Monday, July 25, 2011

Kal K. Korff FAILS to stop Norway attack!

"Kal Korff: My heart goes out to the victims in Norway and their families. What makes this tragedy even more horrible, is that the country has no death penalty."

Kal boasts of being some sort of terrorism expert with a very high IQ. If Kal is such an expert on terrorism and so smart what then kept him from stopping or predicting the latest terror act in Norway? Lads it is because Kal K. Korff is NOT involved in anti terrorism on any level outside his own delusional state.

What is truly concerning here lads is how much Kal and this Norway terrorist have in common.


Anonymous said...

Why does anyone even comment on this loser Korff now? This bird turd is not even relevant in any manner and I am sure he must be coming here just to see how we still discuss him. It must feed this moron's ego somehow. Any publicity, even bad publicity must feed this asshole. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Busy, doing what?

Julie Christensen: Hey Kal! What's shakin'?

Kal Korff: I am fine, thanks, but swamped, too much to do, not enough time, but that's life. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Regarding why we bother with Korff.

Because we find him vile.

It's a kick to see him respond to this blog and video channel

It's great watching him change his fake persona based on our Korffing work.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Because we are taking an active role in countering the Korff con job on anyone who comes across him. Kalvin is not a journalist, he is not a consultant or analyst, he has no television deals or radio shows, books destined for print publication or anyone printing his "OpEd" pieces online or off. It's all a fraud, it may not necessarily be for financial gain but it's a fraud nonetheless and he needs to be exposed for what he is. The common hope we have is that one or more of these people suckered into engaging him in dialog find his claims to be unbelievable, do their own web search of his name and end up here.

Anonymous said...

What Unknown said.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Interesting how the similarities between the Korffling and this maniac in Norway keep stacking up: The guy was exempt from the mandatory conscription into the Norwegian army and had no military training. But he liked to take pictures of himself in military style "uniform" costumes, often posing with weapons. And requested that he be allowed to wear an unspecified "uniform" costume while addressing the court during his arraignment. The request was denied. The myth of the gunman only getting 21 years max in the Norwegian prison system is also a bogus myth -- the sentence can be extended indefinitely if the prisoner is deemed to be a risk to society. So much for Norway letting the guy off easy.

The maniac was also apparently the product of a broken home resulting from divorce including an aloof, alienated father who broke off contact with the budding lunatic when he was 16. Former classmates speak of him as being intelligent but having grandiose tendencies & an inflated ego, and that he saw himself as being on a sort of quest to save Europe from Islamic influence. He also floated a bogus farming company front to provide a readymade excuse for purchasing bomb making materials. Very similar to how Critical Thinkers, UFO Watchcat and his Prymera.Org (or whatever it is) humanitarian aid scam served as bogus fronts in a weak bid to make Kalvin appear legitimate.

The Unknown Korffer said...

LOL not to mention the use of YouTube and Scribd as platforms on which to host his rambling, demented, delusional propaganda. The videos especially are strikingly similar to Kalvin's from his YouTube salad days. If Korff had any sense he'd be cringing at the similarities and being very, very quiet about any of this before his own people recognize how close his own approach is to the lunatic in Norway. Have fun explaining yourself, Kal!

Anonymous said...

The similarities between Kal and the Norway shooter are indeed very unusual. Two of a kind?
Hopefully Kal won't go to such extreme measures if and when he ever gets his hands on a weapon other than a paintball gun!

Anonymous said...

Kal, Santa in a floppy hat owns your ass.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Santa in a Floppy Hat will be releasing a few more videos very soon. All new info from what I've been told.

SIAFH owns you Korff.


The Unknown Korffer said...

Let us know if the former Colonel Korff (now retired to a career as an OpEd journalist) starts crowing about John Kerry's Swift Boat buddy being stripped of his Silver Star. Shameful for sure, and it would be even more shameful to see a proven military wannabe fraud try to make any hay out of it.

Anonymous said...

Will do Unknown.

Korff's been using FB very little of late.

BTW, I was contacted by a person whom you will all know about.

This person has been maligned in a few Korff videos and he's never gone public, until now.

This looks to be a very interesting new round of Korffing for the ages friends.

Over the next few weeks material will be looked over, sorted through and then in some form; videos, web site, e-mails, it will all be released.

Korff will not be happy that his past fake persona will have to be dealt with once again.

Run away kalvin, run away. If you can.



Anonymous said...

The information is coming in.

While doing some research on this material, I thought I'd do a Kal Korff search on the BBC web site, and various media outlets in Europe and the CZ. Other than the CZ throw away newspaper Korff wrote for, nothing comes up. Zero.

I thought I would get something regarding Korff's claim that he was on the BBC on November 29th, 2007, as an expert, invited unsolicited, to talk about missile defense. One would ass-ume that there would be something up there with Korff's name attached to it.

If you want to help out our next Korffing release. Do some searches and see if you can find any Korff related news article which we haven’t seen yet?

I’m coming up empty.

Brit_in_Prague said...

Regarding Karlton's BBC claim - he actually got confused and couldn't get his story straight.

One of his claims was the following: " announced today that its President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, has been invited to participate in an upcoming panel of experts by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) concerning the proposed Missile Defense Shield which is being planned for the countries of Poland and the Czech Republic."

But there were variations on this (with varying levels of grandiosity), including "I ... agreed to do a series of interviews, one of which was with the BBC..." and "Colonel Kal Korff has been chosen to be the Host and official spokesman for a series of upcoming spots on Missile Defense technologies and the proposed Missile Defense Systems which are being constructed as part of a global, international effort.

For more details, see:

Anonymous said...

What a stupid, stupid, stupid man you are, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Thx Brit. So many lies.

In the end, nothing comes up while searching any of this.

My request will make sense soon.

I received dozens of e-mails concerning my new "contact of interest" this morning.

Krazy Korff at his best.

As I sift through these rants I'll forward any gems along to other Korffers for their review.

Anonymous said...

i think we have new weapon to deal with Kal:

i suggest people fill it out and send it off. i did, and the more that do the better the chance they will go after him

f1 racer

Anonymous said...

Done F1.

BTW, I'm just starting on this new material. While it's nothing new to us, by and large, there is a lot of amazing info here.

I need to file it in order, no small feat as you might expect; Korff wrote many dozen e-mails all day long....

I think a proper document web site might work best here to present this material. There's just so much text and of course, .PDF's.

Korff is going to hate this release of material.

This episode really turns a pin point – laser beam focus on just how crazy Korff is and just how far he would go to make his lunatic point.

Identity theft is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, he has run away from this past fake persona, if not the activity as well.

However, if nothing else, this historical and factual information needs to be made public so anyone and everyone who happens upon our favorite and genuine idiot have the opportunity to research Kalvin Karlton Korff before they engage him.

More proof that Korff is a sad, lonely, pathetic little shit.

Anonymous said...

Good work, f1 & FN.

How I would love to see Kal's name up in lights on the Stolen Valor site.

Your past is catching up with you, Kernal Colon.

Anonymous said...

Those long bus rides must suck Kalvin?

You'll post the first of those pieces... ha, ha, ha!

What about the dozen "other" articles and that 500 page book?

Ha, ha, ha!

Bruce Williams: Welcome back Kal... which continent are you on today?

Kal Korff: Hi, on travel, spread over several, writing several pieces for various media. Nice to hear from you my friend. I'll post the first of these pieces in a few days after publication.

Anonymous said...

I've gone through the new Korff e-mails. They total about 80 e-mails, sent to a group of people, over a 2 month period.

Long, ranting, full of hatred, as one would expect based on Korff's previous, fake, persona.

They came with a number of photos and .PDF images as well. Many of these you've seen and many I don't think you have.

In any case, a proper presentation method is being sorted out.

All material will be presented, uncut and unedited.

Well, some e-mail address will be removed for obvious reason.

... when dealing with the insane.

The Unknown Korffer said...

I went back to look at the hallowed website's Miltary Phonies pages and the number of new Stolen Valor cases posted just since 2011 started is *staggering*. There are at least as many new cases within the past calendar year as there were to begin with when I started reading about it there in 2009.

Kal's attempts to wriggle out of the Stolen Valor charge at the time he was pursuing this fraud is nothing new either, Two names may speak volumes for the approach he has used, starting with one PETE SUMARUK who's epic fairy tale & continuing drama can be found here:

It makes for very entertaining if gut-churning reading. Two attributes of Sumaruk's approach stand out, namely his long term use of an internet sock named "Charlotte" who functions much in the same way that Martina & Avim did for KALVIN during his Kernal Korff era. Including the same typing style, IP addresses, obsessions, etc. The second was Sumaruk's attempt to divert the charge by changing the history of his fraud. Rather than continuing to insist he was a Navy SEAL, he came up with a "civilian combatant" angle that is almost identical to KALVIN's private organization SAPSTOE angle. They even have it documented on that page when he changed the wording to try and save his bacon. Sadly like Kal he seems to have a never ending supply of new suckers to try the fraud out on, which in his case serves as the basis for a "free energy" scam that is so preposterous that even our old friend Dr. Steven Greer told Pete to go screw people on his own time. Then became the target for an ongoing smear campaign very similar to the ones launched against Don Ecker, Kevin Randle, the Paracast crew, etc.

The other name which leapt out at me was a new one, WOLFGANG HAMMERSMITH, a self-styled gaming guru specializing on the online strategy shooter "Black Ops" who spun an evolving, ultra-ridiculous tale of derring-do that puts even Kal K. Korff's shifting history to the task. He's exposed marvelously here on a discussion board for Special Operational Forces professionals:

One thing that stood out about Wolfgang's saga is that he has taken his mission onto FLAKE BOOK and spawned a massive following of pigeons who seem all too willing to believe his crap, buy his books, subscribe to his gaming advice columns, etc. He's kind of a working model of what Kal Korff could have done with his deception if he wasn't such an inept, lazy little turd.

I was also thinking that the Professional Soldiers forum community might be one who can help, mostly because it should go without saying that they likely have contacts with Israeli connections, since Kal's scam was more targeting Israel's reputation as rutless badasses than anyone else. His main Stolen Valor charge as it pertains to US military was unauthorized use of rank insignia -- though who knows what he may have been up to in person while trotting around Prague actively pursuing his counter-intel analyst fantasy.

Tread lightly on that board though, might be wiser to privately message one of the regulars first and ask if he might be willing to look in on our discussion here & see if there's anything they get from it (besides laughter). Stolen Valor is a legal concept specific to the US, maybe they even know of a more international based community who would take delight in exposing the sham for what it was.

Anonymous said...

Well done Unknown.

Santa in a Floppy Hat posted a couple new videos:

SIAFH says he has a huge Korffieleak planned fore the near future.

The mind races as to what this material might be.

Well done Korffers.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Way cool, doing more Stolen Valor reading and another case reminds me of an additional attribute Kalvin is sharing with many of these freaks: Deleting web posts, pages, pictures, videos or other online documents relating to the fraud once it has run its course, soured, or they have been confronted/outed/exposed for the con.

The last time I recall KALVIN as pursuing his counter-intel SAPSTOE analyst Kidon commando was the Thanksgiving posts where he mentioned "dinner with the troops" followed by the paintball game. After that it was his Kal Korff Show fraud followed by the recent stint as a Flake Book based journalist for those who don't read Drudge. Seems somewhere between Thanksgiving and early spring Kalvin had this change of heart, first dropping the exaggerated Jewish YWHWH stuff, then backing away from the SAPSTOE persona. It would be interesting to try and determine when his final post as "Colonel Korff" was made, or at least when the last time he referred to himself as a colonel was.

Anonymous said...

You are worthless vermin, Korff. I look forward to your extradition and incarceration in Guantanamo Bay.

Anonymous said...

I detest you, "KalIsrael". I loathe you. I despise you.

Anonymous said...

Korffieleak. Now that is the single best word I have read in a very long time.

Anonymous said...

And 15 years later, like Korff’s promise to sue a long list of people, there is nothing, especially the truth.

Kal Korff: Obama "promised" that by 2025 thanks to laws be would pass, 25% of all energy would be renewable. He also stressed the "hundreds of thousands of jobs" this visionary policy would create. Now three years later, like his "promise" for immigration reform there is nothing, especially new jobs.


Anonymous said...


Please make the stolen valour webpage link a front of the blog story or something. everyone that comes here needs to see it right at the entrance so as many people as possible file a complaint against kal

f1 racer

Anonymous said...


Please make the stolen valour webpage link a front of the blog story or something. everyone that comes here needs to see it right at the entrance so as many people as possible file a complaint against kal

f1 racer

Jimmy_D said...

Oh Karlton, I am hugging myself with anticipation at the next stage of your public humiliation.

But just remember - a public acknowledgement of all your lies and crimes, followed by a swift and permanent end to your internet presence (YouTube, FB, joke of a website) is all it will take for us to back off and leave you alone.

You brought all this on your own head, and you can end it just as easily.

Liar. Scum.

Brit_in_Prague said...

I wouldn't like to be KalIsrael Karlton Korff right now. Things continue to get really bad for him.

Anonymous said...

Two recent FB questions to Kal:

'Hey Kal, what's shakin?'

'What continent are you on?'

Poor dumb and dense headed Kal didn't realize that those were loaded questions. i.e., they were toying with him and he thought they were serious! LOL


Anonymous said...

Proof Korff reads this blog and watchs the KIAI videos.

Today: 3 posts regarding his 21 page (NOT 500 page) expose that nobody is reading and that nobody reported on.

Thanks for checking in Kalvin. Ha, ha, ha!

Kal Korff: Here's another link for the FREE DOWNLOAD of my new Xpose of Annie Jacobsen and her "Hitler Diaries" style bestselling book on Area 51. Since publications like the LA Times and NY Times PRAISED her book for being "accurate and factual," this Xpose proves that they could not be more wrong, but that's the LA Times and NY Times for you, they've become the lamestr
eam media now.

Bruce Williams: Thanks for the read ahead! You saved me $29.99 :)))

Kal Korff: Anytime my friend.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Bruce Williams: Thanks for the read ahead! You saved me $29.99 :)))

Kal Korff: Anytime my friend.

Why do I get the feeling Kalvin misconstrued Bruce's thanks at having saved him from buying Kalvin's book rather than Annie's ...

Anonymous said...

You so right Unknown.

A quick tally of the "Likes" and comment total for Korff's dozen or so posts over the last 24 hours is quite lame, and very low. A skateboarding Bulldog gets more response from his FB friends.

In any case, a search of the web using the name "kal korff" comes up with virtually nothing.

One would think that after 15 years of book writing and freedom fighting and nanobot's and super models, more would arise regarding our genuine idiot.

Alas, there's really nothing, no news reports, zero, to back up his claims.

Korff, we've done as you asked; "Go look it up yourself, it's all there!"

It's not. The internet doesn’t hid things Korff. From time to time it may be more difficult to find things but, in your case, no. You have this name, Kal Korff, a name which search engines have zero issues with. John Smith, yes, Kal Korff, no.

Technology ruined your game Korff.

You, “a recognized expert and pioneer in computer-based multimedia systems who helped develop Apple Computer’s revolutionary HyperCard software — the ancestor to the Internet software Browser.”

You, brought down by the very technology you lied about, way back in 1997.


Anonymous said...