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Well well well lads it looks like Kernal Hypocrite Kal K. Korff has been CAUGHT AGAIN!! No surprise I assure you when it comes to Kal and his self righteous ethics and nonsense. Kal said this in a facebook post "I have NEVER allowed any person I know of not to be a friend of mine just because they are gay or bisexual. This is their personal choice, I DO have friends who are both, I do not discriminate, just like I do NOT care what color a person's skin is, I am also a Jew who has many Muslim friends, and none of them are Islamofascists."

Kal DOES DISCRIMINATE and here is PROOF OF KAL K. KORFF'S HYPOCRISY and HATE!  Kal said he liked Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford until he found out the chap was gay. I know you're a stupid cunt Kal but let me point out for you that THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!  You no longer like the singer because he is gay. This makes you a BIGOT Kal!!  And this cunt Kal thinks he promotes peace???? Ands with a fake peace organization on top of it all lads.

KAL K. KORFF EXPOSED AS A BIGOT!  Kernal Hate strikes again.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff:

I am NOT "anti-gay," although there are lying haters and extremists on the Internet who claim I am. My position has ALWAYS been clear and it has never changed: homosexuality is of course an individual choice.


Anonymous said...

So, I can choose to be gay...?

So deep Korff.


Anonymous said...

Check it out. You remember when Korff said he was in partnership with the “Peace Center” in Dayton, Ohio.

He got the idea from this guy “Lonnie D. Franks”, or at least because this guy is from Ohio (Dayton), and he used an image promoting Dayton, Ohio, etc.

And, as Dayton, Ohio is known as the Peace City because a peace initiative was signed there at one time, Korff just hooked his lying ways to a state in city in this case, and lie.

Of course, it never, EVER happened. And, after we called around, we found out that there never, EVER was a Peace Museum, Center, whatever.

Kal Korff: here's a list of scandals by the "party of the Middle Class" (the Democrats. Of course the Republicans are just as guilty. This is WHY I refuse to support either party. Toss them both out, if you care about America and want any chance of reform.

Lonnie D. Franks: It is hard to support either party. Both the Democrats and the Republicans played their parts in the housing bubble. Democrats making loans available to unqualified buyers and Republicans ensuring that regulations allowed for huge profits from Credit Default Swap speculation.

Kal Korff: I agree. I have no patience for those who say that it is only the other party or my party right or wrong. BOTH are guilty, we should re-elect neither.

Anonymous said...

The only "paying" job you could get Korff.

Kal Korff: I do not think it will ever recover thanks to the way both these parties have made a point to destroy this country. Jobs are NOT coming back, and American "manufacturing" is now redefined by McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Since last Sat (July 16) Korff has posted 27 news items, mostly on Obama.

Interestingly enough, the vast majority of these posts get a few "Likes" and no real responses at all.

The Gay posting has nearly 60 responses by the same 4 or 5 people. Gripping about everything but hating or educating people about gays.

As Unknown stated, these FB posts have nothing to do with Korff's new fake persona; Face Book Journalist.

This behavior has everything to do with trying to get attention.

Further, to back this assertion up regarding this new and very fake persona, a Google News search covering the last month on the name Kal Korff; ZERO results.

All this talk about many articles hitting major media outlets is once again, lies.

Also, the remark that Face Booker made to Korff regarding the fact that he has no children was never remarked on and answered in any way.

No surprises there.

Your lies will follow you forever Korff. Or at least until we get tired of reporting on them.

See that Korff, we are real reporters. You say you don’t hate gays; we go back to our research and prove you out as a huge liar.

That’s the way reporting works Korff.

Korffing = reporting, not lying about reporting.


Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff gets OWNED again by this blog!

The Unknown Korffer said...

So who is Lonnie Banks? Is he aware that Kalvin based a fantasy on him?

Back to the homophobia issue, as usual all you have to do is let Kalvin talk himself into a corner. This is just as easy as the Kidon Unit Commander routine.

I am NOT "anti-gay," although there are lying haters and extremists on the Internet who claim I am.

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

Once more for good measure ... He thought everyone would be snickering along with him at the thought of this macho metal band singer being queer. They didn't.

I am NOT "anti-gay," although there are lying haters and extremists on the Internet who claim I am.

I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own.

I am NOT "anti-gay,"

Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay

I am NOT "anti-gay,"

Why in quotes? You're either a bigot or you aren't. Putting it in quotes is an attempt to distance himself from the debate. It is beneath Kalvin to discuss this subject but he stooped down to everyone else's level. The goal was attention which he believed would carry over into his new fraud of being a journalist. I have said it before and will continue to: IT WON'T WORK, KALVIN. Your Flake Book people aren't as stupid as you think they are.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The Dayton International Peace Museum does exits.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check my notes. It must have NOT been that place... so many lies.

Anonymous said...

This does not and has never existed:

Dayton Center for World Peace

Kal Korff:

Waaaaay MegaCool! The new Global Peace Foundation I am the new CEO of which will cooperate with the Dayton Center for World Peace in Ohio, (which is a true honor) and we will be iPad centric and GIVE iPads away to students who will learn English and help promote world peace. Praise YHWH!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Ahh, such fond memories. To refresh them even further, here is the November 30 2010 blog entry exposing Kalvin Korff's "Dayton Center for World Peace" fraud/con, which included a spurious promise of free iPads.

Feels like only yesterday. As someone points out there is a legitimate organization called the Dayton International Peace Museum

which was in part inspired by & founded on the work of the late Richard Holdbrooke, dignified as the architect of the Dayton Peace Accords which played such a vital role in bringing an end to the ethnic cleansing of the Bosnian/Serb conflict during the mid 1990s

Shame on you, Kal K. Korff, for dishonoring the memory of such a great man with your pathetic amateurish Flake Book oriented flim-flam routine. The "free iPads" angle was the bait to sucker people into messaging Kalvin for information on how to get involved, with a noble sounding humanitarian gesture thrown in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

let's take another stroll down memory lane with this reprint of a 2007 era email kal korff sent to gene steinberg while pretending to be his "adjuant", avimi ashkenazi:

Dear Mr. Steinberg,

My name is Avim Ashkenazi and I am Colonel Kal Korff's new Adjutant.

Like Colonel Korff I am also with the Israeli-based Special Secret Services.

I know nothing about the matters you cite in your letter.

Please advise me as to what you wish me to do.

Right now, Colonel Korff is enroute to the secure Russian communications
center and is calling the United States. He uses this center often, and
even calls UFO researcher Brad Sparks from it to discuss sensitive issues.

You may confirm this with Mr. Sparks yourself.

Colonel Korff's other calls concern the criminal investigations into the
District Attorney, and also Mr. Royce Myers III, one of your colleagues.

We are aware that Mr. Myers III has written various parties falsely
claiming that he is not the subject of any inquiries. This is NOT true.
What Mr. Myers III does not know is that this investigation of him is
being done from outside the United States.

The results of this will be turned over to the proper authorities in the
United States.

I am under no legal requirement to disclose the investigative agency.

The same is true concerning the filing of official police complaints
regarding your other colleague Mr. Biedny. Those get filed no later than
tomorrow, as far as I was informed.

Since these efforts are well underway, my best advice to you is to advise
me on YOU wish me to do. I will be seeing the Colonel later tonight and of
course escorting him to the media center for his radio show. Then tomorrow
we oversee the arrival of the Special Prosecutor from Israel who is
certainly real, and is tasked with handling the Sheriff's Department and
the District Attorney.

As I close Mr. Steinberg, I should share with you the following: there is
NO "sympathy" on this side of the water for you and your colleagues. Let
me be very candid with you as to why.

NONE of you have had the human decency to admit the obvious: that you were
WRONG about Colonel Kal Korff. He is indeed a Colonel now, and I am his
Adjutant. You also upset Czech Supermodel and former S3 Agent Lt. Martina

Please TRY to put yourself in our shoes: we warned then-Captain Korff that
the UFO field was populated with, well, I'll spare you the Yiddish we
taught him :-)

Anonymous said...

So we sat back in amusement at first while we watched Captain Korff squirm
a bit trying to get his rhythm back in the UFO field. But then when you
accused him of lying, and said that we did not exist, even after former
Lt. Tycova came forward, when David Biedny said he would lick her, but
then in the same breath denies she exists and accuses Colonel Korff of
making things up....WHAT or WHY should we "care" about you?

Our orders are simple: EXPOSE YOU on the new reality-TV show for WHO and
WHAT you are, not who and what you CLAIM to be.

This order is logical. It is if anything a public service.

So what can I do for you now?

Do I tell Colonel Korff that you "gents" finally now believe that he is
indeed a Colonel?

Is David Biedny going to RETRACT and then APOLOGIZE for lying about
Colonel Korff's brother saying he "tried to shoot a police officer"?

Or does TRUTH and the GUILT of you and your colleagues mean anything to
you, Mr. Steinberg?

I await your reply, and then I will pass it along to the Colonel.

Like Colonel Korff, I am also in Intelligence and wear a green beret from
Israel to reflect it.

You will forgive me if I KNOW that "Roswell" was really Project Mogul.

Oh, you conveniently did not mention, we HAVE the previously labeled
"missing General Ramey Roswell debris photos" and they're being published
in Volume 9 of our series. We also have the original camera that took

And you can kiss Kevin Randle's "investigation" goodbye.

Please let me know what it is that you wish us to do.

Until you and your colleagues start with the basic and the obvious, a
apology for being WRONG and denying that we exist, I do not think there is
muchto discuss.

And with Hamas gaining a further foothold and Colonel Korff changing his
focus over there, which is only right, my best advice is that you respond
and do so soon.

It is best if you make peace with us, because the people tasked to "deal"
with you now make Colonel Korff look like a powder puff.


Avim Ashkenazi
Adjutant, Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli Special Secret Services (S3)

Anonymous said...

"Like Colonel Korff, I am also in Intelligence and wear a green beret from Israel to reflect it."

stolen valor

Anonymous said...

i also like how the section after the "as i close mr. steinberg" is longer than what came before. he also begins to sign the note off but keeps going, digging himself deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper

Anonymous said...

no wait -- a bit further down on the forum where that message came from kal starts to flip his lid after steinberg failed to reply to the threats avim/korff emailed. its even long and even more incoherent and i don't recall seeing it posted here before. get a fresh ice cube in your drink & use the john, this one goes on and on and on and on and

Dear Mr. Steinberg,

I have yet to hear a reply from you. I hope you received my previous email.

I wish to communicate whatever "concerns" you have to Colonel Korff and

I am willing to do this. If you do not reply, we will go public.

Please understand that this is by no means "a threat" -- I am only
informing you of facts. Going public is a public service.

It would be appreciated if you would care to pass them along, your
concerns, as well as "explain" how your side and your colleagues are going
to handle all of the breaking news.

To update you, I was informed that former S3 Agent Lt. Tycova (which your
side made the false allegation that she did not exist and that Colonel
Korff "makes up" conversations with her) will now directly engage ALL of
you as early as next week.

This means you are in serious trouble. Are you going to accuse her of
lying as well? Her father was a Czech Diplomat in IRAN.

Go "Czech" it out for yourself. I highly doubt you will attack her the
same way you have maligned Colonel Korff. Colonel Korff was her commanding
officer, and she was even in Fortean Times Magazine years ago, ON THE
COVER and inside it.

Do you see how INEPT your accusations have been? Uneven standards of
evidence, absolutely. And this will especially be proven regarding Kevin
Randle and Royce Myers III. The fact you think he is credible, (Mr.
Randle), when Tycova and others have proven otherwise, and Tycova is now
taking him out, PROVES you NEVER investigated his claims about Roswell,
(and neither did Royce Myers III, obviously!) or that you are not capable
of doing serious investigation.

Any other "explanation" is worse than these two posssibilities.

But your failures are yours to explain.

I was also told that after tonight, Colonel Korff intends never to discuss
you folks again if he can avoid it, until you start admitting the truth
and confessing WHERE you went wrong and WHY to the public.

If you do not, we are going to broadcast everything that happened anyway
in Secret Wars, and you cannot stop us.

It is NOT an American production, and you have no authority of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, after Colonel Korff drops his issues concerning you all tonight,
you may remember that he really did try to warn all of you that others
would probably do as they figured best, and on their own.

Now that has happened. Your "demand" that the exposes stop, is not only
unreasonable, but as I was told earlier this evening, "Gene Steinberg is
not in a position to 'demand' anything. Who does he think he is?"

Your FAILURE Mr. Steinberg to acknowledge that you were wrong, that David
Biedny has more than "just a temper" are most revealing. I'm not surprised
you "believe" your own rhetoric.

I will close this letter by offering you, once again, but for the last
time, the ability for you to express your "concerns" and have them heard.

Please present FACTS, not declarations.

And STOP AVOIDING the areas where you are wrong and still have yet to
admit this to the public.

I await a sincere reply from you, and I am sending a copy of this email to
appropriate parties.

If you ignore it, you won't get away with pretending you are trying to do
"the right and responsible thing."


You even MOCKED Colonel Korff and said "next thing he will be a General."

REALLY? Mr. Steinberg? And you dare to "lecture us" about personal attacks?

Do you honestly "believe" that this is all because Biedny wouldn't let
Colonel Korff give him a free book, one of his 500 he has coming out?

WHERE did you get your "facts" on this one? From David Biedny? Regardless,
you are not only wrong, but your claim is beyond stupid, sorry.

And of course you never bothered to directly ASK COLONEL KAL KORFF, who is
the ONLY person who could answer this question for you.

Again, uneven and blatantly uneven standards of evidence.

Tomorrow Colonel Korff contacts several parties regarding Mr. Royce Myers
III. They are police investigators. We WILL prove to the public shortly
that Mr. Myers III HAS indeed become the subject of several probes.

It all began when he completely screwed up on Colonel Korff's brother's
case. When Mr. Myers III let is slip that he trains police officers, the
concern became train them to do WHAT? Since Mr. Myers III has been found
guilty of having uneven standards of evidence, which former Lt. Tycova and
others ARE proving, a valid question is WHAT ELSE MIGHT Mr. Myers III also
be screwing up?

The amount of corruption inn his area by law enforcement is a FACT. Go
look it up. Same with the DA's assistant resigning for similar reasons. It
is not uncommon for assistants at that level to also have corrupt bosses.
And it is a FACT that the DAv tried to use TAXPAYER MONEY, to the tune of
10,000 American dollars, as a "going away present".

REALLY Mr. Steinberg? This is how the American system of "justice" is
supposed to run?

Anonymous said...

i know these may seem off topic to what is new with korff but its important that korff be reminded of these lies, and give search engines a chance to get them redundantly linked to multiple pages

Did David Biedny tell you about the lawsuit already in place re the
wrongful shooting? Of course not. Biedny never checked his facts. But the
local quivalent of the ACLU is suing over this. If it were not for us,
there would be NO ballistics test, and the bullet would STILL be in Kurtis
Korff's skull.

You are trily clueless in this affair, Mr. Steinberg, and so is David
Biedny especially.

So WHERE are your condemnations and admonitions against Mr. Biedny? DO we
need to REALLY go public with this and PROVE before the world your one
sided literal disregard for the full facts!??

The investigation of Royce Myers III by others, launched outside the USA
by an outside entity, assumes one thing: INNOCENT til evidence indicates
otherwise. Everything is being checked.

And UNLIKE your David Biedny, who just blatantly accused Kurtis Korff of
trying to shoot a police officer and said he was GUILTY...well, unlike Mr.
Biedny we do not dare say such things until the COURTS have declared such.

THEY are the authority, Mr. Biedny is not.

Are you starting to see Mr. Steinberg, the light yet? You remain silent
about Biedny's false claim about Korff's brother, and Biedny never
bothered to do any serious checking. And Royce Myers III, who knows better
than to make such a false claim, and knows Kurtis Korff was NEVER charged
with such a thing, is on record NOWHERE correcting the public record.

Gee, and you wonder WHY there are valid charges of uneven standards of

As Royce puts on his web site, and we noticed this hyprocrisy, telling the
truth demands that you not withhold evidence or facts. We all know your
Stanton Friedman does this all the time.

It can be argued quite reasonably that if Myers III were not personally
feeling some sort of hatred or dislike for Colonel Korff, Royce would have
stepped forward to tell Biedny we was way out of line.

So WHERE can I read this "self-policing" of your colleagues to PROVE to
the PUBLIC that you REALLY care abot the TRUTH?

I await your reply, and the public hyperlink, of course.

If you need me to send another copy of my previous email to you, I will.

But regardless of what you do, this is all going before the public, and
you and your colleagues CANNOT hide anymore.

My best advice to you is to come clean.

We cannot expose you further when you admit you are wrong and apologize
and come clean.

There would be NOTHING to expose, Mr. Steinberg. And since we ARE Jews,
our religion demands that we make real peace where those and with those
parties who want real peace.

This would include yourselves, even "an agree to disagree" -- but until
you admit the facts, you are in NO position to "demand" anything. And how
DARE you think you are Super Human and ABOVE the truth, to do so.

Ask Paul Kimball. He was wise enough to contact Brad Sparks (a very close
friend of Colonel Korff's, and THAT SHOULD have told even you guys
something, but your hatred blinded you), and there is peace. He does not
attack us, and we do not attack him.

We will NOT allow you to drag Paul into this. Nice try, but you will NOT
manipulate us.

We have an email from Paul admitting that he is willing to say he "went
too far" in his "characterizations" of Colonel, then Captain Korff.

Korff is willing to admit the same. And as per their treaty, WE HAVE KEPT

Mr. Steinberg, DO NOT EVER "DEMAND" from us again, that we "stop
attacking" someone we are NOT. That would be Paul Kimball.

Anonymous said...

You can ask Paul yourself. We are about to release to the public the facts
as to how we kept the Communist Party from trying to hurt him.

It is being done quietly through the Canadian Government.

You see, Mr. Steinberg, this is the former Iron Curtain. Unless you live
here, with all due respect, you remain clueless as to what it is like

Accordingly, while symbols like the "Red Star" maybe cool or "sexy" in the
West, over here there are two reactions to such a symbol: hatred, or
happiness -- the latter only from COMMUNISTS.

But when Communists see westerners use THEIR symbol, they do not like it.
They consider it mockery.

And the Communist Party DOES hold seats in the Czech Government.

Are you starting to understand things better now Mr. Steinberg?

I look forward to reading your reply, to you admitting your untruths,
explaining what you now intend to do, and I will pass ALL of this along to
Colonel Korff.

I am grateful he gave me permission to write to as me, and share my
complex thoughts on all this.

As an intelligence analyst, I take no comfort in telling you that the UFO
field is clueless regarding how real world stuff works in the intel world,
especially outside the United States.

Here's one more piece of info for you. Mr. Philip Mantle is in Roswell. He
knows we have the Ramey debris photos. And Philip has some very special
images concerning UFOs from behind the Iron Curtain, and he will publish
them. We gave them to him.

It's yet another story you and your colleagues missed. Only because they
can't even handle the fact that Colonel Kal Korff is who he claims and is
moving forward and letting his public works "speak" for themselves.

We know you are NOT used to being held accountable, but those days are
over. The public IS reacting AGAINST you now. When we respond line-by-line
to your false claims, I mean people like David Biedny, there's nothing
Biedny can do. This is not only LEGAL, but your shameful attempts to keep
Colonel Korff from going on the radio will NEVER work.

We can simply broadcast from anywhere, and Rob McConnell as a journalist,
can legally ask and interview Kal. There are NO American brodcast
companies involves in what we are doing. Only YOU are.

Your backer is Timothy Green Beckley.

And you dare to "lecture" us about morals, ethics, "truth" and then make

WHY has not Royce Myers III ever EXPOSED this Timothy Beckley connection?
Does Royce think Beckley is "suddenly credible?"

I highly doubt it, if he does it is his liability.

AGAIN, UNEVEN "standards of evidence."

If your colleague Mr. Biedny does NOT want formal charges filed on record,
he has only hours to retract remarks you are certainly aware of and to
tell the TRUTH.

If we do NOT hear back from you, we will also let the police know we made
this offer,but that Biedny refused to disclaim, withdraw and also
apologize for his threats.

For the record we CANNOT "control" nor stop former S3 Agent Martina Tycova
from doing as she sees fit. It would be wrong to try unless we saw
evidence of injustice. IF you think this is true, inform us with FACTS,
not declarations.

Anonymous said...

last one, and for the record these came from paracast's forum and were supplied by steinberg himself.

As far as Kurtis Korff and now Kurtis Korff's mother seeking to sue David
Biedny for lying and not retracting it, we also CANNOT prevent them from
taking action. I am sure Mrs. Korff's first priority is the wrongful
shooting suit now underway and the prosecution of the DA.

She and her son now have, according to your laws, three years to sue David
Biedny. And for each day he does not retract, according to your U.S. laws,
his penalty increases. Go look this up. And since his claim is a lie, and
there was never any such charge, Mr. Biedny CANNOT win his case.

Biedny failed to check his facts.

One can argue because he cannot control his emotions.

The police reports filed against him for several threats of physical
violence, then his LIE that he had "no contact" with Colonel Korff for
several months, will certainly help go a long way in establishing
foundational material for future litigation against his additional
slanders, which we remind you for the last time ARE being exposed in the
new Secret Wars reality-based TV series.

Since your colleagues are writing much of the script so far, because it
exposes so much of you, you can end ALL of this on a completely positive
note by starting to do what is RIGHT.

Otherwise, you will continue to "fool" only your listeners, and of course
we're proving that as well.

Cordially yours and still waiting for a response,

Avim Ashkenazi
Warrant Officer - Analyst
Adjutant to Colonel Kal Korff
Israeli-based Special Secret Services

interesting to see avim/korff dropped the ys3 tag from his signature for a more formal, threatening looking title. which is made to appear like it's amended to all outgoing messages, even though it changes from message to message. i wonder how his facebook friends would react to seeing that reprinted and what lie he would tell to try and explain it all away. plus the uneasy mixed feeling of revulsion plus pity that most of us feel when encountering someone desperately in need of psychiatric help.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those rants. I was starting to forget just how truly motherfucking insane kal is.

Anonymous said...

Great posts.

"Lt. Tycova"

Holy shit! The whole family has rank! :^)

BTW, Korff has been MIA on Face Book since Monday.

Writing more artciles that won't be published Korff?

A Google News search brings up ZERO Korff results for the last month.... still.


Anonymous said...

wow those letters from "avimi" have Kal written all over them. That is his rant all right and if anyone can't see that, they are totally ignorant. What an ass

Anonymous said...

If you see two guys with butterfly nets chasing a fat little troll down the street, well you know you have a korff sighting!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

happy to have pasted them up. was actually in search of the famed czech beer email to royce meyer but found those instead. the mental illness dripping off the screen when reading them is disturbing. korff is a vile, corrupt evil little monster completely wrapped up in a fantasy world. reads like he was on speed at the time too especially the 2nd one. maybe korff was abusing czech produced diet pills? don't tell me he's a no-good junkie too.

his facebook pals deserve a chance to see it for themselves, to see the real kal korff in action and decide if they really want to associate with someone so completely out of their mind. he may be able to control himself on his fb wall updates that everyone can see but give him a chance for one-on-one communications and that's what you'll get. one threat after another with heaps of self praise mixed in between bouts of pure fantasy. its funny but it's also frightening. i feel for the recipient who must have been totally confused and did the right thing by not responding.

this is a great thread too
101 pages in length, none of it dull. keep up the great work guys & gals.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Have never seen those emails before, pretty damning stuff & total Norman Bates psycho material. Its like Kalvin became Avimi for that exchange. It's also interesting that in this early (2007) form of the SAPSTOE Colonel fantasy it was the "Israeli-based Special Secret Services", a term which would evolve into "Israeli-founded Special Secret Services" to distance himself from charges of claiming to be a Mossad agent.

Anonymous said...

It "seems" that Korff has now let the URL name "ufowatchcat" go?

This name was up for auction via the Godaddy site last week. Korff didn't pay for another year before it past it's due date by over a month. Nobody "bought" it the best as I can tell.

Now it seems to be "owned" by Godaddy, a common occurrence. Generally, when you let a web site name go, the registrar will "obtain" it and try to sell it, after a period of time the registrar will then put the less popular names back into public domain and then anyone can obtain the name through the normal channels.

NOTE: The "ufowatchcat" term is still being used my Korff on his site.

I guess he couldn't afford the name anymore or...

Korff continues to run away from his past, fake, persona.

I could be wrong, Korff may have re-upped the name, however, IF he did, it would go to his site when accessed. It doesn't, anymore.

And, I noticed that when you try to go to this URL direct:

It goes nowhere. This is because Korff has forgotten to "forward" the URL to his template web site.

However, I still go with my original assumption regarding the ufowhatcat thought.

Why keep the lie going? Martina is no longer with you (if she ever was), Royce Meyers III never, EVER, responded to you, and by and large, the UFO subject has been "cleansed" from your "current" web footprint, as best as you can.

Although a quick Google News search of the name Kal Korff, covering the last 15 years, brings up nothing but UFO and Bigfoot related results.

You can't hide Korff.


The Unknown Korffer said...

This is my favorite:

Right now, Colonel Korff is enroute to the secure Russian communications
center and is calling the United States. He uses this center often, and
even calls UFO researcher Brad Sparks from it to discuss sensitive issues.

You may confirm this with Mr. Sparks yourself.

This one's great too:

NONE of you have had the human decency to admit the obvious: that you were
WRONG about Colonel Kal Korff. He is indeed a Colonel now, and I am his
Adjutant. You also upset Czech Supermodel and former S3 Agent Lt. Martina

Reads like an 11 year old boy lying to try and sound impressive.

Anonymous said...

Unkown Korffer,

You are correct, sir. Those are little gems.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Korff's been off FB since Monday afternoon.

The mind races as to what reason he will give his adoring throng....

One might think that even Korff reads through his old FB posts and he might ponder the self imposed dates and deadlines on his lies;

articles that were never published;

iPads that were never given away...

and think “Gee, maybe I’m going a bit overboard?”

Yeah, right.

BTW, the work verifictaion for this post was, jackok... :^)

Anonymous said...

"You also upset Czech Supermodel and former S3 Agent Lt. Martina

Bring her over and I'll straighten that right out. A little food, some wine, conversation, some pillow nibbling and a bad girl spanking. Yum. Trust me, Kal, she'll never be same only having had your crusty twig and berries bouncing near her.

Jimmy_D said...

You are lying scum, Korff.


Die in agony.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, April, 2007:
(From the blogspot of the late Mac Tonnies).

"Martina Tycova, a world recognized Czech and international supermodel, is now in the process of sending several letters to Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show concerning Paul Kimball, David Biedny, Mac Tonnes [sic], Royce Myers III, and Kevin Randle asking them how they now intend to handle the issue of printing and announcing their formal retractions before their consequences increase still further. Ms. Tycova is working on a series of books exposing their various claims, as well as a biography detailing her years working on assignments with Kal Korff and involving the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services.

Miss Tycova's information will be certified by Rob McConnell of The "X" Zone Radio Show as a neutral third party before the public during live broadcasts of Mr. McConnell's show. Afterwards, each letter will then be sent to each respective party for an official response in order to document for the global public their reactions, if any."



Kevin D. Randle said...

For those interested I did not issue a retraction of anything I said about Kroff and his fake organization and his fake promotion. I have never believed he was a colonel in anything other than his own mind.

And, although it goes without saying, I have never been servied with papers by Korff or any of his invisible minions.

Instead I suggest he is a liar who has no 500 book deal, has no nano dust and doesn't even possess the basic knowledge of anyone who has ever served in uniform.

So, Kal, sue away. I await your lawsuit. I await the papers. I await your apologies for all the things you have gotten wrong.

Oh yes. You Roswell book is useless for anything... even toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

no lawsuits, no papers, still free as a bird...although that dumbass should be locked up in a padded cell with a straightjacket

Anonymous said...

Part One:

Mr. Randle,

Nice to see you on the blog. I thought you'd like to know, if you don't already, that the radio show you and Big Don Ecker did, and the videos Santa in a Floppy Hat posted on youtube:

And this glorious blog gave done the job. Korff has pulled down almost all of his material released and based on his previous fake, persona.

Korff pulled off everything nano, free iPad, secret service, law suits, threats, etc.

NOTE: He has left his rarely watched yotube channel up with all of it’s material regarding you, Ecker and the like but, what the hell, we need someplace to point people to if they want to get a primer on our favorite and genuine idiot.


Anonymous said...

Part Two

NOTE: Korff has let his name lapse. It seems he’s moved on from Royce Meyers III and Martina as well.

Korff has now moved onto a new, fake, persona, that of an unpublished and quite (still) delusional; Face Book Journalist.

And, as expected, the lying continues.

His 500 page expose on the recently released Area 51 – Roswell book never came out, and the many Op-Ed articles that were going to be published world wide, have not been.

Korff has been asked by fellow Face Bookers to supply ANY links or names of places they could read his “many” articles. None were forth coming and no response were ever made to those queries.

Korff has been of the Face Book site for almost a week. An eternity in his life.

Thanks you very much Kevin for standing tall and proud with Big Don Ecker and others to take this cretin, fraud, charlatan and genuine idiot, down.

While the net may not be Korff-Free, yet, the little shit and obvious trud is done. Stick a fork in him.

Korff? Developing...


Anonymous said...

After a 5 day lay-off from Face Book, for no given reason, yet...

... here's the first thing this "person" posted...

... felt he HAD to post...

... notice the "Korffisum"...

Kal Korff: Amy Winehouse, who was Jewish and a five time Grammy winner, has passed away. I am sad to hear this, she was only 27. Cause of death will be known shortly.

... someday we might read;

"Kalvin Karlton Korff, who was a genuine idiot, has past away.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, sweet Jesus, it will never stop. The LIES will never stop.

Korff, you, are an asshole.

Kal Korff: My heart goes out to the victims in Norway and their families. What makes this tragedy even more horrible, is that the country has no death penalty. So now this mass murderer will live a full life "protected" at taxpayer expense. I hope Norway's laws now change. I'll be writing an OpEd piece advocating exactly this next week, I feel I must. The EU has no excuse NOT to have a death penalty, look at their history.

Anonymous said...

"I'll be writing an OpEd piece advocating exactly this next week, I feel I must."

What? Write another article that either; you will not write, or that you'll have to give away for anyone else to read?

Lame Ass.

Anonymous said...

Kal, you mean like your dirtbag brother who leached off tax payers after he was fount GUILTY of trying to run over a cop?

Anonymous said...

Some people on Face Book do try and call Korff out as the asshole that he is.

Regarding the Norway bombing:

Jerry Lapiroff:
Please don't turn this into an opportunity for right wing propaganda. Better to look at the aspects of right wing ideology that give rise to these crazed incidents around the world.​1/07/24

Libby Brien:
So there is a question about who this guy really is and what his political and religious point of view and what his affiliations were. Apparently his Online profiles were changed after his arrest and there are questions about who changed them etc... so before everyone jumps with all the finger pointing.

Jerry Lapiroff:
Libby, there is a manifesto, a video, posing in military uniforms, assault weapons - it is so familiar. It would not be possible to change all of these things in the few hours after this tragedy. But the point I was making is that Kal is already trying to twist this to implicate policies associated with liberal ideologies. I personally find that disgusting.

Anonymous said...

And then, of course, Korff goes off on a LONG WINDED responses, blah, blah, blah. Keep in mind, this Jerry fellow and this Libby lady are two of the VERY, VERY FEW people who respond to Korff.

I won't bother posting the whole thing...

Kal Korff:

Dear Jerry,

I am greatly offended that you would DARE tell me what I "think" and feel. You are not only WRONG to do this, YOU are turning this into some sort of soap box issue.

Anonymous said...

So Jerry finds Kal's remarks 'disguting' and Kal is highly offended by that. Therein lies Kal's weak spot.

Anonymous said...


Amy Winehouse dies from drug overdose. (Why does Kal care?).

Norway shooter kills 92 young people. (Why does Kal care?.
The maximum sentence in Norway for that crime is 21 years in prison. No death penalty.

Today, another shooter in Texas kills 5 people. He 'got' the death penalty and shot himself to death. You happy about that Kal??

Anonymous said...

And, of course, during this lastest LONG rant regarding the Norway situation, Korff found it possible drop the Hitler bomb, again.

It seems that every chance Korff gets to drop the Jewish and Hitler bomb, he will shoe horn those terms into the rant.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: My heart goes out to the victims in Norway and their families. What makes this tragedy even more horrible, is that the country has no death penalty.

Little creepy homophobic loser. Reading about the shooter reminded me of one individual: Kal K. Korff. Religious conservative Islamophobic Israel worshipping maniac wannabe carrying fake police badges. There's even a Prague connection. Now KALVIN has a new hot button topic to goad his Flake Bookers into discussing with him. The Amy Winehouse obsession is also predictable, as is some sort of forthcoming claim to having known, met, or worked with her (i.e. "I knew Amy from my time in the UK delivering lectures ..." etc). She ain't alive now to deny it so why not.

Anonymous said...

"For the record we CANNOT "control" nor stop former S3 Agent Martina Tycova from doing as she sees fit."

Does this include a gang bang?

Anonymous said...

I bet Kal secretly whacks off to that Norwegian shooters pic

f1 racer
still not served

Jimmy_D said...

The Norway loser was in the habit of photographing himself in various cobbled-together military-type uniforms.

Remind you of another loser? Another scumbag?

Anonymous said...

mr lapiroff was one of kals teachers in high school

KalIsrael said...

more proof that Kal is anti-semetic: