Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kal K. Korff is a HATER and EXTREMIST

Wel there lads it looks like Kolonel Hypocrite is back to his same old rubbish.  Kal says that he fights for world peace and harmony. This is a LIE.  You see lads while Kal tries preaching about peace and accepting people and treating people with kindness Kal FAILS TO MENTION that he is a GAY HATER!!
"Kal Korff: So this means that in the future our President will be "thanking the brave men, women and gays of our military?"

"Kal Korff: I used to like Judas Priest until I found out the lead singer was gay."

Kal has openly said that he thinks homosexuality is wrong. Kal has also made many homosexual jokes about people "blowing it with both lips" and other HATEFUL remarks about gays. It is wrong to hate Kal and you continue showing the world just how ignorant and repugnant you truly are. How can Kal write a book about hatred and extremists and not include himself as part of the problem? He can't.

Shame on your narrow minded scope of vision Kal. Shame on your hatred of people for being who they are. Shame on you Kal for daring to call yourself a humanitarian or peace worker of any sort.  Gays have been WARNED about the hater Kal K. Korff!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So true. Interesting that this is one of the only areas in his "public" behavior that he NEVER responds to our criticisms about.

He just lets the “hater of the gays” statements stand. Makes it easier for us, as he quantifies his own statements by his non-action.

Keep it up Korff.

Post away.


Brit_in_Prague said...

Just a quick reminder to keep firing in those alerts to the YouTube administrators. I recommend that you give precise time references (e.g. "At 1.05, Korff calls John Smith a mentally ill pedo" - this will save the YT administrators having to sit through 10 minutes of Korff's ranting and therefore make it more likely that they will take notice of a specific complaint).

Please don't forget to point out that in addition to "secretxwars", Korff also has two other, dormant accounts - "kalskornertv" and "kalkorff".

Keep on Korffing for a Korff-free Internet.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is not gay but enjoys lesbian porn I must say this Gay Hate thing Kal preaches in morally reprehensible!

fliipin through his jenna Haze collection

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff Is An Idiot: Protecting consumers from the false and hate filled claims of Kal K. Korff.

Kal, you engage in hatred and homophobia. When are you going to commit your next hate crime, Kal?

Ever hear of free will, Kal? And any idiot who thinks God is going to burn all sinners is a fucking moron, or better known as Kal.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe korff "protest's too much" about Gays. Is it possible kalvin might be in the "closet"? What do you say kal, maybe your are a closet Gay and trying to ignore that fact? Hmm?

Anonymous said...

But wait, didn’t Kalvin Karlton Korff “use” an Indian lawyer to “not” go after Big Don Ecker? Yes, he did… I guess his FAKE Indian lawyer is much better and more truthful than these he’s posting about?

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Pakistan's lawyers, who are always "honest, truthful guys," are going to TRY TO BLOCK the lawsuit in the USA which will name/indict a Pakistani Major in the ISI who was PART of the terrorist attacks against India in Mumbai. Pakistan's "argument" (gotta love this!) is that it will "harm relations with India." Truth hurts, doesn't it, Pakistani terrorist collaborators in the ISI. I hope they nail you.

Anonymous said...

Something to ponder Korffers, Kalvin does have a dog eared contract with Prometheus, that I know for a FACT.

Kalvin crows that he has a 500 book deal, which he has never really gone into any detail about, of course.

Now, if Kalvin had that 500 book deal, and if it had some kind of publishing’s rights deal, (and Korff nor anyone associated with him does not have another Prometheus contract, when asked they has no clue what I was talking about) attached to it, why would Korff even need Prometheus Books?

Because his 500 book deal is horse shit.

His Prometheus deal is for real, but they are under no contractual obligation to publish anything Korff sends them.

Undone, once again, by his own words.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Now why does this story about loser wannabe nobodies stealing the valor of our best warriors make me think of Kalvin K. Karlton Korff:

SEAL sleuths expose those who've faked service

Anonymous said...

Korff History

An attempted to re write Korff History by Kalvin Karlton Korff

My goodness, Kalvin really is running away from his “self professed” “fake persona” as fast as he can.

EVERYONE can remember and EVERYONE can go and view one of Korff’s FAKE news conferences.

A “conferences” that Korff stated was a “practice” run and was never meant to be released.

Right… then why not put it down, you know like when you pulled down the two “Fuck You Bartu” videos…

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can’t hide from your past, your posts; you’re lies and your evil deeds Kalvin.

Kal Korff: Wow! Obama is now going to STOP doing phony, fake photo re-enactments! I would congratulate him, but he should have put an end to such bogusness when he first became president. Better late than never! :-)


Anonymous said...

if u notice, that ALL his "comferences" you see him answering "questions" from the "audience", but you never see or hear an audience or the questions asked...only his answers, which are as usual convoluted. The only vid that there is an audience is the jfk one filmed in the UK...guess he got a small touch of fame and is so delusional he cant give it up. He tries to make like je is oh so kind to the ladies, when in fact he is a royal pig..if any woman heard the way he speaks of them as sex objects to be used and tossed they would run and never look back.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The camera also never moves during those "conferences" and there is no indication of ambient sounds within the room created by people coughing, moving in their chairs, etc. The whole thing was a poorly staged put-on and he tried to pass them off as Kernal Korff lecturing an adoring visiting group of Israeli dignitaries. Just like he had seen President Bush do on the television.

It's like watching a little kid having their pretend fantasy that they expect all the grownups to then praise them for. When "exposed" for the lie that it was, Kalvin changed the YouTube info texts to say that he had been rehearsing his speech in advance. Nice try, but in one clip there is an "outtake" of himself trying to look like he's clowning around with an audience member.

The room was empty, so the guy is delusional -- not for pretending to joke around but expecting other humans to not react with scorn, ridicule, and confusion at the sight of a 46 year old man talking to himself inside of a closed empty room. Kal K. Korff needs psychiatric help, he is suffering from mental illness and these "conference" videos are some of the best examples of that illness at work.

Anonymous said...

He thinks the worlds population is blind and stupid....lets see, did any of his flakebook friends ask how he could expect ANYONE to believe that an Indian princess who never met Kal would then ask him to marry her and all this took place within a couple of days of meeting in November and what, its May now and how long have they been married?...sounds like one hell of a lie he expects all to swallow...what a nimrod !

Anonymous said...

Nobody questions anything he says on FB. I wouldn't expect them to...

The fact is, his response level is pretty much zero. A few people converse with him, the same people, other than that, it's a flat line.

Korff uses Face Book in a way few other due.


Anonymous said...

Korff posts 3 Pink Floyd youtube videos, a couple of people push the Like button and one responds with "great video".

Here's yet another lie by the great and deluded Kalvin Karlton Korff.

I "assume" nobody sent him any e-mail off Face Book. Why would they?

Face Book posts are e-mails and this is a web site.

And check the "language" he posts.

Kal Korff: Thanks for the emails about liking the Pink Floyd videos. PF is awesome to understate the issue.

Anonymous said...

Santa in a Floppy Hat says,

Look for another series of videos based on Korff postings; web site, Face Book, e-mails and messages.

Nothing edited, just the facts, all based on Korff's own words and claims.

Santa likes.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kalvin, like any Flake Book beginner who doesn't understand or mind the intrusion, likely has Flake Book send him a notification message whenever anyone interacts with him. Nobody is emailing Kalvin K. Karlton Korff, it's an automated function of Flake Book meant to bond its users together as consumer groups. Kalvin Korff has demonstrated time and again that he does not understand how Flake Book works & is too lazy or stupid to learn, and this is just another example.

In his ignorance Kalvin appears to confuse the automated messaging by Flake Book as a personal contact in the same way that he confuses the compassion of strangers on Flake Book with genuine human interactions. In fact I would go so far as to speculate that Kalvin prefers the Flake Book interactions to real life as there is a prevailing social pressure to either approve or keep one's mouth shut. Hence no "dislike" button on a post & the option for the recipient to remove any comments they find unwelcome.

Only a complete fuckhead loser idiot would make a separate post THANKING people for "liking" YouTube videos he/she posted links for. In his ignorance Kalvin regards those "likes" as being directed at him, not Pink Floyd. Floyd just represent another source of praise & attention he can harvest and he likely considers his return thanks as a magnanimous gesture towards the little people who make it all worth his while.

The myriad of ways that Kalvin continues to demonstrate his ignorance about & lack of experience with Face Book is genuinely amusing.

Anonymous said...

Like it Unknown....

"praise & attention "

Maybe "paste and approval".... as well.


Anonymous said...

Santa posted 3 new videos.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff: Hater of America.

Kal Korff: Here's this years 2011 Eurovision winner, from Azerbaijan. Most Americans have no idea what Eurovision is, it's like American Idol but much bigger, people from all over the world compete, it's not American centric, and no Americans bother to compete. The lighting is nice, this was the winning song. Most Americans can't find Azerbaijan on a map. ABBA was a past winner.

Anonymous said...

Abba's music has also been widely adopted as the disco anthems of gay bars the world over. HYPOCRITE.

Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Most Americans have no idea what Eurovision is, it's like American Idol but much bigger, people from all over the world compete, it's not American centric, and no Americans bother to compete.

maybe because its for europeans? idk, i guess kal korff really despises america & americans, and thats why he stays in europe year after year after year. if so, these posts could be construed of as harassment by facebook's terms of use. someone please request that they enforce it.

Anonymous said...

You are vermin, "KalIsrael".

Anonymous said...

omfg the USA CANNOT participate in Eurovision you fucking idiot! There was a huge controversy when they allowed Israel to participate because its not a European country. What a dolt!


"Ikhnaton" said...

I have found another resource which may help to expose Korff's Facebook fraud for what it is, namely FACECROOKS

Normally they specialize in exposing spam & scam "hacks" that people are pulling on FB but they also expose dating scams and other personal issues that Facebook seems otherwise uninterested in doing anything about. They have an active FB following in the tens of thousands of users and are considered the definitive resource on FB security, privacy and bullying, so much so that even FB themselves listen.

Can someone verify whether this is the real Kal Korff FB presence?

Any screenshots of Kal's more colorful moments on there will be helpful, link them here please. The Facecrooks editors will also be directed to this blog, Royce Meyer's "Kan 'O Korff" pages and the Exposing Online Predators & Cyberpaths blog for verification of the info I share. Hopefully the post will at least be linked to their own FB page.

And yes, Kal, if I were you I would start shitting some mighty big bricks. This could get you the publicity you have been dreading, right there on Facebook for all of your targets to see without any way to control, shape or stop it. I hope they clean you right off of there and turn you over to a group of well liquored up Navy SEALs or better yet Israeli soldiers who know your story. And many of them are on Facebook too. Bye!

Anonymous said...

This is not the real Kal Korff Face Book page:

This is:

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I could go on forever in responding to these posts....

A William Ward quote, Korff doesn't give any crdit to Ward...

Kal Korff: Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help one another. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.

Next up:

-- Source Unknown, but certainly not Korff....

Kal Korff: If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever.

Next up:

A quote by Sandra Carey, not cited by Korff.....

Kal Korff: Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.

Anonymous said...

Everytime new videos are posted, the CZ Reporters have a great time checking in!

#40 - Most Viewed (Today) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

#79 - Most Viewed (This Week) -
Reporters - Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Excellent YouTube vids, Santa.

May I make a suggestion? Hang up all those hilarious Korff pictures behind you as a backdrop for future recordings so that new viewers can see that douchebag in all his dumb ass glory.

The Unknown Korffer said...

OK here's another suggestion: Shitcan the fake Korff page. It has served its purpose, now it is a potential distraction towards having Kalvin removed. It can be reactivated at a later date if its of use to do so, but let's make sure that guy is blowing in Kalvin and not somebody's sock. Fake Face Book pages are also a violation of their terms of services -- whoever put it up is using Kalvin's own tactics. Take it down!!

"Ikhnaton" said...

I can't get what has been identified above as the real Korff FB page to load. Does one need to be logged in to see it? I'm not going to waste 's time with a presentation that is less than ironclad.

To clarify on my intent, they likely will not be able to approach Facebook directly with a report. They are a 3rd party blog/site and certainly not an official FB function. But they can help get the word out to anyone who subscribes to their page that Kal Korff is a wannabe fraud posing as something he is not and using FB to scam attention that he isn't due.

Anonymous said...

Santa will hang the photos.

Yes, let's remove that fake Korff FB page, it's dead and it'll get in the way of what we plan. And, Korff uses that as part of his "plan"; to give "them" a place to play.

Anonymous said...

SIAFH (Santa in a Floppy Hat) must has hit a nerve? We're moving back up.

#31 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Thank you, SIAFH.

God Bless Don Ecker

Jimmy_D said...

Technically speaking, I'm pretty inept. Could some kind soul explain to me this YouTube Reporters thing?

Karry on Korffing, and God bless Don Ecker.

Anonymous said...

Creative Edits to

I’ve noticed an interesting edit to Korff’s template web site.

Korff posted 3 items about his “book series” very recently. A closer look reveals that Korff “took down” a post regarding legal actions against F1 Racer and JimmyD and he took down a post regarding the “hiring” of two “reporters” which Korff lied and said they would be reporting and submitting articles to Korff, etc.

I didn’t do a screen grab on those posts, I wish I would have.

In any event, it’s more proof that Korff is running away from his old, “fake persona” and he’s now moving on, in total, to his new, “fake persona”; a fake Face Book Journalist.

Good luck with that; liar, faker, fruad and thief.

You can’t hide from your past Korff.

The internet will follow you for the rest of your life.


Anonymous said...


Youtube runs a ticker on who frequents Youtube channels.

Those channels that show an up tick in viewer ship get a little link posted on that channel by Youtube.

So, because the CZ Reporters are following the KIAI Youtube channel, every time SIAFH posts new videos, the ticker warms up again.

It's a great Youtube function, and it PROVES that Kalvin Karlton Korff is getting the media attention he so richly deserves.

It would be a wonderful addition to our collective Korffing activities if the media outlets in the CZ would run an article on Korff, exposing him for the fraud that he really is.

Any CZ based Korffers want to send a message around asking for some proper reporting on our favorite and genuine idiot?

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

Sounds like more than one CZ reporter is collecting information for a future story or three. Real journalists do that sort of thing, but gradumatates of the Copy & Paste School of Pretend Journalism probably don't know that.

Heh heh. The word verification generator has selected a bit of gibberish that contains the word "lying" right smack in the middle of it. As in "lying bag of doo doo, you know who."

Jimmy_D said...

Anonymous - thanks, but I don't understand why a bunch of Czech journalists would have their own "CZ Reporters" channel. Why don't they each have their own individual account, like everyone else?

I guess I'm being extremely dim over this - I'm just curious ... I don't really need to know, so no need to refine your explanation if you've better things to do.


Anonymous said...

So what do you do to scare your "bad guys"?

Stare into viles of air....

Kal Korff: Here's a photo making the rounds which purports to show the Navy SEALs team which killed bin Laden. In reality, it shows very detailed action figure TOYS, but yes the SEALS DO wear skull masks to scare the crap and distract their targets at close range, where every split second counts to get the drop on a guy. Nice action figures, but these are NOT real Navy SEALs. :-)

Anonymous said...

New and CRAZY video up on the Youtube channel.

Anonymous said...

Nice vid.

Me suspects Santa had partaken in a few brewskys beforehand.

Anonymous said...

SIAFH says: You would be right! Hence the need for head protection.

Notice, Korff rarely uses the term "series" for his "book". His usual term is the singular “book”.

The truth can be had by actually paying attention to what Korff says.

A “book”, a single “book” may happen. A six volume series, is much less likely.

Kal Korff: FYI. Going to get back to getting my book done on Islamofascists, haters, extremists, and the arguable insanity of the CONspiracy and pro-"paranormal" mindsets. See everyone later.

3 hours later and Korff's back posting anti-Obama and anti-American posts again.

Way to hit the "book"...s....


Snore said...

Book, book series, TV show, radio show, hard hitting X-pose, whatever. It's all as imaginary as his teams of lawyers. He's so far around the bend by now, he couldn't get anything published if he managed to get it written in the first place. It's too bad, in a way. A book tour of North America would be interesting. No quantity of imaginary lawyers would be able to keep his sorry ass out of serious trouble in the US.

Anonymous said...

"If" he does come to the US, he will have an interesting time of it.

I know a number of people you will be interupting every single stop he makes.

Nothing physical of course; verbal, signs, etc.

I wouldn't want to be Little Kalvin if he does come on "tour" in the US.

Anonymous said...

I think the "asshole" pic would have to be my protester sign of choice.

It sums Kal up so succinctly.

Jimmy_D said...

Apologise publicly to Mr S*dl*c*k, Karlton. Publicly admit thecrime you committed against this fine gentleman.

That is all you have to do, and I'll stop harrassing you immediately and forever.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Oh, yeah. That whole B*rtu/S*dl*c*k business was shameful.

You really should serve time for that, Karlton.

Maybe you will ... maybe that's why the Czech media are starting to take an interest in you.

Anonymous said...

Korff was off Face Book for about 16 hours. Now, in a span of 2 hours, he's posted nearly 20 Obama and Apple posts.

You be the judge.

Fake Face Book Reporter?


Anonymous said...

SIAFH here,

Any out of the box ideas for another video series?

We don't want to go over the same ground again and again, that's Kalvin's job.

Maybe somebody in the CZ can go get an update on the Apple caper and send me that and we'll give the public an update on that?


Let's keep this thing going.


Anonymous said...

A couple of thoughts SIAFH.

Using Ka'l actual videos, mute his audio and dub in yours. Say exactly the opposite of what he is saying, e.g., 'Duh, I'm not really a Colonel, in fact not even a buck private, but it makes me feel important to say Colonel', etc. Or make some rediculous pronouncements such as 'I just signed a new contract for another 500 book series'.
Or have an 'interview' with him using various Youtube clips of his.


Anonymous said...

"Or have an 'interview' with him using various Youtube clips of his."

This I like.

Use Korff's own words off video, to tell the truth.

Will take a while to set up but I'll give this a try I think.



Anonymous said...

Korff's Template Web Site

Of the 20 "Apple like" images, only one goes anywhere, the ufowatchcat one.

All the social networking image links seem to work.

The Horn stuff and Korff's own "resume" is still there but really, he's stripped down the site so far now that most of the "threats, claims and promises" are gone.

It looks as if Big Don Ecker's shows on Korff, the Korffers on this blog and the youtube channel have really taken a toll on our Troll.

He's run away from his fake persona.

After making those fake threats against Don Ecker, so publicly on Face Book, and then not following through with a single one, Korff "had" to do something to save face so he just walked away from the whole thing.

Kalvin, it turns out that your misuse of Face Book has forced you to back away from that fake life you so dearly loved (and made up, so you say, Gay Hater) and onto another fake persona; a fake Face Book journalist.

Interesting how "reality" works.

Isn't it, Kalvin?


Brit_in_Prague said...

Dear F*** Nut/SIAFH:

Bit of a long shot here, but whatever.

I just discovered and have been watching on YouTube a bunch of episodes of the old BBC serial "Colditz", about a real "escape-proof" prisoner of war camp in Germany that housed the most recalcitrant prisoners.

It's fabulous stuff - I remember watching it as a child in the early '70s.

Anyway, some of the episodes feature the American actor Robert Wagner. In the early episodes Wagner is clean-shaven. Then his character escapes. Much later in the series, his character is recaptured and he returns to Colditz, this time sporting a beard.

Now, click here:

And freeze-frame at 3:49 ...and tell me who you think Robert Wagner reminds you of!

Perhaps you could watch the whole episode ... and then maybe you could re-dub some KKK-style bullshit over this tale of derring-do.

He could be rambling on about his non-existant book tour, how his father gave him the name "KalIsrael" or any of the other nonsense he spouted in the original "Kal in a beard" video.

Just a thought.

Brit_in_Prague said...

BTW, I'd say that the episode I talk about above is actually a relatively weak one.

If anyone would like a real introduction to the "Colditz" series, then I think the best episode on YouTube (and the one that everyone my age and older remembers) is an episode called "Tweedledum".

Just key into YouTube "Tweedledum" and "Shovewood" (the name of the account that posted most of the Colditz episodes) and you'll find it.

It features some quite supernaturally brilliant acting.

Anonymous said...

Korff Two'fer....

Another Gay Hating remark and another remark about his "book". Not "books", "book"....

Kal Korff: Not surprised they blew this with both lips. I know from FIRSTHAND experience I cite in my own upcoming book how the U.S Dept of State, FBI and other agencies often get facts wrong, only because their minds are ALREADY made up! Inexcusable. They demonize those who try to correct their "facts."

Anonymous said...

Just got a good chuckle out of this.
When I signed in just now, my 'word verification' was 'corph'.
No matter how you prounce it, it still sounds like 'Korff'! lol.

Anonymous said...

First time in many weeks that Korff used this word"YHWH".

He's posting like a mad man on FB; Obama, Apple, etc.

What a "full" life Kalvin has carved out for himself.

NOTICE; zero references to Ecker, India, threats, future videos, etc. ZERO.

Kal Korff: May YHWH continue to bless Israel and Netanyahu. He said NO to the 1967 border delusion of Obama, and NO to other key parts of Obama's insane proposal. Under Obama, Israel would be reduced to a country which is NINE MILES wide. He also said HAMAS is a terrorist group, Obama said "they engage in terrorist activities." Obama can't just tell the truth, he's Obama.

Anonymous said...

And another use of the word... Glad you're checking in with us Kalvin...

Kal Korff: Praise YHWH, and may God continue to protect Israel from Barack Obama and his lunacy.