Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kal K. Korff is a TERRORIST!!

While Kernal Kooky pretends to fight against terrorist the reality is that Kal is a terrorist on the internet through his website and his youtube videos where he declares to be suing or reporting people or is going to have them arrested. Let us revisit some of those grand delusions by looking at the very words from Kal himself.

Straight from Kal's own website.  If memory serves there never was any prosecution and Kal's brother was sentenced to prison after being found GUILTY of trying to assault the police.

No lawsuits and nothing ever happened. Another CONvenient lie from website terrorist Kal.
Once again lads nothing ever happened even though Kal on with promises.
No police complaint was ever filed. this is utter nonsense.

This ray Santilli chap must get a lot of laughs from Kal. There are SO MANY LIES Kal has published.  gander on lads gander on.


Anonymous said...

That's the BEST post EVER KIAI!!!!


Anonymous said...

A fine job indeed!

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL @ age: 36 :D Threatening "1,000 media alerts" would definitely be a cyber harassment campaign. Stalker!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the KMPG audit you promised, Kal? L-I-A-R

Anonymous said...

Save us Obi Wan Korff!

First time dummies used YHWH in many months as well.

Kal Korff: Does anyone know how much FEA President Andy Ford's salary is in Florida? I am trying to find out if he is another overpaid Union exec. Please email me or post the info here. Thanks, and Happy 4th of July, may YHWH continue to bless the USA despite the two parties ruining it.

Anonymous said...

i have never pretended to be jewish just to give me some kind of moral authority to hold over everybody else, nor have i ever exploited the people of israel to get attention on facebook from women who would not go out with me when we were 14

Anonymous said...

oh wait, wrong thread

Anonymous said...

Andy Ford's salary is nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Another self imposed deadline missed.

June 29, 2011

Kal Korff: BREAKING NEWS! Here is the cover of my next book, it is a definitive expose of Area 51/Roswell myth huckster, Annie Jacobsen. Its title is: EXPOSED! Annie Jacobsen's Area 51 Book Scandal, it should be out by the end of this week, just in time for the anniversary of the Roswell "UFO crash" MYTH of 1947. The book is dedicated to Guy Weddle, who lied when he said that I've never exposed anyone. He knew better.

Jimmy_D said...

Well, it was the very first of those clips that really cemented my loathing of you, Korff.

"CIO and CTO"? You were hired as a freelance English teacher for Mr S*dl*c*k's employees. Nothing more. And you never even got around to doing any teaching, so eager were you to set about cheating and dishonouring this fine man.

You are a worthless piece of dung, "Colonel". God help you if I ever get my hands on you.

Anonymous said...

You are evil, Korff.

The Unknown Korffer said...

It would be interesting to determine a timeline of KALVIN'S dealings with that humanitarian agency. Pin down exactly how long it took Kal after signing whatever he is shown signing to then parade into Cables & Simms and falsely represent himself as an "officer" of the agency and swindle off the goods he then filmed himself doling out to unwitting Czech citizens.

My theory has always been that Kal found himself hard-up for a thousand dollars or so, likely for rent money. He offered to sell Apple products at a dirt-cheap can't say no price, took the buyers' money and paid his rent or whatever it was for. But the issue of delivering product needed to be resolved so he used the humanitarian aid agency as a ruse to get Cables & Simms to fork over the product under the assumption that he would just get Dot Joss to replace it for him before anybody found out, and try to work a fraudulent "return" of the merchandise to the store once the replacements arrived.

If I recall from the time Kalvin was spending a lot of time shuttling between post offices & the US embassy (or so he claimed). My suspicion has always been that he encountered a customs seizure of the goods before he could waddle back to Cables & Simms with his invoice and pretend to be returning them, which caused a delay in his scheme. However it worked out, before Kal could complete the scam, Milos Bartu contacted the humanitarian agency asking for payment on Kalvin's invoice at which point the fraud was revealed.

Hence his historic indignation at Bartu and attitude that he did nothing wrong. If memory serves this was also about the same time as the long scheduled debate with Kevin Randle, with Korff subsequently claiming that "terrorists" had threatened him: Could that have been his landlord issuing an eviction notice for the unpaid rent? Or maybe Cables & Simms' collections people getting aggressive after the humanitarian agency denied dispatching Kalvin to obtain Apple product on their tab?


The Unknown Korffer said...

The events were almost surely related and initiated the "Kal Korff On the Run" era which included an unsuccessful attempt to flee to Switzerland (the "Mobile English" trip). Korff at one point claimed to have signed a deal with a Swiss landlord but nothing ever came of it but some meek, pointless video footage obviously filmed during a very brief journey to Switzerland. It didn't work out, he returned to Prague and has had no fixed address since, at one point even claiming that he has to relocate often for security purposes related to having secretly briefed President Obama on missile defense and that Secret Service elements kept him under constant surveillance.

Dollops of truth mixed in with an important man fantasy no doubt, with Czech police being the ones conducting the surveillance and the reason to keep moving to avoid having to answer to Milos Bartu's charges and the sad eyed wondering of the humanitarian as to why anybody would have taken advantage of him like that. Kal Korff is indeed an evil, despicable little prick.

Happy Fourth of July, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Unknown, I tried contacting Cable and Simms on a number of occasions for an update, etc.

Nothing, ever.

As far as the 4th of July goes....

Another self imposed deadline missed by Korff.

Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Korff is still pretty much MIA on FB. He checks in once a day, once every couple of days. Posting Obama and Apple news links.

I did notice, as is Korff's way, that when a "friend" does respond to a post, pretty rare in any case, Korff MUST out do them.

Case in point:

A recent response had a word count of - 221

Korff's over blown, ranting response - 539

A common cyber bully tactic; It doesn't matter if Korff agrees with the poster or not, all that matters is that his remarks are longer and seemingly more in depth and more, should I say it...


Fat chance lair.


Anonymous said...

some female must have commented about how he spent an awful lot of time on facebook for somebody who claims to be leading the free world.

Don Ecker said...

"A vicious backbiting sneaky little


Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff, saving the world from UFO believers.

Kal Korff: FRAUD ALERT! You might want to be aware of a UFO nutter scam being run by "Baba Ed Sanders" who claims to worship "aliens" and of course Andromeda is involved. He likes to use the word "offworlder" — he isn't even original, ripped this name off from science fiction. I am now blocking him, I don't have time for more UFO CONspiracy nuts, I value life too much.

Anonymous said...

FRAUD ALERT! You might want to be aware of a nut named Kal K. Korff who claims to be a "colonel" in an organization that does not exist. He likes to use the word "lierally" and often misspells words — he isn't even original, stealing valor from the great men and women actually serving in the military. several peopl ehave blocked him, I don't have time for more military frauds, I value life too much.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 17:05

NEW Kal Korff EXPOSE Book on Annie Jacobsen Gets Released Over July 4th Weekend!

News - Latest

Written by Public Relations

Anonymous said...

So let's celebrate YOU for what you've done Kalvin....

Of wait, that's what we do here, everyday.

"California Orders Gay History in Textbooks"

Kal Korff: This is a moral disgrace, typical of California. It should NOT matter what their sexual preferences are, no one deserves "special treatment" because they swing whatever ways they choose. They should be "celebrated" based on what they did as HUMANS, not what kind of "sex" they prefer. Why not celebrate now the "achievements" of those into bondage, S&M, or swingers? Disgusting, sorry.

sdsgqdsw;gjklahsdg said...

Worthless knuckle dragging homophobe. John Lennon and Freddy Mercury spit on your bigotry MR. Korff. Have fun on your shift at Mcdonalds or cleaning public toilets, about the only work you are suitable for.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Lying, worthless scum.

Anonymous said...

So where was the great Kal K. Korff, 'author of the best selling book on the Roswell case', while all this was happening?

Nothing like being famous eh?

Stan Friedman, Kevin Randle and the others laugh at you. So do I.


Anonymous said...

actually cleaning public toilets is an important function and requires someone who is reliable and consistent on their work. korff is a lazy disreputable sack of shit reliant upon others, i wouldn't let him near them.

Kurt Peters said...

...looks like pro-UFO 'researcher' Phil Imbrogno is a graduate of the Korff Kredentials Inflation Academy:

Jimmy_D said...

If I ever meet you, "Colonel", I will take pleasure in reducing you to a pile of steaming viscera.

You are lying scum.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before the great man started up with the HUGE lies once again.

Read on Korffers:

Kal Korff: I have written an OpEd piece for a major intl newspaper on how disgusting, blatant, manipulative Obama has been re playing politics re the execution of the self-confessed murderer/rapist from Mexico. As I continue to talk to major papers, ALL are telling me they're disillusioned with Obama, and as long as I stick to facts, I can write away and I will, the journalist in me demands it, public deserves the truth!

Skip Wayland: Sooo, Kal, where's the OpEd..??

Kal Korff: It will appear shortly, in several papers and is also being syndicated. I have written over ten articles in the last few days, three today, and have a new book exposing Annie Jacobsen's new Area 51 book due out any day now. I have been swamped, I apologize to everyone he's on FB for not having much time to engage everyone. The piece on Obama nails him hard, I am more familiar with this case than he is, and it is hard hitting. Since the media will be publishing it around the world, and it will be in papers and on the Internet, Obamaheads can't "dismiss" it as just my personal opinion. I support everything I expose with facts, even if people don't like them.


David Burnette: I like Kal. He sees through a lot of junk.

Anonymous said...

>>> I have written over ten articles in the last few days, three today <<<

Yeah, right. And where do we see these? On your web site...

>>> I have been swamped, <<<

Yeah, right. Writing those articles nobodies going to see?

More lies.

Anonymous said...

'An intl newspaper'? OK, so give us the name of it.
'Several papers'? OK, what papers?
...'will appear shortly'? OK, how long do we wait?

Writing a book about a book? Now that's a new one. To be published by Prometheus no doubt!

Nothing but fluff and hot air just to get some minor attention, in fact, ANY attention.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Where's the article Korff?

Kal Korff: Hi Skip, I sent you an advance copy of the OpEd piece, reaction has been positive so far.

Anonymous said...

" Korff: Hi Skip, I sent you an advance copy of the OpEd piece, reaction has been positive so far."

When you're the only one critiquing your material, the "reaction" should come as no surprise. How did a bumbling cunt like Kal K. Korff ever make it this long???

Admit it, Kal, you're a complete fuck up. You are not writing for any international newspapers. You have not published thousands of articles. You do not have a 500 book deal. You do not have a high IQ. You are delusional.

Anonymous said...

No .PDF book released over the Jult 4th weekend. No OpEd article released yesterday.

Same old.


Anonymous said...


>>> I will happily print a retraction and so will the newspapers carrying it. <<<

Interesting. No paper has printed it yet, and now Kalvin thinks he can force the papers that aren't printing it to print others remarks about it as well.

Fuck Nut indeed.

Kal Korff The Supreme Court, which is the Law of the Land, already ruled on this years before Obama was president, their decision was firm and upheld by every lower court as well. That's not a conspiracy, it is undeniabke evidence Obama had no case. ...

When the treaty was signed it was illegal and unenforceable and unconstitutional.

My commentary and OpEd piece stands, because I have no evidence Obama was right, since years before he became president the issue was moot, and the SC is right to stop Obama from having them make rulings for laws which do not exist and most likely never will.

They were right to rebuke him, they did swiftly, because it was ruled illegal years ago and Obama's arguments would not hold up. Obama did this to score cheap political points, you know the games be plays whenever Texas is involved and a potential rival for the presidency.

At least the Texas and all the courts were consistent, Obama's not. I repeat, ALL of the courts ruled what the SC eventually ruled anyway, that the treaty was illegal and unenforceable and could not be used to compel any state to enforce it, legally or otherwise.

I will send you a copy of my OpEd piece, if you can disprove it objectively I will happily print a retraction and so will the newspapers carrying it.

Anonymous said...

By the way,

Do a current search on the name Korff, a NEWS search and guess what?

Nothing comes up in regards to our genuine idiot, Kalvin Karlton Korff.



Do an archive search of Korff and 10 - TEN results pop up, all having to do with UFO's and Bigfoot.

Not a single return regarding any other activities Korff has lied about over the last 10 years.

So, there you go.


The Unknown Korffer said...

So now he's pretending to be law expert Stuart Taylor, providing commentary to help explain the complex nature of Constitutional Law to lay people who don't have his experience in such matters.


Kalvin K. Korff's extent of expertise in legal issues is fully documented in the court filing's from the Josephine County case against Kalvin's dirtbag brother who tried to murder two sheriff's deputies while committing a crime. Kalvin's meddling in the case caused his family's lawer to QUIT due to conflicts of interest -- namely protecting her own reputation after realizing that Kal was a mentally unstable pathological liar with delusions of grandeur, that his Super Duper Services crap was the infantile fantasy of a deranged mind, and that Kurtis K. Korff was almost surely guilty of attempted vehicular homicide. The family lost the case and what was almost a guaranteed payout from the state. Kal fucked it all up for them big time.

That is Kal Korff's complete resume in legal expertise. He is not an expert in Supreme Court law anymore than he is an expert in Israeli small arms tactics. A wannabe. and now he wants to be Stuart Taylor.

Back to my front porch, the half empty beer, my friends, and the young ladies roller skating down the block in the warm July sunshine.

Anonymous said...

one has this mental image of little kal in his lt. worf pajamas scurrying into the kitchen to announce "im a law journalist now, mommy!" and dot joss answers "that's nice kalvin, i am sure you will be the best. now eat your cereal like a good little boy before it gets all soggy in the milk." and he is proud all day knowing that he was praised for his fantasy by a grown up. only with a 50 year old man in place of an 8 year old, the image is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

New video!!!!!!

Subscribe and friend this guy NOW!

Anonymous said...

July 7th, 2012....

Kalvin Karlton Korff: "I have written an OpEd piece for a major intl newspaper ..."

Really? Funny thing, when I do a news search of the name Kal Korff, nothing comes up for the last month.



You can't lie and hide anymore Korff.

Lying, lair.


Anonymous said...

Kalvin Korff - Little Shit

Don Ecker's video "Little Shit" has now gone over 500 views.

Way to go Don!

Art Bell's Microphone said...

Unbelievable! The doofus can't even write a fake lawyer letter without making it obvious who is doing the writing in the first sentence.

Legal scholar! I bet he's an astronaut, too.

Anonymous said...

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