Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Never Have... told the truth.

Nice Wig...?!?

It is said that much can be learned from the signature of a person. To that end, here is the signature of a 19 year old Kalvin Karton Korff.

If you would like a copy of the document that this signature came from, send us an e-mail as we will pass the .PDF along to you - kiaiblogspot@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

LOL owned. Way to lie to your friends about bullshit Kal. Anyone who knows you knows to expect it. Just one lie after another. You are entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Such a self important signature.

Anonymous said...

pakistan threatens india with a nuke. expect bloating, bragging, boasting and bullshit from kernel kornhole

Anonymous said...

He did and we're saving that lunacy for a post, soon...


Anonymous said...

I am sure the rantings of a flying saucer and JFK assassination conspiracy expert are relevant to issues pertaining to global nuclear tension.


Anonymous said...

Here's a little taste of what Korff is saying about:

"pakistan threatens india with a nuke. expect bloating, bragging, boasting and bullshit from kernel kornhole"


And Korffer Andre posted this on Facebook:

‎AndrĂ© Skondras‎ to Kal Israel 7 hrs ·

One of the biggest problems with some people is their egos prevent them from admitting the truth. Just ask Kal Korff, he's one great example. ;)

And, as said by Kal Korff, you can send your proof to news@dailyworld.in ;)

October 19, 1973 said...

lol what is he wearing on his head. it looks like a toupee. this is entertainment!!

upload indicates two comments but none are visible on the page. conclusion is they were deleted by the page's admin. and all of five views! people are missing out on pure comedy gold here

journalists are there to report events not get involved with or drive them. Daily World NewsCap - 30 Sep 2016 does not say "Kal Korff Kommentary Koming At Ya". so here is the definitive proof that there is no editorial oversight at Daily World & it is being run by fucktard amatures. it is a free for all.

or, save your copy now because once Manish sees it he had better order it deleted. incoherent foaming at the mouth stream of consciousness raving by a very strange looking creature is not good for your global news outlet. this is a crazy person using youtube as a ranting platform. Monty Python could not have scripted a better parody of a news program. And WHAT IS THAT ON HIS HEAD??? lololol! wtf Bro.

Good to see Kal back in old form! a slavering babbling demented looking loser. I hope all of Kal's friends back at home take the time to watch it and see who this person really is.

The Unknown Korffer said...

Think you got it backwards. Manish is all over this, believes 100% in Korff and considers him to be a valued asset at Daily World. Let the view counts and other evidence of audience interaction show the results: Almost no viewership/readership unless it's about topics specific to India. Then you see the kind of attention which would be paid to a minor local news outlet that relies on AP News Wire for their regional & national coverage. Daily World is not a global news presence, does not have a national following, is not representative of India and its current events, and is exactly the kind of backwater nowhere that might actually allow Kalvin K. Korff to use them as a soap box because its the best they can do.

This is also the best that Kal can do. He would never be able to find a position as a writer, producer, anchor, or whatever Kingdom of Make-Believe fantasy he is indulging in at that minor local news outlet if it were in the US, UK, or other English language friendly market where Kal could exist without fear of extradition back to the US. He is unemployable, likely unreliable and unable to commit to & keep deadlines. There is no structural discipline to the content he shares, and excuses himself from the get go for not being programmable -- I.E. he does not broadcast every Tuesday at 7pm. It's when the whim strikes, and I'd say Manish thinks Kal is the greatest thing on Earth. They deserve each other, are equally inept, and both represent bottom feeders who have simply failed at everything else they have done in life. Korff is the best that Manish can do in the same way that DW is the best that Korff can do.

I will however agree that it looks like Korff is wearing a hair piece in this latest video. A greasy sickening fake looking hairpiece. It's just another costume for a down on his luck aging flying saucer fanatic, which is all that Kal Korff will ever be.

I LUV KAL said...

My oh my, Kalvin Karlton Korff who is also known as Kolonel Kornhall Fuckface. After all these years he is still hoping that his “public” either forgets or never discovers his VERY TAINTED PAST. He is still trying to “bamboozle” the public that is has a “real job” as what? A radio host, possibly a .. my God .. I hesitate to say it .. a MOVIE PRODUCER, maybe an author .. but what did we get most recently? We get a grossly overweight klown pretending to be a news anchor wearing a terrible toupee, clothes that any respectable “TV Station” would forbid … and a greasy shit-hole pretending to read the news. Oh my ….

Kalvin you old blubber butt … we are on to you, you shit for brains … on to you …

Anonymous said...

"It's just another costume for a down on his luck aging flying saucer fanatic, which is all that Kal Korff will ever be."


Anonymous said...

Daily World Newcap 30 Sept 2016, total views: 27

Current estimated population of India: 1,293,057,000
Current estimated number of Internet users on this planet: 3,500,000,000 or roughly 1/2 the total current estimated world population.

So yes, twenty-seven views is failure. He's not even getting "abort loads" where the user watches a minute or three and decides they aren't interested. Two if those twenty-seven views were mine, first watching on computer and then mobile device. You are welcome for the extra view count, Kal.

The real question starts to become, what is the truth about Kal and Manish's affiliation? Why is Manish putting up with this? Or as suggested above is he actually stoked to have Kal K. Korff make a laughing stock out of Daily World? Quality control and editorial oversight are not on his concerns chart, or he is aware of what Kal is up to and looks forward to the next big twenty seven view advertisement free upload. All legitimate news outlets from CNN to your smallest student run newspaper rely on advertising revenue to stay online. Their pages and videos are saturated with advertisement spots.

Kal's has none, nor do any of the videos uploaded by Daily World to YouTube. So is it all just a scam?

Anonymous said...

One blog user said;

"Anonymous Remember me Kal? said...

Hmm, I see that tub of shit is still around? Hey Korff, go on a diet why don't ya? Man, you look like shit.

September 26, 2016"

Yes, that tub of shit is desperately attempting to stay relevant, shit bubbling from his pie hole ... saying anything or lying about everything ... attempting to bamboozle his "public" .. and what do we see? An ENTIRE EPIC FAILURE!!! And Bubble Butt Fat Boy is just TOO DENSE to see it. Kalvin, you are beyond a national embarrassment.

Investigate This, Buttmunch said...

Interesting to note that this video by "DW TV' linked here


is identical to this video here


Professional journalists redundantly attribute and thank their sources. DW tries to pass it off as their own.

Also if one looks over the "DW TV" channel video uploads here


the vast majority of the uploads are thirty seconds to two minutes in duration, a few here and there somewhat longer. Most of them feature Indian news events with Indian people.

Then there are the Kal Korff "DW NewsCap" videos, which stick out like sore thumbs at being both monumentally longer and featuring only Kal Korff. The rest could just as easily have been nipped from other content creators based in India. They bear none of the hallmarks of Kal's uploads, are mostly "field reports" made outside of a "studio", and do not concern themselves with affairs specific to the United States. Only Kal Korff's do. Kal also doesn't appear to promote, publicize or link the other uploads when bragging about his non-accomplishments to his Fakebook pals.

Very strange and not at all typical of a genuine news outlet using YouTube as a content platform. Look at any one of them (CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC) and you will be struck by the difference. Specifically a uniformity of content, a professional demeanor amongst its anchors, and LOTS of advertisement.

This is a farce of some sort which just hasn't been exposed as what it really is yet. Like the school Kal Korff bragged about being headmaster for, which we haven't forgotten about either.

Jimmy D said...

"lol what is he wearing on his head. it looks like a toupee. this is entertainment!!"
--- what are we referring to here? Can someone give me a link to the video in question? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

this one, and the tirade just before it, both seemingly shot on the same greasy ego binge.


Kal reminds me more and more of that Heaven's Gate comet cult dude in his ever present black turtleneck, like its his uniform. most professional news anchors at legitimate news outlets have a wardrobe budget (thanks in part to advertising revenues which also pay their salaries) and take pride in their appearance. then there's Kal Korff, who tries to look like Commander Riker. all he needs is the pips on the collar, a Starfleet badge and one of those red bibs they strap on toddlers at Red Lobster

Anonymous said...

Regarding that greasy link above, 6 days and less than 40 clicks. Amazing success.

Anonymous said...

20 of which were Korffers and 20 of which were little Kalvin, checking up on how many hits he'd scored.

Give it up, Karlton ...