Monday, October 3, 2011

Can we add PLAGIARIST to the list? I think so lads!

 One of our many fine Korffers here has pointed out that not only is Kal so far behind the real news but that Kal is likely also a PLAGIARIST!!! read from the info posted here lads. Not only is Kal completely unoriginal but the fool cannot even keep up with the world in real time!!

A web site posts this info on September 20, 2011:

Korff posts this on September 29, 2011:

Google Introduces New eWallet for Smartphone Users

See for yourself Korffer's. While not a word for word rip off, it's very close.

So there you have it!  Kal K. Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!!!!! Poor dumb Kal. How many more times does Kal have to be EXPOSED?????????? Steve Jobs wouldn't know Kal from some passing flatulence. You had your 15 minutes Kal and that was last century. Too bad you're not bright enough to realize the time to move on passed long ago. And I wonder Kal if you are in Prague legally. I doubt it. Perhaps a call to the embassy should be made but I have no doubt that your name is the source of a lot of amusement there already.


Anonymous said...

Kal a plagiarist? You bet! Benn doing it all his life. Steal copyright material and claim it to be his. A few lawsuits forced him to leave the US and head for Prague to avoid prosecution.
His Scribd articles are just the same - a few minor words added or deleted and he claims full copyright to them. Joker!

The Unknown Korffer said...

Interesting that there's no date of publication noted before the first line of Little Kalvin's pretend newspaper article. Which was supposedly printed in English.

In what city, by which newspaper, and when? Since there's no way to ask or determine any of that independently of further input from Korff the safe logical conclusion is that it's all make-believe. Just like the counter terrorism colonel handing out free iPads to promote world peace.

Sorry, Kal! but it just won't work.

Anonymous said...

Also, Korff's pushing videos he's in or involved with on Face Book again.

Note that he tells people, once again, that this video will be posted soon, etc.

How many times, HOW MANY TIMES will this loser lie to the public?

I'd say lie to friends, but he has none, even on Face Book.

Like the video showing Korff sending off the manuscript for his 10 years in the making book? Never been seen, never been posted.

Or like the claim Korff was sending off chapters of his book(s) to people to read over. Korff has sent out material from that unfinished manuscript, he's never sent out completed chapters for review.

Lying Liar.

Oh, and that's for checking in Korff.

I hear that Kern Korff site is ready for a re-launch.

Suck on that Korff.

Oh, this video has so many views because it has BUZZED in the title. People search out BUZZED, not KORFF.


Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: Here's a video that popular with nearly 43,000 views. It shows me getting my head shaved off in Prague. A few days later, I posed as a Neo-Nazi skinhead, since I speak German I was able to blend in with these extremists/misdirect them when they came to Prague as they do each year to march on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. I sent many of them to the far side of Prague telling them rally points had changed, or led them to police. We filmed it. It'll air later. So much for my "kritics," this is one undercover gig I enjoyed. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kernal McPaintball is a lying douchebag who probably cheats at solitaire and steals pies off old ladies' windowsills (just look at him) and probably stole that article somewhere, but I don't think the one linked is the source. They are written by different people. There is stuff in Korff's purported journalism that is not in the genuine article. I tried some googling to find the original, but came up empty.

The thing at Scribd is well beyond Korff's ability, so I'll keep looking. For a while, then I'll get bored with looking for Dumbass's "inspiration" and do something useful.

Anonymous said...

I find the same ting; I'll do some Korffing and then I find that life is way more fun.

Korff, on the other hand, doesn't have that option.

Hence the name: Korffing.

He, he, he....

The Unknown Korffer said...

Kal Korff: Here's a video that popular with nearly 43,000 views. It shows me getting my head shaved off in Prague. A few days later, I posed as a Neo-Nazi skinhead, since I speak German I was able to blend in with these extremists/misdirect them when they came to Prague as they do each year to march on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. I sent many of them to the far side of Prague telling them rally points had changed, or led them to police. We filmed it. It'll air later. So much for my "kritics," this is one undercover gig I enjoyed. :-)

Ah the good old haircut video again. The popularity of which has nothing to do with Kal Korff. It was included on a playlist of people getting haircuts. Part 2 didn't even get 1/10th the views because it was not included on the playlist.

So much for Kal Korff being popular. Not now, not in the 6th grade, not ever. He is an outcast, a lowlife, a loser, and a nobody. Dave Biedney is right: we are his lifeline. The only people paying any attention.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

I detest you so much it is a physical ache, Korff.

Anonymous said...

Kal does not speak German fluently as he claims. A UFO researcher from Germany spoke face to face with Kal at and did so in German. Kal couldn't understand a fucking word and couldn't reply in German. Kal tried to insert himself into the activites taking place during a Neo Nazi event in Prague so he could pretend to be involved with police. Kal is avoiding the police in Prague and the guy is a huge joke here.

Anonymous said...

So, is Kalvin in the CZ or with his Indian Princess in India?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

... or on the trolley to the kingdom of make-believe, where it's kal is great! day every day. he gets to sit up front with teacher and help her with lessons, and she has him lecture to the class sometimes on important subjects. all the girls think he's dreamy and all the guys want him on their team for dodge ball, where those israeli tactics make kal an ace!


Anonymous said...

Lying Liar


Lying Liar

Suing Anyone

Lying Liar

KIAI Expose

Lying Liar

God Bless Don Ecker

God Bless Santa in a Floppy Hat

Anonymous said...

I'm saddens that Steve Jobs has passed away.

I'm happy to say that Kalvin Karlton Korff didn't hear it first and post it on his Face Book wall like the syndicated whatever-he-is, he says he is.

You dummy.

Lying Lair.

Anonymous said...

You know what. I've just been informed that no Face Book user can post to Korff Wall unsolicted.

This means that a user can comment on a Korff post but a user cannot post a link, statement, etc., on Korff Wall, on their own, just because they'd like to.

His Wall is locked down.

Some syndicated loser.

Find another "syndicated" reporter on Face Book who has shut their Wall down to unsolicted comments.

No need to ask why Koprff did this (just like hiding his Friends List from users), we already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

About an hour late to the party Korff.

Jobs affected your life in ZERO ways Korff.

Would Jobs lie, make up a life and cyber bully people?

No. That would be you.

So, go live your life Korff. Kiss your Princess, hug your genius son and write another syndicated article.

Lying Liar.

Kal Korff: Steve Jobs has died. I am so sad over this. I remember meeting and seeing him at Apple back when the Mac was being launched. He is one of the reasons I worked for years at Apple and then Claris. I will never forget how he changed my life, as he did millions of other people. His story, legacy and impact will forever endure, for he helped push the human race forwards. It's a tragedy he was struck down in the prime of his life. His passing is a sober reminder to everyone, that tomorrow is never guaranteed and that we must live our short lives to their fullest while YHWH grants us the gifts, means and time to do so.

Anonymous said...

A great man like Steve Jobs wouldn't know who a loser like Kal K. Korff ever was. Kal worked at Claris for very little time. It was only when Kal was outted as a fumbling moron that he suddenly developed a terminal brain tumor and left. Kal was a lowly e4ch support employee an did not work directly for LLNL on the Star wars project or anything else other than making sure computers were running and Kal wasn't very good at that low level, lowest bidder, third party contracted job either. Stop trying to ride the coattails of the dead Kal. You were a nobody then and you're a nobody now. Try doing something positive for once in your miserable existence Kal. Assholes like you Kal are a disgrace to great men like Mr. Jobs.

respectfully mournful red mogul balloon today said...

oh el colon do put the life of steve jobs in perspective with your ill-gotten apple devices. do tell us of how for years you exploited and fed on lies about being part of the apple team at its beginning. do continue to shame yourself and your family's name by pretending to be anything but an uneducated buffoon, social outcast and a total failure in life. keep lying, it amuses us.

Anonymous said...

"keep lying, it amuses us."

Head of nail.


Anonymous said...

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. - Steve Jobs

Korff lives the life of a fake, a fraud, a liar, a thief, but it is his own (albeit a fully made up fantasy) life, I'll give him that.

Kalvin Karlton Korff - His own life lived; on the backs of his family and anyone else so unfortunate as to cross paths with this lying, fraudulent, of a cretin.

Where is the KIAI expose, Korff?

Who is Santa in a Floppy Hat, Korff?

Debate Big Don Ecker, Korff.


Kurt Peters said... that Jobs has joined 'the Choir Invisible', Kal is the obvious successor...... no college degree, denial of his own child, and bullying.....

Anonymous said...

T said...

I guess he stole working on the starwars project from me...asshole. what a liar

The Unknown Korffer said...

Korff has no shame. This is the same liar who claimed to be personal friends with the Spice Girls. Expect his claims of personal ties to Jobs to get tighter. I say by Monday he's putting himself in the garage with Jobs and Wozniak. From Kalvin's ridiculous, embarrassing, poorly designed, ineptly served and unfathomably stupid website:

Kal Korff first started teaching and lecturing at the young age of 13.


"The issue here is extremism and fanaticism, intolerance and hatred; and a deliberate lack of critical thinking. The specific subject is just a detail, it has to be something. The definition of an extremist is someone who refuses to accept facts and reality, regardless of the subject."

Uh, actually Professor, "extremist" is defined as one who advocates or resorts to measures beyond the norm, especially in politics; a person who favours or resorts to immoderate, uncompromising, or fanatical methods or behaviour, esp in being politically radical; of, relating to, or characterized by immoderate or excessive actions, opinions, etc. That's actually three definitions combined with no sign of Kal's version anywhere. Sorry!

Just as wrong as using a semicolon instead of a comma after "hatred". You are WRONG, Kal, and are deliberately LYING by not correcting your numerous errors. Everything you do is wrong or stupid. Oh that's right, no education beyond high school, where you were too busy bossing everyone around with your fucking asshole flying saucer pictures to even make any friends. Way to waste a life. Now leave Jobs alone.

The Unknown Korffer said...

The Colonel Korff fraud continues as well, as of the September 27 Google Cache of the Colonel's about Kal Korff page where he bizarrely refers to himself in the 3rd person enough times to qualify as schizophrenic:

Kal is also a Counterterrorism Analyst, Advisor and Specialist, a Kidon* Unit Commander who fights against anti-Semitism and Islamofascist extremism. Kal holds the rank of Colonel in a private Israeli-founded civilian entity, which is NOT associated with either the Israeli nor U.S. governments.

Stolen Valor.

Anonymous said...

A follow up post to his his own post....

And notice at the end of this post, Korff goes so far as to "parrot" "borrow" "steal" the quote we've all already seen, a quote by his hero Jobs. not Korff's.

Korff is loving the death of Jobs. Yet another oppertunity to toot his own fantasy horn.

BTW, great post(s) Unknown.

Kal Korff: Some of the happiest moments of my life were back at Apple/Claris. What I remember most are the incredible people, the amazing energy, the fact that we were pushing the industry forward and by extension humanity. To have been there and to be a part of it is truly God's blessing. I am forever grateful and thankful to have reunited with long lost Apple friends during the past few years.

Steve Jobs' passing is a stark and vivid reminder of just how short life is, and precious.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget that Kalvin Karlton Korff STOLE the property of Steve Jobs inserted himself into that property and then sent it to his "friends" as some kind of tribute to HIMSELF!

So proud, Steve Jobs and your Mother must be so proud.


The original:

Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones

Korff attempt:

Think Critical - Starring Kalvin Karlton Korff


Lying Lair.

Anonymous said...

Jobs was a great man, Karlton.

You and your dirtbag brother, on the other hand, are vermin. The sooner you are both pushing up the daisies, the better.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Kal's Internationally Syndicated column about Steve Jobs. There are scores of professionally written pieces in actual publications worldwide for Kal to paraphrase and cobble together a piece to be published "in the (always mysteriously unnamed) papers"! Actually, this is such an interesting and relevant topic that I see a book by Kal being promised to be published, which of course will never happen. I'm guessing it will be at least 500 pages, and will be "considered definitive". Oh wait, maybe it will be a six-volume, 2400 page book! Even Better!

Billy Meier's Wedding Cake said...

Indeed, I think the Kernal's biggest problem will be winnowing down all that personal experience he had as a grunt at a subsidiary for a few months into just six volumes of imaginary book.

If Jobs ever did speak to Korff, it was probably something along the lines of "Get the fuck out of my way, asshole."

Anonymous said...

If Jobs ever did speak to Korff, it was probably something along the lines of "Get the fuck out of my way, asshole."

100% accurate.

Anonymous said...

I want to crush you, Korff. I want to maim you.

The Unknown Korffer said...


It's exactly what KALVIN wants to see on this board. In fact since the matter was already addressed on the prior thread -- including a statement about it by the blog admin stating it is unwelcome -- it might be safe to presume that's Kal posting to make sure that the threats of physical violence he claims are here exist. Stop posting them! adopt a zero tolerance for their inclusion and please delete any which are made.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff: Today I wrote one article and one editorial about the passing of Steve Jobs. It's a weird feeling being outside the USA seeing tributes to him, it is both deja vu and very emotionally overwhelming. The fond memories coming back, seeing faces on TV talking about him from people I used to work with, being at some of the MacWorld events, etc. I did not enjoy writing his obituary and my editorial reme...mbering him is bitter sweet. I did it because I am a journalist, it is my job. It will be in the papers tomorrow. But am I happy over it? Hell no. The man changed my life, I would never have gotten into computers if it were not for Steve Jobs and interacting with him. May YHWH bless his soul and his family.

Anonymous said...

Kal, you seem to be confusing your own (clearly fake) career with that of one Mr. David Biedny.

Mr. Biedny is somebody who commands the very highest levels of credibility within the Mac world

That is something you will never, ever aspire to or attain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Korff -

Since we all know that you visit this site, can you please provide the name of a single newspaper in which your column(s) have been printed. Something that I can access through a website that is not part of your evil empire. Is there a single printed, on newsprint, article that can be found?

If not, then I guess you've been caught in another lie.

Anonymous said...

Korff, you flaming moron. You did not "interact" with Jobs any more than I did, and I PAID for my Mac.

Anonymous said...

Korffers, just for the record, doing a Google News Search of the name "Kal Korff" from:

Jan 1, 1995–Oct 6, 2011

comes up with 4 results. Even less than the last time I did

Korff is obviously lying.

Lying Lair.

Here's the search string.

Anonymous said...

Now Kal thinks he wrote Jobs' obituary? Unsure of what the word means maybe, Kal? Check the definition. A tribute essay posted to a free document hosting platform is not an "obituary". That's a function of a publication's news division too, not syndicated commentary. Or pompous self aggrandizement by an amateur wannabe who never went to college.

Anonymous said...

The damage has been done.

Type in "Kal Korff" in the Google search engine and you get this blog and other material which puts Korff squarely in the world of crazy.

What a feeling that must be for Korff; knowing that even as he tries to pass off this new lie – Kalvin Karlton Korff, syndicated investigative journalist, as fact, when people do a search on him “our” material comes up to obscure virtually any previous attempt at legitimacy Korff may have attempted.

True, Korff.

Lying Liar.

Anonymous said...

I'll just post these, I'm tired of commenting on the lies.

Kal Korff: Hi everyone, here is my published piece in the newspapers about Steve Jobs. My next posting shortly will be the editorial I wrote and was published recounting how I met him and how by meeting Steve Jobs, I changed careers and got into the computing and software development fields. This will be deja vu for some of my friends who will remember some of this, since we worked together at Apple/Claris. I'm still very said over his passing.

Anonymous said...

More lies.

Kal Korff: Hi, here is my Editorial on Steve Jobs and how he changed my life, it was published yesterday in the newspaper. If it had not been for meeting Steve Jobs in 1983-84, I would never have gotten into computing since I was pursuing a career in security and law enforcement, I wanted to be a forensic investigator.

Anonymous said...

What you're talking about Korff are "views" not "reads".

Don't beleieve me, test it yourself.


Each time a link on that site is clicked on, it addes to the total.


Glad you're coming over here to read the truth.

You have only we Korffers Korff.

Nobodies listening.Nobody cares.

Please kontinue, we find you very amusing.

Kal Korff: Hi, over 4,100 people have read the articles I have written and have been posting on, I have posted 56 published articles so far, I'll upload more over the next few days. I want to THANK all of you again for your kind words and support. It's driving my "kritics" nuts, but they're not all there mentally anyways :-)

Anonymous said...

A single link Korff.

Post a single link not from that vanity site.

I dare you.


Mean Mr. Mustard said...

Let him keep talking. He's excited over this opportunity to talk about himself and is painting his way into a corner. Those who have been paying attention to what Kal has claimed will spot the inconsistencies immediately. I see at least two if not three. Those who have not been paying attention have either learned their lesson & moved on or never were paying attention at all. Let him talk, especially about himself.

Anonymous said...

They've moved on. Nobodies commenting, etc.

I'm not gong to post anymore general Korff Face Book posts.

I'll post only the crazy ones from now on.

Shouldn't have to wait too long....

Korff, where's the expose?

Korff, who is Santa in a Floppy Hat?

Korff, debate Big Don Ecker!

Korff, sue anyone lately?

How's it feel Korff?

No friends. No family. A fully fantasy life.

How does it feel?

happy red mogul balloon! said...

... forensic investigator? never heard that one before ... oh let me guess, that was one of the two or three inconsistencies rite? and did this career ambition happen before or after he dedicated his life to original research (age 11) and then began lecturing (age 13) or after? i'd say kal needs to update his website to include the new revisions so that nobody will get to thinking he's just making this all up.

Anonymous said...

Face Book Korffing Update

Korff's FB Wall is a lovefest to Steve Jobs.

And he's posting many more "SYNDICATED" "article" links to the vanity site.

Old new,

Nothing to see here.

Nobodies listening.

Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Korff's going bat-shit ctazy on Face Book. Posting so much anti-Obama and pro Jobs links I can't keep up.

He must be off his meds....

Nobodies listening.

Nobody cares.

Briti_in_Prague said...

Where is all this going to end, "Colonel"? For God's sake, man - have some dignity.

Anonymous said...

Here's the lie Korff told:

Dear World,

As I promised you, here is the Xpose of Annie Jacobsen's bestselling book on Area 51 which contains "Hitler Diaries" type nonsense and fabrications. The facts presented in here are definitive and beyond dispute. Annie Jacobsen is not only caught lying, but "interpreting" data instead of reporting, investigating and vetting it.

She has no "excuse" and neither does the LA Times, who shamefully promoted her literary work.

Here is the FREE DOWNLOAD Xpose, a longer book length version will be appearing on soon.

You CANNOT download anything from Korff's vantiy page.

NOTHING has appeared on

Nobodies listening.

Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Amazon Book Review

Ummm, What Book?, October 4, 2008
By B. Hudson "Space Ranger"

This review is from: Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots (Hardcover)

Normally, when one reviews a book one must first readit. I'dlove to do that for this review, but contrary to what it says at the top of this page, this book has never been published. Moreover, Prometheus Publishing has publicly stated that they WILL NOT be publishing this book, ever.

I guess that makes "Secret Wars" like remote viewing: it doesn't exist now nor will it in the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

Amazon Book Review

Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, June 26, 2011
By Greg Long

This review is from: Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots (Hardcover)

Unfortunately, I got to know Kal Korff in about 2001. Several years later, I learned that he was writing a book on terrorist plots. He said that Prometheus Books was going to publish it. That was 2004, a long seven (7) years ago.

Periodically, Korff makes statements that the book will be published soon. Yet the book is never published. Does the manuscript even exist? He sent me a draft forward to the book, and provided an inkling of its contents. He even designed the cover to the book and submitted it to Prometheus. The publishing house made its own cover instead. The cover was posted on Amazon.

And there the cover sits. But no book. In the meantime, Kal Korff lives in Prague and apparently spends his time building (and often rebuilding) his Web site. He often attacks Billy Meier's claims, and also threatens various "ufologists" with lawsuits. But Secret Wars is never published.

Probably what will happen is Korff will publish the book himself. Or perhaps he is shopping the manuscript around. Unfortunately, I wonder if the contents are of any interest anymore? Korff's interests seem to shift day-to-day. So, who knows. It would be unwise to order a copy through Amazon because it might never arrive in your mailbox.