Thursday, September 9, 2010

No respect for the dead Kal? No surprise!

There's sick and then there is really sick and then there is Kal K. Korff. I am not sure how accurate all of this information is but it bloody well fits into Kal and his desperation. Some time ago Kernal Koward posted on his webiste that someone named Bill Marriot had passed away.
Long time commenter of this blog Fuck Nut or known as FN sent this information about the true reason why Kal Korff had so many website problems.  It wasn't the story Kal sputtered up about technical problem or other utter nonsense. No it turns out it was both some flying saucer fellow who got Kal's site shut down and you can read the rest for yourself. Nothing like walking on the dead there eh Kal? 
Here is a reference to Bill Marriott in one of Kal's many many many delusional messages where he poses as someone else.  As for anyone asking about when that dolt Kal posted something about this Marriott fellow here it is "Jun 22, 2010 ... Online Memorial Service for Bill Marriott to be Held Soon." Of course this never came about either just as so much of what Kal says will happen but it never does. Here is what FN has to offer here.
Here's the e-mail from Michael Horn laying out why Korff's site was pulled 
down, The "Bill" their talking about is Bill Marriott, evidently Korff 
"worked" with Bill at Claris. Korff attempted a "power grab" at Bill's 
position at the firm shortly after Bill passed away and, after he posted 
material on his site regarding his passing. So, what you have here is 
Michael Horn asking them to pull the site down for his own reasons and then 
the CEO reading Korff's web site and hearing about Korff trying to grab 
Bill's position. He got pissed off at Korff and he ordered the site pulled 
down. No web based script issue, etc. caused the site to go down. Korff's 
own ego and need of employment pushed him into acting in what we can 
consider is his regular behavior. Korff will fuck people over, and use them, 
their name, their material, and whatever else it takes to try and bolster 
his ever challenged and sinking into the black mire of his 
"personality"..... or lack there of.
Please start a new thread using this information, it needs to be highlighted 
in my opinion.
Keep up the good work and never pull that blog down. The world needs to 
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Michael Horn"
To: "FN"
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 4:52 AM
Subject: A little more
In March of this year Korff was forced to take down his site by his UK 
hosting company. I have all the correspondence but in light of his ugly 
comments about Wendelle do know that they are consistent with his  lack of 
Here is a paragraph from the CEO of the UK site pertaining to what they 
think of Korff:
 "Our only relationship with Mr. Korff is his attempt to apply for Bill's 
job in the same breath that he announced he was dead, something we found 
deeply offensive to the life and memory of our Marketing Director. In light 
of this further violation of our goodwill and terms of service, I have 
instructed our technical team that the site be suspended. This will be 
actioned in the next few hours."
 Korff's site was actually down within 20 minutes of my receiving the email. 
There was more where they told him to take down the clearly threatening 
information directed against Meier and me.
 After that, there were two more U.S. based companies that removed his site.
On the road now, back Monday.

So there it is lads.  Despicable what level some losers will stoop. But he is Kal Korff after all so why should anyone expect anything different to come about.  That's just Kal.

And don't forget to REPORT KAL K. KORFF AS A PHONY ISRAELI AGENT!  Kal K. Korff is claiming to be an Israeli agent and these are KAL'S OWN WORDS! Look at this picture of Kal wearing military insignia and posing next to an Israeli flag!! The evidence is plain here and IT IS ALL PROVIDED BY KAL!!!


Anonymous said...

Mossad is calling Korff...

Thx for posting the TRUTH, KKIAI.


Kal is an imposter said...


Brit_in_Prague said...

I’m not quite clear about this.

Korff “worked” with Bill Marriott. Marriott then went on to work for the UK company that hosted Kal’s site. The CEO of the UK company then took offense at Korff trying to take over Marriott’s job (at the UK company). Have I got that right?

Or did Korff try to take over Marriott's job at Claris? If that is the case, then how would the CEO of the UK site get to hear about it (and why would he take particular offense)?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Reposted (slightly amended for clarity):

I’m not quite clear about this.

Korff “worked” with Bill Marriott at Claris. Marriott then went on to work for the UK company that hosted Kal’s site. The CEO of the UK company then took offense at Korff trying to take over Marriott’s job (at the UK company). Have I got that right?

Or did Korff try to take over Marriott's job at Claris? If that is the case, then how would the CEO of the UK site get to hear about it (and why would he take particular offense)?

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyway missed this rather pertinent post from the last string:

Ah yes - Bill Marriott.

As I recall, Korff recounted his anguish at having to call Mr Mariott's young daughter to break the news of her father's death.

Quite why he took it upon himself to do this when he had been out of the USA for longer than the girl had been on earth up to that point, God only knows.

Could it be that this NEVER in fact HAPPENED and that Korff was LYING?

You are scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

I'll get clarifictaion about this but, as I understand it, Bill died while in the empoyment of the UK hosting company.

Korff and Bill worked together at Claris at one point.

The web hosting company CEO took offense at Korff trying to take over or asking for Bill's job at the web hosting company.

This is the way it was presented to me.

Korff hasn't "worked" at Claris in many. many years.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
Kal Korff:

I even wrote a couple of columns disproving and Xposing him, and he said in the past he would stop.

Naturally, he LIED, and I expect nothing less from a hater and extremist and stalker. Now he "denies" (according to police) that his activities have nothing to do with the fact I am Jewish.

* They don't Korff, you cyber stalker fuck. We couldn't care less if you're Jewish or anything else. You're a lying fuck, a thief (Bartu and valor) and cyber bully and a fucking wanna be lozer who deserves to be brought down. Your "religion" has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Your behavior has everything to do with it Korff.

The police and Israel do NOT buy this at all, since he ALREADY was reported as an ANTI-SEMITE TWO YEARS AGO. As we prove in the new series preview, we have allowed his site to exist despite violating terms of service because as the owner of the web site told me years ago, and I agreed to his great idea, he said it was better to have a place where haters can "go play" and spill their filth so that they can always be kept in front of you.

*** Oh, wait, we did comment on this rant a few weeks ago. Oops. Oh well, its fun again so let’s continue. Funny how your site got pulled down and this blog stays up? And all those funny photos of you when you Google your name. Your Face Book friends have to be proud. Ha, ha, fucking... Ha!

Now some copyright Feds are going after him, and those sites WILL be removed, I hope he gets nailed and prosecuted under the DCMA, he deserves it.

* Copyright? You mean Face Book shit can’t be poached and post it here, or for that matter, Korff template site material? Think again, fuck.

I am not really personally involved in this,

* Of course you're not. You’re so important that the "police" will take this matter up and spend their resources on it for you, while you travel the world and fight terrorism and consumer UFO fraud. Ha, ha, ha! You following this Face Book peeps?

we will PUBLISH all of this, including my stuff to Israel where he was long ago Xposed, this Friday and over the weekend. Now everyone has more details than they care about.

* ha, ha, ha, fucking, HA!

To any Face Book friends of Korff’s who happen to be on this site. Pay attention, your “friend” is a loon. Most everything he says, that he threatens, that he promises, are lies. Period. He’s been doing this and behaving in this exact way since the ‘90’s. Do a search, and see for yourself. Kalvin K. Korff is a mental midget, and a person who can’t stand being marginalized and discounted.

This blog is a service to mankind.

Thank God for this blog.

Don Ecker said...

korff, you freaken fraud and wanna-be clown .. this is a REAL SOLDIER. This is a hero, not your delusional clap-trap bull shit. Read this and realize what a total looser and fool you truly are. Get it?

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Fuck you.

Kal Korff:

According to Facebook, I have 911 Facebook friends now, on the anniversary here of "911," — how poetic and patriotic. THANKS, Lord!

Kal Korff:

Enjoyed being part of a memorial to honor the fallen victims and loved ones regarding the al-Qaeda Islamofascist terrorist attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people nine years ago. May America NEVER forget — and NEVER again lose vigilance. The price of freedom is NEVER free, nor are its responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Dear World,

First off, I wish to SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for NOT updating this Web site for many weeks. During this time, we have been running a series of EXPERIMENTS using Facebook and other social networking sites and tools to INTEGRATE them with this Web site. We will now do this.

* Not true. You ran no experiments on Face Book, and you're not a member of any other social network other than Face Book. Now, of course, you will quickly join another one to prove me wrong.

As many of you reading this will recall, Mr. Mikey Horn, the volunteer spokesman for the anti-Semitic and religious bashing Billy Meier UFO Cult in Switzerland, has not only been stalking and harassing me, but LIED and told one of my past internet hosters that I was part of Mossad's "assassination squads" and implied that I was even trying to kill his guru and UFO Cult leader, Billy Meier.

* You told us you were part of Mussad Korff. You can't lie about this. We found words, written by YOU telling your Dear World that you are part of Mussad. Just like your 209 IQ statement Korff. You can't hide from your past Korff. "Fuck you Bartu!"

Horn tried months ago to get my CURRENT web hoster, 1st Amendment Web Hosting, to terminate my account under these same FALSE LIES and claims.

* It worked. As we have PROVEN, Horn had your site pulled, the site was pulled down even FASTER after you showed your true colors to the web hosting service.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

We hope you enjoy this hard-hitting episode.

The NEXT VIDEO WE WILL POST IS A THREE HOUR PREVIEW OF MY NEW REALITY-BASED SERIES, SECRET X WARS, WHICH EXPOSES EVERYTHING FROM "PARANORMAL" FRAUDS and "personalities" to helping eliminate Islamofascists in the War Against Terrorism, working with legal law enforcement and government intelligence agencies.

* A 3 hour "review"! A preview of what a 100 hour final video, to go along with your 500 book deal!

Let this be a LESSON for everyone — THINK CRITICALLY, and do NOT accept individuals who MAKE A POINT TO HATE, which compels them to ALSO LIE, and like David Biedny — advocate violence against people who "dare" to "disagree" with them, because they KNOW BETTER.

* Okay....

THIS WEB SITE WILL NOW BE UPDATED EVERY DAY, AS IT USED TO BE. NOT ONLY ARE WE "BACK" (WE NEVER REALLY WENT AWAY), BUT WHEN YOU SEE THE RESULTS OF THE SECRET OPS WE HAVE SPENT THE PAST FEW MONTHS ENGAGING IN, you will now understand WHY it is that this Web site was not updated, as we now begin to INCORPORATE elements of Facebook into it, and boldly go where no one has gone before, — literally.

* Lies again. You haven't updated the site, more than a couple of times in months and ONCE if the 8 days since you posted this rant, Korff you LIE! In competent boob.

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 September 2010 15:42

Don Ecker said...

Fuck me ? Well korff, once again you prove you are a "COWARD" and delusional to the EXTREME. I sign my name you pudgy little moron. You on the other hand are ANONYMOUS. Actually you are anonymous, I do believe that is a HUGE part of your problem. You know, I think I will do a 2 hour broadcast on the delusional chubby American "expat" that is hiding out in Ck. Bet I can find a lot of folks that would LOVE to CHIME in on our chubby little ol' doughboy.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

ah memories:


tomorrow, we publish the police info on you
Hi f1racer,

the word udder refers to comments made by people who make no sense, as if they came from the udder of a cow.

that would be you.

the spelling was correct, and it was technically accurate.

obviously you do not like to have your "deep" emails published, because it shows how you really are. You won't stop us, especially since they are ALL now being put into a FREE downloadable book which will be available to the world soon.

tomorrow we close the books on you with the police.

expect tomorrow for the case file number to be published, and names of the officers.

have a great day.

do NOT respond to this, or we will ADD IT to your large file with them.
block user mark as spam

Jan 25, 2009

Im still waiting ahhahahahaha

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting, too.


Anonymous said...

Every single person threatened by Kal K. Korff with a lawsuit, cease and desist order, arrest or whatever other bullshit Kal was huffing and puffing on about HAS NEVER HAPPENED!

Kal is so full of shit his eyes were blue once. This idiotic story Kal is telling about his big social experiment is 100% bullshit. This is just an excuse Kal can use to try to hide his craziness with. But everyone sees right through poor dumb and desperate Kal.

Stop with the excuses there Colonel Dumbass. No one is buying into your sick delusions. Stop pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix. the difference between Kal and Joaquin is Kal doesn't intelligence, money, and fame.

Try working for a living Kal instead of trying to leech off a dead guy.

Anonymous said...

Is that numbnuts Kal Korff still running his fucking mouth? I know a long line of people are still waiting for Kal to sue them or whatever else he lied about doing. Let's see here.....

Ray Santilli is still enjoying life, making money, and living it up in the UK.

Michael Horn is laughing his ass off at Kal.

Paul Kimball has always treated Kal as the joke he is.

F1 Racer is living life to the fullest in Prague, which is Kal's own backyard. F1 Racer has yet to receive a visit from the police.

David Biedny will still beat Kal's ass if he ever sees him and there was never any police report made by Kal.

KKIAI's blog just keeps exposing Kal for the fool he is.

The bigfoot people don't appear to have been arrested or sued or whatever else Kal was babbling.

RMIII never was sued or prosecuted or any of the other crap Kal promised.

Mac Tonnies (RIP) never got a visit or anything else from the FBI as promised by Kal.

Billy Meier is still hanging out in Switzerland on his farm. Wasn't this guy supposed to be arrested and sued?

Looks like Kal's 500 book deal has yet to see one book come out.

This would be a very long comment if I were to cover all of the ridiculous and outlandish shit Kal said he was going to do. But as is with all things Kal Korff none of it ever happened and none of it ever will.

sweab jenkhjlksf;adgjdg['fkqw;ldghdgqwghehj said...

Korff = Fail

No life, no friends, no career, no woman, no job, no savings, no future, no honor, no real goals, no ethics, no genuine human feelings.

Only a complete worthless insincere bastard asswipe would use the Sept.11 anniversary to try and glorify themselves with something meaningless like bragging about a Facebook scam they are running. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff saying he is involved in anti terrorism is an insult to the good men and women of the armed services! Kal Korff smears the memory of the people who lost their lives on September 11th! Shame on Kal Korff for pretending to fight the war on terrorism and for being a coward!!!

Anonymous said...

It's been 7 days since you updated you're template site Korff.

You lie.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Wow lots of new action here while I was out of town having a life. Meanwhile, Kalvin K. Korff sits around posting bullshit he makes up nonstop on the interweb. There's no shame in just admitting that you've moved on from one platform to another, or even just coming clean on having been a lazy slacker who'd been neglecting an update. Happens all the time. But a SUPER DUPER SECRET EXPERIMENT!! O: INTEGRATING SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES IN THE PLURAL ... WOW!

HE'S LIKE, SO COOL! Kal isn't some shut in dysfunctional idiot, he's engaged in a CYBAR EXPERIMENT IN MACHINE TO HUMAN INTERACTIONS. Which is all he can manage in life since its highly likely he has a 100% toxic personality and nobody can stand him in real life.

Arent Web Hosters some kind of breakfast pastry like Pop Tarts or Post Toasties? "I'll take a bucket of Kernel Korff with butter and some Web Hosters, please."

Anonymous said...


Kal Korff:

Hi, I just viewed Sneak Preview episode 6 of 12 for my new series. Each teaser episode is divided into 15 minutes. Since it takes time to move these around on the Internet and download them

as I get them

* What? Oh, you must mean when you get them from your "production" team.

and then have them uploaded, I'll keep everyone posted.

I asked WHY this one came first, I was told because it has SEX in it.

* Whom did you ask Korff? Your right hand? Try using th left, it's like having sex with another "person"... just like a Face Book Friend.

Fighting Islamofascists is hard work sometimes...

Anonymous said...

From Korff's Secert Wars Youtube channel:

About Me: Kal Korff is an internationally known analyst, author, broadcaster, lecturer and researcher. The author of 11 books and more than 10,000 articles, Kal Korff is known worldwide for his hard-hitting research and penetrating exposes concerning subjects which are controversial and of interest to most people.
Interesting, nothing up here about S3, or any of the shit he spews on Face Book....

Anonymous said...

September 4 2010


Never happned. And will not happen.

Anonymous said...

It's just after midnight in CZ and guess what?

No new video on Korff's template site and on his youtube channel(s).

Imagine that? Korff lied again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kal K. Korff,

Please stop posting your delusions. You are not serving anyone with anything, unless you're asking someone if they'd like to super size their value meal.

Everyone knows you are not a colonel, or an analyst, or any number of the things you claim. there is no S3, nor is there any of the rest of that nonsense you blather about.

Kal, just face the fact that your "glory days" are long gone and weren't that glorious to begin with. You tried hard to be a big media personality, but that went up in flames after people started looking into you, your education and the rest of it.

10,000 articles published? Since you claim to be an accomplished journalist, Kal, yu should have no trouble publicly listing an index showing where each of these supposed 10,000 articles can be found.

Or you could do the smart thing and just admit that you have never had 10,000 articles published.

I could write more here, but I will bottom line it for you and just say that you should just stop with this utter nonsense, Kal. Just stop making this ridiculous garbage up.

Be a man for once, stop pushing these absurd fantasies off as reality, get a job and try to live as close to a normal life as you can.

Anonymous said...

Krav Maga International does not recognize Kal Korff as being a Krav Maga instructor or member of their organization. You cannot teach Krav Maga without being officially recognized by the Krav Maga organization as a certified instructor.

Kal Korff gets caught again. Not that I am surprised because he is Kal Korff after all.