Monday, July 25, 2016

As unprofessional as you knew it would be

If you must, here's the link to the original tripe:

UPDATE - link above no longer works.
Kalvin either edited the video and reposted it, or he got annoyed with the Syndicate and he pulled it and then he reposted it to break the original link. No matter, we saved a copy of it in an immediate fashion and we now post the new link to the original tripe:

Man Love
Manish posts Korff's link on the Facebook wall, does he know the link doesn't work anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kalvin, why not use a proper microphone you fucking idiot.

I didn't watch the whole video, I watched the Syndicate edit, life's too short and your way too fat to waste anymore effort on than the shorter more honest version.

I see that you really, REALLY like that woman on your show. I mean you REALLY like her, you creepy fuck.

"Oh really.... oh that's okay...." Creepy, stalker fuck.

Your wife must be very humbled and proud of your behavior.

Wife, what wife! Ha, ha, ha,

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff, "What do you do when you find a woman who is the whole package?"

You lie to them.

Anonymous said...

"each show will be of different length"

boy just like larry king! he never had a set format and just went on when he felt like it. sometimes the show would last four or five minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes more. sometimes there would be two "episodes" a day, sometimes just one every other month. CNN was always delighted to let larry do whatever he felt like with no format constraints, and kal is just being afforded the same consideration. because he is so wonderful just sitting there saying "ah um" and mouth-breathing all over some female about 1/3 his age.

what a huge breakthrough for Kal korff. a television show that's really only youtube videos that kal can host whenever he feels like it with no format constraints or even a set broadcast duration. mom must be so proud.

The Unknown Korffer said...

What ... Why is this TV show set in a fake miniature digital environment resembling the hanger bay on the Death Star? "Talk shows" are usually taped on intimate sets arranged so that the host and "guest" can be seen in the same shot. Purpose of which is to establish a conversational atmosphere which focuses viewer attention on the host/guest. The way Kal is being packaged resembles and interrogation scene. Not only is there no intimacy (thank heavens given that sweaty bloated face -- hasn't Daily World ever heard of makeup?) but we don't see the two in the same picture frame. Inept, awkward, and unconvincing.

Looking forward to seeing the responses offered up by Kal's krew on Fakebook.

Anonymous said...

WAG: FB Korffer checks in.

André Skondras: So fake! Look at the scenery! I'm wondering if Kal Korff is having his television show on board the craft that kidnapped the late Betty and Barney Hill. It's an Exclusive, but everything Kal Korff does is an Exclusive! Who is this Jasmine Bains? Never heard of her!

It's as hilarious as his cancelled audio monologues ... and his long overdue docudrama about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Anonymous said...

Holy Mother of God. This ass is trying desperately to stay in the public eye as if he is what? Importanat, relevant, tripe that the public would watch? Watch where? Here on this site or on youtube? Yea that is what I will do ... keep an eye on youtube to see when this Village Idiot has a new "show". Nice going there Mr. Gut Buster. Where, btw, is that radio show? Where, btw, is that "movie"? Where, btw, is that series of books? I bet your family is just so proud of you. Abuse any young girls lately? Call anybodys job trying to get them fired? You are such a disgusting piece of shit Korff, just a disgusting piece of shit.

Kal Israel said...

Another place the watch the Syndicate Edit:

October 19, 1973 said...

Kal Korff live from the Holodeck while it's stuck mid-scenery change?

I don't get it. Looks like their heads are being matted onto a screen grab from a low resolution video game in a way that is very strange, and I feel sorry for the young lady. Wonder what line she was fed and how quickly she requests that it be removed. Though the whopping tally of 38 views as of when I looked might be an encouraging sign that her career will not be significantly harmed by the incident.

They are obviously not sitting in anything resembling a "television studio", forcing the difficult question of why they made one. At least according to Kal Korff, though it should be noted that Daily World has a substantial amount of competently created video content posted to YouTube which was there long before this "studio" Kal bragged about. Unless of course that wasn't a "television studio" after all. A new editing suite with computers where content is edited & uploaded to the DW YT channel, like they appear to have been doing long before any of this nonsense. They were probably sitting at opposite sides of his desk in the "newsroom" (the hallway outside Manish' s office cubicle) and then composited onto Kal's idea of a cool looking background.

Which isn't television any more than SoundCloud isn't radio, YouTube clips aren't theatrical films, ScribD isn't a newspaper, e-Books aren't printed publications, phone support isn't computer programming, armored car guards aren't law enforcement, janitors lacking basic college education don't work on strategic weapons programs, random duck hunting camos bought at an Army/Navy store aren't a uniform, and anyone holding up an 8th grade book report as the factual basis for a documentary film is an assclown.


niedermeyer said...

they are obviously sitting in a very small room with zero sound insulation or wall coverings to keep their voices from making an echo -- like you would find in a professional television studio. even in india which has a long history of its own television and film industries. there is no reason to believe any of this unless one presumes incompetence on the part of daily whatever its called.

two conclusions, take your pick:

1) the very expensive studio set was ineptly designed and incompetently fabricated by people who know nothing about studio production

2) kal korff is lying about everything starting with the color of his hair. greasy and sweaty looking, and she is actually kind of cute. ew.

Kal Israel said...

Pathological Liar

I notice at the 2:00 minute mark, in Korff's Bloopers section, he tell's this woman,

"... so I can post on my blog that I kept Jasmine Bains up till 3 in morning, you guys fill in the blanks." To which the response on her face tell's it all... A totally inappropriate sexual innuendo from Korff.

Now that alone in churning vile in my mouth but to this Korffer, I find this much more interesting, Kalvin's blog.... Korff doesn't have a blog, Korff is lying.

I LUV KAL said...

Hahahahahaha! LOVE that picture of that HUGE TUB OF SHIT, bloated face in his "wife-beating T-shirt!" Priceless! This dullard is never going to get a clue, is he? Never, never, never.

Nuff' said ..

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...


The professional reporter at work:

Filming Up Women's Skirts Legal in Georgia

Kal Korff: An arguably fucktard law.

Anonymous said...

It's called objectification, Kal. Grad school term referring to transforming an individual into a "thing" devoid of its own needs or feelings. By referring to Jasmine as a "complete package" you reduce her character to attributes on a blow-up doll created to service the needs of others. She isn't a person worthy of respect but a "package" to be fawned over, not because of worthiness or capability but because she is pretty. That's the only reason you chose her as a guest and once she realized it she began to look uncomfortable.

Then the "kept you up until 3am" comment, to which she frowned, blushed, and looked aside defensively. The "interview" was over for her at that point. It wasn't just a sexist jape, it reduced this woman -- who has far over-reached any "achievement" you may have made in life" -- to a pony trotted out by you for compliments on hoe hot she is & guffaws from your buddies back at home about the prospect of your having scored with her. Which is what douchebags do.

So, just another male looking to use a position of power to subjugate women whom he otherwise would not have any interaction with. Has nothing to do with flaunting political correctness, it has to do with your being an asshole.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor dumb Kal just can't do anything right. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Media giant? That's a joke just like Kal. That fat bag of shit Kal wouldn't amount to a pimple on a high school newspaper reporter's ass. This video is amateur hour all the way. The woman in the video is clearly repulsed by Kal. At least Kal is delivering failure consistently. The camo pants? Kal needs to stop having his mommy take him shopping.