Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kalvin Korff, Spermy Goodness!

Link - Korff Son Lie - Link


Anonymous said...


Is It REALLY True? - Ep 6

Investigate This, Loser said...

So I take it Kal only has the one turtleneck. Another attribute of professional "television" hosts is that they vary their wardrobe. Looks like the Just For Men is also rinsing out. He looks flabbier and older than last video upload.

By the way he is plagiarizing Cosmos with Carl Sagan. I've noted a couple of times that he seems to draw upon that series for ideas to repeat. Must have had it on VHS. This "expose" is basically Episode Three: Harmony of the Worlds, some of it word for word. Which is not original research or finishing research others started. It's ripping off Carl Sagan who was an actual genius who pioneered scientific thought, did work at Jet Propulsion Laboratories, actually did work on Viking and Voyager, and never heard of Kalvin K. Korff.

The fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...


5 hours later, 2 Likes and one "you go Kal" comment. The massive failure kontinues.

Kal Korff : 5 hrs · Hi everyone. I am honored to report again that I have a full page special in today's Daily World on the subject of North Korea's most recent rogue nuclear weapons test. As usual I mince no words and use blunt language. Hope you enjoy the piece and find it informative, as usual comments are welcome. THANKS again for your interest and support.

Anonymous said...


22 hours later, 1 Like... Youtube, 12 views.

You go Kalvin, you go... fuck yourself.

Kal Korff: 22 hrs · Hi everyone. Here's episode 6 of Is It REALLY True? It is Part 1 of a 2 part series exposing Astrology. Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Kalvin Karlton Korff Kooking Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kal Israel said...

You must watch the first part of this new video.

In it Korff makes the claim that his Ep #1 got 100,000 views, that's right people, on a video that has 405 views on Youtube, Korff says it received a minimum of 100,000 views because the video was shared on Facebook 1000 times.

So why doesn't the FB total show a total of 100,000 views. Oh that's right, because it's posted on various other social media sites across the world, right, RIGHT! Ha, ha, ha!

Investigate This, Kernal said...

Kal knows how many views it really got. Don't you, Kal :D Just like you know why "episode" 2 was really deleted.

Lie all you like.

And where's the "scientist from America"?

niedermeyer said...

.... he was transmogrified into a chef india! which actually could be a cool topic, indian food rules.
too bad he got used just to give kal a chance to BRAG and LIE! yay!!!! which is what will happen to everyone korff komes in kontakt with. he is just getting started over there.

Anonymous said...

From this new video, "I wanna share some shocking numbers with you...."


100,000 for a no name fashionista and 12 for a world class chef....

What a lozer.