Monday, May 2, 2011

Kal Korff hides in Prague while brave Americans take out terror leader

So much for American disgrace Kal K. Korff and his silly claims of being a counter terrorism agent. Kal is nothing more than a national disgrace to the brave men and women who fought on in the war on terror and brought an end to Osama bin Laden! Where were you Kal when the brave men of Navy Seal team 6 were on the ground taking and returning fire? Kal was no where to be found lads and was hiding behind his computer acting brave and trying to be someone of import. Many Americans have written to me of their shame that Kal is from America and makes all people who believe in freedom look bad. You are a national disgrace Kal and a joke! Kal brings shame to those who have truly sacrificed in the name of freedom. Instead of being a man and pulling his boots on Kal PRETENDS to be involved in hunting terrorists. Kal K. Korff is a FAKE and PRETENDER.  SHAME BE YOURS KAL you LYING COWARD! Go ahead Kal and try to take credit for any of this. I DARE YOU. If you try to make this into one of your BULLSHIT stories I will EXPOSE YOU FAR AND WIDE and will make sure that you will receive the WRATH and HATE of every military person I can. You're a CUNT Kal and a cowardly one at that. STOLEN VALOR charges are serious so you better keep YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!

My gratitude and thanks to the bravery of Navy Seal team 6 for being on the ground and killing bin Laden! You are all true warriors!!


Anonymous said...

More Face Book Korff posts... lies.

Guess Korff called someone using a pay phone again....

Kal Korff: I just spoke to someone in DC who has seen a few of the bin Laden death photos. This person described them as gruesome, they show a hole in his head, blood, and brain matter. Their release will likely inflame dome people, but too bad. The truth must come out, I hope Obama releases them.

Anonymous said...

What would know about "good" Korff

Kal Korff: Bin Laden is not even a TRUE Muslim, he murdered many of them, even innocent women and children. Saying that bin Laden was a "good Muslim" is like saying that Hitler was a "good German." No he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

More self important lies by Korff. These "images" from a Washington friend are all over the next....

You lie Korff, you cannot keep from lying. Too bad Face Book won't tell you to stop these kinds of posts as well. We are watching Korff, and waiting to act upon your stupidity.

You can find the same and better here, after an exhausting Google search.... :^)

Kal Korff: I have pasted below here in a special new album, ACTUAL IMAGES from the Top Secret U.S. Govt briefing slides that US Navy SEALS and CIA used. I would like to thank my friends in Washington DC for this, the Illuminati, Sasquatch, the Secret Roswell UFO Crash Recovery Team, the MIBs, HAARP, Al Gore, my fellow "evil debunkers," the Lock Ness Monster, and Nostra Dammit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kalvin, they've been running all this in the US all day as well.

US hater. Liar, fake, fraud, and theif.

Kal Korff: These are a mixture of AP and Getty images combined with the briefing slides. I only printed the briefing slides, since in India they have been running these other images and much video all day long, showing Pakistani military patrolling the area, etc.

Thanks for giving people some additional links, Mark, much appreciated as always, hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

So kal if these...ahem..images are top secret didnt you just break the law by publishign them?


The Unknown Korffer said...

So how many posts has he made since 12am Eastern US time Monday? Also this thought carried over from the previous thread from Agent F1:

I am stating this right now, Kal doesnt care one bit. he WILL take credit for this, if only on a passive role. Remember, he did claim to be on the Pakistani-India border with his nano-dust so in his warped mind he could justify it that way.

Acknowledged, Captain. Young Kalvin is without remorse and a calculating pathological liar. Its too big a gambit for him to pass up on and I'm sure that squirelly little brain has already worked out a con to bolster his ego.

Case in point the above posts, though it is amusing to see him going with the fake photo story. Keep 'em coming Kernal. The more you blab about your "friends in Washington" and your fantasy life as a SAPSTOE the deeper the hole you dig for yourself. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

20 post about Bin over the last 12 hours..... and a number about just how amazing all Apple products are.

Anonymous said...

obsessive psychopath and pathological liar

Anonymous said...

The "fake OBL photo" was already out there, "Colonel". It's been out there for a long time:

Brit_in_Prague said...

You have no honour, Korff.

Brit_in_Prague said...

A classic Korffism from some three years back:

"Nanotechnology is being used now to help eliminate terrorists. It is truly one of the last, and final frontiers where this war can be fought and still won. It is currently being deployed in Pakistan right now and Afghanistan, under my initiatives and in operations that I command. It will be many years before terrorists will be able to obtain such technologies."

You spit on the graves and deeds of brave men every time you open your lying, braying trap, "Colonel".

You are scum.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I have the same comment on the following piece of nonsense, which Karlton filed round about the same time:

"After finishing a counter-terrorism raid in Germany which netted some al-Qaeda connected suspects, Colonel Korff just recently returned from Oregon where he went undercover, first by shaving his head completely bald, and then meeting with various lawyers, Federal officials, and key members of the media".

I really, really, REALLY loathe you, Korff ...

Anonymous said...

You can't hide from your past Korff. You've posted your fake life on the web, and that material will forever follow you.

Anonymous said...

Korff's way behind in his quest to give away free iPads using his fake "club" and one page template web site.... Blaming it on Apple and their suck... sses. The truth, it's all a lie, it's a fruad, it's as fake as Korff's Face Book Wall.

Kal Korff: We tried ordering iPad 2s, two days ago, directly from Apple. There's a three week waiting period, and this was for white 64GB 3G models. They can't make them fast enough, we have to wait and are way behind on this because we can't get the product!

Anonymous said...

its always someone else's fault, which is doubly twisted since he's making it all up.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I'm enjoying continuing to pare down my list of Facebook "friends" eliminating more CONspiracy nuts and extremists, it feels refreshing. After the exposes of some of them some out, I will try to cut down the list by 25%.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Korff will slip and start mentioning Ecker, Meier's, Meyers, Horn, etc....

Kal Korff: Here's DEFINITIVE scientific evidence that JFK was shot by ONE assassin, all shots came from the rear. This CONFIRMS my own computer reconstructions I did in the late 1980s and was the main guest on CNN's Larry King Live on the 30th anniversary of the murder, where I discussed this data in detail and showed key frames proving all of it. My work has since been replicated.

The Unknown Korffer said...

“Today, we should all be proud,” said a message to sailors Sunday night from Rear Adm. Edward G. Winters III, the Navy’s top SEAL. “That handful of courageous men, of strong will and character, have changed the course of history.

“Stand tall - more importantly, be humble, be the quiet professional. This is what makes our organization special. Be extremely careful about operational security. The fight is not over.”

That's why Kalvin could never be trusted with anything classified. He would immediately start telling people about it on Flake Book. No special operations or intelligence operative TALKS about what they do. Quiet professionals. That includes status updates referring to "highly placed friends in Washington", though he could have just been referring to his mom.

Anonymous said...

God, Korff makes me sick. School yard wimp. Needs a could run up a flag pole.

Kal Korff: The image here is a FAKE, it was exposed by myself and others days ago,... and I alerted the UK media who were stupid enough (The DailyMail, Times, and Sun) to run with this image and print it. You can google fake bin Laden death photos and see exposes of it by others.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... Using a term for a person with mental issues... calls into question Korff "education" doesn't it.

Kal Korff: Now Bush will get "blamed" again by the Democrats and lib tards, watch!

Jimmy_D said...

This is a key moment in history.

When are you going to address the world on national network tele... er, YouTube, "Colonel"?

Anonymous said...

lol oh wow gee im so glad kal korff took time out of his busy schedule to notify the british press about the fake picture. if it wasn't for kal's brave efforts the world would stop turning i guess. he is also the only beacon of news and information on facebook which of course is where most of us turn for news on the current events. is he getting any response to his make believe? what a fucking dillweed.

Anonymous said...

We must give eternal thanks to Kal for exposing the death photo of Osama bin Laden as a fake. How else would we have ever known?
Well, maybe a little research would come up with facts that the original face photo was taken in 1998. That was used as a backdrop by someone in April 2009 to do a little Photoshop work on it. The resultant 'death' photo (and a very poor job at that)was well publicised over the past several years. People who get shot in the head don't have dried blood all over their face! Just ask Kal's little brother Kurtis!).
Sorry Kal, but you can't take credit for this. Now go wipe the egg off your face!


The Unknown Korffer said...

See, Kal, even actual Navy SEALs who successfully pull off missions that your fat, out of shape, lazy SAPSTOE ass would never even dream of won't break their secrecy oaths to even be praised for their efforts:

Nobody boasts of their success stories in such work. That is nobody who's actually done such work. Only wannabes and FRAUDS boast of their success in "taking down" terrorists. You big fat fraud.

Anonymous said...

rotund, loagy and lazy, especially when compared to a fit, active soldier actually fighting the war on terror. kal korff likely sleeps until 2pm, has a fast food breakfast and then lies for the next 19 hours on the internet to people who are his betters. which is almost everyone, since he is just white trash from the sticks. a cracker or hick, with below average intelligence and some sort of fucked up psychological problem. a loser, zero and nobody. stupid and emotionally immature. no woman would voluntarily touch him with a 10 foot pole without being paid for the indignity.

Anonymous said...

Found on Korff’s Flake Book wall. No response in 20 hours to this “Mark" person.

Korff’s didn’t apologize, didn’t delete it, nothing but silence.

Kal Korff: Now Bush will get "blamed" again by the Democrats and lib tards, watch!
Bush declines NYC invite | POLITICO 44

Mark Center: Please refrain from using pejorative terms like “tard”. There's no excuse for using that term.

Anonymous said...

Mark Center -
A huge US Army complex now under construction in Faifax Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Couple of new videos by Santa in a Floppy Hat:

Klassic Korff bashing.

Jimmy_D said...

I despise you, Korff. I really hate you.

For what you did to Mr S*dl*c*k and M*ch**la K*c*s, I want to see you suffer.

Anonymous said...

So Kalvin, you would OBVIOUSLY do it differently... Like, lie, cheat and steal your way to freedom? Oh, wait, you already did that by running away from the USA.


Kal Korff: Europe deserves this criticism. If it were not for actions by the USA, admittedly at times over the top, even more of Europe would be being taken over by Islam.

Osama Bin Laden dead: US bloggers slam Europeans muted reaction

Anonymous said...

Wow, 2 new videos and the CZ is right on it again....

Santa in a Floppy Hat, make some more videos!

#40 - Most Viewed (Today) - Reporters - Czech Republic

Anonymous said...


What if you just lie, often....?

Kal Korff: Tracy, if you start asking valid questions, think critically and logically, you'll have more enemies and be labeled a "evil debunker" in the imaginary field of UFOlogy before you can say tikitikitembonosarembocherryberryruchipipeperrypembo!

Anonymous said...

Yuri Velasquez:

May 6 at 4:15am

Report From Kal, Goodbye

You're a LIAR, Yuri.

Had you any info on "good authority" you would know it is not true.

Goodbye, and look for your name in the future on extremists, haters and liars.

I am now reporting you accordingly.

Do NOT contact me again.


Anonymous said...

When will this series be released Kalvin? WHEN?

Kal Korff: ‎@Teresa, I have done my homework on OBL, it is in Volume V and VI of my series. There was never any credible nor scientific evidence he was "dead" before. Only speculation often misreported and hyped by the media as if it were fact.

Don Ecker said...

"Stolen Valor: the world of military fakers" is a new group on Face Book. I just joined and will make sure to tell them all about our buddy KKK. Let's see what that group thinks of our very own SAPSTOE.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Link them up Don!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don. There are a number of groups regarding this on FB. This one seems to be the largest:

Stolen Valor: How to Uncover Military Career Fakers



Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I have never used notes nor teleprompters. I do not understand "leaders" who cannot do without them, and obviously his switch from hardly using them before he got elected to now NEEDING them is based in immaturity and an ego which says "Every word I say is as important as Moses', so I must have everything scripted." I find some of his advisors to be a joke, out of touch with how MOST Americans feel, and the fact Obama chose them proves to me he is NOT truly competent.

NO human being can be READY to be president of the USA after only TWO YEARS in govt service, it doesn't matter who he is. And the fact he chose Joseph Biden of all people to be his running mate is hard evidence that REAL "change" would never happen and he has NOT "changed the way Washington works" despite lofty promises, and he is not focused like a laser on the economy either, he's focused on his teleprompters and re-elections.

Anonymous said...

I certainly won't go so far as to call it an epiphany, but my first thought when logging on to KKiaI tonight and trying to make sense of some of these recent KalIsrael Facebook posts was as follows:

"Korff may well be a serious alcoholic.. Hm, this could actually explain a lot!"

Then, after another sip or two of my tasty Pilsner I thought:

"No. Triple-K really is just plain ol'INSANE (in the membrane). End of story. Praise his nonexistent YAHWEH".

-Not even chronic drunkeness is an excuse for the amount of shit that this little cretin regurgitates and spews forth year upon year, day after day.

What do you think? Alcoholic or lunatic?


PS: I know it's been mentioned at least once before, but if anyone knows one of KKK's family members, don't you think it may be a good idea to urge them to seek some sort of professional medical/psychological assistance on his behalf? I know that it would be a drain on the time & resources of the interventionist, but I think that it'd be a good start - one less looney on the loose the better.

But it seems nobody cares enough to bother.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Kal's family knows he's a looney. That's why they want nothing more to do with him. I doubt that his own mother cares much anymore. A disgrace to the family name.
But I guess they figure since he is a harmless wimp, let him do his thing.

The Unknown Korffer said...

He's not a drinker. Drinkers tend to make friends with other drinkers. Kalvin leads a life of solitary isolation with only the internet to validate his existence. Without the internet he has & is nothing. Booze isn't an issue. It's all mental illness that will never be addressed.

Like, I wonder what his make believe books really do for his ego. He has to know they don't exist, will never actually be written and certainly never published in any manner by which someone can read them. Is it just a catch all safety net by which he can be an instant expert in any subject? (i.e. "This is covered in volume 12 of my seventy six book series ...") Or does he actually expect that his flaky followers believe they really exist? Is he imagining them or shamelessly lying?

I say lying and he is aware that he is lying, that it's all a sham put-on but as far as Kalvin is concerned they may as well exist. Since if he got his life in order and had time away from Face Book he could likely get *something* written, maybe even published. So they are as good as written in the same way that he's just as qualified as any Kidon Unit Commander & thus welcome to claim credit of being a Kidon Unit Commander. Same with his books. Physically writing/publishing them is just a mere formality. Might as well boast and brag about it anyway, nobody will ever be able to prove whether or not he has actually written jack shit. Until someone does lie lie lie.

THAT is mental illness. And Kal, you're fucking crazy bro. Go back home and get psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: I have never used notes nor teleprompters. I do not understand "leaders" who cannot do without them, and obviously his switch from hardly using them before he got elected to now NEEDING them is based in immaturity and an ego which says "Every word I say is as important as Moses', so I must have everything scripted."

Kal, you don't use a teleprompter because you babble like the fucking lunatic you are. Loser.