Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prometheus Books Opens Up On Korff

We have other topics to post but we thought it might be fun to post this one as we ready other topics. We took notice that Kal Korff is not even mentioned on Prometheus Books Wiki page. Of course, Korff will try and remedy this but we’ll pull it down if he does try to update the page.

In any case, 10 years later and no Secret Wars book, or series of books. The Korffing Syndicate once again checked in with the company and they told us they are not in the Korff business anymore, that they haven’t had contact with Korff in many years, and if Korff sends them a manuscript regarding terrorism and UFO consumer frauds, they will not publish it.

Korff’s contract is still in effect, although there is no money paid out until a publishable manuscript is delivered. Our contact informed us that because of Korff’s unhinged antics on the internet over the last decade, Prometheus Books decided to pull the plug a number of years ago.

So there you go Korffers, Kal K. Korff’s only “real” claim to fame; his 2 published books, and his hope for 3, or 4, or 5, or 6…. Up in flames.


Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

You are a worthless, lying, stealing, pedo piece of shit, Korff.

Stop lying. Just stop lying.


Anonymous said...

He has kind of, sort of stopped, for the most part. On the rare occasion he will mention his book, or series of books but other than that he's been pretty quiet for the last year.

What we find interesting is that, because of his lying history, when he tries to call out someone else for his very same behavior, we in the know, giggle and roll our collective eyes, understanding that he's lied himself into a life long corner, having to hide from his past as best as he can. Sad for Korff, the internet and its promise that it can make anyone a person of note, for free, bit him in his ass, big time, leaving teeth marks that will follow him for the rest of his life.

I would call Korff’s current public persona, though it's not the educated usage of the words or phrase, but its Korff we're talking about for God's sake,

ignorant hypocrisy

Korff has to fain public ignorance to his past behavior so he can then comment on other people who, in his view anyway, exhibit behavior which, funny thing…. is the same lying behavior that Korff has played out over the last 15 years.

Because Korff can no longer post any videos or post any self aggrandizing material on Facebook (or anywhere else) for fear of that material being taken and corrected with the truth, he really has little left to do but to comment on public matters; news, politics, movies, music, television, etc.

If Korff comments on himself he knows the Korffing Syndicate will bounce and make him pay. This is the main reason why Korff had to hide his Facebook friends list and why he took off the unsolicited comment post option from his Facebook wall.

It has been fun to see the public reversal (for the most part) of Korff after the launch of the Korffie Leak web site and the continuation of this blog.

Live by the byte, ruined by the byte.


Anonymous said...

It is kind of funny, providing you think about it, but ... think all the way back to Royce Myers UFO Watchdog website ... and how much of this Korff mess really started. There was Korff, blow-harding Royce and Royce goes and showcases what a genuine looney-tune Korff was turning into. So ... Kalvin decides to ... show him! Trying to prove how KOOL he (Kalvin) is, he starts the UFO Watchcat site! Ha! I'll REALLY SHOW MY DOUBTERS!! I'll use the UFO Watchcat blog and site to intimidate that damned Biedny, Kimball, Ecker, Randle ... yea! I'll really show them.

Of course it all read like a freaken' 8th grader did it ... cause Korff is not known (really not known) for his academic expertise. And of course he made his videos, his grand pronouncements, all that crap ... and it collapsed on him and suddenly there he is with his fat flabby ass waving in the breeze. NOW!!, these days his UFO Watchcat site is long gone ... and the Korffing Syndicate is using it as the ultimate EXPOSE on Korff.

Ain't it fucking sweet? Nice job Kalvin, just another in a VERY LONG LINE of your FUCKUPS!

Anonymous said...

"NOW!!, these days his UFO Watchcat site is long gone ... and the Korffing Syndicate is using it as the ultimate EXPOSE on Korff."

Yet another Klassic Korffing post for the ages!

Well done chap.

Jimmy D said...

As I keep telling you, Kalvin Karlton Korff, it's very simple.

Delete your Facebook account and we'll have nothing left to write about.

What part of that don't you understand?

Anonymous said...


Think about this, mull this over. Ever since the Syndicate, blog and web site shut the Korff Con Game down, around 2010, Korff has pretty much shut the horse shit off; the fecal faucet has been turned off.

Korff, having put himself into a corner and not able to share with his "friends" on any social network (in an open manner, like a normal person) any real personal information....

Take a look at his Face Book Time Line marks.

These are added to the Time Line by the user (or loser, in this case).

Now remember, in and around 2010 Korff went to borders afar to spread nanodust, to India to spread iPad's for peace, to India to spread his demon seed, trips to Germany to bust skin-heads with his Mother, on and on and on. There is a very long list of trips taken here and there (and to the US to see Dot Joss) in 2010 and 2011 and yet...

History by Year


2010: Budapest

That's it, a single post. Gee I wonder why this is? Maybe being self-exiled and hiding out due to Korff’s behavior on the internet and the fear that his family and place of employment might get “affected”, “hassled”, “bothered” (no threat given or implied) by the release of any current personal information has precluded Korff from posting any real, personal and normal information.

Of course, Korff isn’t normal is he? Why would a person spend 10 years, full time, lashing out and threatening people, going so far as to steal the identity of lawyers and other various people and to call people associated with those people in the attempt to manipulate their personal lives?

Even more crazy, after those 10 years elapsed, nothing came of it, all that time and effort, all those threats and impostor attempts and... nothing. Korff can point to nothing, no outcome, no end game to explain why he behaved this way.

The book or series of books? Nope. his lunatic behavior cancels out any "good" the material in the book, or series of books might have imparted to the reader. Any information will be drowned out with a simple internet search by the person so ignorant as to buy any new Korff book, or series of books.

No law suits files.

Korffing for a Korff Free Internet

Korffers Unite

God Bless Don Ecker

Korffing Syndicate ~ We will not stop.

Anonymous said...

Korfffffff! You're a no good scruffy lookin nerf herder!

Anonymous said...

God bless FN. God bless KIAI. God bless Kult of Kal. God bless Donald Ecker. God bless them all for keeping the cause alive.

You are scum, Korff. You are lying vermin. Disappear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.

We, as a worldwide group of committed Korffers, working under the umbrella Korffing Syndicate, will not stop until Korff pulls his Face Book page down and is never heard from or seen again.

If Korff refuses to oblige, his internet footprint and shadow will continue to grow larger and longer reflecting ONLY his lunatic behavior, for the reminder of his life.

It is Korff's choice to make; leave and we stop, stay and we will never stop for as long as you live.

The internet must be free of Kal K. Korff.

Korffing Syndicate

Anonymous said...

The guy is a typical American blowhard. Yell and claim you've got all the answers yet when someone confronts you start throwing feces around like a monkey to make the other look bad.

Anonymous said...

Maya da force bessa wiss yousa Kal Korff....Yee guds, whata mesa sayin? Ooooh, maxibig..."da Force"...Wellen, dat Kal smells stinkowiff. Hesa bad varmen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Colonel Korff. And never did there live a kinder, more generous man. He is an overflowing cup, filled with the very cream of human goodness. in all the time I've known him, he's never done anything immoral ... unless maybe the Pre-Schooler's Prostitute ring, and he's ah, never done anything illegal. unless you count all the times he sold dope disguised as a nun!! He's always been a good, law-abiding citizen . Awww, gimme a break!! ... of the Federation, and, and ... Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! A community-concious individual, ah, ah. KORFF!!! He's nothin' but a low-down, double-dealin', back-stabbin', larcenous, perverted worm!!

Anonymous said...


Singer ~ Member: #29043

An extraordinary archive of the lies and delusions of Kal Korff:


31-03-12, 07:30 PM



Anonymous said...

Conned anyone today, Karlton? Looking forward to another day's lying and stealing? You piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Shut down your FB account, Karlton. It really is that simple.

You worthless, lying, thieving, pedo vermin.

Dear God, how I loathe you.

Anonymous said...

What about all the lawsuits "Colonel?" Did you follow up on a single one?

Anonymous said...

2007 and 48 hours later.....


Anonymous said...

Kal never intimidated anyone he was after. Everyone was laughing their asses off at the nutball.

Anonymous said...

A great tool for proving the Korff steals much of his material:


Anonymous said...

"2007 and 48 hours later.....


---Yes, well, someone should start a blogspot called "Robisanidiot.blogspot.com". A contemptible character.

Anonymous said...

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