Monday, July 11, 2011


The latest from Kernal Koward and King of Hatred Kal K. Korff.............""California Orders Gay History in Textbooks" Kal Korff: This is a moral disgrace, typical of California. It should NOT matter what their sexual preferences are, no one deserves "special treatment" because they swing whatever ways they choose. They should be "celebrated" based on what they did as HUMANS, not what kind of "sex" they prefer. Why not celebrate now the "achievements" of those into bondage, S&M, or swingers? Disgusting, sorry."

Sorry???? What does that twat Kal mean by saying sorry??? This is Kal feeling guilty about his stance because he knows it is WRONG TO HATE but he does it anyway. Kal PRETENDS to promote peace but it is clear here lads that Kal does believe in equal rights and peace for all.  Kal K. Korff is a PROMOTER OF HATE AND INTOLERANCE AND INJUSTICE. Gays have been persecuted, executed, tortured and targeted by HATE for hundreds of years. But do not bother telling Kal "Mr.Hate" Korff about that because the history of such atrocities matters not to him. I think Kal is sexually repressed and frustrated and FULL OF HATE. Kal thinks it is okay to pose with what appears to be a whore in the woods and to degrade women as lesser beings but thinks he is some kind of advocate for peace and understanding?????????  Kal K. Korff is a HYPOCRITE. Wake up Kal and get with the modern era of peace and understanding you fucking ignorant asshole.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff - December 18, 2010

"I like Judas Priest, always have. Was disappointed to learn that their lead singer was gay, but to each his own."

That's a Face Book quote Korffers.

"... to each his own."

No, that's not you're saying here Korff.

The singer disappointed you because he's gay.


1. (of a person) Sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one's hopes or expectations.

You expected a straight person, you got a gay person.

You're disappointed.

Think this over, hater.


Brit_in_Prague said...

Actually, though I don't share his disappointment that Rob Halford is gay, I do agree with Karlton on this one.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

So you hate gays now, do you, Korff? My loathing for your boundless lies, spite, cruelty, dishonesty and dishonor knows no bounds. It is a constant ache in my side. If I ever catch up with you...

Anonymous said...

Apologise publicly to Mr S*dl*c*k, you loathesome piece of dung.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin at the rifle range.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a liar. And yet, do a current news search of the name Kal Korff and ZERO results come up.

A date search from 1-1-1997 to 7-12-2011 came up with 11 results, ALL - UFO and big foot related.

14 years Korff, 11 results.

Here's the search string:

What we see here fellow Korffer's is Kalvin Karlton Korff, running away from the lying ways of his old persona and now onto the new FAKE persona; Face Book Reporter Kalvin Korff.

Same old, same old. Promises and deadlines made, promises and deadlines broken.

Kalvin, who askes you for these promises and dealines? No one. Why, because no one every really interacts with you on Face Book, do they, little man....

We will not stop Korff. You can not hide from the truth.

You lying fuck.

Oh, any by the way, why would anyone publish a review, by you, a renown Windows hater, of a Windows OS? You hate Windows. A proper publication would never publish such a one-side Windows hating article.




Kal Korff: Some more columns of mine have been accepted by the mainstream media for publication and syndication. The latest ones review the schizophrenia in Pakistan, comment on Flash dying off and being replaced by HTML, and Facebook becoming a Telco provider essentially, and a preview of Windows 8, situation in Afghanistan, more deceptions by Obama, etc., They will be appearing worldwide soon, I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

"I am a volunteer Analyst, Author, Counterterrorism Advisor and Specialist, who writes and submits reports to various clients."

Run away little man, run away.

happy red mogul balloon said...

just one link kal! just one working link to an actual new "article" published by a website not hosted off your server or uploaded to scribd. just one! and the msnbc piece you conned your way into doesn't count, you already used that up and only got two sentences out of it anyway. you're a failure, kal!


happy red mogul balloon! said...

the topics he chose are all off fox news too, stuff thats already been reported. just like his books, always relying on actual writers to make his name, like colonel randle or stanton friedman. then kal comes in and tries to take credit. he is a horse's ass and a failure. everything he has tried to do in his life failed, including never having been invited back onto larry king live (even though he has lied repeatedly saying he was). how must it feel to know every day that you failed at everything? why, it must drive you crazy! and that's kal. driven even crazier than nature made him by his own inept failure. no wonder he hides in europe with no fixed address so his mistakes can't catch up with him as easily. if it was anyone else we were talking of it would be sad. but its just kal korff. a nobody who never did anything meaningful in 50 years. nothing.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Looks like Kalvin had better stop bullying, intimidating and harassing gay people on Flake Book:

Report those posts as abuse.

Jimmy_D said...

Where will all this end, Karlton?

Just ask yourself: where is this all going to end?

For God's sake, get a grip of yourself and make the most of the time that you have left.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he is? Is he even in Prague anymore?

Anonymous said...

He does seem to be in India....

Jimmy_D said...

Why do we think he's still in India? Any clues?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Just his past remarks and his current non remarks. He makes no comment concerning his current living situation.

And of course, he's married to an Indian Princess.... HA, ha, ha!


Anonymous said...

Never happened.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 17:05
Written by Public Relations (Kalvin Korff)

NEW Kal Korff EXPOSE Book on Annie Jacobsen Gets Released Over July 4th Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Kal's headlines need some editing:

NEW Kal Korff EXPOSE Book on Annie Jacobsen Never Gets Released Over July 4th Weekend and Never Will Just Like Everything Else Promised Over The Last 10 Years!

You're a scrub, Kal. An utter failure with no future watching the days wane in a delusional spin.

Anonymous said...

You are a man without honor, Korff.

And a man who has no honor is no man at all.

Anonymous said...

And yet, people on Face Book are asking for links to these articles, going back weeks now.

People are asking for a copy of these articles.



As expected.

Kalvin Karlton Korff, writing articles for no one, to be published nohere, to be seen by no one.


Kal Korff: My new columns, articles and OpEd pieces will start appearing on large media outlets which reach millions of people starting next week. Today I wrote articles about Hillary's visit to India coming up, why Geithner being there is a bozo decision since be should be focused on helping get a budget deal, and also world reaction to the Mumbai attacks. More articles tomorrow and every day, published soon.

Anonymous said...

And people are asking, and people are getting no response.

Allyson Christy: Fantastic, Kal. I'm happy for you. Provide the links, if you will!!

Anonymous said...

Same old crap.
'Coming soon', etc., etc. Never does.
World reaction to the Mumbai (India) latest attacks? Nothing new. Been happening since 2008. All done by Pakistan 'terrorists'.
Kal's nanodust doesn't seem to be doing it's job. LOL!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Poor Allyson, conned by a fraud who thrives on attention. But she's smart, she's asking for links and basing her approval on the presumption they will be supplied. She'll figure it out on her own when either nothing is forthcoming or the results don't measure up to what he has promised -- His articles published by major news outlets reaching millions of readers every day. Can't wait to see what he coughs up.

Kalvin also misinterprets the meaning of the article which triggered this thread. California isn't teaching gay lifestyle to students like a recruitment tactic, it's teaching the history of the gay social movement which is undeniably historic. It has literally changed the social landscape of American culture in a way that has nothing to do with orientation issues & does deserve to be taught the same way that the histories of race relations or women's rights are. And those subjects are not taught to try and recruit young minds, unless teaching tolerance of others who are maybe different is recruitment. You either are part of a social group or you aren't. Kalvin's FAILURE in making noise about it is that he personalizes everything to be about his needs, and since he is intolerant of homosexuals he cannot tolerate anything relating to homosexuals. Typical bigot. Close minded, ignorant, intolerant and terrified of anything other than a carbon copy of himself to the point where he is even willing to make a total asshole out of himself just for a chance to spread his hatred. People like that make my flesh crawl.

One wonders if Kalvin Korff's hatred of homosexuals is confined to males only. Or is lesbianism OK because of all the dirty magazine pictures he's seen over the years featuring female models posing together? That they aren't lesbians either but models participating in a paid photo session likely slips over his pointed head but its a valid point: Usually a distinction is made between gays (male) and lesbians (female). Kalvin's blanket intolerance apparently covers both genders. How about transsexuals and bisexuals too, does he hate them also? And what other social groups is Kalvin biased against? If Kal is intolerant of gays & lesbians then he is likely intolerant of other groups too. What a sad, aggressively stupid, insignificant little person he is.

Anonymous said...

Well said Unknown!


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: A new law signed, predictably, by Governor MoonBeam in California, says we must now teach lesbian and gay history to students starting in Kindergarten. Makes sense to me, let's indoctrinate them before they even know what straight sex is, or the basics of the birds and bees. California is insane in its government.​

Anonymous said...

Korff, contridicting himself....

Kal Korff: No, and I never said it did. My only point is that sex as a whole is not taught to 5 year olds. Now under this new law, their first official exposure to it is homosexuality, since "sex education" by law cannot be taught in California until many years later and it requires parental permission to even see a film of a baby being born. But not when we talk about gays, right?

I grew up in the Bay Area myself, lived there for years. I will never be gay either, and I never said informing one about them makes one.

Yes you are. You're basing your whole remarks on the theory that if you inform a kid about the gay lifestyle, the kid has a better chance to give that a try before giving striaght sex a try.

Seems clear to me.

Anonymous said...

'Don't ask, don't tell'.

Anonymous said...


The Unknown Korffer said...

OK, thinking about it, the starting in kindergarten detail is a bit pushy of the Californians. Kids don't understand things like that, and I know many adults who fail to as well. But once again here we have Kalvin Korff exploiting children to promote his own agenda which is himself. Kalvin is the last person in the world who should be talking/writing about what's best for kids. He isn't a parent, he isn't a teacher, he doesn't contribute to society. He is an overgrown brat who refuses to live by society's terms, which is why he had to flee the US and go hide like a coward from his mistakes in life, as somebody put it earlier. Most grownups face their youthful errors & atone for them, which is what distinguishes a man from a boy. Kalvin doesn't care about children any further than using them can enhance his reputation, but then again he doesn't care about anyone else but himself to begin with. He's a sociopath.

So how long can he keep up this mainstream editorial journalist fantasy? I'm thinking August 1 is about as far as he will be able to stretch it. Two weeks, the usual span of time before he gets bored and either slips up or thinks of a more exciting lie to try out. What matters isn't even what his Flake Book followers think but how he feels about it, and I doubt he's getting much out of this current fantasy.

The Unknown Korffer said...

by Governor MoonBeam in California, says we must now teach lesbian and gay history to students starting in Kindergarten.

LOL just realized that Kalvin has suddenly altered his mantra after reading this board, picking up on the distinction between gay men and lesbian women to try and appear less ignorant. GLAD TO HAVE HELPED SCHOOL YA, FUCKWIT!!

Such a fucking dumbass. I'm smarter than you are, Kal! nyaa nyaa nyaa. ;]~

Anonymous said...

Here's on of the responses to Korff's post.

This was made 11 hours ago, no response from Korff....

Gee I wonder why?

In the end, the cats outta the bag. Kids have access to the internet; kids have access to images I never could have seen back in the '70's. Playboy was one thing, the internet is quite another. It's a much different world than it was. Also, I (and Kal) have no kids so our opinion, while valid to some degree, is not based on personal “parental” experiences or parental responsibilities.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

boy hes probably pissed off as hell about that one

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

No response to the "You have no kids" remark.

No response to "Please give me some links to check out your artciles."

ZERO Korff results after doing a Google news search.

Korff, ranting, today about his Gay remarks.

Will go over what he's yelling about and will post best remarks here.

Anonymous said...

Why would one be disappointed that a rock singer is gay?

This has nothing to do with the music, this has everything to do with the person naking the statement.

Kalvin Karlton Korff: "I am NOT "anti-gay," although there are lying haters and extremists on the Internet who claim I am. My position has ALWAYS been clear and it has never changed: homosexuality is of course an individual choice.

Anonymous said...

A lesbian hands it to Korff

Deb Singh: What is NORMAL? Are YOU normal? As a lesbian, heterosexual sex is about as far from normal FOR ME as you can get. I think this is about educating towards "acceptance" - not that revolting and arrogant word "tolerance" which automatically implies that you are taking a "superior" stance. It's about educating us to appreciate, acknowledge and validate difference. And teaching us to question what "normal" means. As I said, what is normal for me is not for you - AND THAT'S OK because it's OK to be different.

Anonymous said...

But you are disappointed in them, aren't you Kalvin....

Kalvin Karlton Korff: I have NEVER allowed any person I know of not to be a friend of mine just because they are gay or bisexual. This is their personal choice, I DO have friends who are both, I do not discriminate, just like I do NOT care what color a person's skin is, I am also a Jew who has many Muslim friends, and none of them are Islamofascists.

Anonymous said...

Face Book

Korff, posting Obama bashing links like a mad man today.

Anonymous said...

And where is your .PDF review Korff?

Ha, ha, ha!

Devastating critique of Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 book, by
Robert S. Norris and Jeffrey T. Richelson:

sqkjgwdfjlkfgerytgiujg said...

korff is using the gay issue to spark interaction. he could give two shits what anybody thinks about anything and is not looking for meaningful dialog. just attention.

Anonymous said...

funny, quite sometime ago Kal was slamming on Pink about being pregnant, something about not being able to decide whether she was straight, or bi.. but he loves Fergie who has admitted to being with other women,,,,does he know this...dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey Anthony get's out of prison tomorrow Kal. You two should hook up. You have alot in common as far as lying is concerned. Just think of it, a couple of pathological liars in love!

Anonymous said...

But wait, Kal, not so long ago you said homosexuality was a sin. Looks like you need to choose your god or the gays. After all, Kal, you like saying you can't have it both ways. I am always amused by bigots like Kal that get called out and now suddenly he has gay friends. Lol. And why would Kal ever say 'sorry' for saying he believes homosexuality is wrong?? Poor dumb Kal is just another hate filled, sexually repressed extremist too afraid to look at the real world.

happy red mogul balloon! said...

kal korff doesn't know what the word friend means. or love or honor or honesty. total psycho.

Anonymous said...

January 2011 - Kal announces that he is having his own superb article printed in a certain UFO magazine...

July 14th 2011 - The magazine announces that it will cease to exist...

Coincidence, Kal?

Anonymous said...

Kal has gay and Muslim friends?
A blatant lie.
Kal has NO friends, period.