Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Promises, Lies and Hate

Kalvin's back on the "air"... looking good Fucker.

Korffer's keep after Kalvin.... Notice Korff bashing on cops and Christians in the same post. Well done hater of the gays, cops, women, the USA and now Christians. Well done you fucking panty waste. We are better off without you.

Korffer's check in on your FaceBook page. Thanks for the help. 


This just in! What's an online TV network, oh, I get it, it's a Youtube channel but, of course, that's not grandious enough for Kalvin, no, no, no... it must be a Television Network. Keep after it Kalvin, sooner or later you'll get wherever it is you're trying to get. And we will be here lending you a helping foot, right up your ass.

The Korffing Syndicate; The Foot Up Your Ass of Truth

Udderly developing....


Anonymous said...

Nice cock Kalvin....

Anonymous said...

Just in case you need the link for Korff's television network:


As of July 19th, there's nothing to report....

Anonymous said...

As of July 19, 2016 Korff's television network has.... drum roll please.....

37 subscribers.

Average total view per video: under 100 views per video.

Population in India: 1.252 billion (2013)

Population with web access: 15.1% of the population (2013)

Population that could subscribe and view Korff's videos: 187,800,000 (2013)

Expect great, grand, humbled and honored suckcess with this "new" Kalvin Karlton Korff endeavor.

Anonymous said...

how many of those subscribers are logged as located in the use? or josephine county. let's see there's mom, dirtbag brother, apparently well-adjusted sister, aunt, jeffery lippard, couple others. add Manish, his receptionist and maybe two other "staff" at this global mega-giant and we can account for almost half of those 37 poor slobs. i'd expect four to six korffers on there as well. leaving what, maybe ten "legit" subscribers.

we hear the crickets chirping, kelvin


The Unknown Korffer said...

Why do I have this mental image of Kal's mom coming all the way from America to bring him his forgotten lunch box to go with his 8th grade book report binder.

Anonymous said...

"i'd expect four to six korffers on there as well. leaving what, maybe ten "legit" subscribers."

One would be me.... Ha, ha!


Anonymous said...

WAG FaceBook Update

But I have black friends, and gay friends, a female friends and, and, I have friends!!!!

BTW, nice smile face Kalvin, your passive aggressive fuck.

Korff Post:

Disbarment Charges are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Kal Korff: She deserves this.

Raj Reddi: And it is implicitly racist. You have commented how it was BAD when the cop shot your brother Kurt who is white, but think it is GOOD when cops allow a captive black man in their custody to be injured and die. I take it you don't have any black FB friends.

Kal Korff: She has come under fire for jumping the gun, no pun intended. And since I am not a racist and do have "black" friends and some of them were my best friends growing up like Edmond and Eric Willis, I won't respond to the rest of this. And NO I NEVER said any such thing, Raj. Once again, leaps in liberal illogic :-)

"they weren't green" said...

How honorable. And yet, so humble. Golly.

Anonymous said...


Interesting, I went to Korff's FB page and he hasn't bragged about this new video?

I hope the Syndicate grabs that video before it's gone. :-)

What am I saying, of course they will.

Anonymous said...

So much for a TV show. Same lies all over again.

Kal Israel said...

No Kalvin video's yet....


Anonymous said...


What a fucking wanker. Maybe India's viewership has more to do with their lack on interest in American football and their love of Cricket and Soccer more than. Fucking idiot.

Udderly obvious that on-line platforms are the only way Korff could ever get his video information out there. That and the fact that ONLY a 3rd rate, no name newspaper and web site based in a 3rd world country would "employ" Korff.

Think about it Kalvin, has any first or second tier media outlet posted your material? No they haven't (a simple internet search proves this out). Why? Gee, I don't know, maybe the gay bashing, the temper tantrums and your 6th grade writing style (and those pesky swear words) you use has something to do with this.

What a moron.

Kal Korff: The best way to reach people is online, obviously. Conventional networks are now limiting factors. Almost no one in India, for example, saw the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

There's no television show to go with the picture of korff with the two pigeons he bamboozled into posing with him so he could trick his "friends" back at home to praise him for something he made up. its 10th grade all over again. he is either retarded, impaired, delusional or lying.

Manish would be totally breaking format by adding the kontent korff is konning his krew into believing he is playing a role in kreating. i've done media promotion for the group i work for for four years and its usually interview in the morning & live by four. its never taken more than a day, not once.

Kal is lying. plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone in india watch the super bowl? he its such a butt ugly american and yes,v by actually offering a comment like that, retarded.

not jut a total fucking idiot. a simpleton or dullard. we'd say "he's kind of slow". just not quite smart enough to handle college and full time employment beyond the most menial of tasks, like being a janitor or line server in a cafeteria.

not quite CEO material after all are you kal. simple simon

Kal Israel said...

My guess is that the majority of the click total here is from Korffer's:

DW NewsCap - 21 July 2016
28 views - 2 days ago


Anonymous said...


Two new Korff videos.

Watch this AMAZING video, a do not miss video!

And another Korff talking head video, same t-shirt, different day. Oh the smell!

Anonymous said...

WAG Update

Here's the link to Korff's playlist on his Global Media Outlet's.... TV.... channel:


happy red mogul balloon! said...

looks like that just for men didn't take too well on the fat guy goatee!

you look like a big muffin ass kal! have fun playing news correspondent until you get bored of it and stop


Anonymous said...


A response to a posted link that by 20140 there won't be enough power to power the computers in the world...

Nano what Kalvin....

Kal Korff: Stupidly ignorant. By that time there will be computers using he electrochemical pluses in our own bodies as "energy" and other such wonders. It's like the authors of this never heard of nano technology. Bozos.