article from May 20, 2009, Kal K. Korff said he has NEVER claimed to be an "agent" and that the work he does isn't even "secret". Either the claims made in his rebuttal piece or the claims made on Jim Rense's programs are LIES.

"While at Livermore Labs - Mr Korff reports that he enjoyed his
clearance (Clarence...?) and was allowed the luxury of treating
it as his own personal "multi-billion dollar playground." ... He "designed weapons," worked directly with "people out of Dr.
Tellers office" ... from Livermore he would dabble into a "real
fascination" of his - lasers!"
KAL K. KORFF LIED: Kal K. Korff was employed as a contract Macintosh computer technician and had no access to classified materials and never worked on any "weapons design" projects. Any statements implying anything more by Kal K. Korff in regards to his time spent working there is a LIE.

"Kal proves it when he continues to relate how he whipped out his
trusty 357 magnum 'Dirty Harry' pistol and fires off a -shot- ... he extorts ufological information from these
men at the point of this gun (!), confiscates their passports
with threats about going to the police if their "ufological
booty doesn't measure up"... and it's all on tape he -says- ..."
LMAO -- KAL K. KORFF IS AN IDIOT! And a LIAR! So many blatant LIES in that piece, told in an effort to deliberately DECEIVE the listening audience in what can only be considered an act of FRAUD aimed at CONSUMERS. I hope everyone takes a couple minutes to read over that review of the Rense program, there are too many Easter eggs in there to pull out. If someone could find an actual transcript or even better an audio archive of the show it would prove most entertaining.

Since as Brad Hudson helpfully points out above, this is all just entertainment. Which makes sense when considering that in his own words Kal K. Korff wants his enemies to not take him seriously. Someone should email a link to that posting to Sheriff Gilbertson, he was more right when he said that Kal K. Korff lives in a fantasy world than he knows.


Squonkamatic said...

" as I postulate in my upcoming thesis for my degree, "Ah, this would be the PhD doctorate thesis being pursued at the unnamed school sponsored by the unnamed professor in the unnamed area of discipline, in spite of the fact that Kal K. Korff has no formal education beyond high school and would not be qualified to participate in post-graduate studies without undergraduate and graduate degrees. It is another LIE.

Anonymous said...

Comment on a Bigfoot blogspot, dated March 12, 2004:
"Knowing about things in the background on a confidential basis, I think Greg Long is going to end up getting sued. Kal Korff might, too, but since he is out of the country, that situation might be different. As things develop over the weeks and months, we shall all see what happens. I should get my copy of The Making Of Bigfoot tomorrow. I read many of the posts, and I am impressed by most of the postings. This is really a pretty sophisticated crowd, and I can't say that for any of the other Bigfoot chat rooms out there.
- Daniel Perez
Publisher, Bigfoot Times"


Anonymous said...

Another tidbit from way back when:

"Incidentally, it won't be the Mogul Balloon hypothesis that gets Korff and his publisher (Prometheus Books) into trouble, but the chapter on the notorious Alien Autopsy Film. We are told that Ray Santilli's organization in England has threatened to sue Prometheus for unauthorized use of stills from this video, plus the use of a picture of the alleged photographer. The caption with the picture boldly states, "A reward has been posted for the arrest and prosecution of those behind the alien autopsy hoax." ".
Saucer Smear magazine
June, 1997


Anonymous said...

And for a little humor.
June 5, 1998

Phoenix radio personality Erskine has sent us a hilarious account of a trip he made to Switzerland last March with skeptical ufologist Kal K. Korff and a friend of Korff's named Dorothy, whom he brought along as a body guard. Among the people they interviewed was Billy Meier s ex-wife Popi, who again stated for the record that Billy's UFO photographs are all fakes.
Korff, of course, had visited the Meier camp in Switzerland once before, leading to his debunking book about Meier published by CSICOP's Prometheus Press, a couple of years ago. This time, according to Erskine, Korff "brought with him Dorothy plus fake Mossad & Interpol badges; he wore a bulletproof vest, and carried with him a fake bomb clock & various and sundry articles of intimidation". All of this, just to face down a group of 6 to 8 hippies living at the Meier camp!

At a nearby restaurant, Korff asked so many pointed questions about Meier that he was quickly spotted as a "negative" person and was in effect asked to leave the area. Surely his methods were overly intense in dealing with people who, though selling fake UFO pictures, are nevertheless physically harmless!

Guess who that Dorothy person was?


Anonymous said...

lol!!....shocking! :)

Anonymous said...

>>> Here she is again, Miss Susan Boyle, the singing sensation who everyone "judged" as being a "loser" and a "failure" — as usual, whenever people behave this way, they are automatically wrong. <<<

Wrong, my fatty lozer. Anyone coming this blog, not knowing anything at all about you, can very quickly JUDGE you to be a lair, a fruad, and a punk ass lozer AND a failure.

Hurts don't it Kalvin?

Hey Kalvin... Sue somebody wont you.

Kalvin K. Korff is not:

investigative journalist
computer engineer
219 IQ
mystery solver
pioneer of original concepts in archeology/artificial
intelligence/ computing/
criminology/ forensics,
historical research/ physics/
weaponry/ nanotechnology

He has not worked in the capcity he would like Dear Wolrd to believe he has at:

Apple Computer
The Boeing Company

He was not a security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars" program.

How wait, this is hatred and even worse because you're Jew...! What a fuckhead.

Anonymous said...

From Kal's website today:
'Josephine County judge Michael Newman is sent documents PROVING sheriff Gil Gilbertson LIED!'

Kal, you should have checked with your lawyers first before taking that action. It's called 'judicial interference'. That'll get you 'in a heap of trouble, boy'.
You need to go back to law school and take a refresher course in these legal matters!
Things like:
How to file a lawsuit, etc...duh!
The meaning of perjury.
The meaning of guilty.
The meaning of expert witness.
The meaning of swindle.
The meaning of copyright infringement.
The meaning of identity theft.
The meaning of plagiarism.
The meaning of pedophile.
The meaning of false accusations.
The meaning of libel.
The meaning of slander.
The meaning of character assassination.

I'd sign my name, but you'd probably sue me!

Anonymous said...

>>> I'd sign my name, but you'd probably sue me! <<<

That's funny, right there!

I'm in this boat as well. While I'm certian Kalvin wouldn't go after me in any real way, do I really need him messing with my work?

No, the little creatin can just read this wonderful blog and spin about....


Squonkamatic said...

LOL Kal K. Korff's mom was his bodyguard? What's this woman look like? I have this mental image of Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

The allegation of Kal K. Korff packing fake Interpol and Mossad badges is interesting. One of serial killer Ted Bundy's favorite ruses was to wave young women driving alone over, pull a fake police badge on them and tell them that he was an undercover cop. He carried handcuffs too, the rest is not pretty. I would hate to think that Kal K. Korff may have at some point shown a fake Mossad badge to at least one fetching young lady in a Prague socializing spot and try to talk them up about being an Israeli intelligence operative. Why, that would be a LIE! and a FRAUD! though I am suuuuure that Professor Pumpernickle's reason for carrying fake Interpol and Mossad (and who knows what other agency's) badges around with him is perfectly legitimate, and would have nothing to do with falsely representing himself as some kind of "agent".

Sgt. Nick Fury said...

Kal's only mistake in trying to pull off the perfect con was forgetting to be photographed wearing an eyepatch....implying past injuries received in the line of duty...

...but then we'd all have too much fun pointing out how in different posted videos he had the patch on the 'wrong' eye...

Brad Hudson said...

Just doing a bit of Digger-esque Korff-ing and I came upon this:

It's a couple of emails between Kal and Michael Horn. I'm no fan of Horn, but the emails from Kal are pretty entertaining. Some of the highlights (with my comments after):

"... You are a FRAUD, Mikey, and I don't "negotiate" with either terrorists or
con artists. If anything, as you will find out in my upcoming three book
series on terrorism coming out in 2007..." (Umm, Kal, your book hasn't come out quite yet. You might want to find a new publisher since Prometheus has severed ties with you)

"..You CAN'T stop the 24 VOLUME series that's coming out exposing Meier.." (More imaginary books. Kal is so much better than the average lying writer. Kal lies about entire SERIES of books!)

"..You CAN'T fight the S3 Mikey.." (This is just awesome. I think I'll start using that phrase when things look bleak. "You just can't fight S3")

".. I close by reminding you that you CANNOT defeat the Special Secret
Services.." (It appears Kal likes it as much as I do)

".. You will be served in either California, my old stomping grounds, or
Nevada, where a Major who is under my command has already taken up
residence there and lays in wait for you..." (Oh, man, would I love to find this "Major". maybe he's Kal's mole)

Those are just some of the high points. I encourage everyone to check it out, especially the email prior to this one. It's a peach...

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to the post by "HB", a report from a Prague tram after midnight during a rainstorm.

Is Kal Korff faffing about in a rainstorm with an oversided Ipod a clue? With the only other visible thing a can of Coke as the Tram pulls away.

I can't wait to see "Worlds Away" but man, if that sequence had been captured by some cameras, I think that would be a strong closer to the Doc by Paul Kimball, and I sure wouldn't want to be him right now, or David Biedny.

The later comment by HB confirmed to me something that made it an authentic encounter: that Kal is a pitiful character, and I'm sure if I saw him on a tram in Prague I would not confront him, only observe and contemplate.

Korffing on...


Squonkamatic said...

I doubt the Professor is actually homeless. If his mom was willing to spring for the iPods and MacBook that Kal K. Korff allegedly took on consignment from Cables & Simms while posing as Vojtek Sadlacek's chief technical officer then she is probably supporting him outright at this point. Moms have a way of making sure their foundlings are sheltered. I do however suspect its likely that Kal K. Korff has lost the internet service to his LUXURY APARTMENT, or lost the LUXURY APARTMENT all together and is making do in economy housing that doesn't offer high speed internet service.

More to the point I suspect that he's lost the circle of sycophantic wannabees that were surrounding him at one point and were hoping to ride the Korff Express to fame with new careers in media related fields that never came to pass. After two or three or four years it's kind of hard to keep waiting for someone to deliver the goods when promising stuff like BBC film crews stopping by who never appear, lunches with foreign ambassadors who turn out to be Kal's old buddies from Switzerland, and S3 funded investigative trips abroad which turn out to be coach class train tickets to Germany that DotJoss paid for. Eventually you'd have to start wondering if maybe this American goober is playing you for an idiot with his fake Mossad badge, the cowboy hat and the hysterical YouTube videos he keeps referring to as a TV broadcast.

He has definitely lost access to the video camera, which is in itself kind of telling since you can pretty much walk into your standard issue corner Walgreens and buy a flash memory digital camera that will shoot passable video for about $40. Which is why the term COOPERATING WITH AUTHORITIES comes to mind when contemplating why Kal K. Korff suddenly stopped making videos for YouTube. Maybe he can't post any as per a strict agreement with the officials handling the Cables & Simms case, especially after the inflammatory "Fuck You, Milos Bartu" flare-up.

Now none of this means that Kal K. Korff isn't randomly riding the tramways for lack of something better to do. You can spend the better part of an evening riding the subways & MTA trains in and around NYC on just one $2 token, and get a better tour of the city that you would sitting on one of those pathetic double decker buses. Beats sitting at home alone with no internet wondering why nobody's stopping by anymore or when that next check from mom is going to clear. So you get yourself a Coke and your iPod & hop on the train, maybe getting off at some internet cafe to post an update on your scumbag brother nearly having his head blown off. Beats working too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, squank. Nice post.

Yeah, I don't think there's much luxury in the obvious soviet style flat where the numerous Youtube speeches take place in (when Kal is not in the park or hilariously in the Tel Aviv embassy *with same wall, flags, and bookshelf in the frame*).

In fact there is a video Kal made with Martina Tycova with her back to the camera, sitting in front of a computer, with Kal standing in the doorway delivering painfully scripted lines.

It's obviously a low rent flat in E Europe, there are thousands of them available for expats alike.

Anonymous said...

and speaking of Martina, I wonder what the paul kimball documentary will reveal about her. in this "Kosmic" Korff play she is an admixture of executive producer and Kleopatra.

Who is the real Martina in this tragicomedy?

Squonkamatic said...

The conclusion I made is that "Martina" is a youngish woman who's identity has been manipulated by Kal K. Korff to serve as his enabler. She probably is a real person though most former supermodels have a public history that exists before they come in contact with low-life goobers. "Martina" has none before Kal K. Korff began promoting her as an investigative journalist and media producer, so that's probably either not her real name OR the whole "supermodel" thing is a sham. Her English writing style is also exactly the same as Kal K. Korff's, though it is true that Professor Pop Tart does have a native associate who has issued some communiques in Czech. And it is true that there is a female associate who has appeared in several of his carefully staged videos, including some "blooper" reels that appear to be impromptu videos shot while she was showing Kal K. Korff around Prague.

The true nature of their relationship is a manipulation of some sort and we did unearth a prior ringer that Kal K. Korff had used in a similar role, a young woman named Michaela Kocis who was apparently a journalism student who came in contact with the Colonel when he first relocated to Prague. She served as the enabler for his Bigfoot movie expose from 2002 - 2004 but then abruptly re-located to Hawaii (which is about as far away from the Czech Replublic as you can get) where she studies journalism. More to the point she refuses to discuss her work with Kal K. Korff and referred to him as a "somewhat delusional and abusive person", which suggests that their interaction became strained and their parting was not on the best of terms. A good example of his apparent manipulation of her identity can be found here:

My suspicion is that he used her unsullied identity as a mouthpiece for himself, since Kal K. Korff has no credibility whatsoever ... but a young journalism student looking for their big break does. She confirmed to me that she did indeed work on the Bigfoot book with the Professor, but that was all the information I felt comfortable trying to elicit. I look upon Kal K. Korff's use of her as a dry run for the "Martina" character, who has no identity separate from that which Kal K. Korff has defined. She may be based on a real person but she has no opinions, ambitions or personality that is not 100% in keeping with Kal K. Korff's.

And when I say enabler what I mean is that her credibility is used to present Kal K. Korff's ideas as a framing device. It's not Kal K. Korff making a whacky YouTube video, it's a Martina Tycova production that just happens to feature Kal K. Korff, though as with her identity she has no public body of work outside of her alleged collaborations with the Colonel. Her history as both an investigative journalist/producer and former supermodel begins with her association with the SAPSTOE. There's definitely a person who has been portrayed as Martina Tycova, though whether or not that person is whom she has been presented as is a different subject. And the communal hope around here is that Paul Kimball has found out who this person is and she's talking.

All of this is just speculation of course, but that's Kal K. Korff's own fault for being so deliberately vague. It's an entertaining mystery and certainly is not as it's being represented on face value. Either "Martina" is a creation of his or he got together with her before unveiling their collaborations and the two of them expunged any public reference to her days as a supermodel & journalist. Given the internet's uncanny ability to remember things for years that scenario is unlikely. I seriously doubt that they would have been able to get every pop culture Czech media outlet to delete their past coverage of her modeling career. Most former supermodels also have agents and representatives who promote their work, but so far none have been found for "Martina Tycova".

Anonymous said...

>>> "Fuck You, Milos Bartu" <<<

How many professionals, of any kind, do you know whom talk this way, in public?


Squonkamatic said...,

Now that's some very enlightened musing there my friend. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Poor Kal, it just keeps getting worse and worse

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for poor old Kal, but then again, just as with his jailbird kid brother Kurtis, they brought all these misfortunes on themselves. Hence, I have no sympathy whatsoever for either one.
It was mentioned that perhaps Kal's mother is involved in his doings, perhaps more than we know about. The trip to Switzerland, the DotJoss 'business' thing, (her maiden name was Dorothy Juanita Joss) and probably 'encouraged' him in his endeavors all along. Reminds me of Ma Barker of 100 or so years ago. Like Kurtis, her two sons were shot by police.
That's only my opinion Kal, so don't try to sue me!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Kal came unplugged again tonight on his website. Absolutely hilarious, knowing him! A new book about Paul Kimball and the O.J. Simpson trial? Sure! I'll take a dozen copies Kal.
Keep dreaming.


Kuckoo for Korff said...

A book? About Paul Kimball?

Is this one of those 500 books that Kal is writing?

Of course, everything in Kal's post is completely beside the point, which is that Kimball called him on his false claim of having been a witness (that's the key word) at the O. J. Simpson trial, and then proceeded to show how and why Kal was no such thing.

No matter how Kal twists and turns, he got caught lying. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

>>> it is being sold for money for one reason only: those of you who were "smart enough" to ever "believe" Paul Kimball where it concerns his many false claims about me, SHOULD PAY.
You "experts" deserve it.
The price is $19.95, including shipping and handling, the online links will appear when the book is released shortly. <<<

Dear World,

I predict that nobody but DotJoss will ever buy this “book”. Kalvin will then make it available for free, if you register at his site.

More to the point, I predict that this “book” this PowerPoint Book, et al, will never see the light of day.

Lastly, I predict that nobody gives a shit.



Paul Kimball said...

Oh, come on now, Kal - surely you can do better than this.

Legal scholars the world over are waiting with bated breath. I'm just curious to see whether he reveals the names of those former classmates of mine that speak ill of me. C'mon, Kal - no more hiding behind a cloak of anonymity... let's see some names!

Real ones. :-)

Paul Kimball
from London
Lookin' forward to "seein'" Kal again soon. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear World,

In a few hours, sometime over this weekend, a new book proving what many people have long known, that I was indeed "involved" in not only the civil suit against Mr. O. J. Simpson, but also the first action trying to convict him, will be released for sale.

While I never had the honor of personally meeting Mr. Fred Goldman nor his family, I never claimed I ever did!

Instead, "truthful" individuals like Paul Kimball, whose Uncle is world famous MJ-12 HOAX promoter and "father" of the Roswell "UFO crash" MYTH of 1947, LIED and said I was basically not involved, — just because Kimball found the obvious out, that there is no court record of me testifying at either trial.

Well, no duh! Earth to Paul Kimball: I NEVER said I testified at either trial, hence there could NOT be any court record.

Only Paul KimBULL, who believes in Little Grey Men, (his Uncle Stanton Friedman even claims he knows what star system they come from, while Kimball ignores this fact and doesn't make a film exposing his many false claims about a non-existent "Cosmic Watergate," instead — Kimball turns his contrived guns on me), could "expose" a person for something they never said or did NOT do.

In this book, I ask that no one take my "word" for things. Instead, the evidence is there and proves itself as facts do.

I have waited a long time to release this info, because unlike Paul Kimball, I was there and KNOW what happened and KNOW what I both did and certainly did NOT do.

Paul Kimball, cannot ethically nor honestly make the same claim.

While he may deny this, the facts are unavoidable: Paul Kimball has never had the honesty nor the integrity to write me directly as a human being, to write to me personally.

I hope you enjoy the new work, it is being sold for money for one reason only: those of you who were "smart enough" to ever "believe" Paul Kimball where it concerns his many false claims about me, SHOULD PAY.

You "experts" deserve it.

The price is $19.95, including shipping and handling, the online links will appear when the book is released shortly.

Squonkamatic said...

LOL! What a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Kal just posted to the Illinois Valley news May 30:

Why Do You People Hate?
Kal Korff (Prague) : Sat May 30 16:50:14 2009

As usual, the same bozos continue to spew hatred and lie. I am not "wanted" by the police, anywhere. This is a reckless charge and it is a lie and the people who make this claim know it. I am also NOT a "certifiable" nutcase. To be such, and to make such a claim be valid and true, one would have to provide said "certificate" and of course none exists because it is not true. I could care less what "film" the NEWPHEW of world famous MJ-12 HOAX and FRAUD promoter and Roswell UFO crash MYTH promoter Stanton T. Friedman choses to make. Since I exposed the Roswell case in my book as being a MYTH, and my very good friend Brad Sparks eposed the MJ-12 case as a FRAUD, and Mr. Friedman has refusted none of this, because he cannot � of course his nephew will make a film which is not complimentary. The idea that someone can NOT believe in Little Grey Men and demands proof first, is totaly alien to them, excuse the bad pun.

Since I am the only person to "speak" for myself I will and do: NONE of you are, but claim to - I am NOT "full of hate." For the record, I hate no one. My credentials are also sworn before the U.S. Court.

regarding nanotechnology, YOU keep saying NANOBOTS while I am not using this term. I have never really described what it was I was talking about, deliberately, just to see you 'experts" lie and fill in the blanks yourselves.

Consequently, it is amusing to see you continue to lie and distort things, and to be stuck in this loop of hate. If I am so "unworthy" of all this attention you give me WHY waste your time?

It's because I AM "worthy" because I do NOT believe that there was a "conpiracy" to murder JFK. I don't beleve in Little Grey Men. I know that 911 was NOT "an inside job" and I don't drink the typical kook aid which has everyone more concerned today over who wins American Idol, then fighting against and eliminating the root causes of terrorism, which is hatred. You guys are great examples of this because you make a point to contribute to forums which engage in hate, not dialog.

And of course, you IGNORE the forensic evidence by experts Lt. pex and Knowles, just like you IGNORE the fact that Paul KimBULL has an agenda, so any "film" he cares to make about me or anyone who demands evidence first, instead of dogma, would of course be biased and less than flattering.

The issue here is NOT "Kal Korff" � you people engage in attacking the messenger, while you ignore the message.

Notice you mock my initials, that is racism and hatred. Since my heritage is German, regardless of the letters my name contains, it is not an issue. The fact you "make" it one proves it is YOU who are full of hate, resort to name calling and avoid the facts.

Regarding not responding to Mr. Jorgensen's email, as he now knows, we never received either his first nor second one. Thankfully, his editor sent it.

Cordially, and not full of hatred,


Anonymous said...

Kal, am I confused, or is it you who are?
"regarding nanotechnology, YOU keep saying NANOBOTS while I am not using this term. I have never really described what it was I was talking about, deliberately, just to see you 'experts" lie and fill in the blanks yourselves."

Eau contraire:

YouTube - Secretxwars:
UFO watchCat Episode 27,
"Kal Korff shows NANOBOT Pieces"
"Kal Korff shows NANOBOT Pieces 2"

What does that tell you? Pretty obvious isn't it?


Anonymous said...

"In this stunning video, Colonel Kal Korff of the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services shows off actual nanobot components made with nanotechnology. Korff is an expert in nanotechnology, and was accused by "friends" of Royce Myers III of "lying" and NOT having such material. Similarly, Oregon Deputy James Geiger MOCKED Korff, and then said this material also did not exist. Korff now PROVES these "experts" wrong, and exposes them as either outright frauds, or dishonest and mistaken individuals."

Anonymous said...

Every time you open your lying mouth Kalvin K. Korff, you lie.

>>> my credentials are also sworn before the U.S. Court. <<<

Ha ha, ha, ha,.....Ha, ha, ha, ha....... oh fuck! I’m out of breath on this whopper!

Let me guess, the OJ trial which you never had anything "material" to do with! Right?

Kalvin, you just don't get it do you. Attempting to mess with RMIII at his place of work is HATRED Kalvin. Calling that iPhone dude a Fucker (Fuck You....) is HATRED Kalvin.

Telling the Dear World that you never called yourself a Director and that you never used the term NANOBOT is a LIE, a NON TRUTH, Kalvin.

Everyday, this gets better and better.

Kalvin K. Korff, you my fine fatty friend, you are your own down fall. Your words confirm everything that you say that you are not.

This is a sweet, sweet way to start another week of Korffing!

Get on with it Kalvin.

Show us what your really made of you spineless, hate filled pussy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fuck Nut:


A credential is an attestation of qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual by a third party with a relevant de jure or de facto authority or assumed competence to do so.

Examples of credentials include academic diplomas, academic degrees, certifications, security clearances, identification documents, badges, passwords, user names, keys, powers of attorney, and so on. Sometimes publications, such as scientific papers or books, may be viewed as similar to credentials by some people, especially if the publication was peer reviewed or made in a well-known journal or reputable publisher.

Well, this counts you out. Your "books" have never been peer reviewed, they aren't scientific in any way and they certainly were not published by a reputable publisher.

But, at least they know a fraud when they FINALLY see one, and they kick your as to the curb.

And, you have none of these either:

Academic diplomas, academic degrees, certifications, security clearances.

Telephone help desk jockey and MAC tech yes, anything close to real security or weapons based work or contact. No.

The academic world makes very extensive use of credentials, such as diplomas, certificates, and degrees.

Again, you have none of these, not even close.

Titles are credentials that identify a person as belonging to a specific group, such as the nobility or the aristocracy, or a specific command grade in the military, or in other largely symbolic ways.

Command ranks, such as Captain, Sergeant, etc., indicating likewise a very specific position in a command hierarchy, e.g. police rank or military rank.

So, you are a Kernal, in a made up Super Secret What Not.

Could this be what you're yammering on about? That "somebody" in CZ government "sign off" on this bullshit S3, Kernal Krackpot dream?

So, Kalvin, what are your Credentials? And remember slippery when mouth is open, in a very specific sense, Credentials are most always based on a document.

Not, on you saying it's so, not on some Youtube video rant and not on books that were not peer reviewed or scientific in any way.

And certainly not on what has to be the most bloated web site in any country, bar none.

Speak up pussy with no clothes on!

What are your Credentials?
What US Court swore them in?
When did they swear (?) them in?
And for what reason were they sworn in?

That about covers it.

If you tell us ...

(like you're going to man up and tell us anything remotely close to a truth, lozer)

... that it's the OJ deal. FUCK YOU! All of those records are available and you ain't in them. Period.

If you're sworn in, there would be a public record of it. Period. No getting around it Kalvin.

Your fake S3 would not hide this, and since you weren’t in the S3 back then, you carried no weight at all, other than your own massive ass, to sway the courts to "hide" any of your involvement.

Have a nice week Fuck Head. This will not stop. We will continue to ferret you out and inform the Dear World as to your shenanigans.

It must be getting bad for you? I wouldn't want to be you. :-)

Coke drinking, shabby clothes wearing, smelly, womanless, videocameraless, moneyless, friendless, hand on your member...less, l o z e r.

Read you soon lard ass,


Squonkamatic said...

Kal K. Korff is a pathological liar. We wouldn't be mocking him for claiming to have constructed nanobots if he hadn't claimed to have constructed nanobots -- and employing them in the operational theater (presumably Pakistan and Afghanistan) in the War on Terror. We aren't making this up, Kal K. Korff made it up, and telling further lies to try and save face is the tactic of a complete moron.

I also love how Kal K. Korff can't get over familiar relations and uses them as an excuse for his assnoise. Just like how he dragged Don Ecker's wife into the fray for her opinions here he is dragging Stanton Friedman into the fray because he is related to Paul Kimball. The matter is of no significance in this issue and is only a distraction tactic that Kal K. Korff is trying to use to shift the focus from his conduct to the conduct of others. A tactic he has used throughout his entire pathetic career.

The term "pathetic" is used with unique specificity when it comes to Kal K. Korff, who cannot help but tell lies and try to deceive others.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

"I have never really described what it was I was talking about, deliberately, just to see you 'experts' lie and fill in the blanks yourselves."

This is so true, even the way Kal intended it, it's not funny.

Kal does exactly that- "never really describes [the actual truth], just to see [us] fill in the blanks."
Most of us call this making inuendos, doublespeak, exaggerating...

Unfortunately for Kal, more often than not, he's even too stupid to do this right. Kal selects words because they're the official words to use, like witness or nanobot.

And the crazy example of saying "YOU keep saying NANOBOTS while I am not using this term" - meanwhile, he's posted 2 Youtube videos with "nanobots" in the title. That's not doublespeak. That's blind, moronic lying.

I will never understand that boy. That pathetic, 47-year old boy.

MJ-13 said...

The irony is that Kimball has been:

a. a persistent critic of Friedman's MJ-12 work, and maintains, as recently as last month on the Paracast, that MJ-12 is fraudulent; and

b. has consistently stated that while he finds the extraterrestrial hypothesis an interesting theory with respect to UFOs, he doesn't accept that it had been anywhere near proved that aliens have visited Earth.

In short, Kimball more or less holds the same views on those matters as Korff, although in a much more reasoned and articulate manner, which is a fact that Korff has now deliberately, and repeatedly, lied about.

Tsk, tsk...

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff has now officially LIED on the web pages of the Illinois Valley Nes and he won't be able to delete them in the future to try and cover his tracks. The dishonesty is now there for anyone to see. Someone who has registered with IVN should go back to that message board and reply with links and summaries from Kal K. Korff's nanobot videos from YouTube. If/when those are deleted we will have PROOF that KAL K. KORFF IS A LIAR AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED, and that he deletes or post-edits information to try and get his stories straight after the fact.

Squonkamatic said...

I took care of it.

Anonymous said...

>>> and those entities who make a point to post hate-filled material in online forums whose only purpose is to hate, — and to fuel hatred and intolerance, disguised (and poorly at that) as "valid criticism." <<<

Fuck you Korff.

We have intolorance for uneven standards, bullying, and LIEING.

Show us where we are TRUTHFULLY wrong Fuck Face.

We have proven that you presented yourself as an agent, and as a director.

YOUR video's Kalvin.
YOUR material Kalvin.

You can't hide from this FACT Kalvin. That's you on those video's saying those words.

My God man, you shot those fucking videos, you posted those videos. That's you Kalvin, in those videos.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I have been Korffing for three or four years, even since the Great Man's Expres period.

In all that time, with each particularly crazy babblefest, people have shaken their heads and predicted that "it won't be long now" or the "the final meltdown is in sight".

But it'll never end. This is all he has.

Even if Mr Kimball's film slaps down irrefutable proof, point by point, of the falsity of Kalvin's claims - the kind of proof that would have anyone with a sense of shame or honour coming crawling for forgiveness - he'll still keep chuntering on ... until the day he dies.

Assuming that that day lies 20 or 30 years ahead, then that is how long we must persist in our efforts, if we are to keep the world safe and "protect consumers" from this foul creature.

Are we pledged to stand united on our sacred task, Knights of the Venerable Order of Korff?

Anonymous said...

You are pond scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Dude, you deleted my posting? Never happened before. Can you give me a general idea as to what I alluded to so I don't do it again?



Brad Hudson said...

Since Kal was so kind as to list me as a vile creature on his site today (and disparage Dallas while he was at it), I sent this along to him:

"Kal -

Please provide proof of my using the terms "Nazi", "Gay", and "Fat" in reference to you. I'm pretty sure I've only used 2 of those terms, but if you can't provide documented proof that I have used those words exactly I'd like the specific terms removed. Feel free to continue to to list me as one of your critics, though, as I assuredly will continue that pursuit.

Stay classy,

Brad Hudson
The Satori Group
Dallas, Texas"

I'll post any response I get

Anonymous said...

Today's lesson for Kal:


For the record, I have NEVER claimed to be "an Israeli Agent," nor am I any such thing. Instead, I am AMERICAN, and although I certainly am Jewish, I have never been an "agent" nor do I desire to be one. Instead, I am an ANALYST.

After reading this false claim about my "background" in Mr. Jorgensen's article, I promptly contacted the IVN to point out their errors. After some clear communications between Mr. Jorgensen's Editor and now Mr. Jorgensen himself, he has since written me and has now officially apologized.

Below is the relevant sentence from his kind email:

I truly am sorry if you were offended by the article that I wrote. I certainly did not intend to mischaracterize you in any way whatsoever. In fact, the emphasis of the story was on the video you posted regarding District Attorney Stephen Campbell, because we felt that was too important an aspect of the story to completely leave out.


Kal -
Mr. Jorgensen did not apologize to you, officially or otherwise. All he said was that he was sorry that you were offended by his article.
We can all say that we're sorry that you were offended, but we don't consider that anything close to an apology do we?

That's why Mr. Jorgensen is a journalist and you're not!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Digger!

Anonymous said...

Dear World,

In the very near future, as in "anytime now," a book on O.J. Simpson and Paul Kimball will be released. When published, this will put an end to the lies and lay waste to the false claims of UFO believer Paul Kimball.


Kal is an IDIOT said...

FN, I read your comment and wanted you to know that I have not removed any of your comments here. I do not know how that happened. Just to make you happy I am working on an all new entry for this blog. And to you Kal you bloated bozo STOP LYING by saying people here spread hate. "Fuck you Milos Bartus!" Ring any bells there Kal "Mr.Hater" Korff??????? Kal has tried to destroy people's lives with phony claims false accusations and misrepresentation and lies and slander I think it is clear who the true intolerant hate monger here is and if it isn't clear for you Kal I can sum it up by saying IT IS YOU WHO HATES! Kal has tried every way to disingenuously and hatefully get back at people like Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, Royce Meyer and I am sure a slew of others who have called him out and told LIKE IT IS! This blog and the people commenting here are EXPOSING you and the HATRED you fester in Kal! Stop trying to be a victim Kal. Well i guess you are a victim because you are your a victim of your own doing.

Anonymous said...

It isn't poor Kal's fault that he's so full of hate. He was raised that way. After all, his father and grandfather were full-fledged members of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan), and their forefathers in Germany were members of the Nazi Party in the 1920s, & 1930s. And some of their close relatives were even with the Gestapo during WWII. All a matter of record, in case Kal doesn't know.


Anonymous said...


Might just be me. I've been posting a lot lately and it could be that I posted something in my head and thought it made it to the blog! :-)

In any case, we are loving what you're doing.

As far as Kalvin, interesting that Kalvin thinks that any mnaterial he now produces will garner anything more than laughs, sneers, and a very close look from us, afterwhich we then tear his LIES apart.

Kalvin, it's over.

Every step is watched, you are being monitored as long as you continue to act out.

Please, continue to act out.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize this until I watched the whole thing... yes, that is Kal's fat fingers, at 1:11 the model is holding a copy of Kal's "Spaceships" book.

Kal, you are one creepy man