Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you really this dim-witted Kal????????

Please oh please oh plase make Kal K. Korff just stop! this is getting bloody fucking painful. This is from Kal's facebook page. I kid you not!!

" Jews are both a race and a religion, at least some of them."

"As far as I know by pure definition, it is NOT possible to be a "Jew" and NOT be religious." This gets better when Kal's uncle chimes in and tells Kal he is indeed full of it.

Now this may seem like a silly question but why in the hell would Kal ever allow people to find out who his family members are if he is so highly involved in fighting terrorists????? Kudos to you SAPASS for showing everyone just how utterly stupid you are.

How much more stupidity from that immbecile Kal K. Korff must we endure?? Kal you are simply one of the most ignorant blokes alive. I'd ask Kal how he reach such heights in stupidity but I cannot imagine being subjects to his brainless responses.


Anonymous said...

Listen carefully, Kalvin:

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake

I'll be watching you

Got it, liar?

B.Hudson said...

Facebook is quickly becoming Kal's own worst enemy. He posts so much crap on there that he forgets, sometimes even a day later, what lies he has told.

A week or so ago he posted that he thought he had "found Miss Right" and then, THE NEXT DAY, he posted he was working constantly "until Miss Right comes along". Needless to say he was immediately busted by 3 people.

You'll be taken down, Kal. I just want to witness the final implosion...

Anonymous said...

Ya especially when was one of those was Miss Right herself.How sad and pathetic for this Rupunzel who will never get to let her hair down either way.Honey, if you want someone who is not going to put you to sleep with his ravings of a lunatic, run, for the hills.He is someone who may want to keep you up all night with his grandiose claims but hey even a girl has to get some sleep and go to work during the day. UNless- oh no-say it ain't so- you are bipolar and up all night too!Then you both will need good psychs and medications. Misery loves company. hehehehehehehe!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin K. Korff's Miss Right:

Anonymous said...

Our pal Kal sure has been busy today with his Facebook activities. Soliciting new 'friends', commenting on people's walls with his expert philosophy on all subjects, boasting about himself in his lengthy rants,etc.
Meantime of course, he's busy teaching English to old folks, editing a newspaper, working on his 6 SecretxWars books, writing his 32 book series on the Meier case, getting ready to publish a magazine called UFO WatchCat, shampooing with sink cleaner, thinking it was liquid shampoo soap. LOL on that!
And of course, he'll be retiring this summer as a Colonel before going to the US on a book tour.
Do I believe all that? Uh Uh.
I'm very tempted to play a little game with the Colonel. Goes like this:
I log in to Facebook using a phony name, write my profile as a young teenager, add a photo of some nice looking one, then ask Kal to be my 'friend'. When he responds, I then begin to act a bit seductive, etc. and follow up from there. Kal is probably reading this, but he won't know who is for real, or who isn't.
Love you Kal

Very Anon (for now)

Brit_in_Prague said...

There must be a facility for deleting text/messages posted on one's Facebook wall. (Sorry, I'm really not up to speed on this Facebook thing.)

Many of the controversial exchanges on Kalvin's FB wall that are referred to in this blog no longer exist.

Might I suggest that if any of us spots useful material, we do a screen shot and send the results to KIAI for posting?

Further to this, I think that becoming Kalvin's "friend" - as suggested by the poster above - is an excellent idea. If you watch Kalvin's rants carefully, you will see that he sleeps at odd, but consistent, times of the day.

The trick would be to post something controversial while he is sleeping, and then sit back and watch the friends' comments arrive. One could then screen shot the result before Kalvin wakes up and deletes it all.

Anonymous said...

You are a liar, Korff. You are a liar and a psychopath. I will not rest until you shut up and crawl back into your hole.

And stay there.

Anonymous said...

The latest from Kolonel Kuckoo, commenting on a joke Nick Pope made on Pope's own Facebook page (which Korff obviously didn't get - but that's not the point. Korff uses it as an excuse to go off on another wild tangent of lies. Thank goodness Korff was at Boeing to save us all!

"I worked at Boeing for years, in the Commercial Aircraft Group, also matrixed part time to Defense and Space. I KNOW from firsthand experience that these things could be way much safer, and that they manage to get by by the tar on their teeth per se. Seeing the inside of the airline industry made me NOT enjoy flying commercial aircraft. It's amazing more accidents do not happen, I honestly feel it is God's grace... I learned this saying at Boeing: the airline industry is the only one where you have to spend a billion to make a million. :-) I remember fighting against the airlines when they wanted to REDUCE the amount of oxygen by one full tank on each flight of passengers to save money. ... See MoreMy point was what about BREATHING, and it is a fact that the recycled air on these planes is a major source of colds. Luckily the airlines lost the flight, but it was another example of "cheap, cheap, cheap" and safety not always the first consideration when it only and always should be. I remember when two 777s went down in a row which had been made consecutively at the factory. Egypt did not want to admit their pilot wigged out and crashed the plane, Boeing was afraid of some drunk workers having screwed up two planes, since the media filmed them drinking beers for lunch and then going back to the factory. It was a very political football and it was "settled" by "agreeing to disagree" which means it wasn't really at all."

Anonymous said...

Apparently the last name Korff means "baske." Basket case? LOL

Anonymous said...

Strange. I thought it meant "scum".

Brit_in_Prague said...

Another Facebook gem from The Great Man:

Kal Korff Hi: I think this sums up best, (I hope) my "thinking" on that I really don't have — opinions. I prefer to defer to logic, facts, and whatever the facts are, that's my opinion. The best way I can explain it is this: If I have no opinions, but only facts — and my opinions are facts, I have no opinions. - Kal Korff :-)

Brit_in_Prague said...

Confused? You're not the only one. So Kalvin naturally chose to chime in again on hour later in an attempt to clarify his position. Naturally, the only thing the retard succeeded in doing was muddying the waters further:

Kal Korff Hi, it is my opinion that H20 is water. It is my opinion because this is a fact. So is it my opinion or is it a fact, since I automatically accept what are facts, to be my opinions? This is why I say I really don't have any, and it is not literal 100%, I'm human, but I defer to facts, so whatever I "feel" about it is not relevant, won't change the fact that H20 is water, even if I wish it were LOVE. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for that, Kal. And good luck with the thesis...!

You fucking tool.

Anonymous said...

Kal has a FB page!??!?! Where?

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Google: kal korff facebook

Click his 'Wall'

Brit_in_Prague said...

F1 - long time it's been ... thank God you're safe! I thought the retard had actually located and liquidated you!

Anonymous said...

Of course Korff is Face Book happy... As he waits for his site to propergate to another new server, before Horn gets it pull down again, he's got nothing more to do than fight with family on Face Book, make claims endlessly, and collect friends to show just how loved he is.

What a Fuck Nut,


Anonymous said...

Well, the lying vermin hasn't been on Facebook for two days. Maybe he's forgotten his password...