Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kal K. Korff is a moron for the ages

I just concluded wasting precious time looking at what can be described as a view from the world of the insane. Yes I did indeed just get through watching the very confusing video put on youtube by that blinkered bastard and utter idiot Kal Korff. That will be 15 minutes of my life that I now cannot ever grab back.

So Kal once again proves that he hates his own country and is someone who wants to be some sort of hero to the Czech people.  I think the Czech people are wonderful. The last thing Czechs need is a load of cobblers flying about making the great Czech people look bad. It must be wonderful to fanny around Prague pretending to be someone in some secret organization that does not exist. This new video is piss poor and Kal will never realize that his better days came and went a long time ago. The video is so laughable and mangled around in cutting and bollocks that you would be best off spending a penny than watching this piece of rubbish.

Kal now is dreaming that some world leaders are interested in seeing the book that never will be. You are not that important Kal and no one of true import would waste but a second with you. Keep dreaming dolt.


Anonymous said...

So true.

I do hope that his book(s) get published. I'd love to monitor their "success" on the Amazon ticker, and to see and hear what the real pundits have to say about our chubby little lozer.

Oh, and the "book tour" and the odd "television appearance", oh my, what fun.

The subject matter of the book(s), .pdf's or otherwise, is a hot topic. Unlike his UFO clap trap, this material would not go unnoticed by the masses.

Time to see what your Dear World has to say about you Kalvin, and not just a bunch of saucer fans.

Yes, I hope those book(s) get published in some "mass" form so as to not hide away the greatness of Kalvin K. Korff.

God, sweet Jesus, please, let the fun continue.

Everyone, join in: Michael Horn laughs at you.


Anonymous said...

Korff's latest video, posted on Septemeber 24, 2010.


94 views as of four days later.

I smell, success. With views like this, his book series is bound to sell in the 10's of 10's.

Anonymous said...

From Micheal Horn:

This is what I got from theplanet.com:

From: abuse@theplanet.com
Date: September 28, 2010 12:51:37 AM PDT
To: newsletter@theyfly.com
Subject: [ThePlanetAbuse-C1908143O] Abusive website


Dear Sir or Madam,

The report you provided does not appear to involve an IP address or server within this network.

Abuse Department
The Planet

So, we need to look into this a bit more. The Planet does show a tie in to Korff's hosting service, that's clear. Maybe it's a game thier playing?

Anonymous said...

I think we've made a mistake. The Planet is located here:

Technical Contact:
Planet, The
1333 Stemmons Freeway
Suite #110
Dallas, TX 75027 US

Korff's host is located here:

Administrative Contact:
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
C/O 1st-amendment.net
Bellevue, WA 98007 US
Sadly, it seems Korff has an ally, so far, in the hoster he found.

Horn tried to get them to pull the site for obvious reasons. They it seems, want a fight for freedom to take place between the two.

In the end it matters little, We Korffer’s will keep up the heat and at some point, Korff and his Dear World will, I can assure you, waddle off into the sunset.

Again, let’s hope his book(s) see the light of day. There’s no better way to ensure the flame out of Kalvin K. Korff than by his own words, his own behavior and his own ego fueled passion to be somebody at any cost.

Prague hates you Korff.

Michael Horn laughs at you.

Anonymous said...

Kal undercover again!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Credible threats of a terror strike in Britain and France came to light over the weekend and agents here in the US found reason to search a tractor trailer rig & detain its occupants in the state of Georgia in relation to a tip off of a possible terrorist operation here on US soil ...

Meanwhile, self professed "counter-terrorism analyst and SAPSTOE" Kalvin K. Korff was on Face Books boasting of knowing one of the Spice Girls personally while favoriting his own videos on You Tube, which he insists on referring to as a television show.

(Sound of a palm slapping the forehead and a head shaking sadly.)

How can anyone fail so miserably. Watch him now make Face Book posts claiming to have played a role in the terror investigations and having additional information which he cannot reveal at this time.


Anonymous said...

So where was the great "colonel" kal K. Korff when all of these terror plans in Europe were being stopped by THE REAL anti-terror agents? Yep Kal was at home posting to facebook and making ridiculous and disjointed videos of himself while somehow trying to tie everything he types back to Obama and blaming America for the world's problems. Way to go Kal! get any of those ufo bad guys while the TRUE HEROES were out there catching terrorists and saving lives? You are a complete WASTE Kal.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this filming will help make the world safer, Fuck Head...

Kal Korff:

Just finished filming some more key scenes which will air later in the new show. THANKS again for all of your kind emails and positive reactions to the first teaser preview episode released so far, we are off to a good start.

Anonymous said...

Here you go... Remember when Korff stated on Face Book that he was going to go get some documents and have them translated in Arabic and German...?

Kal Korff:

Of course there is "NO CONNECTION" between documents seized in Germany weeks ago as many of you may remember — it was only an "amazing coincidence." Those who refuse to take the threat of Islamofascism seriously are destined to become its eventual victims.

Text below copied from the Face Book Link posted under the above statement

From ABC News:

Intelligence and law enforcement authorities in the US and Europe said the threat information is based on the interrogation of a suspected German terrorist allegedly captured on his way to Europe in late summer and now being held at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

You lie Korff. You have nothing to do with any of this.

Anonymous said...

>>> Watch him now make Face Book posts claiming to have played a role in the terror investigations and having additional information which he cannot reveal at this time. <<<

He just did.

Anonymous said...

How does one go about informing the officials that Korff "intends" to fly?

Anonymous said...

Send a letter to the Department of Homeland Security. Always be factual with what you provide. This is a no-brainer putting this delusional moron Kal Korff on a no fly list. Videos of him shooting a machine gun, claims of being an intelligence agent for a foreign country, his obsession with Obama, his attempts at tying Obama and UFOs and bigfoot together. Yep. Pretty safe bet he will be a no fly shoe in.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Thanks to retrieving intel and docs from Germany and elsewhere, THIS SERIES OF ATTACKS HAS BEEN THWARTED. This is for all the BOZOS who CONtinue to "DENY" that Islamofascism is "not a real threat." Those who refuse to take the threat of terrorism seriously, must be prepared to be its future victims. I am so happy the intel collected in Germany a few weeks ago paid off, now over 100 militants and LEADERS, which is always important, have been eliminated over in Pakistan and elsewhere, which is WHERE these plots were hatched from. They were planning to kill many people in many cities during Christmas, because they're Islamofascists.


Korff is now taking direct credit for collecting the "intel" that thwarted this latest terror plot.

Shameful behavior.

Ha, ha, ha, fucking HA! Korff, nobody believes you. Try as you might, nobody believes you and nobody cares. You want proof?

Your new "video" was posted on 9/24/2010.

As of 9/29/2010, you have 112 views. That's 18 per day. Pitiful totals for someone so "important".

Try, try, try Kalvin... Try as you might, you are a nobody. You are boisterous merriment, to be enjoyed as an amusement and nothing more. A past time while surfing the web looking for time killers like porno.

You know a lot about porno don't you Kalvin?

Anonymous said...

BTW, Korff lists Uri Geller as one of his “likes”.

… now Korff would say to you that he's keeping his "enemies" close.

No Kalvin, you're bored out of your uneducated skull and you're spending all day on Face Book trying to be someone.

You're failing Kalvin.

You're a miserable failure, and liar, and user, and fraud.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Prometheus Books is one of my longtime publishers. They're GREAT to work with.

"One" of your longtime publishers.

You lie. You have no other.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Korff caught in another lie. Remember the video which was supposed to show Korff sending off his "manuscript" or a "chapter" for review, of some kind.

It seems, that never took place, and if I recall correctly, the video showing this was never released either.


Can you confirm this statement please? Is this true? Is this going to happen?

~ Secret X Wars is the reality TV incarnation of Colonel Kal Korff's
unprecedented six volume series, Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which is under contract to be published by Prometheus Books, in 2011.

He's been telling us that the books will be published for many years.

We're waiting....

Thank You

We're waiting too. It's true we have a contract with Korff, which is now very old, but so far he hasn't delivered the manuscript.

M. Hall
Editorial Dept.

Anonymous said...

Face Book

Barack Obama:

When you travel and meet young people around the country, they’ll make you optimistic. They’re smart, and they’re ambitious. They want to help their community, and they’ve got good values and good common sense.

Kal Korff:

Yes, which is WHY MOST of them NO LONGER SUPPORT YOU, just look at the polls you avoid and never bother mentioning. :-)

Notice the :^) Korff you fucking pussy.

skwonkkaasfaasafrass said... said...

Sorry, trying to post over supper: Correction --

That leaves about 60 viewers following his yammering wall posts from YouTube where he's spammed the link to death. Last time I checked in he was boasting of having 600+ "friends" there, meaning that 9 out of 10 of them are totally blowing MR. Korff off & couldn't care less.

That should have read

That leaves about 60 viewers following his yammering wall posts from FACEBOOK where he's spammed the link to death. Last time I checked in he was boasting of having 600+ "friends" there, meaning that 9 out of 10 of them are totally blowing MR. Korff off & couldn't care less.

squihklahd;klqwdjg; said...

Submitted now for the fourth time!!

This idiotic, retarded, shameful claim by MR. Korff is a working proof that he is LYING when claiming to have anything to do with counter terrorism etc: NO intelligence operative in the world would dare risk exposing their network to publicly boast of having made a breakthrough. See MR. Korff, the goal isn't to prevent one incident, it's to prevent others down the road. Whoever might be associated with your intelligence gathering methods is now compromised to the point of being neutered for any further intelligence. Congratulations, Fuckwit.

Also in regards to his reach or influence, as usual MR. Korff's numbers speak for themselves. If his "preview" video has recieved 115 hits or so anywhere's from 30% to 40% of that viewing body are the Korffers watching his activities. That leaves him with only about 80 views that are curious or uninformed types who just want to see what the deal is.

Since the video is live on his YouTube channel, a certain percentage of those 80 hits are people watching through YouTube who have nothing to do with his Facebook presence -- let's say 15 hits, maybe 20 to be generous. That leaves about 60 viewers following his yammering wall posts from Facebook where he's spammed the link to death. Last time I checked in he was boasting of having 600+ "friends" there, meaning that 9 out of 10 of them are totally blowing MR. Korff off & couldn't care less.

Of those 1 in 10 who are still paying attention, it is safe to say that at least half of them are following MR. Korff for his entertainment value, so he's got 30 people following his lead in rapt fascination. Which is about average for the amount of interest I've ever seen in MR. Korff's work since I started following this bullshit back in May of 2008.

Kalvin, you are a failure and a liar and you know it, asshole.

Anonymous said...

From Kevin Randle's blog:

Lance said...

Hi Kevin,

Happy 4th!

In regards to Kal Korff, if you can use him as an example of a skeptic, can I use George Adamski as an example of a UFO supporter?

Korff showed great promise initially (I have his early white paper on Meier, done with Bill Moore, I believe) but obviously he has some severe mental issues.

To be blunt, he is a nut.

KRandle said...
Lance -

Those at the other end of the spectrum often trot out Adamski... and van Tassel and Silas Newton and a host of others and use them to tar all of us. You mentioned that those 78 people who think there is something real about the autopsy film were just 78 more examples. Those of us who attempt to argue from a rational position are often smeared with that brush. It only seems fair that I can point to Korff and Klass (though with Philip he wasn't crazy, just mean spirited) in this discussion.

Anonymous said...

More from Randle's Blog:

"PS to Korff"

... Korff then complains, "Finally, what Kevin Randle does NOT tell you is something he ALREADY KNOWS: The name "Special Secret Services" is a ROUGH TRANSLATION from the orignal (sic) Hebrew.



tuviabm said...

I am an Israeli, and my mother tongue is, of course, Hebrew. (You too speak Hebrew on "daily basis", you simply do not aware to the many hebrew words from the Bible that are in use by common English). All this is nonesense. There is no intelligence body as is described by K. No agent would reveal his idendity on active service. Most of them never in their life time. In Israel security bordered on the line of absurd, for example, an active helicopter pilot, (like you) whatever his rank, cannot reveal his full name, and his face is marked in black on the press. That is the rule for every person which hold a sensitive position in the military and other security bodies. (pilots, naval commando, elite units, SHABAC - general security service (equivalent to FBI), The office for intelligence and special operations - MOSSAD, and AMAN - the military intelligence branch. Only in AMAN military ranks are used. So Korff was enlisted to the IDF...

I do amazed why do you waste your time dealing with such ridiculous claims.

KRandle said...

I think the point has always been that we have no evidence that Korrf's organization exists and he will do nothing to provide us with the information we need to confirm it. The ball is in his court, but rather than prove us wrong, he just dodges back and forth.

Yeah, I have spent more time than I should on this, but sometimes it's just fun. But, the amusement value has worn thin.

Anonymous said...

Just so you can read over this stuff again:





To sum up...

Paul Kimball said...


Poor KKK. He tried the same thing with me and the law, by saying that I wasn't a practcing lawyer. Of course, I never claimed that I was. I've always been clear that I'm a non-practising member of the Nova Scotia Bar (have been since 1993), which is the status I took after I articled, passed the Bar exams, and was called to the Bar in front of a Supreme Court justice back in 1993 (like you, I have the pics to prove it). None of which makes me Clarence Darrow, anymore than your service makes you Audie Murphy. What it does mean is that I'm infinitely more qualified to offer opinions about legal matters than KKK, and you're infinitely more qualified to offer military opinions than KKK. As for UFO opinions, I've learned those are a dime a dozen, but even here, having read his books, poor Kal is a nickel short of that bare-bones standard - even when I might agree with him, as on the Meier case.


Anonymous said...

I've had enough of this.

It's time KKK was silenced, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Can ANYONE find any other person on Face Book (or the web for that matter) who claims to be fighting terror with a group, etc., posting their maneuvers, etc., on the web for all to see?

No you can’t, because “real” Kaptains or Kernels, and people doing this type of work do not behave in this manner.

If they did, they would get fired, or shot, or some other punishment.

You lie Korff, again, and again, and again, and again...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Can ANYONE find any other person on Face Book (or the web for that matter) who claims to be fighting terror with a group, etc., posting their maneuvers, etc., on the web for all to see?

Actually you can, they are called MILITARY WANNABES and it is a global epidemic that is out of control. Kalvin just takes it further than most, who are satisfied just claiming to be former Navy SEALs or Force Recon snipers who went to Ranger School and their hands are registered as deadly weapons blah blah. They are all fucking over the place, Face Book and MySpace are just two of the more well known platforms they use. Search keywords like NAVY SEAL WANNABE on Google and you'll be shocked at just how many loser poser dirtbags are out there on the internet doing more or less exactly what Kalvin K. Korff does every time Drudge posts some story about terrorism.

What fries my egg is how long Kalvin K. Korff has been doing this and how easily he has apparently been able to get away with it. Being in Prague no doubt has a lot to do with his slipping through the cracks. I did contact the POW Network about Kalvin back in August and they said flat out they could not help because "it is all day, every day with these freaks", and their time is fully consumed as it is just following up on individuals impersonating American soldiers. Or even more sadly, actual veterans who are padding their life stories with fairy tales filled with awards/ribbons/commendations they did not earn. Here's a few to help piss you off even more:


But I've noticed that Kalvin's approach is not really that unique and easily seen as the contrivance that most of it is. They ALL have some reason why you can't see their actual records/transcripts or why their records do not reflect the propz they have given themselves, very much like Kalvin's own often re-written past. And like Kalvin they all have the most incredible hair raising stories that don't mesh with what you see when honestly evaluating the person.

Many invent shadow meta organizations which cannot be verified independently, with security concerns being the most common argument as to why nobody can follow up on their claims. Like Kalvin you sort of just have to take their word for it, and if you don't you're engaged in a smear campaign to impugn the integrity of someone who's claiming to be an extraordinary individual which can be difficult.

Not to sound like too big of an ass but oh yeah, they're on Face Book and anywhere else someone craving attention can weasel in a little rip-roaring claim of exceptionalism. Since I have started following his trail of shit Kalvin has been in Iraq working with the Kurds, brought down the Berlin Wall, sent fleets of Nanobot components to spy on Pakistan, briefed President Obama, enjoyed the company of supermodels, hosts his own TV show, psyched out a sheriff's department via proxy harassment and now personally knows the Spice Girls.

Classic wannabe! and he's not just confining himself to being a military wannabe. He's a wannabe for every walk in life that may come along: Journalist, broadcaster, science researcher, computer expert, iPod magnate, paranormal interest personality, reality TV star, short order cook, bachelor's raffle prize date, now some sort of Jewish kung-fu expert (sorry, I don't know much about martial arts beyond Shaw Bros. movies). Whatever the subject he's an expert authority with a lengthy background of accomplishments, but like any good wannabe there's no way to confirm any of it beyond what Kalvin himself has to say.

Classic wannabe! and here's one that reminded me a lot of Kalvin: WILLIAM JAMES CLARK (DOB 1966), who like KAL K. KORFF makes a sadly entertaining little case and will also never voluntarily stop what he is doing. Stranger than fiction!


Anonymous said...

Fucking site is dropping posts again. Fuck! And fuck you Korff!

Anonymous said...

Unknown, thanks for that info, sad as it is.

Youtube video update:

8 days since posting his latest Power Point style video, 22 views per day, total: 117.

Whatever you think you are Kalvin, one thing is crystal clear...

You are a failure.

Just ask Horn, RMIII, Ecker, Randle and Prometheus Books.

Regarding the latest post by a fellow Korffer on Kalvin’s “status” with Prometheus Books. Korff has been VERY quiet on Face Book since that “factual” information was released.

Kalvin follows this trend often, after reading this blog, which he does on a daily basis. How could he not and really, anybody... not read a blog about themselves? It’s human nature.

When something of note and something VERIFIABLE is posted here, Korff retreats for a short time to mull over his options.

Kalvin lies, he knows he lies, and when caught in one of his lies, he spends an inordinate amount of time trying to undue the truth.

I predict, although I’m not a psychic and I’ve never claimed to be (and I hate those damn 007 movies), that Kalvin will be back on Face Book today (Oct 1 2010) with a rash of postings, and meandering thoughts on everything he’s an “expert” in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin, why haven’t you come up with something as “world changing” as Face Book?

The Face Book movie was released in the states today. Where’s your “game changer”?

Oh yeah, we’ll never know what Kalvin has dome for the betterment of the world…

Until he tells us on face Book!!!! Ha, ha, ha!!! Now that’s fucking rich, secret agent man.

My God Korff, would you please serve Michael Horn those fucking papers already!

We will know when you do, because Horn has the balls to tell us and to have that post here. SO get on with Korff.

My God you’re such a fake; a huge, pasty faced, love me mommy, mother fucker.

Anonymous said...

Post shorter posts. The blog has issues with with the longer posts... for one. There might be other issues as well?

Anonymous said...

Just a few Face Book posts in the last 15 hours. he must be masterbating a lot more these days.....

Anonymous said...

That other Kal Korff on Face Book, the one who would poke fun at our Kalvin Korff? That profile is now gone and when you do a Kal Korff or a Korff search on Face Book, this blog doesn't come up anymore, at least not near the top as it did. Maybe Kalvin is trying to do some damage control.

To late dummy. Oink.

Anonymous said...

Face Book,

A while back Korff "hid" his Friends list from his profile page. Interesting that he would do this.

One can only assume that "someone" or "some people" were poaching his friends and informing them that their "friend" Kalvin is a nut and that they should check out this blog, etc.

You can't hide Kalvin.

Michael Horn, RMIII, Don Ecker, Kevin Randle, and a long, long, long list of people, laugh at you.

schkwonkymatchstick said...

MR. Korff is still likely smarting from having been caught with his pants down boasting of knowing the Spice Girls and lying about broadcasting a television show over YouTube while news of significant anti-terror efforts was breaking. He can lie to his FB friends but not to himself.

MR. Korff had nothing to do with any of the recent anti-terror developments and he knows it. He may wish he was involved but why would anyone recruit a broken down former UFO fanatic with a history of psychological problems for anything? He's a useless, worthless, uneducated, intellectually challenged parasite.

Kal Korff is like one the guys from the outreach program at the county hospital's mental ward who bag groceries at the corner market as an afternoon activity. As long as you don't talk to them or make eye contact they usually won't follow you back to your car or try to touch your girlfriend's hair while her back is turned. Eww.

Anonymous said...

You so right... Been 19 hours of Face Book quiet...

'Course, he's on "assignment"....

I'm "certain" that Korff's "work" has pushed Germany, France and wherever the hell else to heighten their terror alert, as I've heard they did today.

And, Bin Laden just released an audio message today (although it may be fake).

I'm certain that Kalvin will take credit for this in some way and use it as his EXCUSE for leaving his Face Book friends high and dry of any USEFUL news and information to keep them abreast and safe.

Korff, you fucktard.

Anonymous said...

"A while back Korff "hid" his Friends list from his profile page. Interesting that he would do this.

One can only assume that "someone" or "some people" were poaching his friends and informing them that their "friend" Kalvin is a nut and that they should check out this blog, etc."

--- Yup - that was me.

Anonymous said...

You are irredeemable scum, Korff.

For what you did to Mr Sedlacek, I will hound you to the ends of the earth.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you Jimmy. For the same and more reasons.

Korff, you're a cyber punk, and a poor one at that.

Off fighting terror Korff?

Of course you are, because it's all over the news, and you looked at a paper and thought,

"I better not be on Face Book so I can tell people I was gone on assignment."

Lap my nut sack Kalvin.

Michael Horn laughs at you... and is still waiting for you to "act"....

Anonymous said...

Every few hours today Korff is posting a link, etc. He's testing us Korffers.

Nobody is asking him where he's been and what's going on.

As it should be.

Because it doesn't matter.

The world turns with, or without Korff's "slight" involvment... Face Book or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

"Nuts on his chin" new video:

127 views in 10 days.

Classic failure.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Here's an example of another wannabe loser scumwad using FACE BOOK as a way to spread their lies & bilk as many people he can into falling victim to his charade: PAUL ALLEN LOCKHART, who's own Face Book buddies caught him lying, misrepresenting himself, and appropriating pictures that he would then claim show him in all manner of heroics.


If I understand what I read correctly, Lockhart had formed a "prayer group" on Face Book to further milk unsuspecting acquaintances of sympathy & attention, and was eventually removed from Face Book when the prayer group's members realized they were being had and reported his activities to the system administrators. So he is also an example of how Face Book WILL remove users who are actively pursuing an fraud with their users if enough people let them know about it.

Lockhart also shares a shameful lack of respect for the dead that Kal K. Korff has demonstrated repeatedly, going so far as to paste his head onto a picture of a fallen hero. If it wasn't so despicable it might be funny, and the resultant image is about as credible as Kalvin in his SAPSTOE costume. People aren't as stupid as jerkwads like these guys think. They are also about the same age -- late 40s -- and are apparently completely dependent upon family/friends, moving from one person's home to the next as his welcome wears thin. Sound familiar, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Korff's gotta be tried of all his claims being discounted by this site and now anything "personal" he puts on Face Book get's shot down with in minutes.

The book publisher deal; saying that he has a contract but he hasn't turned in shit in a long time, well that's just a huge em-bare-ass-ment...

He told everyody on his web site that he turned in the manuscript!

Did he lie to us?

It can't be easy to be Kalvin Korff...

Anonymous said...

Is It Really True

Korff's lastest video....


Posted on September 4th

Views= 151

= 5 views per day.

Udder failure.

Anonymous said...

Face Book....

While Korff is "gone", Martina Týčová is posting more than "she's" posted is weeks....


Anonymous said...

Korff, 6 Face Book posts over the last few hours.

Kalvin, you're not fooling anyone.

Why aren't you out fighting terror?

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Anonymous said...

Saya, fuck you spammer!

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe he is worse than vermin.

I believe he is actually evil.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Here’s an interesting situation. As we Korffer’s know, there’s another Kal Korff on Face Book, I’ll call this Korff, “Korff Light”:


Korff Light makes light of our Kal, “Krazy Korff”, and I think it’s the same Korff because Korff will stop at nothing to get all non Korff’s pulled off the web.

And Korff thinks he’s smart, trying to manipulate us for more material for his “thesis”. So this is Krazy Korff’s “slight of hand” work, I can assure you.

In any case, here’s what Korff Light posted on Martina’s page Oct 5, 2010:

Kal Korff: Martina I need you to do special OPS in Albania

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Martina seems like a nice enough girl. She posts music video links on her page for the most part (certainly something a covert, super secret, super model would do?) and while Krazy Korff has been silent during the last week, Korff Light and Martina’s page have become more active. Coincidence? No, I think not.

“Korff Light” is friends with Martina, but “Krazy Korff” isn’t. When you search Martina’s Friends list, Korff Light’s listing reads this:

Kal Korff: I am the real Kal Korff.

On September 12, 2010, Korff Light posted this on his rarely used page:

Kal Korff: Gay KKK http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Korff Light has 4 photos on his page; an old book photo he’s posted 3 times (?) and the one with him in his camo’s we all know and love to shit on.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

Then there’s this Kal The Liar page:


And of course, Korff is a friend of this page.

Why hasn’t Krazy Korff had this page pulled off Face Book?

Krazy Korff: "It’s better to “allow” them some space to rant about me and then use that information to manipulate my haters.”

And, I’m certain that Korff would like nothing more than to have the Korffer’s who are poaching his Face Book posting to join one of these other Korff based and Korff run Face Book pages so he could then ferret them out and go cyber on their asses.

Korff logic, or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Part 4

Well, you do have one thing right here Korff, you do have haters... A world full of haters, and people who despise you.

Lastly, Korff Light does have a Korffer as a friend, you can guess who this might be. I love his Favorite Quote listed in his short Bio (and Korff is his only friend on Face Book, ha, ha, ha!):

Favorite Quotations:

"English is a literal language" - Kalvin K Korff

Serve Michael Horn, Korff.

Stop lying and follow through with ANYTHING.

The world know you're lying.

sghqjonklamottchsttic said...

I think Jimmy is onto it. EVIL is an appropriate term with which to regard MR. Kal K. Korff. He is evil in the sense that everything he does turns foul, everything he touches goes bad and everyone he encounters either ends up having a problem with him or becomes one of his footpads.

Evil people also do not wake up in the morning and say "Today I shall be evil", and quite often they view their actions as not just benign but positive if not helpful. MR. Korff regards himself as a hero and trend setter, an important & valued member of the media personality sect who is highly regarded for his skills, experience, and contributions.

All of which is in direct contradiction with the fact that the Kal K. Korff we know from his internet celebrity is a van, egotistical, self-centered retard with zero redeeming qualities beyond having owned Jim Dilettoso, which is as much of an achievement as having owned Shaggy or some other cartoon character. If that's the best you can do you're a failure. Kal K. Korff is at least a failure if not an outright worthless reject who had to flee to Prague, Czeck Republic, to find someplace where people don't spontaneously just start laughing at him.

To make sure the Czechs wouldn't laugh he saw all these soldiers coming & going and decided that he too should look like a soldier, refer to himself as a soldier, and possibly even act like a soldier when in public -- Hence his SAPSTOE costume and use of fake badges etc. Which is EVIL. It is evil to impersonate soldiers, police officers, intelligence operatives or Kidon Unit commanders.

MR. Korff also cannot help but behave in such manners. He will never grow up, put away the SAPSTOE costume and throw the unearned insignia & fake badges away, find a real job, humble himself to have genuine human interactions with genuine people whom he does not lie to or manipulate, and work to provide for himself & others. Such actions are beneath his opinion of himself, and that's what makes Kal K. Korff evil.

Anonymous said...

sgh; well done sir.

So funny to read this off the Korff Light FB page:

Kal Korff: I am the real Kal Korff.
October 2 at 6:56am

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Hey fuck wad, this "supposedly" happened last January... What are you waiting for? Oh yeah, it ain't gonna happen. Ha, ha, ha....!


by Kal Korff on Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 12:28pm.

Dear World,

Facebook has REMOVED the bogus "Kal Korff" page which was created by a person who WILL BE NAMED PUBLICLY after this individual is INDICTED and formally charged and ARRESTED by the police.

I would like to THANK Facebook for acting responsibly, and considering the holidays, in a timely manner.

Facebook AGREES that this individual engages in hatred, anti-Semitism, (Kal Korff is Jewish) and now an attempt to get an additional charge, tacking on an added hate crime penalty is being pursued.

There will be no further discussion of this incident until AFTER the person is indicted and ARRESTED. Once this happens, the individual's photo, work details and home address and other information WILL be published and released to the general public.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

Let this be a "lesson" to every individual (especially my "kritics") WHO MAKE A POINT TO HATE.

We PROMISE YOU that more individuals WIL BE EXPOSED, and legally and criminally held accountable.

We are now contacting the employer of yet another such person, it is safe to say this individual WILL BE FIRED shortly.

Hey Ball Licker,

... the individual's photo, work details and home address and other information WILL be published and released to the general public....

Just try and release that kind of personal information on the web and see what that will get you.

BTW, how can he be fired when he works for himself.

There's so much "more of the same" in this Face Book Note that I won't waste anymore of your collective Korffing time.

Korff, you fucking pussy.