Sunday, May 3, 2009


Call for reinforcements! Batten down the hatches! Call for an air strike!! The Canadians are invading!!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nefarious Special Secret Services has been compromised from within by a double agent operating right under the nose of S3's very own SAPSTOE himself Kal Korff!!

How did this happen? What daring agent of daring doo did this? A master spy? Former KBG agents??? Some eastern block freelance operator?? Surely not a soul could ever slip something right by Kal Korff's might hamburger griping hand without his genius level IQ and savvy espionage skills detecting such a brazen interloper turning the tables on Kal and pissing all his cowboy hat!! Who could this devious mastermind be???

Rolling straight on to enemy turf is the fearless filmmaker, writer, producer, author, ghost hunter himself Paul Kimball who has cunningly outwitted the notorious "terrorism expert" and SAPSTOE Kal Korff by planting a double agent right within Kal's own inner circle!!! On my!! The scandal of it all!! The betrayal!!! The humiliation of a SAPSTOE for an Israeli based secret organization being outwitted by a filmmaker!! ahahahahahahaha!!!! This is just too comical!!! ahahahahahahahahahaaahh!!!!

Paul Kimball is pretty clearly a very intelligent chap and I would never take anything away for the lad. The irony in all of this is where Kal boasts of his own high IQ and all of these things he is supposed to be involved with and how he rounds up terrorists and does this strategic planning only to have one of his own inner circle people - or maybe a sucker in this case who had enough of Kal's scheming - betray him!! ahahahahhaaahhaaha. Maybe poor, dumb, clueless Kal needs to go back to SAPSTOE school of ra refresher course? ahahahahahhaaahahahaaha!

So what is Paul Kimball doing in Prague? Filming his ghost hunter series? Maybe a little fun under the Prague sun? Perhaps a little extended shooting of his documentary EXPOSING Kal Korff for the loon he is? I really cannot wait to see this film and I'm hoping a certain Paul Kimball will shre a sneak preview with a certain blog.

It was only a matter of time before all of Kal's tomfoolery was exposed for the pathetic act it always has been. I am also sure it is only a matter of time before conniving Kal Korff starts up with his crying and bashing and slander of Paul Kimball and others. Get a clue Kal get a clue you sniveling little pansy. Man up for once in your pathetic life and take some responsibility instead of crying like a little girl.


Brad Hudson said...

Paul's intellect vs. the steel trap mind of Kal Korff is akin to the USAF calling in a nuclear strike on my house because I complained about a mosquito bite.

Paul has advanced degrees, Kal barely got out of high school.

Oh, and Paul doesn't make a habit of lying every other sentence (although, he is a lawyer (regardless of Kal's definition of what a lawyer is)). Also, Paul has an actual career like most adults. Kal is still busy playing make believe.

Kal just fucked with the wrong person, in this case. Someone who can bring Kal's walls tumbling down , but with a bonus: we all get to watch Kal scramble to spin his upcoming ass kicking in the weeks prior.

Wonder how he'll explain his "Supermodel" turning on him? Methinks the mole figured someone who actually makes films for broadcast might be a better career helper than some guy who makes YouTube videos ranting about obscure UFO enthusiasts leaving him out of their (currently hibernating) hall of fame.

Anonymous said...


F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

I had wondered what happened to Martina.

Bring on "Worlds Away"!!!!!

Squonkamatic said...

Stating the obvious, but if this is "Martina" Paul is referring to then it will be huge, indisputable, and potentially cataclysmic. The whole house of cards would come tumbling down if even one claim about her is refuted by the lady herself. Don't keep us in suspense for one hour longer than necessary!

Anonymous said...

Seems I remember Kalvin saying he had or was going to sell some footage to Martina in one of his reality television episodes, that he had no control, that you had to ask her about it. Wonder if she was getting a film cache together way back.... or maybe she's a double agent.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I hope we get to know what "Martina", "Avim" et al were playing at.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

From the Great Man's website - posted on 6 April:

"Note: The following is the written version of President Barack Obama's speech given on Prague on 5 April, 2009 at Prague Castle, in the Czech Republic. During this week, fact checking commentary will be inserted to keep people fully informed on the important issues President Obama spoke about during his warm welcome in Prague.

Stay tuned..."

Well, I've stayed tuned, and I've seen sod all "fact checking commentary". Tomorrow is the month's "anniversary" of this non-appearance; so can we all tomorrow send brief queries to asking where it's got to?

NB: I suggest we all create new email addresses from which to send said queries. I'm pretty sure that once he receives unfavourable mail from a certain address, Kalvin blocks it so that he doesn't have to deal with any more "lies" from "people who make a point to hate."

Jimmy D said...

Paul Kimball coming to Prague?

Wow - he's a sucker for punishment. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes right now. Things continue to get really bad for him...

Anonymous said...

Yeah him and David Biedney and Royce Meyers and Don Ecker and Kevin Randle and Mac Tonnies and Jim Dillettoso and the Josephine County Sheriff's Department. I wouldn't want to be any of them right now, things are getting so bad for them.

Anonymous said...

From Kalvin's site:

>>> As I have told you, over and over, WE SEEK ONLY JUSTICE.


No, you actually seek any chance, for any reason, to post shit on your site to make you feel important.

No? Then why post it at all Kalvin? Just go get it done. Oh yeah, because you're saving the consumer.

Fucking nitwit.


Anonymous said...

Kal's version of justice is where he gets everything he wants no matter what and whether he's right or not and if he doesn't then he goes on these hate binges making shit up about people he doesn't like and then posts it to the internet and threatens to sue and file fake complaints. You are an utter loser Kal. How must it feel Kal to have the very same people you hold yourself so far above being more successful than you will ever be. It must sting that these same people bring more light and humanity to the world than you ever will. These guys have owned you so badly Kal and have outright mocked you in the face of all your petty threats. Why? Because they can see right through you and know you're nothing but a short and spineless ball of slime with a rather large mouth who doesn't have the basic sense to know when to keep your mouth shut. Keep flapping your jaw Kal and we'll all just keep laughing.

Anonymous said...

Paul, have a fantastic trip to Prague and give Martina and Avim my best! Kal must be feeling pretty scorned right now but I think it pretty ironic that the same people he was stringing along have stuck it back to the that little worm. All hail the great espionage mastermind of Kal Korff who didn't see any of it coming and had no idea a film crew was following him in Prague. Those shots of Kal earning a living are priceless!

Jimmy D said...

I don't believe he was stringing Avim and Martina along - I think it was the other way around. I think they were preying on a man who was clearly of unsound mind.

The whole setup with them is so-o-oo sinister and creepy...

Anonymous said...

Just got a response from Rob regarding the Korff xpouser piece.

He told me Kal's up next, no time table though.....

Anonymous said...

So much for Rob McConnell being Kal's "good buddy". I suppose we'll see Kal fire back with his usual rants about how he was undercover to expose Rob and the X Zone. Those two fuckwits are made for each other as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

So is this all true Rob Mcconnell or is this just the "same old crap" as you like to put it. McConnell owes everyone an apology and the guy should lose his show for having Kal on this long. Don' t you dare ever call yourself a journalist again McConnell. You are a two bit late night radio host at best. You are not and never have been a journalist because a real journalist would have seen form the get-go how full of shit Kal was. Instead you tried to wring out every speck of controversy you could by trying to start a war between Kal and certain other people so you could boost your ratings at the expense of everyone else but you. Why else would McConnell let Kal on the show for this long and adamantly defend him? Duh. McConnell is just as bad as or worse than Kal.

Anonymous said...

Paul's "to do" list while in Prague:

1. Meet with moles inside Kal's inner circle to interview and film for upcoming documentary exposing Kal Korff.

2. Visit Cables and Simms to meet with Milos Bartu for interview and filming for documentary exposing Kal Korff.

3. Meet Vojtek to interview and film for Kal Korff documentary.

4. Contact new owners of Metro and meet and interview them for upcoming Kal Korff documentary.

5. Get more footage of what Kal really does while he has no clue he is being filmed.

6. Visit and interview officials at the U.S. Embassy in Prague about Kal and his claims that he is working with them and has "handlers" there ready to answer all inquiries about him.

7. Check with U.S. Embassy in Prague on the status of Kal Korff's visa.

8. Check with Prague police about Kal's claim of being involved with rounding up terrorists and helping police with neo Nazi protesters.

9. Buy new writing pad as I will run out of room checking on all of these ludicrous claims made by Kal.

Smile for the camera Kal! lmao!

Anonymous said...

"Contact new owners of Metro and meet and interview them for upcoming Kal Korff documentary."???

Kal never had anything to do with Metro, did he? His column ran in Metropolitni expres (now defunct) and

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Once again - exactly one month ago (on April 6th), Kalvin PROMISED to insert ("during this week") "fact checking commentary" into the text of President Obama's Prague speech, which he had already posted on his website.

Can we all send emails to today, asking where the hell it has gotten to?

I suggest that you all create new email addresses for this purpose (given that if you have already corresponded with him, he will likely already have blocked your regular addresses.

A nice extra touch, if you have time, is to post a mocking vacation bounce message.

Anonymous said...

You are scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Metro = Metropolitni

Not Stanton Friedman said...

Turns out that Kimball is travelling to the Czech Republic with his Ghost Files co-host, Holly Stevens. See, or

Kal travels with a washed-up "supermodel" - Kimball travels with a bona fide actress / babe, who also happens to have a B.Sc. (one more degree than poor Kal).

Brad was right - it's like watching the USAF nuke a mosquito.

Anonymous said...

"Metro = Metropolitni"
---not true.

Metro is an A3-size rag, local versions of which are handed out at bus stops and underground stations in many major European cities. It is still on the go in Prague.

Metropolitni expres was an A4-size rag that ran in competition with Metro, but eventually got canned.

Anonymous said...

the subject of the x-zones first "X-posure" (good lord) has a bio eeriely similiar to Kal's in the hot air/not true/overreach departments we are familiar with from Kal.

Anonymous said...

This is from the X Zone but sure sounds an awful lot like something Kal would say, "'X'POSURE is a new reality series that will investigate claims of those who claim to be paranormal / parapsychology and bring the results to you the members of The 'X' Zone Nation. The investigation is conducted by The 'X' Zone research department, an international private investigation firm and an investigation / consulting company."

New reality series? So Rob is going into the tabloid exposure business now? ha!

Anonymous said...

It does sound very much the same.

Well, not to give Kalvin any credance at all but, if someone else had hatched this idea and followed through, we'd have a much different response to it.. no?

Rob is on record stating that he will be xposing Kalvin (although he was on the record saying he would spill the beans about that nanobot dust as well...), so lets see what happens.


Anonymous said...

"Rob is on record stating that he will be xposing Kalvin"

I will believe it when I see it. Rob McConnell has no credibility. I find it pretty funny that while Rob claims to have exposed this Jaysen Rand character, an ad for this guy's book is still running on Rob's site. Guess those advertising dollars are ok to take.

Anonymous said...

wiat! now rob m. is claiming to he will expose frauds? this is laughable because this means he'll lose 95% of his guests.

Anonymous said...

Widget Exposing Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Famer" Friedman Now Works

Click the widget above to read the DEFINITIVE EXPOSE of the MJ-12 HOAX that Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Famer" Stanton Friedman has endorsed as "real" for more than TWENTY YEARS, earning TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from consumers who "trusted" him. Friedman has YET to "come clean" about MJ-12 and ADMIT THE TRUTH — while Royce Myers III and Friedman's Nephew, Paul "Ghost Hunter" Kimball, continue to engage in avoidance.

The widget which links to the section exposing yet another of Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Famers" is now working. UFO WatchCat will start with Brad Sparks and Barry Greenwood's definitive EXPOSE of the MJ-12 "UFO" documents FRAUD, which Stanton Friedman has been the single, GREATEST champion and advocate of. Friedman has made THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, IF NOT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, PROMOTING THE MJ-12 MYTH, WHICH WAS THE SUBJECT OF ONE OF HIS NOW-DISCREDITED BOOKS, TOP SECRET - MAJIC.

Naturally, Royce Myers III says NOTHING about this to the public, instead, Royce claims that Friedman is "credible" and even has him "enshrined" in his grossly-mislabeled "UFO Hall Of Fame."

Other exposes of the HOAX cases Friedman also endorses (which Royce Myers III again FAILS to also mention, DELIBERATELY!) will also appear in the near future.

Anonymous said...

So what exactly has the reference to Stan Friedman and MJ12 have to do with Kal being exposed by both Rob McConnell and Paul Kimball?
Nice try Kal, but diversion tactics don't work any more!


Kal Korff is a Liar said...

The worst part is that Korffy is out and out lying, at least about Kimball - as anyone familiar with the subject knows, Kimball and Friedman have publicly disagreed, sometimes vehemently, for several years about MJ-12, to the point where Friedman focused on two critics of MJ-12 in his most recent book: Brad Sparks, and Paul Kimball.

So much for avoidance, Korffy. So much for the truth.

Brad Hudson said...

While monkeying around Kal's site I uncovered the following. This is the text pulled from his widgets. Follow along closely:

Under "Lies-LIAR":

"Oregon Deputy Jim Geiger LIED and committed PERJURY in his police report when he claimed that HE had shot Kurtis Korff. Forensic tests PROVE that Geiger did NOT shoot Korff, and that Korff was NOT fully behind the wheel of the car. Under hostile cross examination, driven by Colonel Kal Korff, Jim Geiger broke down and STARTED CRYING, ADMITTING 'UNDER OATH' THAT HE 'DIDN'T REALLY KNOW WHO SHOT KURTIS KORFF.' Geiger also threatened Kal Korff, promising to 'take care of business himself' and was promptly reported to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, who ordered Geiger NOT to have contact with Kal Korff again. Geiger contacted Kal Korff UNSOLICITED, which is conduct UNBECOMING of an officer during an attempted MURDER investigation. Geiger claims to be a 'Christian' — obviously he ISN'T, otherwise he would never behave this way. Jesus Christ would NEVER 'condone' Geiger's lies and DRUG use, which is exposed for the first time publicly in the book series 'POINT BLANK: Attempted MURDER!' by Kal Korff and UFO WatchCat's Martina Týčová, who also played a KEY role in the trial, which found Kurtis Korff INNOCENT of 'trying to run over' Deputy Jim Geiger."

Yes, folks, you read that right: Kal Korff was "driving" the "hostile cross examination". Methinks Kal is saying HE ACTUALLY PREPARED THE CROSS. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kal Korff, with no degree of any kind, prepared questions for cross examination that were actually used by Kurtis Korff's public defender. Sweet Jesus Kal now has had a hand in two trials, both with incredible results.

But wait, there's more! This is the text from the "Operations" widget for the Kurt Korff shooting:

"The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services got involved and launched a series of very successful PsyOps against Deputy Jim Geiger to 'break him' by the time of the trial. Geiger not only 'cracked' but broke down CRYING and finally admitted the TRUTH when he said he 'really did not know who shot Kurtis Korff.' Jesus would be proud of Geiger during this moment. Geiger then BROKE his PROMISE to REVIEW THE FORENSIC EVIDENCE, making a MOCKERY of his claims of being a 'devout Christian.'"

S3, tasked with wiping out terrorism, has been operating on US soil. Please, Kal, tell us all about it. Will this be in "Secret Wars: The Book That Doesn;\'t Exist", or was there footage shot that Martina has, and she can show it whenever she pleases? Kal, is your strategy to tell the biggest lie possible, because you're going to lie anyway? It ain't working, sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is so full of bullshit. Psyops? Bah! The short fat man is as deluded as he ever was perhaps even reaching the height of his loony fantasy world. Kal is an utter nimrod of the lowest sort of order. I can;t believe he has been able to run all over creation for this long without getting locked up. My personal opinion is that he is mentally unstable and emotionally immature equating to why he is unable to survive and interact in society on any level of normalcy or with anything resembling manners.

Anonymous said...

If any of this mind warfare shit Kal is flinging around is going into his book then we'll never get to read it because KAL'S BOOK ON TERRORISM IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED BY PROMETHEUS BOOKS. Hello, Kal? Anyone home?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that no one in their right mind wants anything to do with Kal any more.
That includes radio, TV, publishers, ufo researchers, women (especially), etc. Other than the amusement factor, who really cares about a distraught, emotionally unstable psychotic nobody?
Are you getting the picture Kal??

Anonymous said...

Along that line, a little research in Wikipedia shows that Kal had entered his (bloated) boigraphy and other articles that have since been deleted. Guess why? However, this bit was salvaged...
References and Links
King, B. H. and Ford, C. V. (1988). Pseudologia fantastica. Acta Psychiatr. Scand. 77, 1-6.
Hardy, T. J. and Reed, A. (1998). Pseudologia fantastica, factitious disorder and impostership: a deception syndrome. Med. Sci. Law 38, 198-201.
Newmark, N., Adityanjee and Kay, J. (1998). Pseudologia fantastica and factitious disorder: review of the literature and a case report. Compr. Psychiatry. 40, 89-95. -accessed 18th November 2006. Korff, K. (2007). Pseudologia fantastica.



Squonkamatic said...

Looks like Kal K. Korff was researching his own diagnosed condition as a pathological liar who tries to paint himself in a more positive light -- Colonel Kal K. Korff, fighting terrorism and UFO frauds halfway around the world, where is also a journalist, a syndicated columnist, a reality TV show host, a counter-terrorism specialist and analyst. He's also working on a PhD and takes groups of students to meet with the president of the US during official state visits to Prague. He's a dynamic individual who is physically attractive, lives in a luxury apartment, has hundreds if not thousands of female admirers the world over, and has job attributes that include hand to hand combat training, security clearances, computer innovation and a dedication to humanist causes, such as protecting consumers from Royce Meyers III even though Royce doesn't sell anything or have anything of note published. Protecting consumers from someone who runs a small, privately owned and self-designed website has consumed all of Kal K. Korff's waking hours recently distracting him from his development of nano technologies which have been deployed in the operational theater of the war on terrorism. Backed with a $25,000,000 dollar budget and armed with an IQ of 219, Kal K. Korff is far from a washed up loser idiot whom television producers exploited during the 1990s whenever they needed a UFO skeptic for their paranormal TV shows on Fox. Kal K. Korff also sells iPods and iPod accessories because he enjoys doing so, not because he needs the money, and signs consignment forms using the names of people who don't even really employ him not as an act of fraud but because they owe it to him to make sure his rent is paid.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Where is the "fact checking commentary" on Obama's speech, "Colonel"?

I have asked you eight or ten times, but you still haven't replied...

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Kal has not logged on to his youtube account in over a month now!!! No website updates either. Wonder if he is in jail or got deported finally????

Anonymous said...

I'm bored.

I wish I was david biedny right now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think David Biedny is too concerned about Kal Korff. He had Paul Kimball on his show again last night, and will have Don Ecker there on May 24.
I'm sure Kal knows who those gentlemen are!

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Google tells it how it is.

I just Googled "Kal Korff" - and of all the hits, this site, "Kal Korff is an IDIOT", ranks #2. Only outranked by the idiot's own website, anyone who googles the sap will find the truth and fast.

That's out of over 12,000 hits.

That's damned impressive, if you ask me.

Nice work KIAI. Nice work to all of us.

After a long vacation, I'm posting a blog entry. Now I know what to write about.

Daniela said...

Things continue to get very bad for me, "Colonel".

I sure wish I were in your shoes right now...

You madman.

Daniela said...

How I loathe you, "Colonel".

How I look forward to your public, long-deserved humiliation.

Take down your crappy website, your nutty YouTube posts, apologise profusely to Vojtech (whom you lied to and conned) and Mr Bartu (from whom you stole). And above all - stop LYING every time you open your trap.

Then maybe we'll leave you alone.

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

I'm formally accusing Kal of being an idiot.

So, there you go.

I'm formally accusing you, Kal, as I promised you I'd come after you, legally.

Squonkamatic said...

Anyone notice that "Jayoss"'s repost of the Kal Korff Delivers iPods video has been removed from youtube? I can't find it anywhere.

One of the first luxury items I always kiss off during times of financial stress is an internet/cable connection, but you'd think that even if he was broke Professor Puffnstuff would find the means to hit up Kinko's every few days for an hour or two online for cash, can't be more than $5 an hour. But as usual the term "cooperating with authorities" comes to mind to explain young Kalvin's lack of online activities. With such an international man of mystery we can't help but come to the worst conclusion possible, and his window of opportunity to pre-empt Paul Kimball's expose of him is closing fast. There's a reason why he's not online and it isn't prudence or discretion. Those are not SAPSTOE attributes!

Anonymous said...

That 'Jayoss' YouTube post was pulled several or more weeks ago. Seems odd, doesn't it?

Don Ecker said...

Hi Ya KIAI Gang! Glad to see that you are all (apparently) doing well and still thinking of kkk.

I still drop by now and then to just check out whats new with our favorite "ding dong" and this morning while thinking about a new blog posting (on my blog site) I had a minor epiphany strike me.

This KIAI blog has been in business a couple of years, and with some of the exposes and personal experiences posted about our favorite "lone nutcase", any normal human being would have crept off hiding their face in total shame. Not our BOY! Oh no, our boy seems to not have the capacity for shame ... or can't comprehend the world-wide buffoon he has become. So, what's the upshot of all this? Okay, here is my "minor" epiphany ... for what its worth. This deluded, pudgy, delusional, wack-job is totally and absolutely FREAKEN' BONKERS ... for real. I mean really BONKERS! Bonkers in the morning, Bonkers in the evening, Bonkers while he is looking for an alley to relieve himself. I really do mean this clown is GONE ... OUT TO LUNCH ... 2 sandwiches shy of a full Picnic Lunch ... 3 Taco's short of a Combination Plate ... 1 can short of a 6 Pack.

Anyways, hope you are all well and now you may return back to Korffing.

Best as always .....

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

..Have a look at any photo or video of the loathsome kreep (if one must)and you can see in his EYES that he is definitely a kouple of kans short..

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a fabrication produced by KKK.

Anonymous said...

"Desperate Don Ecker" - UFO WatchCat Episode 13 Preview

Hey, Desperate Don Ecker posted here!

Hey, Don! I sure wouldn't want to be you right now.

Or Paul Kimball, or Royce Meyers the third....

Anonymous said...

Kal is the master of the self interview among other activities desperate little kooks do alone.

Anonymous said...

Anytime you see LOTS OF CAPS bing used you can be assured it is Colonel Kook at work. The half-wit has not changed at all in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Desperate Don is part of the UFO WatchCat family of shows, designed to protect consumers from the claims of Royce Myers III. Desperate Don chronicles the MISadventures of self-proclaimed UFO "researcher" Don Ecker, who is enshrined in Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Fame." In each episode, Kal Korff reviews the various claims of Don Ecker and exposes them for what they are.

In this Introductory episode, Kal Korff explains some of the history between him and Don Ecker, and when it was that he (Kal) lost all respect for Ecker in 1996 and quit talking to him when Ecker's wife started writing and publishing articles (along with Don Ecker) about "alien implants" being removed from people.

Yeah, right.

Naturally, this is a lie, there has NEVER been any "alien implants" ever found — period.

As the series Desperate Don easily proves, Don Ecker not only lies, but he also seems to suffer from what one mght call Walter Mitty type fantasies.

Ecker "serously" believes that he has made 'significant contributions" to the "study and understanding" of UFOs.

Ecker claims to have found a "Roswell eyewitness who saw alien bodies," — just ask his buddy Kevin Randle. :-)

Anonymous said...

Krazy Kal is part of the Kal Korff is and Idiot family of shows, designed to protect consumers from the claims of Kal Korff. Krazy Kal chronicles the MISadventures of self-proclaimed UFO "researcher" Kal K. Korff, who got booted from Royce Myers III's "UFO Hall Of Fame." In each episode, we take a look at Kal Korff's various claims and exposes them for what they are.

In this Introductory episode, Kal Korff's nefarious history is exposed where we take a look back and see how Kal Korff going nutso and proclaiming war on certain people who all called Kal Korff for the fucking nutjob he is.

Kal Korff claimed to have a$25,000,000 production budget, a 500 book deal, multiple television series in the works, to be a Captain and then later colonel in the Special secret Services, and far too many claims to list here.

Naturally, these and other claims by Kal are a lie, there has NEVER been any television production deal, $25,000,000 budget, 500 book deal, or Special Secret Services. Duh!

As the series Krazy Kal literally and easily proves, Kal Korff not only lies, but he also seems to suffer from what one mght call Walter Mitty type fantasies.

Korff "serously" believes that he has made "significant contributions" to the "study and understanding" of UFOs.

Korff claims to have solved the JFK assassination, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the mystery of the Easter Bunny, exposed the Tooth Fairy, and to have been interviewed by the BBC for a missile defense special which he sold to his "buddy" Martina Tycova.

Krazy Kal exposes how much of a uFOOLogist Kal rally is.

Squonkamatic said...

To the Anonymous posting about this drivel and how it's a fabrication: Yes it most certainly is, as far as the eye can see, do you perhaps have confirmation from one of those involved that Kal K. Korff made it all up? It is a ridiculous, insultingly self serving tirade that is riddled with Kal K. Korff buzzwords & pet topics. My favorite being Ms. Michaela Kocis' response to the question about the war on terror, and how her alleged response suggests her seeing a tangential relationship to the Bigfoot mystery. Really?

So please tell us what you may know, I am confident that Jim Rense would appreciate knowing if he'd been taken for a ride on it.

Brad Hudson said...

I'm confident that Jeff Rense could see what a steaming pile of crap that interview is if he actually read it.

Or cared about not having blatant lies on his site. Reading through some of the other pieces on his site, I'm pretty sure the "Fact-Checker" job has been unfilled since the day that site went live....

Jimmy D said...

Might I suggest that KIAI create a sub-page, a link to which would be permemantly posted at the top of the KIAI homepage, entitled something like "Kal's lies and ludicrous claims".
We could all then send KIAI examples (my favourites are his boast that he was heading and coordinating anti-Al Queda nanobot operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan - I have the exact wording noted down somewhere; and his insistence that he had been appointed head of a BBC "expert panel" convened to discuss and analyse the proposed US radar defensive shield in Poland and the Czech Republic).

KIAI could then post the submissions.

This would save newbie Korffers the trouble of scrolling through all the entries on this blog and would bring them quickly up to speed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this I like. A easy summation for bloggers and possibly, the media, after the film breaks.


Squonkamatic said...

Oh Brad rest assured I was being 100% sarcastic when hinting at being concerned about inaccuracies, exaggerations and outright fabrications glutting Rense's web presence. Kal K. Korff's sprawling, fractured and semi-coherent epic 3 part self interview is sort of the crowning achievement of Rense's website. Fitting place for it, I hope it never gets deleted.

Brad Hudson said...

Oh, I figured on the sarcasm.

I just couldn't let a free shot at Rense go like that...

Anonymous said...

From the Rense deal:

>>> I can count the "negative" articles about me in the mainstream media on ONE finger. If I then count the number of "negative" articles about me that are ACCURATE, this number goes DOWN TO ZERO! <<<

So it was, in that past Korff.

BTW, I still can't get over the "I never wore glasses" statement in regards to that San Jose article. When I asked him about the meat of the article I got no response other than it was all fake and the photo proves it.

Yeah, right. So where did the photo come from Kalvin? Some researcher.

The current state of your presence on the web is quite accurate now. In light of the FACT, you’ve been very quiet of late and I suspect, after a blast of wind outta our ass in response of the movie, we’ll finally be rid of you.

All of this and, it has been fun as well.

A win-win for we Korffers and the consumers of the world.

Off you go little man.


Anonymous said...

Want a good laugh? Read Kal's ludicrous entry he posted on his website today, after removing the previous one.
Another of Kal's fabrications. According to all court dockets, and other sources, in the entire State of Oregon, the only Korff related lawsuit on file is that 15month old civil suit by Kurtis K. Korff, claiming 'excessive force' was used during his arrest, and that he didn't get 'proper' medical treatment in jail. Just another 'krybaby' Korff!


Anonymous said...

Will you use CriticalThinkers to get your message out, now that you are the President and CEO of this metaorganization that now has its hooks buried deep into more than 500 projects around the world?

The short answer is YES. You cannot separate me or my work, or my very being from what CriticalThinkers is about or stands for. I am here to Serve and am trying to make a difference in this world, changing it one person at a time.

Anonymous said...

Media Begins to Cover Federal Lawsuit in Kurtis Korff Shooting PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff - Op Ed on the road.
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 09:20

Dear World,

I have received word that the media has started to cover the news of the seven lawsuits which were filed concerning the illegal shooting of him, specifically by Oregon Deputy Alan Johnson.

Let the record show that we seek only one thing: JUSTICE.

Let the record also show that we did NOT alert the media, in other words these stories are self-driven, the news entities decided to cover this event, because it IS NEWS, all on their own.

At the core of this case is one vital issue which affects us all: Whenever law enforcement personnel or Justice personnel decide to take the laws into their own hands, and label and "judge" people as "throw away persons" — for who they then falsely prosecute and even go so far as to fake and manipulate or fail to collect the evidence which proves INNOCENCE — ALL of these events and crimes not only took place in my brother's wrongful shooting, but as the lawsuits clearly indicate, we seek reform and changes to help insure that there can be no further victims of such illegal and distinctly UN-American behavior.



Their self-inflicted soap opera continues...stay tuned for more updates shortly....including photos and documents.

Anonymous said...

It's true, google news turns up this item for "korff" posted today

"Let the record also show that we did NOT alert the media, in other words these stories are self-driven, the news entities decided to cover this event, because it IS NEWS, all on their own."

F-U, Kal. This is a small town newspaper local to your brother's shooting.

Anonymous said...

What "stories" and where? I only see one article in some small press newspaper. Yep, watch out because the big time media is getting involved.

Kal is completely delusional if he thinks this is some sort of starting point for major media coverage on any level. What a sad little frustrated kook Kal must be clinging to the very last thing he has.

What happens to Kal when this lawsuit ends? What a pathetically sad and desperate life Kal has.

Anonymous said...

"Neither Gilbertson nor Josephine County Legal Counsel Steve Rich would comment on the suit. Rich did state, however, that the county would seek outside counsel in handling it."

In legal speak this means the county is going to fight it. Enjoy those attorney fees Kal. I guess you won;t have to worry about that Kal since you have zero involvement in this case other than being a relative of the plaintiff.

Anonymous said...

So that's all Kal has left for himself now: this blog and a lawsuit he can live vicariously through. I pray to God each day and ask that I never wind up a lonely, loathsome, pathetic loser like Kal K. Korff.

Kal's mom must be monumentally embarrassed. One of her kids is a convicted felon sitting in prison while the other is a complete nutball who makes things up. I genuinely feel sorry for Kal's mother. Kal should be ashmaed of himself. I would never do anything to bring this sort of shame on my family.

Anonymous said...

"Let the record show that we seek only one thing: JUSTICE."

Just who the fuck is "we"?

Did Kal get shot in the head? No.

Is Kal in prison? Not yet.

Did Kal have a doctor dig a bullet out of his head? No, but that might be the source of his craziness.

Is Kal a plaintiff in this lawusit? No, but Kal has threatened a good many lawsuits.

Is Kal a lawyer in this lawsuit? No because you'd have to go to college to be a lawyer and we all know Kal has no college degree and he's too lazy to do the work for the title. Why work for it when you can make up an organization and foist a high rank upon yourself like Kal.

Is Kal an expert witness in this lawsuit? No and Kal has never been an expert witness in any other legal proceeding.

Is Kal funding this lawsuit? You need money to do that and I don't think a wandering ipod salesman has the cash for a real lawyer.

So just who in the fuck is this "we" Kal keeps referring to? We (that being the people on this blog) know how full of shit Kal is and that there is no "we" where this stuff with Kal's brother is concerned.

Kal Korff is not officially involved in this lawsuit nor is he directly or indirectly involved. I'm sure the lawyer representing Kal's brother wants to do the responsible thing and keep Kal as far aay from this as possible. The last thing a lawyer wants is a nutball of a distraction mucking things up.

Kal is on the other side of the world desperate for something new to come along for him to latch on and I see that he has finally found it all at the expense of his brother.

Were this my brother and my family, I wouldn't be posting nonsense on a website that no more than a handful of people read when they're looking for a good laugh.

I'd be back home taking care of business and my family instead of running around Prague like it's recess time while letting an overactive imagination run wild and pretending to be a Colonel in some imaginary organization with handlers, super models, and my own personal male receptionist.

This Kal Korff twerp is completely off of his nut.

Anonymous said...

Posted on that site:

Anonymous (Prague) : Wed May 13 23:04:03 2009
Maybe all those involved would like to see what Kurtis's lunatic brother has to say about all this:

I think I will notify the proper authorities.

Anonymous said...

nice work!

btw -- the first two comments on that site before slapping up the URL of hate... not very positive at all, where Korff is concerned.

Anonymous said...

"Ladies and Gentlemen of this world, citizens everywhere, we have no idea if we will win or prevail in our lawsuits, these seven legal actions, which have now been launched."

The above is a partial quote from Kal's April 29, 2009 website item.
For the record:
The lawsuit was filed in April, 2008. It was reviewed by the authorities in August, 2008.
No trial date has yet been set.

Old news, Kal.

But I'm sure the 'entire world' and 'citizens everyone' are anxiously awaiting the proceedings!

Brad Hudson said...

This is my favorite part of Kal reaching with his obviously limited legal knowledge:


Umm, Kal, he's under no compulsion to attend squat unless there's AN APPEAL, fuckstick!!

And the fucking State has already had to pay for your sack of shit felonious brother's defense AND the forensics report by Pex.

If this suit gets squashed I thoroughly expect you to apologize on behalf og your brother for WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY AND TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got an it and weep Kal:

I would like to start off by stating that I appreciate your correspondence.
Yes, we are very familiar with the odd musings of "Colonel Kal Korff." Actually, his various websites came to my attention last year when I was covering Kurtis Korff's criminal trial. Of particular interest was the clip where Kal threatens District Attorney Stephen Campbell.
A follow-up article is being planned on those same subjects for those reasons. I originally wanted to do it as a sidebar to the original story, but the story was too long for a sidebar. As such, I had to delay it.
But, yeah, this story would not be complete without mention of Kal and his antics. Rest assured that it will see publication in the I.V. News.
Thanks again for your readership and correspondence.

Best Wishes,

Scott Jorgensen
News Editor
Illinois Valley News

F1 Racer

Brad "Scoops Callahan" Hudson said...

Looks like Kal will need more fingers to count the negative articles about him now.

Somebody tell the IV News to make sure to run a photo of Kal without glasses....

Jimmy D said...

The more I read about him, the more I am drawn to the ineluctable conclusion that Kurtis Kern Korff is utter vermin.

Just like you, "Colonel".

squonkamatic said...

I sure wouldn't want to be Scott Jorgensen, "News Editor" of the Illinois Valley "News" right now, things are getting pretty bad for him ... Or David Biedney or Royce Meyers III or Kevin Randle or Milos Bartu or Loren Coleman or Stanton Friedman or Paul Kimball or Don Ecker or blah blah blah ... Kal K. Korff, international object of ridicule.

Jimmy D said...

"Text of President Barack Obama's Speech in Prague
News - Latest News
Written by Public Relations
Monday, 06 April 2009 16:25
Note: The following is the written version of President Barack Obama's speech given on Prague on 5 April, 2009 at Prague Castle, in the Czech Republic. During this week, fact checking commentary will be inserted to keep people fully informed on the important issues President Obama spoke about during his warm welcome in Prague."

---Where is it, "KalIsrael"? Where is the "fact checking commentary" that you promised to insert "during this week"? It's been six weeks now, you moron.


Anonymous said...

Check out Kalvin's site today (The 14th).

It's laughable how he tries to hook up his brothers failings with his UFO maddness!

It seems that RMIII sent back to Kalvin's mother his material, but it never got there...

Poor Kal. Calling out RMIII as a liar because the material never made it to his mommy. PROVE that he didn't send it KALVIN!

You can't, just as he can't prove that he did send it.

Anyway, read it over people. Kalvin, at his best, hooking all of it up in some grand conspiracy involving his loser brother and UFO's.

Paul, please release your film!


Anonymous said...

Seven Federal Lawsuits Now Filed - SIX More To Go! PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest News
Written by Kal Korff op ed. - on the road.
Thursday, 14 May 2009 12:28

Dear World,

As everyone knows who regularly reads this web site, we have filed SEVEN Federal Lawsuits against various parties, three of which are police officers, two of whom were involved in the illegal shooting of my brother, Kurtis.

Remember, folks, Oregon Security Guard Mr. Royce "UFO Watchdog" Myers III, originally said that my brother "doesn't have a chance," and when Royce looked at the original discovery, because he's Royce, he was INCAPABLE of seeing that there was a "Big Problem" — which has since been proven to be lies, cover-ups and false accounts given by police officers.

This is not the first time Royce Myers III has managed to blow it with both lips. Remember, folks, right after he started being "exposed" he conveniently "retired" from the UFO field. Gee, what disingenuous timing!

Royce has since also remained suspiciously SILENT where it concerns the forensic tests conducted by Lt. Jim Pex and Forensic Specialist Gary Knowles, which PROVE that Officers Jim Geiger and Alan Johnson LIED, and that JOHNSON is the real shooter, not Geiger as Geiger himself originally even thought, because he's Geiger!

The case against my brother, confabulated by District Attorney Stephen Campbell, FAILED to convince a jury of 10 people. They found my brother INNOCENT of "trying to run over" Deputy James Geiger, who naturally made this claim in order to "justify" his illegal shooting of my brother, and attempt to murder him.

Geiger has now been sued, TWICE, — Royce Myers III of course remains silent.

Royce had originally stated that he would "gladly eat crow" if he were proved wrong.

Royce HAS been "proved wrong" by Forensic Specialists Pex and Knowles.

Unfortunately, as Royce has proven himself, he is too much of a MORAL COWARD to come forward an "admit" he was wrong.

Imagine this, folks. Royce CAN'T EVEN ADMIT THE TRUTH!

There should be no "ego" here - only truth. Yet Royce lacks the moral character to admit the truth.

As has been proved by no less than Czech Supermodel Martina Týčová, Royce Myers III is a "watchdog" in NAME ONLY, NOT REALITY.

Recently, Royce Myers III committed VOLUNTARY PERJURY. Royce FALSELY CLAIMED he had "mailed off" the original Court Discovery documents he was sent from my Mother.


Royce Myers III is a LIAR where it concerns this issue and other things.

UNLIKE Royce, I (Kal Korff) will openly apologize and admit I am wrong, IF AND WHEN ROYCE PROVES HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH.


Now, I am very pleased to announce that FIVE MORE LAWSUITS ARE NOW BEING FILED.

Who the parties are who are being sued, the individuals, we will release that info AFTER the suits have been filed.

In closing, as a simple search on the Internet easily proves, there are people out there who MAKE A POINT TO LIE.

Paul Kimball, for example, has said that I (Kal Korff) never sue anyone, that I just threaten to.

As usual, Paul Kimball is wrong where it concerns me, as these lawsuits prove.

If Paul Kimball had the moral integrity to write or ask me anything directly, I would basically answer.

Paul Kimball never has, because he's Paul KImball.

As Kimball especially knows, when one plays "Shoot the Messenger" it is usually a cover-up for the fact that no one can "attack" the message.

Unlike Paul Kimball, whose Uncle Stan even claims to know WHAT STAR SYSTEM "Little Grey Men" come from, I make no such claims. I do NOT "believe" in Little Grey Men — to believe in such requires (for me) hard evidence. There is none.

Just because someone CLAIMS there is "hard evidence" does NOT automatically make it true unless that evidence is independently checked or verified, or is of such an obvious nature that it is beyond question. The Moon is a great example: If there are people who claim it does not exist, they only need look up at the sky on certain nights to see that it obviously DOES exist.

Remember, folks, there are NO SUCH THINGS AS "UFOlogists" — "UFOlogy" is NOT a REAL, academic profession, it is a MYTH. Instead, there are people who CALL themselves "UFOlogists" because they are trying to appear credible or objective or scientific, when in truth, the exact OPPOSITE is true.

Stay tuned for further news, there will be lots coming, including news about lawsuits and prosecutions of certain individuals we will identify at a place and time of OUR choosing, not theirs.

Anonymous said...

The sequences by the attorneys in Secret Wars exposing Kimball and Myers III are particularly brutal, and the Executive Producers have already indicated that they intend to sue Kimball, Myers III and their clique in court in the Fall of 2007, right after the first episodes of Secret Wars air before the public and are admitted formally into evidence, in order to obtain an easy summary judgment for libel, slander, and defamation of character, -- among other charges. The Executive Producers of Secret Wars do not have to show damages or malicious intent by filing against parties in the European Union, the judgments of which are automatically enforceable by treaty with the United States. Instead, the Executive Producers of Secret Wars only need prove that Kimball, Myers III, Horn, et al are wrong.

That's already been done.

The Executive Producers will put on trial, before camera and in court, the false claims and lies made against Korff by Kimball, Myers III, Horn, etc., and expose them before the viewing public.

Legal experts agree that once the first episodes of Secret Wars air in September 2007, court judgments against several parties will be a mere formality. Furthermore, viewers will get to see Kimball, Myers III, Horn and others sued. Legal paperwork concerning lawsuits to be filed against Alien Autopsy hoaxer Ray Santilli and Michael Horn for consumer fraud, are now being prepared by several attorneys.

The above is an exact excerpt from Kal's so-called bio that he put in the Nationmaster Encyclopedia - guess when??
Compare that to today's statement!

As they say in the courts, 'the facts speak for themselves'.


p.s. to Kal - you can't sue someone twice on the same charges, so which is it, the previous LIE or today's LIE!!???

Anonymous said...

What I love about the internet mostly, in regards to Kalvin, is that all of his material is archived with dates.

So, as Kalvin continues to dig himself deeper and deeper with claim after claim and lie after lie, his own words are burying him.

What better way to go out, but by your own words.

Thank God for Al Gore and his internet!

Kalvin? You're being undone.


Anonymous said...

"we regret to have to take anybody to court"

Anonymous said...

He regrets having to fain taking people to court for his own publicity.

Again, NOTHING ever happened to RMIII. NOTHING.

We have others on the board who were threatened with action and they received NOTHING from the great one.

Remember that guy who used Kalvin's name in his e-mail address;, or something like that? NOTHING ever happened to him either. NOTHING. I contacted him myself. He was just fucking with Korff and it worked.

Kalvin has followed through with no action regarding anybody he names over and over again.


Kalvin promised to post legal papers, briefs, whatever, to PROVE his actions out.


Jesus, this guys a fucking loser.


Anonymous said...

Kal also said he was contacting the authorities regarding Mr. Biedny.

Biedny, who has a widget on Kal's website (wonder what that widget does in Kal's imagination) is labelled as 'Mr "Threats"'.

Hey David Biedny, have you been contacted by authorities regarding your "threats" to Kal?

Squonkamatic said...

"As has been proved by no less than Czech Supermodel Martina Týčová, Royce Myers III is a "watchdog" in NAME ONLY, NOT REALITY.Wooo OK, Professor Ding-Dong thinks that SUPERMODELS are voices of authority? Here in America, idiot, a supermodel is usually associated with the terms bimbo, drug addict, airhead, vapid, vaccuous, bullemic, self-centered, prima donna, diva, high maintenance idiot who's value to society is directly proportional to their looks.

Using the opinions of one to lend credibility to the deluded claims of a psychopathic crackpot idiot is about as desperate as one can get. Especially when nobody can find any public mention of this "supermodel" even existing in the first place, with no mention of her name existing before her affiliation with Kal K. Korff. Some supermodel. And yet her conclusions are the centerpiece voice of authority in Kal K. Korff's meta-organization which also doesn't apparently exist beyond some clumsily designed web pages maintained on a free web hosting service.

This by a person claiming to have a $25,000,000 budget. Wouldn't the Saudi prince earmark $49.95 a year for a professionally maintained web server? Dayyyaahhhhhhh! Wipe the drool with your lobster bib, retard, you're making a mess of yourself again in public. My estimation is that web rant will be deleted within a week once he's been forced to start taking his medication again.

Kal Korff is a douche said...

What fucking planet is Kal from? Seriously. Where in the fuck does Kal get these delusions?

Kal says "The case against my brother, confabulated by District Attorney Stephen Campbell, FAILED to convince a jury of 10 people. They found my brother INNOCENT of "trying to run over" Deputy James Geiger, who naturally made this claim in order to "justify" his illegal shooting of my brother, and attempt to murder him."

So if Kal's brother is innocent how does Kal explain this written in the Illinois Valley News "Korff subsequently was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, first-degree attempted assault, and attempted murder. The latter stemmed from allegations that Korff tried to run Geiger over with the vehicle.

Korff’s first criminal trial took place in June 2007, and ended in a mistrial. A retrial started on Feb. 28, 2008.

A 10-member jury convicted Korff of the assault charge, but found him not guilty of attempted murder. Korff, who had already pleaded guilty to the weapons charge, was sentenced to 40 months in prison, with credit for time served."

So Kal's brother is found guilty of assault but never tried to run over the cops? So where did this assault charge come into play? Golly let me guess! This newspaper reporter is out to get Kal just like the others. Yeah. Right.

Someone needs to teach Kal how to count because for a guy bragging about possessing a high IQ it certainly does not show at all.

7 lawsuits filed? Really? 6 more to go? Huh. There are not 7 lawsuits filed and why is Kal plastering his name all over this when he has exactly zero to do with the first and only lawsuit. Yes, surprise-surprise news for Kal. There is only 1 lawsuit filed and it just happens to have 7 defendants. This will all be tried under a single case. Can Kal not stop inflating everything from his resume to his iq to the number of lawsuits not filed by him?

And I have 1 thing to say to 6 more lawsuits coming. Bullshit. This is the same tired rhetoric Kal has been flinging for a few years now. Kal can't help that his mouth is making promises his stupid ass can never keep.

Kal blows out his ass "Stay tuned for further news, there will be lots coming, including news about lawsuits and prosecutions of certain individuals we will identify at a place and time of OUR choosing, not theirs."

Uh, yeah. Like we have never heard this song and dance before. Next Kal will be saying that he mailed a check to Cables & Simms. "It's in the mail. Just keep looking for it."

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results each time. In this case it is Kal trying to intimidate people with the same old threats and poppycock. Lawsuits coming? Yeah. Sure. Golly. We believe you Kal. Not.

Anonymous said...

Kal you're such a fucking doorknob. Get a hobby that doesn't involve slander libel and defamation. Weren't you supposed to rebuild a temple and start helping the homeless and hungry? Instead of pursuing something noble you're wasting your time on alien autopsy and bigfoot bullshit. Kal, you're a tool.

Anonymous said...

Please Kal you must post another video so I can laugh my ass off at you along with everyone else. So did Kal ever pay back Cables & Simms?

Anonymous said...

Toolboy held out for a whole month before losing his mind again. Wow that must be a record.

Anonymous said...

Pulled off the last post? For a proper update I would assume.

Thx for the on-going oppertunity.

Irmensul said...

GOOD site man,I read Korffs book on roswell,just to get a balanced view so I thought-what a weak argument against! absolute garbage! now i know roswell really did happen. korff is..well im too polite to say what i think of the guy..

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