Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kal TRUE Hebrew name is discovered!!!!!!

It appears that some rather crafty lads have penetrated the high security of the Special Secret Services and have found the true name of kal K. Korff!!! Are you ready? Are you prepared for the shock of it all? Are you???


What does it mean? What could it possibly mean????? I know!! Let's play a game.

a _ _ _ o l _

I know that Kernal Kupofpoop is probably bloody all over this with his crack team of code breakers!! ahahhhaaahahahahhhhaaahaha!

By the way Kal before you try to twist this around as some sort of hate thing you can just stop. This has nothing to do with your claimed heritage or religion or any of that. It has everything to do with your utter ridiculousness. You really should look at a photo of yourself sometime Kal and be objective about it. No one buys your rubbish about you being some colonel commander or whatever it is you desperately dream of being.

And just remember Kal that true hate starts with people like you who falsely claim they are victims of hate when everyone knows you only use this sort of outlandish rubbish to paint your opponents as evil. So you might as well just stop screaming wolf at every opportunity you get. It is sad when true racism happens especially when want-to-be victims such as yourself Kal try to use it for less than ethical means. So just stop. No one is making any racist or religious claims here so don;t try to twist it about you dolt.


Benjamin Grimm said...


Anonymous said...

The world laughs at you Korff.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Hawking said that anyone who brags about his IQ is a loser. Does that fit anyone we know here?

Anonymous said...

Kal is a
'donkey orifice'

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I believe in Santa Claus too, fuck head...

Kal Korff:

Hi everyone, NOW the Govt or Iran and Saudia Arabia wants to "PEER REVIEW" my new six book series on Islamofascism, hatred and intolerance and extremism. I have ACCEPTED THIS OFFER and WILL NOT INVOLVE THE U.S. DEPT OF STATE, OVER THEIR OBJECTIONS. This WILL PROVE INTERESTING, I will now ADD WHATEVER HAPPENS TO THE BOOK series. I have TOLD THE DOS if they want to see anything from me, ASK MY MOTHER! Praise YHWH!

Anonymous said...

???? You're brother is in jail Korff. He's a convicted criminal.

Kal Korff I am honored they want to "peer review" it, honestly. Hey, I thought it was already a "must read" because we are friends! LOL... Big wink. The series is 2,400 pages with six Appendices, don't tell my "kritics." I am sending my Mom a message... letting her know I did what I promised, that the US DOS and CIA will likely now contact her. It won't matter. The last time a U.S. Federal Judge sent out two U.S. Marshalls to "talk to me," they left convinced my heart IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE, (since it is) and bought my Roswell expose. They were concerned about my using intelligence assets to nail the officer who shot my brother illegally, a FACT he has NOW admitted and of course we won the court case, my brother was found innocent on the bogus charge they tried to frame him on. We also SOLVED the ballistics in the shooting case, and exposed Sheriff Gil Gilbertson. The video of it can be found here on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff:

Tomorrow a new episode of my longtime Internet series Is It REALLY True? will debut, and be uploaded on the Web, I will post the link. We just viewed the episode, it takes no prisoners, per se (some have said it is overkill) and it Xposes a UFO researcher who MAKES A POINT to engage in hatred, ad hominem attacks and ex...tremism. After viewing this, his colleagues will have some decisions to make. As with every episode, if I have made a mistake or have some facts wrong, I will correct them. Here's the link WHERE you can see it, below, it will be the LEAD story and video as of tomorrow, I promise. The show is produced by UFO WatchCat, which protects consumers from the claims of UFO "Watchdog" — which was Xposed years ago for having uneven standards of evidence and for publishing false claims and bogus information.

Anonymous said...

Is Kal Korff still blabbing on and on and on about Kevin Randle, RMIII, Paul Kimball and others?????


Kal has NO CREDIBILITY and acts like an utter STALKER when it comes down to certain people. Just admit it Kal that you wish you had a 10th of the talent of the people you attack and stalk.

How many years now has this bloated piece of shit Kal K. Korff been on about exposing this and that and lawsuits and criminal prosecutions with NOTHING happening except the hot air spewing out of Kal's ass????

What exposes you as a bigger clown Kal is that you actually would admit that you would deal with the Iranian or Saudi government on any level let along have them "peer review" your fantasy book. Kal clearly has no fucking clue about human rights and what real hate is other than the hate he projects unto others.


Anonymous said...

Kal's brother is a convicted felon who was found GUILTY in court of attempted felony assault and his brother was sentenced to PRISON. Kal also blew his brother's lawsuit with both lips with his nonsense about being a colonel and having done an investigation and the rest of his BULSHIT. In fact when the attorney for the police wanted to serve Kal to appear in court and demanded documents Kal claimed he had about his brother's shooting it was Kal who wrote some rambling and garbled brief to the courts becuase the lawyer was smart enough to quit and not get caught up in the lunacy that is Kal Korff.

Kal likes to boast he was an expert witness but when he got called to actually appear in court for his brother's case Kal tucked tail and ran away screaming in terror because he knew his mouth had finally caught up with him and he couldn't produce when told to step up or shut up. Nice job "colonel" showing your true colors. Colonel? Only in your tiny brain Kal.

Anonymous said...

Poached from Face Book:

Mark Center:

Hi Kal, glad you got back safe and sound. I’ve been waiting for the press conference deal. What’s the hold up there? I’ll go check out the new video in any case.

Kal Korff:

Hi Mark, because of what was found, and thanks for the nice wishes, the preview video has now been EXPANDED to THREE HOURS. It's being edited to include the NEW stuff, which is being translated now from Arabic.

I'll have an updated on the 15 minute expose video of the UFO extremist in a little bit, I just got online and am getting caught up, per se. Wish it was literal, I could use the break. The media event went fine, no complaints, it was 4.5 hours.

Now the video of it will be THREE HOURS, which previews the new exposes and reality-based show, there is a LOT of people in it. If anyone ever "thinks" again that this is not really true, they are arguably nuts, this is not a reference to you.

Nice to hear from you, wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. This was a press conference and now it's a preview of a new series?

Anyway, I'm sure Horn will laugh at you even more when you expose him....

Kal Korff:

Hi, the promised preview of the new reality-based show has been CHANGED AGAIN from TWO HOURS to now THREE HOURS, because it INCLUDES EXCERPTS NOW FROM the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD world conquest plan docs I got in Germany. Content is being translated from Arabic still. In a very short time, a NEW episode of Is It REALLY True...?, a show I have done for years, will be viewable, it Xposes a well-known UFO researcher.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Korff has posted a new video. Seems he cut his own hair this time...

Anyway, this video is a bitch fest against some guy named, Guy Wendell. You may remember Guy, he's from this web site:

from this Face Book page:!/

and he can be found here:


If memory serves, this guy also had another page on Face Book (now gone) and on that page he invited Korff to appear. Korff never did, one thing led to another and now Guy talks smack on Korff every time he's on the air.

So, what we have is another hard hitting video, bitching about some nobody (but a friendly Korffer) who dared to talk shit on Korff and his claims.

Korff's "new" video is crap, as expected.

Oh, Korff re-posted that 5000 plus resume again on this site, he also makes some lame excuse regarding why his site has not been up dated, and he’s letting the world know... All in CAPITAL LETTERS...

Saturday, 04 September 2010 15:17


Well, go watch the video, check out his new “flow bee” hair cut and enjoy the melt down.

Somebody must e-mail Martina and see what’s up with that.

A Freelance Korffer

Anonymous said...

From Michael Horn:


I wouldn't waste my time with him, he's obviously quite mentally ill. Really, I don't mean that just as some attack, he's nuts and he already looks like it's taking a toll on him.

But whoever his handlers are may be getting upset with the progress of the Meier case, so they trot out the nutcase. There are real and important things going on in the world and, honestly, Korff just isn't one of them.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord that new video is all sorts of mentally derranged.

I suggest anyone who feels like messing with Kal go to Mossad's website:

they have a section where you can report people like Kal. I did it, now I encourage you too. I think they dont take too kindly to people impersonating their agents.

F1 Racer

The Unknown Korffer said...

I would just like to thank Kalvin for posting this video that includes images of himself wearing falsely appropriated US military rank insignia and referring to himself as both a captain and colonel, as well as this Kidon Unit Aleph Commander twaddle. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

All classic Stolen Valor material, you just cooked your own goose fuckwit. I give that video a shelf life of about 10 days before it is deleted and Kalvin denies it was ever posted. SOMEONE SAVE A COPY NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, you have 20 views so far. Quite a suck cess....

Korff, most if not all UFO people hate you. They just aren't so stupid to step into your demented world.

Kal Korff:

THANKS everyone for commenting so far on the XPOSE video of the UFO researcher who loves to hate me, I have now heard from 35 people, EVERYONE of you so far says he was not only wrong, but worse. As I said in the video, until he explains WHY he LIED, there's nothing else to discuss. At least now everyone can see the truth.

sqwenkhlopmtpmorrutoc said...

How can he have heard from 35 people about his video when only 20 have viewed it? One of those viewers was myself and I couldn't even sit through the whole ordeal. Anyone who watches it will be convinced of one thing: Kal K. Korff is suffering from psychological disorders galore.

The guy has that psychological condition that Michael Jackson had which blinds the afflicted party to how ridiculous the rest of the world sees him/her as. He's also likely schizophrenic, the paranoia and self-involvement is all consuming. I feel sorry for anyone who comes in direct contact with him.

sqwenkhlopmtpmorrutoc said...

I also see he's favorited his own video catalog once again, missing the point of what the favorite videos function is. Which is to share your appreciation for other people's video uploads. By doing so MR. Korff creates the impression of him watching his own videos over and over again with masturbatory glee. The guy is SICK and shouldn't be encouraged.

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