Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kal Korff gets OWNED by arch rival!!!! ahahahaha!!

Well well now it looks like the mighty all knowing Special Secret Services and their star agent Kernal Crispy Kream Pants have been taken down by ahahah by ahhhhaaaa by a flying saucer believer!!! ahahhhaaahhhaaahahahahah

While Kal Korff tells his version on facebook saying his Internet website was suspended because of some computer issue or some other nonsense. Kernal Koward's arch nemesis and flying saucer believer Michael Horn is claiming responsibility for having Kernal Kreampuff's website suspended.

Goodness now just who do I believe here? A guy roaming Prague pretending to be a special agent for an organization he has clearly invented? Or do I perhaps believe a guy who promotes some flying saucer story? Goodness this is such a tough choice but I am going to have to go with the flying saucer bloke here.

I think Kal has been caught in YET ANOTHER LIE!! ahahahahhhhaaaahahaha So the Special Secret Services gets its ass kicked by a flying saucer fellow! ahahhhhaaahahahahha


Schkwonkahoster said...

The level of failure at work on this new episode of chaos manufacture by MR. Korff here is staggering. MR. Korff just cannot do anything right. He even forgot his own cover stories. First he moves his domain packet to a "hoster" in Scotland to escape a terrorist hacker. Then its his lawyers that are (sic) "hostering" the mess, then its someplace in Israel. He cannot even remember his own cover stories at this point.

When domain hosts put up messages like THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED that usually means the client is good-bye gone, yet MR. Korff implies in his status bullshit that the problem will be FIXED. The files will likely just be moved to another server and the URL re-directed, but why LIE about such a trivial, insignificant issue? So he didn't agree to the terms of use of the domain host -- YOU FIND ANOTHER. You don't go on Facebook or YouTube and LIE to people who are supposed to be your FRIENDS, "Mr." Korff. If they really are you friends you spare them your problems until they are sorted out. But since MR. Korff's problems will never be sorted out a lie for now is as good as progress later.

I could care less about MR. Korff's inept web creations, they are disturbing, chaotic, and too disorganized to even be entertaining. But I keep thinking that MR. Korff's good Facebook friends must be getting the idea that every day of MR. Korff's life is punctuated by chaos, disorder, bizarre fantasies or obsessions, an infantile manner of relating to others, and lots of insincere overly emotive affection that is out of place + creepy on what is essentially a public forum.

By now they have had a good three months to evaluate MR. Korff's day to day routine, and are probably at this point convinced that he keeps so busy on his internet obsessions that he can't possibly have time to work a job, likely raising the question of what he does to support himself. Since he now claims he is a volunteer -- just like Kevin Randle! -- that means he isn't getting any income from his SAPSTOE work for YS3. There was some twaddle back in January about editing another Czech newspaper but he's been on this Mikey Horn thing 24/7 since mid February and we aren't being shown any bylines or linked articles. People tend to talk about their jobs but all MR. Korff seems to talk about is sitting around stalking people on the internet.

The real shame is that Kal K. Korff could be a bag boy at a grocery store or flip burgers at Wendy's during the day and nobody would think any less of his paranormal debunking obsessions. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, what matters is that you do something. It creates a common bond with one's fellow man. About the only thing that anyone on MR. Korff's Facebook friends list has in common with him is that they both breathe oxygen.

That's why the lady friend of his severed all contact, a very bold move that should be commended. I hope that she is not facing retaliation for having exposed MR. Korff publicly here, and would urge some more attention be paid to her comments than whatever propaganda and doublething MR. Korff tries to shine on his Facebook suckers with.

Anonymous said...

How utterly embarrassing it must be for the almighty Kal K. Korff to get bitch slapped by some UFO nut.

For all the talk offered by Korff about his organization and his connects, it sure doesn't seem to take very much to shut him down.

Everyone must remember that Kal K. Korff is nothing but a mouthpiece set on repeat. He's been doing the same thing for 2 decades now!

The number of achievements Korff has claimed and the number of projects, initiatives, and what have you Korff has babbled about have never seen the light of day.

Looking back at Korff's various announcements and proclamations, one can easily see it as meaningless boast at least, delusional at worst. That is, everyone with the exception of Korff.

Korff will never change the way he conducts himself with these ridiculous stories that a 6 year old would call him on. And, yes, Korff cannot keep his own accounts straight to the point of absurdity.

Nothing will change with Korff. 20 years from now if he is still alive, Korff will be doing the same thing.

George Adamski said...

....I can see clearly now that things will start to get REALLY bad for MICHAEL J HORN !!!

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

You tool, Korff.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking moron. If a moron like Mike Horn can take down Kal and his Special Secret Services, then anyone with marginal intelligence can. Kal, you are a tool.

Anonymous said...

How does the mighty Kal Korff feel about getting spanked in public by Mike Horn? I think it is hilarious! lol How do you feel Kal about being Mike Horn's little bitch? lol