Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kalvin Korff in the Turdbowl

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Kalvin Korff in the Turdbowl

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Kal Korff Show Shitisode 2

Korffer AndrĂ©‎ critiques Kal Korff Show Shitisode 2. Nothing more be said. Thank you very much Andre.

The 2nd Episode of the awful Kal Korff TV Show interviewing a Daily World co-worker! That is Exclusive TV in the Kal Korff World! And it is the second woman to appear on his show. And listen to that fake applause at the start, so reminiscent of Korff' s videos.

Kal Korff (at 45:25): "But let's say you visit a friend and it's 45 degrees out, it's a hot summer and your friend has a swimming-pool, are you just gonna go in there? Well, there is a swimming-pool where I live, so you're welcome anytime." Was Kal Korff hitting on this Indian woman? I wonder what his Indian wife would say, if he ever had one.

It looks as if this woman felt annoyed, disgruntled and uncomfortable as this weird interview went on judging by her body language. Perhaps she was thinking that she could have been doing more useful things. Look at her body language in the end.

Kal Korff (at 1:02:57): "When I was in Europe, I went on a lot of dates, you know, tons of them."

If you must, here's a the link to the tripe in in full:


Anonymous said...

This may be the most outrageous lie Kalvin has ever told.

"When I was in Europe, I went on a lot of dates, you know, tons of them."

Anonymous said...

I love Kalvin Korff Kamera Show!

happy red mogul balloon! said...

wow another chick! kal must be getting some

still the same loser being a slime bag. and the "show" seriously sucks! holy fucking god find something to get obsessive over other than females. fucking idiot!


Anonymous said...

Here in the US it is August 1st. Ha! Know what I found out? Kalvin K Korff is STILL AN IDIOT! A HUGE Idiot, a known Idiot, a supreme DUNCE!

Anonymous said...

The "no set time constraint" on length is all anyone who knows what the word programming schedule means might need to determine if he is exaggerating being allowed to make video content for Daily World's YouTube presence, and I cannot wait until he fucks up and all of the content is pulled, Kal's name scrubbed and he announces opening a Super Duper Services branch in someplace even further away than India.

Television shows are produced on regular schedules, air at regular times and have specific durations in length. Half hour or one hour are most common, as are commercials, which generate revenue to pay for the stringent production costs of even making the most basic local TV station produced talk-format show. It is obvious Kal's "show" is being made for zero cost, which was probably part of his pitch to Manish.

Anyone with a brain can see that Kal Korff is making YouTube videos using a low tech single camera setup (no pans or cuts to second, third or master angles), probably a webcam type USB tool or even his laptop's built in camera (see the angle on some of his early attempts from the wildly popular DW YT channel) and no secondary miking, just raw ambient sound recorded live by the camera device in an echo rife small room environment, probably right his work desk in the busy DW "newsroom". The video is then clumsily matt composited onto a still image that looks like a big empty cafeteria or airport waiting area which none of the other DW video correspondents make use of. His show content consists of conversational banter with no set format, is "filmed" sporadically, makes use of fake audience applause in the very awkwardly edited opening (an effect he has used before) and we never see the "host" and "guest" in the same shot as one would on a professionally produced talk show.

Complete fucking bullshit, but in the end who cares. At least he is safely on the other side of the planet where he cannot fuck anything up for those in the places he has fled from over the years. Keep running, Kal.

Anonymous said...

"... a big empty cafeteria or airport waiting area... "

Korffing gold right there.

Anonymous said...

kal should use those old typewriter/telex sound loops or people typing away, crossed with mumbling voices loop for a background busy newsroom chatter effect.

it would also break up the awkward sounds of kal repeatedly swallowing and muffle some of the mouth-breathing

Anonymous said...

3 days to 700 days past due....

No movie, no talk of movie.

No preview, no talk of preview.

No book or series of books, no talk of book or series of books.

No radio show. No talk of radio show.

2 Kal Korff Talk Show episodes. No talk or new episodes.

The Syndicate awaits. The Syndicate waits and monitors, forever.

Anonymous said...

I looked for the video. Apparently Daily World has pulled it off You Tube. Too bad. If you have a link would you please post it, I like watching train wrecks.