Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thinking critically

So lads let's think critically like Kal thinks he does. Does anyone think someone actually involved in counter terrorism work would announce to the world he was hunting down terrorists? Is it reasonable to believe someone has a 500 book deal but hasn't published a book since last century? Would anyone thinking critically believe someone has a 219 IQ because the person claims to have scored high on a magazine quiz? Would you believe someone has nano dust because they show around a little glass vial? Would you believe someone claiming to be an Israeli agent would be allowed to roam around unchecked? Would you believe a college dropout knows more about politics and running the government than an elected official? Would anyone take the word of a PROVEN LIAR and SCUMBAG as proof? Would anyone take seriously an ignorant and narcissistic asshole who ILLEGALLY IMPERSONATES a barrister? 

Kal you opened your big mouth and made all these claims and by your own words it is then UP TO YOU to PROVE YOUR CLAIMS which YOU HAVE NOT.  Why is that Kal? It is because you CANNOT PROVE your claims because you LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD.

Anyone thinking the least bit critically Kal knows that you are a LIAR and a FRAUD and PRETENDER. Take that home to your little Indian princess you LYING DOLT. Don Ecker is laughing at you and so are all the other people you threw your empty threats at. There are NO LAWSUITS. NO BOOKS. NO INDIAN PRINCESS. Kal you ARE NOT a colonel in any real organization. Kal IS NOT involved in counter terrorism. Kal DOES NOT have a legitimate 500 book deal. Kal DOES NOT have a 219 IQ.

So what would a person who thinks critically conclude about Kernal Colon?  I think it would be that



Anonymous said...

By your own words.

By your own internet posts.

By your own actions.

By your own inactions.



Jimmy_D said...

A beatiful early summer weekend here in Prague, Karlton.

I went swimming with my family yesterday before coming home to watch the hockey, then a few beers outside at Letensky zamecek.

Now I'm gonna let the lunch that my beautiful wife cooked me - then we'll go for a bike ride along the river.

What are your plans? Will you be with your Indian princess wife and genius-level son? Or will you be holed up in your squalid little room, spanking the monkey and posting lies on your FB page?

You're pathetic, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

he will be choking the chicken and spanking the monkey...that is IF he can find it

Anonymous said...

A beautiful day here. Just relaxing with friends and taking it easy. Enjoying life instead of making it up.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Any posts or gestures honoring Kalvin's long suffering mom Dorothy (aka Dot Joss) from his Flake Book onslaught of self validation from today? Or is it still just all about himself + lectures about those issues he has done some generalized reading on and thus considers himself an expert?

There was even an unobtrusive way of honoring Mother's Day by using a picture of one's mom as their profile image for the past week. Though I would expect that Young Kalvin considers himself above such forms of groupthink.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Dear Unknown,

Not a single family mention; none to his Mother, his "wife", an old girlfriend, nothing.

Santa in a Floppy Hat might say, "Kalvin doesn't talk about his private life"...

... with a HUGE grin on his face....

Of course Kalvin does.

Post away Kalvin. Post away....

Anonymous said...

how sad! mothers day was all over flakebook, it is something real and human that everyone can relate to. especially those who are not with or no longer have moms to honor. it's important.

Anonymous said...

mothers day is real and important, that is only to people who live in the real world and are in touch with reality. Kal is above everyone....remember? But only on his feeble shrinking shriveled up brain.. The fool that says over and over, its NOT and ego thing, he has no such seems that someone who has to repeat himself over and over DOES in fact have an ego problem, and those ego problems always go back to sexual they not?

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Day after Mothers Day and no Mother's Day post from Korff for his Mom or "wife".

Today, he's posting Obama news links, amd Apple, like a mad man.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. The documented US hater Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Kal Korff: A new poll of Americans shows this: Who should get the credit for the killing of terrorist Osama bin Laden?

20.46% President Obama

13.11% Former President Bush

66.42% American special forces

Go Special Forces!

Go super duper spy Kalvin Korff. National disgrace. World class loser. Stealer of valor. Hater of gays.

Kalvin Korff, "I used to like Judas Priest until I found out the lead singer was gay."


Anonymous said...

KalIsrael; -noun. def: a semi-closeted christian fundamentalist of the worst variety; one who wishes to hasten 'the end of days' aka 'the last judgement' via global nuclear war, invariably centered around conflict and instability in the Middle-East; also often referred to in some rustic dialects as 'a prized cunt'.


Anonymous said...

That's great H.!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are scum, Korff. I loathe you with all my heart. For what you did to Mr S*dl*c*k you deserve eternal hellfire.

Anonymous said...

Big f'ing deal....

Kal Korff: I am now sending out the first TWO CHAPTERS of my long promised book on Islamofascists, extremists, haters, and the arguably insanity and delusional mindsets of CONspiracy nuts and pro-"paranormal" types. An extremist is someone who refuses to face facts and reality. These are the final candidates being submitted to the publisher, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Korff updated his template site. Seems he wants the world to know his book series is getting ready for his publisher.

Yippee, we can expect his book tour at some point.

Kalvin, you wont like the response you will get if you come to the states.

Anyway, here's part of what Korff posted. It's another lie. He already told his Face Book friends, many motnhs ago, that some of the material was sent out for peer review, etc.

"I am now sending out the first few chapters for peer review and feedback."

Again, he lied then, and probably now, as well.


Anonymous said...

What publisher in their right mind would consider this clap trap from a noted internet clown for a book publishing deal? More fantasy from a goofy-tard, that is all it is. Kernal Klown sending out to "friends" for a peer review? Uh huh.

Korff, you need medicine really quickly, you are slipping further and further into that rabbit hole.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, Kalvin Karlton Korff, hater of the gays:

Kal Korff: So this means that in the future our President will be "thanking the brave men, women and gays of our military?" WTF?

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

"Colonel" "KalIsrael" Karlton Korff is pure pondscum.

Anonymous said...

Delusional. So let’s say Korff’s gets “something” published. I wonder what the sales figures might be? A few hundred. Maybe...

Might be time to start contacting Prometheus and asking them if they’ve looked over this blog (or as Korff calls it, this web site) and the Youtube site...

Nailed them cold...

This should be interesting. “Kal Korff nails UFO and Bigfoot researchers cold, while posing as a mad man and hater of the gays on Face Book.”

I’m sure Ecker, Friedman, Randle, Meyers III, F1 Racer, Jimmy D and a host of others will run away and hide from this exposure.

Nothing personal but, who would even want to buy a 2000 page exposé on F1 Racer? Who is F1 Racer and why should I care?

Kal Korff: Here's a brief update on how my new book series on Islamofascists, terrorism, haters, extremists, and the delusional mindsets of the CONspiracy nuts and pro-"Paranormal" types is coming along... Chapter THREE has now been sent, Chapters 4-5 hopefully over the weekend. Feedback so far has been 100% positive, specifically noting I have "nailed them cold." More feedback soon, I'm honored and humbled.

Anonymous said...

What’s really going to be interesting is; lets say Korff does release some kind of a “tell all”, naming people and calling them out for what he perceives as bad behavior.

Then what? Go around the country and parrot the same thing; Terrorists and Ufologists are the same. Okay, now what? Hunt down and kill the ufologists for all their bad deeds? Make sure a terrorist doesn’t film people who “look” like bombers and release the video as a real bomber….

Doesn’t make much sense to me Korffers.

Oh, wait, I understand. All Korff has is his past ufology and Bigfoot based books so Korff MUST tie in all that sub par work into something “new” so he can copy and paste that old material into his new “thesis” material.

I wouldn’t want to be Korff if he comes to the states after publishing this tell all against so many healthy and financially stable people as he threatens to.

He may get more “attention” than he bargained for.

Anonymous said...

I dont think my life would warrant a ten page book let alone 1000

F1 racer

still free as a bird

Anonymous said...

Damn UFO assholes always wanna hurt me! And I read about it in the papers all the time. It's a HUGE problem, those damn UFO people!

Don Ecker, stay away from me. All the rest of you UFO people, stay away!

Kalvin Karlton Korff, looking silly. Acting like a loon.

kalvin Korff" I can PROVE and HAVE PROVEN that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you exist, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff who also wants to hurt you just because you do NOT believe (and in my case am officially and globally known for having disproven) many of their fraudulent claims."

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff 'posing' as a madman? I don't think there's much 'posing' to do.
In the story of 'Alice in Wonderland', a tale of fantasy, there is a character called 'The Mad Hatter'. Reminds me of Kal with his big white cowboy hat, plus others like the Cossack one. The only difference is that Kal is a Mad Hater'. True? LOL

Anonymous said...

It's all a lie.

Anonymous said...

So Kal is going to expose all those UFO type people. Go for it Kal! Sell millions of copies of your 'new' book series. I'm sure you know what exposure does. It's called promotion and is very good for business. Gets people's attention so that they buy the exposed person's books, contract for, or attend their lectures, etc., etc.
FYI Mr. Friedman in now on a speaking tour in Newfoundland. (You know where that is...not far from Greenland according to your knowledge of geography!). All expenses paid, and generous fees for his presentations. Not bad for a 'conspiracy nut'!
So what do YOU do for a living?


Anonymous said...

Who gives them money? You HATE the USA and the gays, Korff.

Better question, who gives you money? Certainly not a 25 million trust fround from some non existent Abrab.

Remember Korff, his name....?

Saudi Prince Mohammad Faisal

Do a Google search fellow Korffers, see what you come up with.

Kal Korff: Here's Pakistan being our "friend and ally" again, they have ALREADY given China access to the downed copter. China is not only interested in it, but is working on their own stealth copters and of course wants all of our secrets, they're COMMUNISTS! During the Cold War, HALF of the Soviet Union's "breakthrough research" were stolen secrets from the USA. Pakistan's behavior is disgusting, and we give them money.

The Unknown Korffer said...

A bit of clarification please -- Is Kalvin's current lie running that he is submitting his "book" one chapter at a time to this Prometheus organization? Or is he uploading these imaginary nonsensical ramblings by someone lacking college education page by page for his Flake Book crew to follow along at home on?

Also the forum has been dropping comments again. Just saying.

Art Bell's Microphone said...

Korff's "chapters" are as real as his lawyers. They are as real as his IT skills. There is no book deal, no editor, no feedback which would never be "100%" positive even if they existed and the editor was as silly and full of shit as Kal. It's all a load of recycled crap.


Come up with something original, you dolt. This is getting boring.

Anonymous said...

tru dat. he mad about somethin

Anonymous said...

Listed on Amazon:
'Secret Wars', hardcover, by Kal K. Korff.
Date of listing? Feb. 2004.
Note - 'Not yet available'.

Most authors can do better than 3 or 4 chapters in 7 years!

A 6 volume series on terrorism? 2400 pages? Or is it 12 volumes now? A 500 book deal from way back when?

Don't hold your breath - it ain't gonna happen, ever, never!

Anonymous said...

I have seen some of his was sent to me and it is convoluted, even Mel had a hard time with it

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

Karlton - I have an idea.

How would it be if you stopped lying? Completely. Just try it for a day or two - you might find you like it.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

"I have seen some of his was sent to me and it is convoluted, even Mel had a hard time with it."

---Even Mel!!?? Wow!!!

Who the *&^& is "Mel"???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It MUST be convoluted to work. There's little to match terrorists with ufologists. Maybe in Korff's world, as he has been threatened, in kind. The majority of ufologists are regular people interested in the subject to varying degrees.

The vast majority of terrorists are of a like mind; kill the infidels. But in Korff’s world there’s no difference, and Korff helped it along by FAKING a personality (so he says) to further his “original research” into something the majority of the world give less than two shits about.

I predict, although I’m not a psychic, that if a book(s) does get published, it will not be successful and the reviewers will rake Korff over the coals.

If, Korff comes back to the states in the attempt to do some kind of book tour, he won’t be happy with the response to his “work”.

What I know for sure id that Korff received a cease and desist from Face Book to stop all threatening posts, etc. The Korffers were successful is that regard.

BTW, I’ve been making all of his current “book series” posts as hate speech against a friend of mine, because it’s true.

God bless Don Ecker.


Anonymous said...

To try and answer a question on his "book series".

A few months back Korff offered up the chance to his Face Book "friends" to "peer" review s few chapters.

Now, many months laster, Korff is at it again.

From Korff's template web site:

"Kal Korff Sends THIRD Chapter of New Book for Peer Review"

So, we have more lies and broken promises.

It would be nice to have the poster, who mentioned a "Mel", to send us what Korff sent them....

What'a say? You wanna help us out, Mel's friend?


Anonymous said...


Kal Korff: Wow, I've gained three FB "friends" without accepting any! Must be the "Pleaidians" or the "MIBs" or "Sasquatch" or the "GrASSy Knoll Shooter" or the "Illuminati" or the "Reptilians" or the "Zeta Reticulans" or 911 CONspiracy nuts, or the "Star Child" or the Birthers or Deathers or the "Mothman" or "Vampires" or "Demons" or NostraDammit messing with my FB page!

Anonymous said...

It's called entertainment Korff. You should know all about this, you entertain us endlessly....

Maybe she should buy an Apple prodcut to fix her life?

Numb nuts.

"Fury as Cheryl Cole’s in Paula Abdul hot seat."

Kal Korff: Wow, this is REALLY important! See where people's "priorities" are? If they don't solve this huge issue, the whole world might fall apart!!

Anonymous said...

Korff History

An attempted to re write Korff History by Kalvin Karlton Korff

My goodness, Kalvin really is running away from his “self professed” “fake persona” as fast as he can.

EVERYONE can remember and EVERYONE can go and view one of Korff’s FAKE news conferences.

A “conferences” that Korff stated was a “practice” run and was never meant to be released.

Right… then why not put it down, you know like when you pulled down the two “Fuck You Bartu” videos…

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can’t hide from your past, your posts; you’re lies and your evil deeds Kalvin.

Kal Korff: Wow! Obama is now going to STOP doing phony, fake photo re-enactments! I would congratulate him, but he should have put an end to such bogusness when he first became president. Better late than never! :-)